June 2006 Newsletter
“.. freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Issue Date : June 01, 2006

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Text Box: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” [Matthew 10:8]

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"Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures" [Luke 24:45]

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding" [Proverbs 3:5]

"Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart" [Psalm 119:34

“No one understand it by mental understanding. You'll never understand it by education. You only can understand it as God will reveal it. God said in His Word, "I've hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent. And I will reveal it unto babes, such as will learn." So no matter how we try to think it is. It's all written in mysteries by the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit reveals it as you open your heart.” [Earnestly Contending For The Faith That Was Once Delivered Unto The Saints, KARLSRUHE, GR  55-0815]

“You know, misunderstanding gets us in a lot of trouble. Many times that people say things that they repeat after somebody else, where they misunderstood them. That gets a person in trouble. I believe it would be good for us if we just, well, wait till we understood what we was talking about”.  [God Being Misunderstood, JEFF IN, 61-0723E]

“I believe the Lord has somehow give me a little insight on the reasons why there is some people are not healed. And I--I believe it's lack of understanding.” [A Prisoner, JEFF IN, 63-0717]

“I believe that God heals by medicine. God heals by surgery. God heals by understanding. God heals by love. Just a little love goes a long way. Let somebody be all upset, and just show them you care for them. See? God heals by love. God heals by prayer. God heals by miracles. God heals by His Word. God heals! Whatever source it is, God heals by it. It's God that heals, for He said, "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." So all of it should work together, and man in different ministries should work together for that.’" [He Cares Do You Care, JEFF IN, 63-0721]

 “If you can have perfect understanding that it's God's good pleasure to make you well, there isn't enough devils in the country to keep you sick. See? That's right. When you understand that it's God's good pleasure to make you well, that He has did it for you, and you understand then how that you are to go do a certain thing... It's like this. If I told you with all of my heart, that... If you were hungry and starving to death, and you had supreme confidence in me as a truthful person, and I told you where there was a thousand dollars laying, how you'd get to it, what road you go, exactly where to go to, and you understand exactly where the money is a-laying (See?) then would you start rejoicing right then, just the same as you had the money, if you believe me." [Revelation Chapter Five 2, JEFF IN, 61-0618]

Jesus said, "Except a man be borned again, he cannot understand the Kingdom of heaven." There's no way of understanding it until you are borned again, and then God reveals Himself to you, and then you know that you've passed from death unto Life, because no man can call Jesus the Christ, only by the Holy Spirit. See? The only way that you'll ever know that Jesus is the Christ, is when the Holy Spirit personally witnesses to you that He is the resurrected Lord Jesus. No matter what He would do, what kind of signs, what kind of miracles, you'll never know it until your personal experience with God. You say, "Well, I believe it because the Bible said so." Well, that's good. The Bible, it's true. It knows it. "Well, the preacher said so." Perhaps, he knows it. "Mother said so." She knows it. But what do you know about it? You'll never know it until it's revealed to you individually by the Holy Spirit. And then, by accepting it, you become a new creature in Christ Jesus, borned a second time." [The Power Of The Devil, CHICAGO IL, 55-1005]

“He said, "I'll be in you, be with you, even in you unto the end of the world." Now, what was it? The people who could only see with the natural sight, understanding with their natural understanding, with their mental thinking, that's the end of Jesus forever for them, until the judgment. "The world will see Me no more; yet you shall see Me, for I will be with you to the end of the world." And 'I' is a personal pronoun which means that Jesus has to be here the same tonight to every believer that He was then, or He did not raise from the dead. Amen." [Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And Forever, SIOUX, FALLS SD, 56-0225]   

“That door to the eye is in the heart. It ain't what you see with your eye. That isn't seeing; that's looking. Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Except a man be borned again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." You don't see it with your eyes; you see it with your understanding. You look with your eyes and understand with your heart. So the door of your eyes is in your heart, because it's a door of understanding. How things change if our eyes are open. He's with you all the time. He helps you. He's standing at your door daily, but you don't recognize it”. [I Stand At The Door And Knock, JEFF IN, 57-1208]

“See, you must understand. You must come with an understanding, and that's the way Christ wants us to come. And if... You have to have faith in what you're doing. If you don't, you just going kind of in a haphazard, "I hope so," it'll never happen. It can't happen. See? You can't have faith if you're going like that. You must thoroughly know what you're going, and know it's going to happen.”  [Christ Is Identified The Same In All Generations, TAMPA FL, 64-0415]

“If you lean to your own understanding, then you're bound to get off of the right road. You can't lean to anyone else's understanding, when it comes to Life. To find Life, you've got to lean to the Word. That's Life.” [Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding, PHOENIX AZ, 65-0120]

Our Bible Study Subject for June 2006: "The Opening of Your Understanding "
Please pray for us, for His daily Leadership concerning this little effort. We'll do the same for you.
May God richly bless you and your loved ones
Brother Robert Wilson

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