October 2007 Newsletter
“..freely ye have received, freely give..” (Matthew 10:8)

Issue Date : October 01, 2007

Text Box: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” [Matthew 10:8]

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Featured Question & Answers

Is it true that you are not saved unless you have received the Holy Ghost?

“There could take about a good five hour discussion on that. When you accept Christ as your Saviour and are then ready for baptism in water, you have not yet been converted; you're only believing unto repentance. "Conversion" means "to be changed.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]
“Now, to make this efficient, Jesus said to Peter who had also followed Him for three and a half years... And in the Book of Matthew the 10th chapter Jesus gave Peter power against unclean spirits, to go out and cast them out, to heal the sick, and to preach the Gospel. He had power to do this. And in St. John 17:17 Jesus sanctified Peter through the Truth, said the Word was the Truth, and He was the Word. And then at--before Pentecost He said, "After you are converted, then strengthen your brethren." You are only taking steps to conversion as you believe and are acting.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]
“Now, I know many of you, my Baptist and Presbyterian friends, disagree with that, because you go back to this Scripture... Now, here's where I say I have to nail it down. See? You go back to the Scripture: Abraham (Romans 4) believed God, and it was imputed unto him or imparted unto him for righteousness. Abraham believed God, and God imputed it to him for righteousness upon the basis of his faith to believe. But to prove to Abraham, He gave him (the impution, that he was imputed from his sins, then He had--and parted him from his sin), because he had believed, He gave him a sign. And there's where you, my dear Presbyterian and Baptist friends, fail to see it. See? He gave him the seal of circumcision as a witness, as a proof, that He had received his faith in Him. And that's why Paul in Acts 19 said to those Baptist brethren, who had Apollos as their pastor, believing the Gospel as John had preached It, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?" You see, they had believed but had not yet been converted.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]

“Now, we take the wrong in the word of conversion today. We say that a man that's converted is a man that's stopped drinking and everything and goes to church, or joins the church. He might join the church, but that's no sign he's converted. He isn't converted until his old life is dead, and he is buried in Christ, and is risen with Him in the resurrection of newness of life, when the Holy Spirit has created in him a living hope of Eternal Life which only comes through the Holy Ghost. See?” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]

“Now, now, I knowed that great Scripture; I use It myself--I've got It written here: St. John the 5th chapter, 24th verse. It's a pet Scripture to me. For Jesus said this: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, 'He that believeth on Me has Eternal Life.'" Let me read it, so that I'll get It just perfectly right. St. John 5, and I want you to listen close now as we go into this Scripture, 5 and the 24th verse. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my words, and believeth on him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. "He that believeth on Me..." Now, the Scripture says that no man can say Jesus is the Christ only by the Holy Ghost. So you cannot believe that Jesus is the Christ until you have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You're only testifying or saying what the Scripture says, saying what the pastor says, saying what mother says, or some good preacher says. But you don't know it yourself until He has witnessed His resurrection to you. No man can call Jesus the Christ until by the Holy Ghost.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]

“Therefore, the question is, that a man is saved, I believe, if he's looking towards Calvary, and dies in that estate. Certainly, I believe he'll be saved; I believe he'd go through if he had not the opportunity before. But depends on... You go back to the dying thief at the cross. But remember, that was his first and last chance. You got one tonight. Don't wait till that time, 'cause it might not be that way with you. You might not have a deathbed confession. I tell you; they're all right, but they're too much of a chance to take a chance on. Don't you wait for deathbed; you let this be your deathbed right now, that you die out now and be borned again of the Holy Spirit.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]

“But before the foundation of the world our names... When the Lamb was slain, our names were put on the Book, when in God's own mind He foresaw us and predestinated us by His foreknowledge before the foundation of the world. Oh, brother, if that wouldn't make the church get up and run through the aisles? Think of it. You who are born again, before the foundation of the world, God put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life. Christ died and sent the Holy Ghost here to call you to Eternal Life. You have received It; He sealed you. You're there till the day of your redemption. Hallelujah. Talk about holding on. It isn't, do I hold on; it's, did He hold on. It isn't what I done; it's what He done. It isn't, "I quit smoking; I quit lying; I quit stealing." It's He died for me. And He took my spirit out of me and converted me into a new creature. Now, the next question right below that is... Quickly now so we get it.” [Questions and Answers Jeff. IN COD 59-0628E]

Will all the sons and daughters of true, borned again believers be saved?

“No, brother; no, they sure won't. See, as I--as I copied David duPlessis on this remark, "God don't have grandchildren (See?), just sons and daughters." See, they'll have to be born just exactly like their father and mother was born of the Spirit. See? That's what makes a man a new person, is because he's born again, reborn. His first birth brings him a natural man on earth; his second birth brings him a spiritual man of heaven. See? It changes him, his soul, not his outward conscience, his outward being, his senses; he still feels, and smell, taste, and hear; but his inward parts, his desires, what motivates him, has been changed to God. See?” [Questions And Answers JEFF. IN COD 64-0823M]

 “In other words, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, thou and thy house shall be saved."Now, how? If your house believes in the same way that you believe. See? You pray and commit your children to God and hold onto God, believing that they will be saved.” [Questions And Answers JEFF. IN COD 64-0823M]

Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington
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