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The Testimony Of Jesus Christ
53-0829, The Testimony Of Jesus Christ, Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, Chicago, IL, 82 min

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L-1 Remain standing while we bow our heads just a moment, please. Our heavenly Father, it's with grateful hearts that we approach Thee tonight in the Name of Thy beloved Son Jesus. To think, that one time we poor Gentiles, alienated from God, far away from the commonwealth of--of salvation, and how that we were carried away with dumb idols, and in due season Christ died in our stead.
The One that was most beautiful was made ugly and disfigured on Calvary, that we through His suffering might be brought nigh unto God. And tonight we have this grand marvelous privilege to be called sons and daughters of God. How happy we are. [Ephesians 4:17-24]
L-2 We're unworthy of such a blessing. And we confess our sins that we're not... and our unworthiness. But happily, we're so happy to announce to the people that Jesus has did this great marvelous thing for us.
And it's our duties tonight, as we go through this pilgrimage, to cry to the right and left for aliens to come to the cross and be saved.
We pray, God, that tonight that many may find this saving grace, and many people who are wayward and out of the way, may be reconciled to God tonight, as they look at Calvary, and see that supreme sacrifice that was made there in our behalf: the Innocent for the guilty.
L-3 Bless us together. Heal the sick and the needy. So many are suffering. The weather's so hot. Many of...?... people are sick. But Thou art Jehovah-jireh. So we pray that You'll manifest Yourself in all Your redemptive powers tonight. For we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Amen. May be seated.
As Brother Baxter has just acknowledged that... one of our visiting friends... It's a privilege tonight, to have Brother Osborn, which has been a very close friend. We've only met two or three times in life, but a love of David and Jonathan has existed between us since we first met.
Also, Brother John Sharritt, I met him just a few moments ago, another bosom friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona.
L-4 Reverend Mr. Beeler, one of our pastors down there at the tabernacle, and Mr. McDowell, also a friend, just flew up from the Jeffersonville church, that's with us tonight. And we're happy to have them.
Brother and Sister Wood has been here all along. One's taking recordings, setting here. Brother Wood on the book stand... My mother, many other friends, I'm happy to be with you tonight.
L-5 And to be gathered here in this building tonight, yet under the heat of the--the weather, yet the glorious Spirit of Jesus Christ is in the building, and ready to make well the sick, and to make the needy to be satisfied, to supply all that we have need of. Your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things before you even ask Him. How wonderful that He is to us.
I wish to read His Word at this time, just to go with some of the Words that has perhaps already been read. This is found in Saint John the 10th chapter, beginning with the 22nd verse. And I wish to read this part before we pray for the sick.
And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.
And Jesus walked into the temple in Solomon's porch.
Then came the Jews around about him, and said unto him, How long does thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.
Jesus answered them, I told you, and you believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me.
But you believe not, because you are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.
I and my Father are one.
Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.
Jesus answered them, Many good works have I showed you from my Father; for which of those... do you stone me?
The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, make thyself God.
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your laws, I said, Ye are gods?
And if he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the Scriptures cannot be broken;
Say ye of him, who the Father has sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?
If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
But if I do, though you believe not me, believe the works: that you may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.
Therefore they sought again to take up stones: and he escaped out of their hand, [John 10:22-39]
L-6 May our Lord add His blessings to His Word. God in confirmation of His Word, of the testimony of Jesus Christ, was declaring to the people that it was the Son of God.
Once in talking to a man, he said, "Nowhere in the Scriptures did Jesus ever say that He was, plainly say He was the Son of God." There's several places He said He was the Son of God. He told... Saint John 4, He said He was the Son of God. And also here He says He was the Son of God.
And the people who believed Him and recognized Him to be the Son of God because the signs of God followed His Son... And His Son has risen from the dead, living among us tonight. And the same Jesus that God a vindicated that day, a vindicates in His Church tonight, with His believers. For Jesus said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more. Yet you will see Me for I (personal pronoun), I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world," now, not someone else but Jesus Himself. [John 14:19], [John 16:16-22]
L-7 He has risen from the dead, living in His Church, and He said, "The things that I do, shall you also. Greater than this shall you do because I go to My Father." [Revelation 1:18], [John 14:12]
Now, the people couldn't understand how Him being a man, would go to the Father and yet be back in. But He said, "I came from God, and I go to God." He came out of Spirit into--out of eternity into time, for the taking away of sin, passed through time, went back into eternity. So, it's--was God.
And He's with us, raised from the dead. And the things that He did in the days of His flesh, He is doing tonight, and has been doing since He rose from the dead. [John 13:3]
L-8 When the disciples went forth, the Bible said they went forth preaching everywhere, the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs following.
I was reading a tract today, was probably passed out in this church, concerning the broken cisterns. It was a very outstanding tract. I liked it very much. It is true that we have substituted for the Holy Spirit, human theology. And it does not work. It will not.
The Holy Spirit is the--the government of the Church. To the world, it's foolish; but to those who believe, it's salvation. [Jeremiah 2:13]
L-9 I am happy tonight to be numbered with that Church. Although maybe tomorrow, or tomorrow afternoon, I'm to preach here in the tabernacle, if the Lord willing... I was thinking on preaching on a subject that I did here not long ago: Why Am I a Holy-roller?"
I will tell you why. Why did I number myself out of the Baptist church over with what's called holy-rollers? Because it's the Scripture. And that's why... numbered with them. I'm so happy that God give me that great privilege of doing that.
Not discrediting Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterian or any other church. The believers are borned again, no matter what church they go to. If they're born again they're Christians, no matter what church they are. But I mean, for churches who stands for the phenomenal, the great powers of God. [Mark 15:28], [Acts 2:37-39]
L-10 You see, if a man does not have the Holy Spirit, he cannot believe those things. Because when a man is borned of the Spirit of God, he becomes a son of God. And his nature is likened unto God. That's the reason Jesus said, "Did not it say in your laws, ye are gods?" Because you're an attributes of God. [Acts 2:37-39]
And then God Himself... All things are possible. God made the very world that we're sitting on tonight. This world, this world that we now are living on the crust of it, is nothing in the world but one Word of God made manifest. God spoke the world into existence. How many believes that?
This is the Word of God made manifest. This pulpit, this wood, just everything in here, everything that the eye sees was made manifest because God spoke it into existence. [John 10:34-38], [Matthew 19:26], [Mark 9:23], [Mark 10:27]
L-11 Then if a man is borned of the Spirit of God, he doesn't listen to reasons at all. God cannot be reasoned. God is believed. We don't know God by theology. We don't know God by education. We don't know God by reasons. We know God by faith. It's beyond reason. You cannot reason it. That's what makes it so real to us believers. We look at the unseen. The things that we do not see, we look--we look at that.
I might have time for a testimony, if it wouldn't bother you too much. Many times at my home... I've got about ten minutes yet by the clock before we start the prayer line. Saturday night... [John 3:5-8]
L-12 Many times at home, someone... A young fellow today in a restaurant, said, "I guess, Brother Branham, that you're pestered with people." I wouldn't think it was pestering. I told our young brother, who is a very fine brother, hungering and thirsting for God; I said, "No, the dear people that come, ninety-nine percent of them are really sincere and honest, trying to get well, or find peace of mind.
So many times it wears me out. And I have to leave for a little while. I love people. I can't stay in the room and sleep, when sick babies on the porch, and some father with his wife, and her dying with a cancer, and wanting a glass of water, and me trying to get a hour's sleep. Night after night, sometimes I never remove my clothes. Then when I get real--so bad I can't stand it, I have to go away somewhere else. [Matthew 5:6], [John 6:35]
L-13 But what is it? It's people longing. Every man longs to see beyond the--the curtain. In the early centuries when the king of England, when they got their name... They were first called "Angle land," because they were white-looking people and long blond hair. They were... The king was... just before his baptism, he was setting in a--a place one night, where there was a big fire burning. And a little bird flew into the firelight and flew back out. He said, "Where did he come from and where did he go?"
That's like human beings. Where did he come from? Where did he go? We come into the world; we leave. And any man that can find anything that'll declare something to him behind the veil that every person has to pass through, is interesting in knowing something about it.
L-14 Not long ago, a great Presbyterian minister was asking a brother, on the west coast, said, "We used to have a great... churches up-and-down the west coast but the Christian Science broke them up."
The brother turned and said, "If you would have stayed in the will of God, it wouldn't have been any need of Christian Science." That's correct.
The Church goes to letting down and getting away from the phenomenal, and a man is still a man. He's--he's a supernatural being, and he's looking for a supernatural God that does supernatural things.
I just returned from California, where Congressman Upshaw... Many of you has heard of his healing, I'm sure. I saw in a vision a man playing, a little boy on a haystack, and so forth. You've heard--read the vision. He'd been an invalid for some sixty-six years. And he was healed instantly while setting back in the rows in a chair. The Lord Jesus came, showed the vision, told him just what had taken place, told him to rise up, he was well. He obeyed and he was well until the day he left the world.
Years later, not with... Cripple didn't kill him. He just got... He was going, nearly ninety years old, so he just died from old age.
L-15 I come home; my wife said to me; she said, "Billy, I've got bad news to tell you." Said, "Your good friend William Hall (which was one of my converts in the Milltown Baptist church) is dying with cancer."
I said, "Surely not Brother Hall?"
"Yes." Said, "Dr. Dillman of Corydon has told him that he can't live no longer; he's dying." Said, "He brought him up to New Albany. He's out here with some of his peoples now, dying."
I went to see him that night. He'd lost some fifty pounds, real yellow all over. The cancer was in the liver, a very seriously. I had prayer for him the next day. I went back, and he was still worse. I had prayer for him again that evening. I went back and he was almost gone. I had prayer for him again.
L-16 Mrs. Hall, which is a good friend of mine (I've lived in their home), she said, "Brother Billy, is there anything that you can do?"
I said, "Only thing I can do, Sister Hall, is ask God."
She said, "Well, is there any... you know of any medical?"
I said, "Well, now look, doctors are just like ministers or anything else. You have to have confidence in them." I said, "Of course, my little friend Dr. Adair here, we was school boys together. And we've always been very close friends. I think as far as medical science, he's the tops."
Said, "Wonder if he'd come down and see Mr. Hall?"
I said, "I'll ask him."
L-17 I called up the doctor, and he said, "Well, Billy," said, "I could down there." But said, "I'll just go look at the x-rays." Said, "If they've x-rayed him, cancer is there. That's all I could do and just put him in more expense."
He went and looked at the x-rays; said, "Yes, he has cancer."
I said, "Is there anything that you could do?"
He said, "Well, we might send him over to Able, in Louisville." Which is a clinic, great cancer clinic in Louisville. So I told Mrs. Hall. They got him ready, wrapped him and put him in an ambulance, took him over there and he had the examination, come back. He said, "Well..."
Told... they'd tell Dr. Adair. And a doctor called me, said, "Billy?"
And I said, "Yes, doctor?"
He said, "Well, the... Your friend Mr. Hall," (now here's the remark) said, "he going to jump overboard in the next four days."
I said, "I hate to hear that doctor. Nothing you can do?"
L-18 Said, "Billy, we can't take the man's liver out and him live." Said, "Just what he's got, just--he just live on." Said, "His time has come." And he said, "If he's a minister, he ought to be prepared to die."
I said, "Oh, he's prepared to die." But I said, "He's fairly a young man yet, about fifty-six, fifty-eight years old. Much work he could do for the Lord. I hate to hear that, Dr. Adair."
He said, "But he's going to go." Said, "Able seen the same thing that we seen. And we give him the test and he's cancered. His liver's completely eat up with a cancer."
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Well, thank you very much." I said, "I'll pay you."
L-19 Of course, he never would take pay for anything he did for a Christian, or believer, minister. And so I said... I went down and I told Mrs. Hall, I said, "Well, Miss Hall, I'll--I'll give you the message, you come out." And I said, "The doctor said he'd be dead in four days." And she started screaming. I said, "Now Sister Hall, as many times as Brother Hall and I have stood in the pulpit and preached together, and we've talked of the lovely Jesus..."
Said, "Oh, but I just don't know what I'll do without him."
I said, "Well, God's perhaps calling him home, Mrs. Hall." I said, "We'll go in and pray."
L-20 And my secretary, and my wife, my mother-in-law, and many of us, we went in to pray. He was just almost unconscious, just yellow as he could be, and someone rubbing on his hands, and his eyes sunk way back, real yellow: liver condition, you know, the cancer. So I went home. And the next morning I was to leave to go into Toledo, Ohio, Erie, Pennsylvania, coming home for one day, having one night at the high school gym in Jeffersonville, and then was going to Africa from there.
And I'll never forget it. I'm--I was borned in Kentucky. I... My conversion never kept me from liking to hunt squirrels. I--I still like to squirrel hunt. So I thought I'd get out early the next morning, if nobody was there, and the house got empty about twelve o'clock. And I got my little .22 rifle and set it down in the corner, and my old--old coveralls, and was going to get ready to go hunting.
L-21 Three o'clock the--the alarm went off. I got up and put on my clothes, and looked out on the runway, coming in the driveway, rather, and there was no one setting out there. So I thought, "Well, I'll--be all right for me to leave now." And I wasn't so much going hunting as just to get away to rest a little bit.
So I started through to the bathroom, and as I look--started into the hallway, there was a little green apple about that big, and it was real knotty, and worms all through it, looked like had eaten holes in it. It was hanging; I thought, "Well, what did my wife put that on the wall for?" Thought of... "That would be awful." And just a little old knotty, green, sour-looking apple, hanging on the wall...
L-22 Well, I thought, "My, I'd have put something different from that on the wall." And I was just amazed at it, 'cause the light in the hall was kinda shining in, and I was just noticing at the corner as I passed.
And I happened to look, it was moving up-and-down. And it wasn't on the wall. It was hanging right out in the air. So I knew that there was something going on. I slipped over to the corner, set my rifle down, took off my big old hat. I knelt down. I said, "What would my Father have His servant know?"
And I just watched. Down come another one just like it and stood by it, and another, and another, until five of them stood there. And then down came a great big apple, kind of a yellow-looking with red streaks in it. And it just made a big grab like that, and swallowed one, two, three, four, five. And then the apple went away. And just above it was that Light that you see in the--the picture that they've taken, was standing above it: Which is the Angel of the Lord, which does all these things that you see at night.
L-23 He was standing above there. It kind of makes, kinda goes, "Whew, whew!" milling, like that. And I said, "What would my Lord have His servant know?"
He said, "Stand up." I stood up. He said, "Go tell Mr. Hall THUS SAITH THE LORD, he will not die, but live." No squirrel hunting that day.
I hurried as hard as I could. Went back in the room and woke my wife up. I said, "Sweetheart?"
She said, "Are you going hunting?"
I said, "No, honey. I just met the Angel of the Lord there at the door and He told me to go tell Brother Hall that He said that he wasn't going to die." And she started weeping. And I changed clothes real quick and went down to Mr. Hall's, and I said... went in. They was just--it was just breaking day. And they just all, just almost gone. And they had him up. He was kinda semiconscious.
L-24 And I run into... I said... they said, "Howdy do, Brother Branham."
And I said, "Sister Hall? All of you gather, everyone in the room. I have THUS SAITH THE LORD." Mmm. Nothing's going to stop that. No matter what it is. All the devils that Satan could send out of hell, that has nothing to do with it, not a thing.
When you hear that spoke in this building here, over something, just watch what takes place. Or anybody here that's ever heard it anywhere, through the entire lifetime of His unworthy servant, if you've ever heard that come forth, watch what follows it. It's always perfect.
And I said, "He's not going to die but live." And they started screaming and screaming. And I went outside.
L-25 The next day I left. Brother... met Brother Baxter up in the Toledo, Ohio. We had the services on the road back. I got in that afternoon. I was to have meeting that night.
I believe, Brother McDowell, you helped take me in, I believe, that night, you and Brother Morgan, to the room. The auditorium only seated about four thousand. There was about four thousand inside and four thousand outside.
So when I got to the platform, I was looking. And I happened to look, setting right in front of me, Dr. Baldwin, a very fine doctor. Many of you people here from Jeffersonville know him. His wife was healed with asthma in my room, after it'd been operated and everything and nothing'd stop it.
L-26 He put his arms around me and just wept. He said, "Billy, I've examined her and everything; she hasn't got a speck of it anyway." And she was healed.
And so I said, "I'm glad to see you here tonight, Dr. Baldwin." And I happened to look, setting back over on the bleachers row, and there set Dr. Carl Dillman, from Corydon, which was Mr. Hall's doctor. I said, "I'm glad to see you, Dr. Dillman." Standing in the door was Dr. Sam Adair, our doctor. I said, "I'm glad to see you, Dr. Adair. Sorry we haven't got a seat." And I happened to look, setting over here. Who was setting first up? Was Brother Hall, looking at me.
L-27 I thought, "Well." I thought, "Thank You, dear Father." I looked at Brother Hall. I said, "Dr. Dillman, you remember that Mr. Hall that you give up with cancer, here not long ago?" Nodded his head. I said, "Dr. Adair, you know that..."
And by the way, I forgot to tell you: I called Dr. Adair the next morning, the same morning. I said, "Doctor, that man that you said was going to jump overboard is going to live."
He said, "What'd you say, Billy?"
I said, "He's going to live."
He said, "How's he going to live with a cancer in his liver?"
I said, "I don't know. But he's going to live."
L-28 Well, he's sent me on many cases; you can call him tonight. Watch what he'd... The Lord told him just where his clinic would be built, up in there in my room, told him where... He said, "It can't be, Billy; they can't build that clinic there." Said, "I've just took it through law, and they can't even touch that lot for twenty-five years."
I said, "I see a vision, and it's a red brick building."
He said, "That's the descriptions I want to build."
And I said, "It's setting right on the corner of Maple and Market, I mean Wall and Market street."
He said, "Billy, it can't be, honey." Said, "I--I don't want to dispute your word," but said, "it can't be."
I said, "Doctor, don't dispute what God has said. You just go on and listen."
He said, "Well, I sure hope you're right."
L-29 And the next morning he called me up, and he said, "Say, shivers is running all through me." He said, "You know they had a meeting in Boston last night, and I've already bought that lot already this morning."
So that... So he--he said, "I never have doubted you," but said, "the old doctor will have to see that happen." He said, "When is it going to happen?"
I said, "I don't know." But I said, "He told me that he wasn't going to die. He was going to live." And I said, "I'll just stake my life at it, and say it's going to be that way."
He said, "Well, old doctor will have to see that."
I said, "Well, you won't die with old age until you see it," I said, "because it's going to be."
L-30 And that night, I said to him, I said, "Do you remember that man that was going to jump overboard in three days--or four days?"
He said... nodded his head, "Yes."
I said, "Do you want to testify, Brother Hall?"
He said, "Glory to God." He said, "Do I want to testify?" He said, "Brother Branham, I... In these six weeks time I've gained nearly forty pounds of weight." Said, "Look at me." Like that.
So the doctor took him out that night, and they took him to the hospital, and give him examination to prove it to themselves. There's not a trace of it. William Hall is preaching in the Milltown Baptist church tomorrow. He weighs a hundred and eighty-five pounds, in perfect health. That has been three years ago. See... Praise be to God for His goodness.
L-31 Now, I want to ask you something, Christian friend. Did I have anything to do with his healing? Not one thing. Even when I prayed for him, it didn't seem to take effect. It was his faith in God. I only took a message, what God told me to tell him.
Many of you are reading these books. We're not book salesmen. We don't mean to be that. I buy these books myself. They're printed by another man, which is setting in the building tonight. Not this one, this one is by Gordon Lindsay.
But the other one, I buy them at forty percent off. I get someone to sell them for me and haul them to the meetings. It's not money, you see that. It's just, I think it would help somebody. And if I didn't think it was worth what they was asking for it, I sure wouldn't--wouldn't get it on the market. But I think it helps people, because I have thousands of testimonies of it. And I'm--I'm happy to have it.
L-32 And thousands of testimonies could be said, but what is that now? To us, there's other sick people setting here tonight. There's many others, perhaps almost as bad as Mr. Hall was, laying dying. Time wouldn't give... If I could stand and testify until this time week after next, I'd never get through testimony after testimony of what our Lord Jesus has done.
He's wonderful. Why do we set, Christian friends? Why do we set and just so indifferent? Let's be sincere. Let's believe our Lord. Let's appreciate His death at Calvary. Let's appreciate those stripes on His back tonight.
Let's look at them. On that cold day, when Peter was warming by the enemey's fire and him rolling and twisting, and the Blood coming down His back, I can't deny that.
When those great lashes struck across His back, until His ribs showed through, how could I say... [Mark 14:53-54], [Luke 22:54-57], [John 18:16-18]
L-33 I look going up Calvary; I see someone going down through Jerusalem. He has a--a garment on that's wove throughout without seam. I wonder why them little red specks was all over it? After while, they begin to get bigger. All those little specks finally run together. It's one big bloody garment. I hear it slapping around His legs.
What was it? It was the Lamb of God that was going to Calvary to be sacrificed. He had to die, for only out of death comes life. Did you hear that? Only out of death... "Less a corn of wheat falls into the ground, it abides alone." If it dies, it produces life. [John 12:24]
L-34 Jesus had to die to produce Eternal Life. And now, listen closely, Christian friends. Unless you die to yourself and your feelings, and act on God's Word, you'll never have Life. Forget your feelings; just take what God said. And plant that seed into that life of your own death, or your own death, and Life will be produced out of there and you shall live. [John 12:24]

Look and live, my brother, live.
Look to Jesus now and live.
For it's recorded in His Word, Hallelujah.
It's only that you look and live.
L-35 []... and we bow our heads. Father, receive us tonight in the bonds of Calvary with Thy Son. As we renounce our own lives and all that we are, we renounce it to be nothing. We could not even breathe without You beating our hearts, pumping our lungs. We would be nothing.
We could not have come to this world without You. And, Father, we're confessing that we have mistreated You. When we see what You have done for us, our hearts are--we're ashamed of our lives, we're ashamed of ourselves and our small faith. Forgive us now.
And may the Angel of God, Who came that morning and said about Brother Hall, Who's done all these things down through this life that I have lived... I pray that You'll send Him tonight to this platform.
L-36 And may everyone that comes, or either, in the building anywhere, may they be healed tonight by His power. May their faith just turn loose and look there and believe, and say, "What more could God do to make us believe?" And may all the sinners be saved. May the backsliders come back to God.
Hear the prayer of Your servant, Father. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. Amen.
I'm sorry to take so much time. I was noticing too, that my good brother, Brother Sharritt, I failed to see his mother setting there. Sister Sharritt, we're glad to have you. And I believe little Ruthie's somewhere. I haven't spotted her yet. But I certainly am glad to see you all in.
L-37 Billy, I didn't get to ask... I don't... Did you give out any cards? He was... Billy was away today and didn't get back. And I met Brother Sharritt and them, when I come in out there and the friends from Jeffersonville. I forgot to ask him if he give cards out. What cards did you give? V? How many? From what? From one. All right.
People with car--prayer cards V's... They just give them out awhile ago, I suppose. Who has prayer card V-1? V-1? All right. V-2? V-2? Look on the back of your prayer card. V-2? On the front of it will be your name and address, on the back will be a--a number and a letter. Prayer card V-2? Somebody look close, 'cause they might be deaf, you know. V-3? 3? V-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. All right, V-10. Let... V-1 to 10. Excuse me.
L-38 (What about...?... Brother Baxter. Oh, I see.) All right, 10 up to 20. V-11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Now, look around and see if somebody with you has got a prayer card like that, somebody that's setting near you that's deaf or something, 'cause are unable to move...
I see a stretcher case over there. Watch and see what prayer card she has.
How many is in love with Jesus? Let's see your hands. Oh, my. Isn't He wonderful? So sweet, and kind, and loving, and considerate, and forgiving. And oh, I just--I just... You know, to know Jesus Christ is--is to know Life. Is that right? And it's--it's more than just a--a mental affair. It's--it's really a love.
Oh, when you love Him, you just believe Him for anything then. [John 17:3]
L-39 All right. Now, let's see. Twenty has... 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 up to 30 That's V... We'll see how many we can get lined up and then...
I'm sorry it's so hot in here. That's sure hurt our meeting this week, but many are being healed. And God is being glorified, so we're very thankful for it. We're... Thank you for your patience too, and consideration of waiting for us, and...
All right, now. V up to 30, V up to 30, anybody has prayer card V up to 30. Now, from 30 to 40 come: V-30 to 40. Somebody get a chair for the crippled man there, if they will and... All right. From 30 to 40: V-30 to 40, wasn't too many got up there. Prayer card V-30 to 40.
L-40 Now, look around to your neighbor. It might his and hers and they might be deaf and--or unable. Are you checking the prayer card... What's the lady's number over there? Have you... Over there on a--on a stretcher, she...?... What... All right. From 40 to 50, prayer card V-40 to 50.
They should have a chair down there for some of those, Brother Boze, that's right back in there. Some of those people are--are stiff in standing. Oh, she doesn't--it isn't a prayer card then.
All right, I'll see if I can get down to that far. I want to see if I... I don't--don't want too many standing at once. See?
All right. Just line up now and see if everyone is in there. Then we'll see if we've missed anyone. If there is, then we'll check through again and see if they got all their cards.
L-41 And now, how many is on real good praying grounds with Jesus Christ? Let's see. I'm happy to have Brother Osborn back here tonight, and--and Brother Boze, setting back here as prayer warriors, helping me to pray for the sick tonight.
Not... How many? I'm sorry. 49 and 50, V-49 and 50 is out in the last call. V, look on your prayer card: V-49, 50. Look at your neighbor along. Everybody's got a prayer card of--of V's. Anybody that's got a V-prayer card, hold up your hand. Then maybe we could get it. If anybody with a prayer card V. V now, like in victory. Uh-huh.
Is that the lady that has it? What... I see. All okay now? Got them all? All right, that's fine.
L-42 All right. Now, how many in here who does not have prayer cards and wants to be prayed for? Would you raise up your hands and say, "God, be merciful to me, I'm sick." That's right. God bless you, each one. May He bless you.
Now, have faith and believe. Now, let's all... Now, if anyone knows... There's fifty people that's setting, standing, leaning. God in heaven knows, as far as I know myself, I never seen one of them in my life.
Now, if I could heal one of those people, I'd certainly go do it. If I could heal anyone, I would do it. But I can't. And there's not another person on earth that can do it. The only One that can do that, is Almighty God. That's all.
L-43 Now, we can point people to the Healing Stone. In the Old... Years ago they used to have a mad stone. When a person was mad-dog bitten, they would take them and stick them to this stone. If they stuck, they lived. If they didn't, they died.
Now, the Stone for you to stick to tonight is Calvary. Just come right up and stick against it, and hang on to it, until Jesus Christ confirms the faith in your heart and you're made whole.
Now, how many believes that if Jesus has risen from the dead... Now, how--how many believes that with all your heart? Wonderful. Now, that's... so happy to know that.
L-44 Now, if He has risen from the dead, He promised at His resurrection that His disciples would do the same things that He did (Is that right?), and greater.
Now, the word "greater" I say, don't pertain to anything in quality. But it means "quantity." It'd be all over the world. The Church is a universal Church, everywhere.
Many more things would they do because He would be with them and in them and... sure they would. But what did He... Was He a Healer? Be careful. Was He a Healer? No. He said--He said, "I can do nothing... I do nothing of Myself. It's the Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works." Is that right? He was the One did the works, the Father. [John 14:10-12]
L-45 Now, Jesus said in Saint John, when He passed by the pool of Bethesda... There lay cripples, and blinds, and people laying there twisted and lame. He never healed any of them. He passed right on through and found a man laying on a pallet. Maybe he had prostate trouble or something. And He healed him, walked away, and left the whole multitude, and yet they tell me He was full of mercy and compassion on the people.
My, could you imagine a person full of mercy and compassion, walk by the twisted, and lame, and blind, and withered, trying to get into the pool. And just walked on by them. And went to a man that He knowed where he was at, healed him and left that whole multitude... [John 5:1-10]
L-46 Look at how that looked. Maybe a poor old father standing there crippled with arthritis saying, "Someone help me in the pool. Someone help me." And Jesus passed right by him: Emmanuel, garments full of virtue. And He healed this one man and walked right away, and left that whole multitude laying there. That was thousands of people.
The Jews questioned Him, the 19th verse of the same chapter. Listen to His Words, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of Himself. But what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son also. For the Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." Is that right? Then according to His own Word, He saw visions of what the Father was doing. [John 5:1-19]
L-47 Now, there's many people healed. Some blind men one time, run after Him through the street. And they come into the house, and He didn't pay any attention to them. Then He touched their eyes saying, "According to (What?) your faith, be it unto you," no vision.
A woman touched the hem of His garment; He--He turned and said, "I never healed her. I never seen any vision of her." See? "But thy faith has saved thee." Is that right? The woman with a demon possessed child and all, it was that way.
All right now, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's living in His Church, doing the same thing. Is that right? "What if I... do you say that for, Brother Branham?" To let the people know that we're absolutely basing this on THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's the Scripture. [Matthew 9:20-22, 27-31]
L-48 Now, there's many superstitions, and things, and--and little psychic moves and so forth that doesn't build on the foundation. But the... This is Scripturally, my dear friend, on the Word of God: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." See? All right. [Hebrews 13:8]
Now, I am not He. He is in the building. He is in every individual here. How many seen that picture in that book? Let's see your hands. There's a picture of the Angel of the Lord. Now, it's... Well, I'll have to give you the story of it some night and maybe bring some of the pictures in.
To my opinion, the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever," both Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He's just the same. God isn't three people. It's a--it's a three foot rule that you let out. The same God the Father was made manifest in flesh, and now in the Holy Spirit. That's the reason the baptism is in the Name of Father, Son, Holy Ghost (See?) the trinity--the trinity, not three gods, but three persons in one God, one... three gods... One person in three dispensations. See?
L-49 All right. He manifested in flesh to take away sin. Come in the Ho... He's just unfolding Hisself from a sacred Light above the people, down into a holy body to redeem people, then out into born again believers. See what I mean? The same God.
So today, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, it's just the same Father, working right on down the same way. All right.
Bring the lady, if you will. Now, this lady comes to here tonight. Now, just a moment. If we get to pray for many people, we have been for the first few nights taking every person and searching them real well, to see if there's any sin or something that would keep them from being healed.
L-50 If there was, no matter how much oil you'd pour on them, that devil will stay right there. I could tell you stories that would shock you on those things. But, see, the thing you want to do, you have to be careful. If God has put a curse on someone, and you'd come around and take that off without repentance of that soul, you see, you've done like Moses did when he smote the rock instead of speaking to it. See?
Now, that's the reason... But many times we just pray for the people, leave it up to their faith. Whatever they believe, why, that's up to them. That's what we been trying to do. Because after a few nights I get so weak and tired. If you only knew it, the last two nights, I've slept about five minutes each time. See? It's just got me in such a place, so tense.
Your little piano player here, met me in the hall last night and said, "Brother Branham," said, "what you so tense about?" No need of trying to explain it, because there's no way of doing it.
L-51 Come, lady. I suppose we are--we're strangers, are we? Oh, I... You've been in the prayer line before? At whereabouts? Hammond, Indiana. For what? Nervousness? Uh-huh. Well, that's fine. All right. Then exactly... We wouldn't exactly be strangers. Oh, I--I don't remember it, on that long a time. I wouldn't know nothing about it. But that left you, your nervousness, I suppose? That's good. That's fine.
Now, then you're here tonight for some other purpose. And do you believe that... Of course, if--if you've seen Jesus Christ come down and take away a nervous condition from you, then that same Lord Jesus can take away whatever, what's wrong with you now. Is that right? He could make you well. And do you believe then that He has risen from the dead and lives in His Church today? You believe that. All right.
L-52 Of course, you know I don't know what's wrong with you now. Only God knows that. But He can reveal it to me, you believe that? And you wouldn't think it was mental telepathy or... No, you would believe it was the Spirit of God. Is that right? That's why you're here. Thank you.
See, I'm talking to you now. This is a perfect case, just like Jesus was talking to the woman at Samaria. He said... She said, "Now, why, You being a Jew and ask me a Samaritan (two different races of people) for a favor?" Well, they had no such dealings.
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink."
Now, what was He doing? To my opinion, He was contacting her spirit. See? You are--you're a supernatural being, the same as you're a natural being. The life goes out of you. Nobody sees it go, but it goes. You don't operate no more. That's your spirit. [John 4:1-21]
L-53 Now, that's the thing that by the Spirit of God, I have to contact you. See? And then Jesus, after He had talked to her, He seen right where her trouble was. And He told her where her trouble was. And she run into the city, saying, "Come, see a Man told me everything I ever done."
Why, He didn't tell her all she done. He just told her how she was living. And... But He could've told her, if the Father would've showed Him, is that right? That's right.
Now, this is exactly a repeat of that case (See?), us standing here together tonight: two nationalities of people, standing talking. But did you notice, Christ was no respect of person.
Years ago, there was an old rugged cross come down through Jerusalem, dragging out the foot... footprints of the Bearer. On the road up the hill, His little frail body fell. Simon of Cyrene came, helped Him bear the cross. He remembers that. He knows it. [John 4:1-30]
L-54 You have a real dark look around you, 'cause you're suffering from some kind of a oppression, demon bothering you. Isn't that true? You're haunted. It's like something haunting at you all the time. It'd run you wild if it could.
Here's another thing, lady. What you really need is Jesus Christ. You--you--you believe Him. You have confidence in Him, but you really have never just come right out and owned Him the way you should. Isn't that the truth? Yes. See you're... Now, to heal you, I can't. But your life, you couldn't hide. You see? That was close margin there. But I--I can see the way the Spirit of God is moving. Is that the truth? If it's... It's the truth.
Now, will you at this time accept Him as your personal Saviour before this group of people, and promise by God's help from this night on, you'll live for Him the best of your knowledge, the rest of your days. If you will, by God's help, I'll make the evil thing leave you and never return again. You will promise. Come here.
L-55 Now, bow your head. Now, this is a strange case. Now, if you don't want to have this same feeling, you keep your head down till you hear me call.
Now, Lord, the Creator of heavens and earth, the Author of Everlasting Life, and the Giver of all good gifts, be merciful to this little woman who stands here tonight. Humbly 'pented before this audience of people, has confessed her wrong. Could not hide from the Spirit of God Who's here, that knows all things. But she humbly confessed.
And she's sorry that You let her get well from her other disease, and then never completely turned to You. And now, she's worse than she was then. For it is written, "Go, and sin no more, or a worse thing come." [John 5:14], [John 8:11]
L-56 And now she has come and confessed her sins and accepted You as her Saviour. And now, Almighty God, Who raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, and promised to be with the believers throughout the age, I come in Your Name. Help me, O God.
And Satan, you who have bound the woman in these fetters of torment. You would set her in the institution and let her butt her head against a padded cell. But you've lost your victory. I come in the representative Name of Jesus Christ that died at Calvary, Who conquered you and all your kind. And I adjure thee, by the living God and through Jesus Christ the Son of God, you come out of the woman and let her alone.
L-57 Look here now. You're free. Now you can raise your head. You feel all right now? It's gone. Now look, you had a real haunty feeling, didn't you? It's every bit gone. If that's the truth, raise your hand to the people. You are healed and saved. Go, and sin no more. God bless you.
Let us say, "Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ." This entire audience, with one accord, ought to believe the Lord Jesus Christ, right now. Some minister, around close to where the lady lives, ought to see the woman. She... Now, the next thing she needs is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Now--now, every person... There would be no reason for any person in here to disbelieve. Now, in order... You see how much... long it takes. In just a few, and I'd be so weak I couldn't go. Let's just pray for some of the people. Will that be all right?
L-58 Now, you come lady, if you will. Now, you... As the lady just passed by... All right, if--if God would--wouldn't show me one thing concerning you, you'd still believe Him anyhow if I'd pray? You would. And you will accept Jesus now, as your Healer, is that right?
Now, here's what's wrong with you. I see you're nearing an operation for a tumor. Is that right? But it--it'll leave you now, if you'll believe. Do you believe His Presence? I want to ask you something. Just when I said that, a strange feeling struck you. That's when it left. God bless you now. Now, God bless you. Go home. Amen.
L-59 Now, if I wouldn't say a word, just ask God and pray for you, you'd believe you'd get well anyhow, wouldn't you? Now, Father, I ask that she is made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your lovely Son. Amen.
Now, go believing. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart. God will grant it to you.
Do you believe, lady, as you're coming? With all your heart? O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, send Thy peace upon the woman, and may she be healed in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. Now, go believing with all your heart and God will make it for you.
All right. Now, if you will believe with all your heart, you'll never go blind. You believe that He will make... He will--He will... In Jesus Christ's Name, may this spirit of blindness that's trying to put this man's eyes out, this demon of nervousness and oppression, may it leave him, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Accept your healing now, from Jesus? God bless you. Go, and may God's peace be with you.
L-60 Do you believe, sister? O God, Author of Life, Giver of every gift, send peace and mercy upon the woman and heal her, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Do you accept your healing now? All right. God bless you. Go and believe with all of your heart.
Come, sir. Do you believe with all your heart? Now, Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep, send mercy upon this man. And let him be healed. And may the spirit of sickness leave him. May his sight come back normal, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Believe with all your heart. All right.
Do you believe? Lord Jesus, I pray for mercy that You'll heal her. May she go from the platform tonight happy and rejoicing, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. You believe with all your heart now? All right. Go and rejoice.
L-61 Howdy do? Do you believe? With all your heart? You do. Now, as you walked up here, there's a funny feeling. What it is, you're--you're nervous, upset. See? Now, Jesus Christ can take that from you, if you'll accept it right now. Do you do it? It caused you to have disturbance all the time and things. And--and it's just... It'll wreck your life. You believe that he will give it to... over right...?... and lay it at Calvary and walk away, accepting Jesus Christ's...?... petition for you.
O God, Author of Life, send mercy on my brother, and may he go from here tonight well. And may the evil leave him, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, go saying, "Thank You." God bless you. That's right. Now, go believing with all of your heart and your soul. Amen. All right.
L-62 Come, lady. Everybody believing with all of your heart now? Now, those people, regardless of what's said to them, they--they get healed anyhow. Do you believe in it? Every... See, you could talk to the person just a few moments, visions. Every one shows what's wrong. But if you don't have to tell the people... Now, if you will, be reverent as you can, while we're praying.
Now, what do you think, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? You believe me to be His servant? Believe that God will make manifest His glory here tonight? You do it?
There's a strange case about yours. You are--you're upset about somebody else. You're worrying about... It's a soldier or something. It's a boy, a young man. Isn't that right? And... Now, just a minute. Look to me again, if you will. Yes. He--the's a boy, that...
L-63 Oh, he's not a soldier now. He was. And he--he went overseas and he went a Christian. And he... Something took place overseas. He had a--an accident... No, there was somebody else. Oh, his buddy died in his arms or was killed or something another. And then he returned back and he's been... I see a young lady, something another, standing... Oh, it's a--a trouble. And now, the boy is just about mentally gone.
Is that right? Is that the truth? If it is, raise up your hand. You want deliverance for that boy? Do you accept it tonight? You will? Almighty God, have mercy on the woman. Give her her desire. As that woman come one time and said to our Lord Jesus, "My daughter is home variously vexed with a devil..."
He said, "It's not meet to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs."
She said, "Yea, Lord. But the dogs eat the scraps that falls from the master's table."
He said, "Go. And as thou has believed, be it unto thee."
And, O Jesus, to confirm Your Word, help me tonight. And may she go and find it as she has believed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
You accept now deliverance for that boy? And his salvation back to Jesus Christ again? Go and may you find it so. God bless you.
L-64 How do you do, sister? You believe with all your heart? Believe God will make you well? Heal you of the kidney trouble and let you get well? Go an... You believe that? Lord, I pray that You'll heal her. May it go from her tonight and she be made well. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you now. Go and...
L-65 All right, come. Lord, have mercy on this man and heal him, I pray. Grant Your mercies to be upon him and cast away this evil one, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. You believe? With all your heart? Go in peace. God be with you.
Come. You believe with all your heart? You had... That's a hoarse... Isn't that a demon? Just simply torments you day and night, and no peace, can't rest, and nothing else. Restless at night, just no sleep... Just a minute.
There's a lady setting right back there, looking this a way. She's got the same thing: restless, sleepless at night. Setting right back there in the... that section just where it crosses across back there. You want to accept your healing too, lady back there?
L-66 If you do, and will believe with all your heart, you can stand up, and be made well with her. Do you believe it with all your heart, the little lady sitting there with the--the nervous condition? If you believe it and want to accept it, you can have your healing the same time you have yours.
Do you believe that you'll be made well? O Lord, may Thy mercies come upon this woman and may she be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, look lady, you're healed. Go on your road rejoicing, thanking God for His goodness.
Have faith in God.
L-67 How do you do? If that heart would beat good again, you'd be a happy woman, wouldn't you? You believe it will? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll help her, God, as she humbly bows. And may Your Spirit make her whole. And as I lay hands on her, as a believer, with these hundreds of Christians praying, we ask for mercy for her, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, may God's peace be with you.
Brother McDowell, looks a lot like your mother, doesn't it?
Father, I pray that You'll heal the woman. May she go from here tonight, happy, rejoicing, and well, in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go rejoicing, being happy.
L-68 All right sir, come now. Do you believe you'll get well if I'd ask God for you? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll make him completely whole. Have mercy upon him, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
How old are you? Seventy-three. Certainly don't look to be seventy-three. Well, that's fine. You love the Lord Jesus? Uh-huh. You believe He's made you well? You want to get over that epilepsy? Believe it with all your heart that God will make you well? You do? Stand up on your feet. When He healed him, He healed you the same time. Stand up, young man. God bless you. Now, go and may God's peace be with you.
L-69 You believe? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her. May she go tonight and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go and God's peace with you.
Do you believe with all your heart? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll make her well. May she go from here tonight rejoicing and happy, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go believing now, with all your heart.
Amen. Now, everyone please be just reverent as you can be. Because, see, spirits scream and cry for mercy. I want you to understand that. They cry for mercy.
L-70 One will call to the other one. And one will call... It's just like Christians, when we pray, that gathers up a--a barricade like. When you're praying and believing me... Jesus could do no mighty works in His own town because the people didn't believe. And the only way I can help you, or Brother Osborn, or anybody, is when you have faith in us, as ministers of the Word of God. You've got to believe us. [Matthew 13:54-58]
And when them demons... They're calling for one another, like that. And they scream and pull. Pray out there and find out if it's not right. Sure. God bless you. All right.
Come, lady. God bless you. I see you're very nervous, upset. You believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You do. Now, that... I'm saying that humbly. 'Cause the Angel said if you get the people to believe you and be sincere...
L-71 Are we perfect strangers, lady? I don't know you, and you don't know me. But God knows us both. All the food we ever eat and the air we ever breathe, He gave it to us. Is that right? You must have Him now or die. You know that, for you got cancer. Do you know that? That cancer is on the breast, isn't it? And it's on the right breast, is that right?
Now, just a moment. There it is again. There's other cancer cases in here. You believe with all your heart? That lady setting right there has got cancer of the throat, haven't you, lady? Stand up. God bless you. May you both go and get healed. Satan, come out of them, and leave them alone, thou evil spirit. We adjure thee by the living God, for we are the Church of God and you have no charge over them. Come out of them, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you. Go and God's peace be upon you.
L-72 Have faith. God bless you, my sister. Now, rise up on your feet for your arthritis has left you now. Stomp your feet up-and-down. There you are. Now, you are... Amen. Amen. All right.
Can you... Do you believe? How long you been this way? Many years. Which one? If it's a... You believe that it would... If--if God will you your sight and make you back normal even... Lord Jesus, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may the devil leave the woman. May she go home and be well, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, you might ask why I spoke to that woman. That woman was... saw in a vision that she was to come and kneel down here on this platform and be healed (What about that, lady?), from your arthritis. You had a promise of that, that if you'd come and kneel there, that you'd be healed. That's exactly right. Amen. See? [Mark 11:22]
L-73 God is still God. Jesus Christ, Who raised from the dead and He lives among His peoples today, believest thou this? Have faith in God. I say, "Have faith in God."
Come, lady. You believe? Lord Jesus, while Your Spirit is anointing the people, may everyone be healed. Grant this woman included, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, thanking God. Just go rejoicing and happy.
Are you believing, sister, as you come? Merciful God, I pray for that You'll heal her. May the evil leave as we curse it as the Church of the living God, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, thanking God. That's right. Be happy.
Do you believe? Lord Jesus, cursed be the devil that binds our sister. May he come out, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go rejoicing, being happy. Amen. [Mark 11:22]
L-74 You believing, everywhere? Now, you all are praying too, I believe. And I know these ministers here are praying. The people are being healed. God is moving. And their faith is lifted up and anything can just happen now.
How do you do, lady? What do you think about this? You have a little cross on your bosom there. Do you--you believe in that cross, that Jesus take your place up at Calvary there? You do. You're very upset too. You have some kind of a coughing condition. It's asthmatic. Isn't that right? You want to get over it? Say, "I accept Jesus as my Healer now." And may the cursed thing leave her, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go, praising God, and be over it.
L-75 All right. Come, lady. You believe Him with all your soul and mind that you can be made well. Is that right? You have the worst disease, the--the disease that kills more people than anything else: heart trouble. But look, there was a heart that was pierced there with a sword one day to make you well. You accept it? Go, and God's peace be upon you and make you well. All right.
Come. All right. A little girl and her eyes. You believe that Jesus will make you well? Jesus bless this child, who I bless in Thy Name. And may it be healed for the glory of God, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sweetheart. God bless you.
Father, I pray that You'll bless this mother and may she go and God's peace be upon her, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Praise the Lord.
All right, come, brother. Having in faith in God, everybody, do not doubt. Only believe, all things are possible; only believe. You believe that, do you? All right. That's all you have to do, is have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
L-76 Howdy do? I see you're shaking with palsy. Anyone can see that. Let's talk to the Lord just a minute and see what He will say about you. See you shaking, that's been that way, probably for some time. You also suffer with stomach trouble. Is that right? That's right. It's a ulcer that's caused from a nervous condition, 'cause of burning and so forth in your stomach.
Now, people could see you shaking, so I just thought if there's something else wrong, God would show it. So they didn't see it. Now, the God Who can see you at your home, and knows all about you, will make you well if you'll accept His Son, and refuse to have it any more. And go eat what you want to and straighten out your arms and say, "I ain't going to shake no more." And go home, you will get well. Do you believe it? Accept it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the devil be cursed. Amen...?... rejoicing now. All right.
Have faith in God. Amen. [Mark 11:22]
L-77 Does everyone believe with one accord? With all your heart? With all your soul? With all your mind? With all your strength? Have faith. I say, "Have faith in God."
All right, come, sir. Only God Who is able to do these things is wanting you to have faith in the resurrection of His Son, Christ Jesus, Who lives in His Church today. And every time God can--pronounces a blessing, if you will hold on to it, it has to come to pass.
'Course, I hardly couldn't tell you what one or the other one... I catch it on the tapes down here, what is being said. All right. Now, of course, I have to be... The anointing of the Holy Spirit has me under... Now, it's something that I can't explain. Seems It's over this building hanging here. As it begins to--I begin to weaken, it seems like it's a milky haze all around over the building. [Mark 11:22]
L-78 That's in another dimension that many people know little of. But God lives in that place. And only thing you have to do is not think about your senses, how you feel. Just believe what He said, for the Scriptures cannot be broken. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it (present tense); it will be given to you (future tense)": Saint Mark 11:24.
Have faith in God. And God will bring it to pass. We cannot heal. We can only declare that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. He healed you when He died. He rose again for your justification. And when you believe on Him, you're justified in the sight of God. Then believe that He is risen from the dead. His atonement was for every one of you. Every person, every sick person was healed when Jesus put it in the deposit at Calvary. Amen. [Mark 11:22-24]
L-79 You believe that, sir? With all your heart? I suppose we're strangers, aren't we? We don't know one another, but God knows us both. Isn't that right? Yes, sir. And you believe that--that--that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is present now to--to give to you your desire? And do you believe that He would reveal to me, as He said that He would do after His resurrection, the things that He would do, we'd do also? Do you believe that?
There's something strange... No, you have a, I believe it's a rupture. It's a double rupture. Is that true? And by the way, you're a preacher yourself. You belong to the Assemblies of God. You come from Wisconsin. Is that true? Then go home and get well. May Jesus Christ make you well. All right.
L-80 Come and believe, do you, lady, with the... You believe that God will make you well? Almighty God, have mercy upon her and make her well, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen. All right.
All right. Come. Sir, if you'll just take Jesus Christ as your Saviour and... I mean as your Healer, you--you'll never go blind. You believe He will? Then say, "I accept You, Jesus, for the healing of my eyes." You do? Come here. The Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." May the blindness of your eyes be cursed, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you. Go, and as you believe now, you will receive. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-81 Now sister, that heart trouble will leave and it'll beat normal and well again if you'll believe it. Do you do it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you receive it. Amen. Go and may God's peace be with you now. Go. Now, that's all right. Go, thanking God, believing with all your heart and with all your soul.
All right. You want to get rid of that arthritis that's crippling...?... up. You believe God will make you well? Now, look lady. You've been that way, and God knows that--that it--it's going to take faith to do it. But now look, why do you... You can't get well by doctors. They--they've give that up.
L-82 So let's you and I just believe right now and accept it, and go on on faith. Will you believe it? Cursed be the devil that's bound this woman. May it leave her in Jesus' Name.
Now, would you do me--believe me as God's servant? Raise your feet up-and-down like this. Don't--don't fear. Raise your feet up like that. Now, let's you and I walk off the platform like we were... Let's go real fast. Yes. Now, just raise your feet real high now. Now, come right on down and thank God. All right.
You believe with all your heart, lady, as you come. In the Name of Jesus the Son of God, may the de--enemy leave your body. Amen. Go, believing now. Don't doubt nothing. And believe with all your heart.
L-83 Now, sister, you'll never be bothered with that demon oppression any more, if you'll just believe Jesus. Will you do it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the devil leave this girl. Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Now, just a moment. Something happened. What--what was on that cord--recording? What was wrong with that woman? Nervous, nervous. Nervous? Was it nervous? Yes, then... It was something struck somewhere, right out... Oh, it's a man setting there with prostate trouble, setting right in there. Don't... Didn't you have prostate trouble, sir? All right. You're over it now, get up. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen.
Oh, the devil is conquered in Calvary, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. Have faith in God.
L-84 Do you believe, setting there, lady, right next to him? You have something another on your temple, has got it covered up. But it's a growth. Is that right? Do you accept your healing now, from Jesus Christ? All right. As you have believed, so be it unto you. Amen.
All right. Do you believe, sir, as you're coming? Do you come unto me as God's servant? You believe with all your heart? Then...?... [The man says, "I'm here in answer to an Angel's directions."--Ed.] All right, sir. Then you're here to get rid of smoking cigarettes. Go...
[, A brother gives testimony of an Angel sending him to Brother Branham to be delivered of smoking cigarettes.]
L-85 Be with you, it's finished. God bless you. Amen. Bow your head just a moment, a deaf...
O God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy peace upon this man. Make this deaf spirit that's binding him come out. O Christ, the Creator of heavens and earth, may Thy blessings rest upon him. And may this demon that's caused him to be this a way, leave him tonight. And may from this night on, he be shown mercy by God, I ask in Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, with the audience with their heads bowed, please. Satan, come out of the man. Thou deaf spirit, in Jesus Christ's Name, I adjure thee as a servant of God.
L-86 Hear me? [A man says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] Do you hear me? Here? Say, "Amen." ["Amen."] You can raise your head. The man's healed. Say, "Amen." ["Amen."] I love the Lord. ["I love the Lord."] You are healed. I want to ask you something. Do you believe me to be His servant? If you see this hanging on you here, just something to see that, 'cause it's called deafness. Let's you and I talk just a moment.
You believe me to be His prophet? As a servant? You do. You'd have to. Your earphone is out and you standing there hearing me talk like this. I'm talking just a normal voice. And you're hearing me. Now, yes. Yeah, there was one time that you smoked cigarettes, but you stopped it. Is that right?
L-87 And listen, you've had a, some kind of an operation, of the throat or something, is that right? And it hasn't healed up just right, or it wasn't successful. Is that... It's--it's gone now...?... God bless you. Hallelujah.
Do you believe with all your heart? Just a moment.
Lady, laying on the stretcher. Do you believe me to be God's servant? Lady, you setting there by her, look this way to me. You that's talking to her. Look this a way. Let's see what's wrong with her. All right. Have faith in God.
You... It's a high blood pressure. And it's also a arthritis that's got you bound. Circulation in your body doesn't travel right, either. Is that true? If it is, raise up your hand. If that's true. Lady setting there next to her, if she... The rebounds coming back. She can't hear. I see it up over her. She's been cared for... All right.
L-88 Brother Boze? All right. Tell her that I said if she believed me as God's servant, to rise up off the stretcher and go home and be made well.
Are you believing with all your heart?
Take her by the hand, the arthritis will leave her. If you'll just do what--if you believe with all your heart. All right.
Are you believing with all your heart? There she comes from being bound, packed in here with arthritis. There she is perfectly normal and well. Take up your bed, go to your home, lady. Jesus Christ has made you whole.
Let us give God praise. Hallelujah. From whom all blessings...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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