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Prayer Line 54-06
54-pl-06, Prayer Line 54-06, 59 min

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54-0328 - The Church Of The Open Door, Louisville, KY (Paragraphs: 39 - 55)
L-40 And now remember, I have to say this according to the law of Indiana and many other places, I suppose Kentucky also. I've never asked. But I am not responsible for critics (See?), or critics or unbelievers who are setting near. Remember, if you are that person, don't stay during this part of the service; for let it be known unto you, as I speak in the Name of the Lord: these diseases go from one to another. That's right. And on an unbeliever, you can do nothing with it. That's right.
So there's many persons tonight who's been in the meeting, criticizing and so forth, and we have tape recordings to show what happened. So now, may the Lord help you and bless you. And you just set quiet; be reverent. Pray for me, your brother. As I minister to the sick. All right.
L-41 Now... Patient... Now, how many in this building now, standing here, that doesn't have a prayer card and wants to be prayed for? Raise up your hands, everywhere in the building. Well, it's just a--a general everywhere. Now, I'm going to ask you something. Now, if you will believe this to be the honest truth with all your heart, I'll assure you, the Holy Spirit will move right out there in that audience to where you're at. Do you believe the same Jesus that the woman touched the hem of His garment... Her faith touched Him in such a way till He turned and looked over His audience to see who touched Him; said, "Thy faith hath saved thee." She had a blood issue. Do you believe that? That's the Scripture.
Well, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, isn't He the same when He's operating in our flesh? Isn't it right? Now, let your faith touch Him; see what He does about it. The Lord bless you.
Now, for God's glory, I take every spirit in this building under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. I'm sure you understand what that means. Be reverent. [Matthew 9:20-22], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48]
L-42 I... How do you do? I suppose now that you and I are strangers. As far as I know, I've never seen you. God has seen us both, knows both of us. And I'm just a man; you're a woman standing here. That's all I know about you. Now, are you a believer? Now, if you're a believer, all things are possible to them that believe. Now, if Jesus was standing here mythically by my side, and He was talking to you like He did the woman at the well, He would know you, know all about you. Is that right? And He'd know and could tell you just like He could out in the audience. But would you believe it then to be the truth with all your heart? You--you would believe it. [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Is that a fact? Now, you hear the testimony; I suppose. Is there... Where was it at, lady? ...?... Connersville. That's just a couple summers ago, or last summer? Last summer. And you had, what was it? Rectal trouble, three operations. And a rectal trouble out in the audience and the Holy Spirit moved out there, and--and called you out, and healed you out there in the audience.
L-43 There's the first patient standing here. [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] You hear her testimony, what taken place after that? What supernaturally taken place there? I knew not the woman. I don't know her now, only just what you know... And God in heaven knows that's true. Of--of on this Bible laying here before me, and God is my Judge: that's just the... That's what I know about her there.
Far as I know, I never met her, never seen her in my life: seen her out there... I might not have seen her; I just seen that Light standing over her. And maybe just her thoughts, I picked up her thoughts out in the audience. You say, "You--you read her mind then." Well, you want to call it that. Jesus did the same thing. He perceived their thoughts. Is that right? Well, tell me the difference between perceiving a thought and reading a mind. Not this devil's group out here, the little, on the side of the street, and a little hand out like that, that's psychology. It has nothing to do with God.
L-44 But then if the Lord Jesus has risen from the dead, and I'm representing Him here tonight truly, then He would let me know what was wrong with you now, or what--what was wrong. And if He would, would that raise your faith to believe for healing again? It would. All right. May He grant it to you, sister, is my prayer. But it's not that now. You got some kind of an inward trouble. It's in the... It's a... It's a kidney trouble. It's in the bladder too. I see it draining...?... burning sensation coming from the bladder. Isn't that true?
And you're... There's something else that you got on your mind. I... Here... No, it--it's about a loved one. It--it's a boy, your son. Isn't that right? He's got something like a--a asthmatic. He's coughing; real, dry coughing all the time. Isn't that right? And aren't you from Indianapolis? Go back home. You're going to get well now. Jesus Christ...?... God bless you. Uh-huh.
Have faith in God. Only believe; all things are possible to them that believe. Now, to that woman that was here just few moments ago, she's healed. All right. Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
L-45 Howdy do, lady? I suppose from as far as... 'Course now in doing this, standing here. I just put my hand over there, 'cause that... See? It's not... It's the anointing. See? It's anointing. And it makes me feel different than what I really am and read her life, 'cause you're in a dual condition; you're in two worlds at the same time.
But I suppose we're strangers to each other. We don't know one another. As far as I know, I don't know you. And we... This is our meeting time. But God knows both of us. Do you believe me to be His servant? ...?... I--I believe that. You have a welcome feeling in your spirit in His Presence being here now. And if there's any help can come, it would have to come through Him. Wouldn't it? You realize; it wouldn't be me, your brother; it would be Him, your Saviour. Is that right? See? You believe it?
I see you moving from me. You're having some kind of a, all through your body, like pains like, all through your body. That's a arthritis condition in the nerves, is what's a doing that. 'Causing sharp pains and pains ache through your--your right... You have a, something another; I notice you--you're rubbing your head. It's a--it's a sinus trouble is--is that's what it is. It's come from your head, up your sinuses. And you got a, someone that you're interested in, must be your husband. He has the same thing. Isn't that right? Now, it's--it's coming from in--in here. That's a...
And there's something strange about you. It seems like I keep seeing blue water and moving like that. And it's some kind of a person that's you're dealing with; that's a... It--it must be a ... It's a different people. There's something that you... It's India. You--you're a missionary to India. Is that right? It--it... From India. I--I see the... Well, go, Jesus Christ is going to make you well. God bless you, and may you go in peace. God's peace upon you...?...
L-46 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Only believe. Are you believing with all your heart? [A brother speaks with Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes. God bless you, sir. Just keeps moving, that Light. I--I--I don't--I don't guess you can see It, but here It is standing here. No, it's over this lady here. She... Oh, she has high blood pressure. Isn't that right, lady? You accept your healing now? You don't have to have a card to be healed, but you accept your healing now? Go home then; be well, and may the Lord Jesus bless you and make you well.
Oh, Christian friend, the Lord Jesus Christ anointing this audience. Only have faith in Him; you shall see the glory of God, His great manifestation of His blessing. [Mark 11:22]
L-47 Are you a believer, sir, setting there? Lay your hand over on that lady with that red looking coat on setting there. She's setting there praying. She's got sort of a chest trouble that's been bothering her. Isn't that right, lady? Yes. Now, lay your hand over on her there, that she be healed.
Lord Jesus, may the power of God come upon the woman and make her completely well. I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.
You believe now with all your heart? Now, you lay your hand on the lady next to you there to get rid of... She's got something wrong with her. Yes, you laid your hand in the right place. She has a--a asthmatic condition. Isn't that right, lady? Wave your hand, if that's right. I see you're trying to--to--to... All right.
O Almighty God, may Your Spirit come to her now, as You're favoring her by standing here, speaking through Your servant; I ask that she be made well; in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
As you believe, so will it be to you. You know something left you then. Now, just keep believing, and it won't return. But when you disbelieve, it will return...?...
L-48 Come. Oh, He is so wonderful. His blessings are upon His people. All right. How do you do, sir? 'Course, I see you got a--something on your throat there: looks awful red. I don't know what it is, but God does know. You believe me to be His prophet or His servant? You do? With all your heart you believe that, do you? Sir, that's a cancer. Isn't that right? Being that that was showing, a flashing on your neck, for the benefit of the audience, that they might know, you look to me and believe me with all your heart. Something else might be wrong, 'cause that's showing. If there's a man setting there crippled, and I said he was crippled, anybody knows that. They're looking at it.
You're a stranger here. You're not from this country. You're from a country where there's a lot of hardwood and there's little lakes like. And that's a... It's kind of a lot of swamp country near you there. And you're from a small city. And that... You're from Missouri. And the name of the city starts with a K. It's Kennett, Missouri. Is that right? And you... You're--you're a stranger to me, but your name is--is Matterson or something like that. M-a-t--Matterson. Isn't it? Matteson. And your initial is I. A. Is that true? Go believe now and the cancer will leave. God bless you. Jesus Christ...?... []
L-49 ...the side, you have something wrong with your side, don't you, lady? You thought I was talking to you awhile ago and when I looked at you. Stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go believing. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
All right. You believing now, lady? All right. Do you believe me to be His servant? Well, we're strangers to one another; I--I believe. I have never seen you. If I'm correctly believing right... Now, I want you come just a little more near me, because of the emotion at the platform.
Well, God's going to judge us both some of these days, lady. You're aware of that. You're aware right now that you're standing in the Presence of something besides a man. And is that true? Now, that won't hurt you. That's--that's some power that you say you feel moving in. That's the Angel of the Lord. You are... You got... The... I see you moving away from a table; there's something. It's--it's--it's in the stomach. You got stomach trouble. And that's caused from a liver condition. It empties into the stomach, 'causes sourness and bitterness...
And--and you're with somebody. It's a... It's somebody... It's your mother. And she's here too. And she's got stomach trouble also. And she... Isn't there something wrong with her neck? She's got something wrong with her neck? And you--you come here. You're not from this city. You're from up the river: Cincinnati. And you come here by bus. And you're supposed to leave tonight at nine o'clock. Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus and be made well. And go. You won't have to worry about... Go eat your supper now; be made well now; in Jesus' Name.
L-50 Come. Lady, I see you're moving slowly. 'Course you probably perhaps very disabled. I suppose we're strangers to each other. We're not? Oh, you've been in my meetings before. Well, God knows both of us, doesn't He? I know nothing about you as far... I don't know nothing about you. But God knows all about you. You are... If God will reveal to me what you're trouble is, will you accept Him as your Healer? I--I see some kind of a white looking room. Oh, it's a hospital. You--you've just been operated. That's been about a year ago. It's caused a weakness that you've never got over it. You're suffering with a flu or something now. Isn't that right? Aren't you some--aren't you a Miss Arnold's mother, or something? I seen her standing near you.
Oh, God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I bless this poor mother for her healing. May she go tonight and recover; in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing now, being happy, believing with all your heart and receive your healing.
L-51 Come, lady. You believe? You believe that Holy Spirit, Who's going to judge us both at the day of judgment... If He would reveal your trouble, would you accept your healing? That anointing shakes me so; it makes me so weak, I... See? And I try just to see or either pray... If I didn't tell you nothing, pray for you the way you are now, you believe you'd be healed. See, your faith has met something. Before I even say anything, it's gone from you. That's right. I know it's just turned real white around you. I'll see what was wrong. You had heart trouble. Now, she can go home, thanking God, being happy. God bless you. Father, bless her I pray; in the Name of Jesus. Amen. God bless you.
Have faith now, believing with all your heart. You believe, sir? If I would not say one word to you, just pray for you, you believe you'll get well? You... That's the way to believe. You're convinced then that I told you truth, haven't you? All that sickness would leave you and everything, you can go home and be... Is that right? It will. God bless you...?...
L-52 Let's say thanks be to God. That man believes God. Just only have faith. Believe it with all your heart; you shall receive. Come...?... lady. Are you believing with all your heart? I believe that, mother. Now, if I could heal you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute, wouldn't I be? But I... Blessed be the Lord.
Hanging over that little lady setting looking at me, you got something wrong with your throat, haven't you, lady? Yes, ma'am. Well, that did it. God bless you. Your faith has saved you now. Go and be made whole. There's something else I see, it's that same choking like... Oh, it's the lady sitting behind you there has a goiter. Yes. And you want to accept your healing too? You believe that He healed you. God bless you. Go and be made well. May the Lord Jesus grant your faith to be confirmed.
Thank the Lord Jesus. See, friends, pray. You don't need prayer cards; you need faith to believe. He still hangs there. That lady setting next to there, the young lady there has a heart trouble. You believe the Lord's going to heal you, sister? He has. Now you can go home and be well. God bless you.
You want to get over that diabetes? You accept Jesus as your Healer. Lord Jesus, make her well, and may she can be able to stop taking insulin and be made whole; in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Have faith in God.
L-53 Come, lady. Oh, my, what our Lord could do right now in this audience of people. Oh, if you'd just with one accord now go to believing, there wouldn't be a feeble person in the--this building tonight. That is right. If you believe with all your heart right now, you wouldn't have a thing to worry about but be made well.
You believe me, lady, as--as God's servant? If God will reveal to me what's your trouble, you accept your healing? In... Well, if you'll believe right now, that heart trouble will leave you, and you'll never be bothered with it again. You believe with all your heart? Go and you can receive it now, and God will be merciful to you and bless you.
Come. Just a moment, lady. Stand here a minute. There's something... It wasn't you, but there's so... That's all right, you... Thank you.
L-54 What was wrong with that man? What? How many people in here has been suffering with heart trouble? Raise your hands. Right away, quickly. Ha, ha, I going believe with all my heart, it's over for you. I just... He just lit the whole building then when He went away. There was something taken place. Oh, that's the way; that's the way to believe; with one accord, all of you, and be made well. Praise be to God. Oh, my. How is his right now. I wish I could transfer God...
You think this is strange? This is our Lord Jesus. Do you believe me to be His servant? Will you accept without a shadow of a doubt the Lord Jesus Christ in His Name, if God will let me know what your trouble is? Stomach trouble. Is that right? Now, go eat your supper.
L-55 You believe? How many here has stomach trouble? Raise your hand. All right. Every one of you that has stomach trouble, stand to your feet right now. Every one of you had heart trouble, stand to your feet right now. Every one has cancer, stand to your feet right now. Every one of you has got anything wrong with you, stand to your feet right now. Are you believing? Raise up your hand.
Heavenly Father, come in great power and demonstration, and send Thy blessings upon this audience. I condemn every evil spirit, every sickness, every disease, every affliction, as Your servant, as the anointing Holy Spirit moving through this audience. I condemn these diseases and these afflictions, and say in Jesus Christ's Name, come out of the people.
Everybody that believes God, raise up your hands and say "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Believe it with all your heart. That's it. Keep praising the Lord.

54-0329 - The Church Of The Open Door, Louisville, KY (Paragraphs: 79 - 84)
L-80 I notice a young man setting here, believing, trying to, having faith. Do you believe that God will let me know what's wrong with you? You do? If He will, will you accept your healing? You have heart trouble. Isn't that right? What if I told you now that you was well of it? Would you believe it? Stand up just a minute. You got a nervous heart and a murmuring heart. It's bothered you for some time. The only time, when you lay down too, it smothers you, and you have a lot of beating back and forth, fluttering. Is that right? 'Cause, it causes an indigestion from your stomach, coming up through them vein. Isn't that true? You'll not be bothered with it no more. Just keep what you have right now; you can go home and be well.
I'm not reading your mind. I'm a perfect stranger to you. You're just a man sitting there. Is that right? Never seen you in my life, and never knowed nothing about you. Is that true? Well, the Angel of the Lord is here.
Frankly, young man, I want to ask you something, and you see if this is truth or not. About a few moments ago, all of a sudden something strange come over you when I begin to talk about the sting gone out of the stinger. Wasn't that right? Wasn't it a strange feeling you had, a...?... Isn't that right? And didn't you look at me at that same time, and my eyes catch you at the same time? That's when you were healed with heart trouble, right there. Amen. That's exactly. He's here.
L-81 I'm not reading your mind, friends. I only speak the truth, and God vindicates it to be the truth.
What do you think about it, setting there next to him? Do you believe? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe if God... You setting 'cause you're on the front seat, that's the reason I'm talking to you so much. See, it's back in behind there and around me. But do you believe, if I can contact your spirit, God will reveal what's wrong? Would you accept your healing? You're a diabetic. Is that right? Raise up your hand if that's the truth. Stand up on your feet. Do you accept your healing now? May the Lord Jesus Christ make you every whit whole. God bless you.
L-82 Have faith. Somebody in here believe. Have faith, with all your heart.
I see a young man setting there with a blue suit on. There It stands right above him. You have a skin disease, don't you, young man? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet. Oh, I see, you're with this delegation. Is that right? Well, do you want to go home well? Raise up your hand, say, "Lord Jesus, I now believe the Angel of the Lord leads along, and I believe that I am healed."
What do you think about it, next man to him there, do you believe too? Stand up on your feet a minute, so I can look at you. You believe me to be God's servant, with all you heart? You want to get over that heart trouble? That's what you had, wasn't it? That's what you "had," I said. You don't have it now. You can go home too.
The next man to him, what do you think about it, sir? Do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Stand up on your feet. Do you believe with all your heart now? You had nervousness. Isn't that right? See? Is that right? Raise up your hand. You can go home well now. Jesus Christ make you well.
L-83 What about the next man, setting down the row, you believe with all your heart? Stand up on your feet. Do you believe me to be God's prophet, to be His servant? You believe He'd tell me what's wrong with you, that you'd accept your healing? It's in your throat. Is that right? Go home and be well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Anybody else in this building, that wants to be made well, can raise and be made well. If you believed me, as God's servant, stand to your feet. God bless you. Female trouble, cancer, there it goes. God be blessed. Every one of you, raise your hands to God.
L-84 Our heavenly Father, I now condemn every disease in this building, cast out every evil spirit, and may the Holy Ghost take over now and make every person well.
Lay your hands over on one another, and say, "Praise the Lord," everywhere. And rejoice and be happy, for Jesus Christ is here, the Lamb of God, to make you well, every one.

54-0330 - The Church Of The Open Door, Louisville, KY (Paragraphs: 76 - 83)
L-77 If you need salvation tonight, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. If you're a backslider tonight, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. If you're here tonight, and without Christ, you've tried every church there is in town to find salvation, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. You believe it? If you're a backslider, gone away from God, you think there's not a chance for you, just speak to the Rock, and It'll bring forth Its water.
You believe that, with all your heart? You believe that God would grant it? With all your heart, you believe it? Hallelujah. He's here tonight.
If you're sick, and you've tried everything in the world, you've tried to get in the prayer line, and you can't get in the prayer line; you've had prayer cards, and turned down; You've went to one meeting; you went to another meeting; you been anointed by the pastor; you've come through this prayer line. You've been everywhere else, and you can't get healed, why don't you speak to the Rock now? He will bring forth His water. That's right. Why don't you give Him a try once? Get on speaking terms with Him, right now, while He's in the building. His Presence is right here now to heal every one of you. I believe it. I know it with all my heart. I believe on. There's some things that I do not know, but there's some things that I do know. And I know that Jesus Christ the Son of the living God is right here.
L-78 While I'm even trying to make an altar call right now, in my heart, the visions are breaking all over the building right--right now. Oh, that's right. The powers of God is right here. That's right. I feel Him moving right here. It's begin to break me from one dimension to another, right now; 'cause there's sick people here, and their prayers is what's a doing it; to confirm the Word of God, saying He's right here to be spoke to tonight, the same Rock that stood and perceived their thoughts. He knowed where the woman was that was having the blood issue, and so forth. He's here now. If you'll speak to Him, He will bring forth His waters. Do you believe that with all your heart?
What do you think, lady, with the... right there in the center. Now, you don't have no prayer card, do you, the lady with the white thing around her neck, sitting right there? You have diabetes, don't you? You don't have a prayer card, do you? You don't need any prayer card. Do you believe that? Can you speak to the Rock? You want to speak to Him for your diabetes, right now? Stand up on your feet then. That right? Just say, "I accept Jesus Christ now as my Healer," and God will take you home and make you well. Speak to the Rock. God bless you. All right. Go, and be made well.
L-79 What do you think about it, setting next to her, lady? You have varicose veins in your legs, don't you? That's right. Stand up on your feet. Isn't that your husband setting next to you there? That right? You have diabetes too, don't you? Is that right? Put your hand over on your wife. All right. You both are from Illinois. Isn't that right? Now, you return back to Illinois, speaking to the Rock, and it'll leave you and never come back again. Hallelujah.
I know one thing, that the Rock is here, the Rock of Ages that was smitten in the wilderness. That's right.
What do you think about it, little lady there with them flowers on your hat, setting there with arthritis, trying to get over it? You that turned and looked the other way, do you believe with all your heart that God's going to heal you? Stand up on your feet then, and stomp your feet up-and-down, and say, "The arthritis is gone," and it's so. Speak to the Rock, and He will bring forth...?...
I tell you, Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He's here to make manifest anything that... [Hebrews 13:8]
L-80 What do you think about it, lady sitting there, said, "Praise the Lord," with that female trouble, with a little, green-looking jacket on, sitting there? Do you believe that God healed you then? Stand up just a minute, setting right there. You believe with all your heart? You got a female trouble. It's an abscess. You got a duct, some kind of a drainage comes from it. Isn't that right? If that's right, raise your hand. What's making me say that? It's the Rock speaking to you. Speak back to Him, and be made well. Hallelujah.
Oh, how He wants to bring His manifestations of His power. And I see the Angel of God, the very same Pillar of Fire that followed the children in the wilderness, moving through this building now.
L-81 I'm trying to locate a woman. She's praying. Where is she, here? Here He stands. Yes, it's a little woman standing right there, the second one setting in. No, she... It's about a man, standing. It's a drunkard husband that you're praying for. Isn't that right, lady? If it is, stand up on your feet right there. Haven't you got a drunkard husband you were praying for? If that's right, raise up your hand. Speak to the Rock, and God will bring him out of--of the thing.
L-82 God will do anything in here, if you want Him to do it. Do you believe it? Are you on speaking terms with Him? If you are, stand to your feet right now and speak to the Rock, and the Rock will bring forth His waters. Will you stand?
Who wants Him for salvation? Raise your hand, say, "I want Him to come in my heart." God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, and you, and you, and you. Oh, my. Yes, sir.
That cancer left you there, my brother. It's gone. You can go home and be well now. Hallelujah. That's true.
All that wants to be healed, raise your hand, say, "Lord, I'm speaking to You. I'm speaking to You." That's right.
There He goes. Mister, your sinus left you there. You are free. Go home in Jesus Christ's Name; you're healed.
L-83 Anybody in here that wants to find Him now, raise up your hands and say, "Thank You, Lord, for healing me. I'm speaking to You in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You heal me."
O God, of mercy, send Your power tonight with the anointing of the Holy Ghost, while He's in this building now just sweep over this audience. And may the Holy Ghost perform every miracle. May there not be a sick or a crippled person left in the building tonight. May You heal every one, in Jesus Christ's Name.

54-0331 - The Church Of The Open Door, Louisville, KY (Paragraphs: 50 - 69)
L-51 All right. Now, call up your... Oh, this is the patient. Now, I want... Remember, to you Christian people, these things are terrible, and it's not a practice of something. It's absolutely the Lord Jesus Christ in His resurrected power. As a power given to the people, not to heal, but to preach, teach... It's all under inspiration. None of you ministers setting here would want to say you just, "No such a thing as inspiration." You wouldn't want to say you preached your sermon for, by yourself. You ask God to help you. It's inspiration. Why couldn't your brother or somebody next to you preach just the same as you can? He wasn't called for it; you were the one was called. Doesn't make you any better than he is, if he's a Christian. But God set you for a preacher, maybe him for a lay member. See? "God set in the church..."
And now, in these things, I say this now because it's a state law in most the states, that I will not be responsible for critics or unbelievers from this part of the meeting on out to the end. The Lord bless you. I know His Presence is here; the Angel of the Lord is near; It's here now. And you all who have His picture know, and you'll see at the day of judgment, He isn't standing five feet from where I am right now. That's right. It's not me; He just walks in. I lose myself, and He speaks. And the Lord bless you.
L-52 And now, if you are a critic, anything happens, I'm not responsible. But I am to a Christian, 'cause by God's grace we can make it leave a Christian, but we can't on a critic. All right. Because it's punishment. You'd have to repent. So now, the Lord bless you now. And may you all--don't move around. But whatever you do, don't leave your seat. Just stay right where you are for the next few minutes, and believe.
And if the Lord Jesus Christ will come here to the platform tonight now, and will perform the same things that He done in Galilee and around over the country, will you accept Him for your healing and Saviour and all? Will you do it? Raise your hand and say, "I will. I'll believe it with all my heart." God bless you. Now, in the face of that, may He do it.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit here under my control for God's glory. All right, now, the lady to come.
Now, just... I want the audience to be reverent [] and just listen. And I want the patients just to look this a way and just believe and just--just speak as I ask. And I want you in the audience to be just as reverent as you can be. And just obey just what you're told to do or listen close what He says.
L-53 And now, I want to talk to the lady. I believe the lady's a stranger to me. I've never seen you in my life, but God knows both of us, doesn't He? And this is our first time meeting? All right. Yeah. You were...? Ma'am? Yes. Excuse me. All right, she was here last night, but last night I was just preaching as far as I know. They said right at the last there it got to calling people out through the audience there, of different diseases and healing them. Now, if we be strangers, perhaps, maybe along the same age, maybe raised somewhere difference in the country, first time of ever meeting in our life... If there's anything about you or anything that I would know, it would have to come through God, some way. Is that right? Or maybe--maybe some secret sin in your life, maybe you're here I, wanting a financial something. Maybe you're here to ask God for some other, a--a loved one, or--or a burden, or--or something on that order. It's on your--it's on your heart or something. I don't know, but whatever it is, why, He... You just come to me to intercede for you, as a--as an intercessor to help you to receive Christ, 'cause I perceived that you are a Christian when you come up here. You're a believer.
L-54 Now, then, if Jesus of Nazareth was here and was standing here, He'd perhaps talk to you like I'm talking to you. He talked to a woman at the well one day. He said, "Bring Me drink."
She said, "The well's deep. You have nothing to draw with," and--and so forth. And the conversation went on. He went right straight to where her trouble was. She had a trouble, and that trouble was; was five husbands. He said...
And she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet." And she ran into the city and said, "Come, see a Man that told me everything I ever done." He didn't do that. He just told her one thing. But He found her trouble. And when He found her trouble, He spoke it to her. That was the remedy. Now, if He has risen from the dead, and I claim that He sent me to represent Him, just the same as he--Brother Cauble represented Him in another way, then He can do the same thing for you. And if He would say the same thing to you, would you be happy, and--and be ready to go tell people that Jesus Christ is raised from the dead? You would? Well, may the Lord bless you, my sister, and help you. [John 4:1-30]
L-55 Now, you just look to me as God's servant. You're conscious that something's going on. You don't know exactly what it is, but it's something that you know. So the audience... Sometimes I get under that anointing; I don't--you know I don't realize where I'm at. But from the aud... That the audience might know that the woman is absolutely knows that there's something going on right now: if that's right, raise up your hand, lady. Now, what it is, is that Angel, the anointing, It's moving between she and I. And now in this dimension which is now, it just keeps breaking like a breath. I see It look real milky before us. Now, It just moves out. And here it just like a fading in, coming in. That's the way you can feel it, just like waves. Now, here It comes again, in like that, moves back. Here it is. I see something opening around. It's you going into a place. It's a--it's a hospital. And you--you've had an operation; that's been... I see someone standing here holding two fingers. It's been two years ago since that operation. You are... It's an Angelic Being standing near a door. Now, it--it's something in your side. It's trouble in your side, in your ribs. Is that right? You're going to get well, sister. I see you later on in a... O, Almighty God, I pronounce blessings to my sister. And may she go and receive this blessing; in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.
Ma'am? Yes. Oh, He's all... Now, what He said that was, in your back life, was it true? Well, what He says the future will be, is just as true as that'll be. God bless you. All right, now you can go and be made well. Jesus Christ healed you. You're conscious that something's happened to you too, haven't you, lady? Yes. If that's right, so... Would you raise your hand, just say you're... That's right. God bless you. Wonderful.
L-56 Do you believe Him? Only thing you have to do is have faith. Jesus said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Now, just be reverent. That's the same thing our...
Where'd that lady go was just healed? Oh, it's the lady setting next to you, praying. You believe me to be His servant, lady? With all your heart? You're suffering with a--something wrong with the blood. Isn't that right? It's a low blood pressure. Is that right? Stand up on your feet if that's right. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, make you well, sister. Go home, and believe. Amen.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Only believe; you shall see the glory of God. Amen. [Mark 9:23], [Mark 11:22]
L-57 All right. Come, or... Howdy do, lady? You believe with all your heart? Believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is here to make you well, to heal you? Well, if you're conscious of His Presence, you know that something's here besides your brother, isn't it?
I'm not reading her mind now. Stop thinking that. I'm not. Remember, your thoughts is here just the same. Well, you say that's the reason your mind... Well, Jesus did the same thing: perceived their thoughts. Do you believe that, sir, with all your heart? If you did, and want to believe with all your heart, you'd get over that rupture you got. You believe it? Well then, stand up on your feet and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you. Go. Amen.
Oh, you've got some kind of spells. It's a--it's a... No, it isn't epilepsy. It's a--some kind of a--a--a fainting or passing out. Oh, you've had an accident, an automobile accident that's caused a fainting spells, and you just pine away and pass out. Isn't that right? Come here.
O Jesus, Son of God, have mercy upon her now, as I lay hands, as the anointing of the Holy Spirit is here in the room. And now, may It go to this woman and give her faith. And may she not have this trouble, whatever it may be, any more. I condemn it in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go now in peace. God's blessings be upon you. All right, have faith.
L-58 Come. How do you do, sir? Suppose, maybe, oh, us being strangers in this life, but God knows both of us. He's fed us, been with us. And all that--that we have comes from God. I'm only trying to contact your spirit, my dear brother, just so that God's blessings could rest.
Now, just a moment, It... A, It has left me and It's pulling this a way. It's--it's a man setting here, praying, looking right at me. Oh, it's for that child there. It's going blind, its eyes. Is that right? Lay your hand over on your little fellow there and I'll ask God's blessings.
Father, I pray that You'll heal that child and may it not be bothered any more; in Jesus' Name, heal its eyes. Amen. Have faith, brother. Going to be all right.
L-59 Now, I want to talk to you just a moment. You believe me to be God's servant? I believe that. And you're conscious of something moving between you and I now. Now, you're suffering with a nervous condition. You just get to a place, look like you just going to lose your mind.
Say, you're a minister too. Yes, sir. You're a minister. You just opened up a new work in a place, a mission work. And that place is in Indiana: Muncie, Indiana. You're... And another thing, you're wanting me to lay hands on you for empowerment of a blessing for your ministry. And I see you picking up a letter that's got a name on it. It's your name, 'cause it's got 'Reverend George G. B-u-t-z,' or something like it. Is that true? Go, sir. Jesus Christ is going to grant to you the desire of your heart through His blessing. Amen. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." Just have faith, back in the audience. Believe with all your heart and you shall see the glory of God. The Lord Jesus Christ Who is raised from the dead, stands here in this audience now. His great magnificent Being, the anointed One from on high--on glorious high, Who blowed the worlds off from His hands as it was: Who created all things by Christ Jesus. Has come up from the dead and shed forth this which you do now see and hear. It is not your brother. It's being submissive to the Holy Spirit. Do you believe it?
L-60 You're having trouble with your neck, setting there, aren't you, lady, setting there with the little yellow scarf? You've... Isn't that right? You was praying just then. You had your head down and you asked God, "If You'll let Brother Branham turn around and speak to me, I'll accept my healing." Sa--Isn't that what you was praying about? Isn't that what the word you said? If it is, raise up your hand. Stand up to your feet now. Therefore Jesus Christ heals your neck and you can go home. How'd I hear your prayer? You just don't realize what a place you're in just now. You're under His power; the whole audience is under the domination of the Holy Spirit. Praise be to God.
L-61 All right, where's... Excuse me, lady, I--I believe I recognize you. You're the lady that sang here the other night. But as knowing anything of you otherwise, you're the judge: know nothing about you as far as more than just seeing that you sang in here when I, something another. But God knows all about you, sister. He's knowed you since you were born. And I know that you're a believer. And you believe in me as your brother? You do. Your trouble... You got a sinus or something that bothers you. You've got a--a he--hemorrhoid; it's a rectal trouble. Isn't that the truth? This is your husband setting here. There's some kind of a something moving between you all. Look here, young man, just a moment. Oh, I see a person that's--that's standing here. It's a--it's just--it's your--it's your mother-in-law. And she lives in a place where there's a lot of lakes or something; it's Michigan; and she's a crippled woman. Is that right?
Almighty God, let Thy mercies come now and bless this, Lord, this blessing that we ask in Jesus Christ's Name, that this will be for, in Your glory. Amen. God bless you. May the peace of God rest upon you. I lay hands on you for the blessing while the anointing is here. Amen, amen.
L-62 Have faith in God. All right. Is this the patient? Do you believe? Then if a man says anything, as a man, you got a right to doubt the man. But when God testifies that it's the truth, then you've got no right to doubt God, but to say that it's the truth. And I have testified to you that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead and promised the same things that He did, will be done also; and here He is tonight, doing the same things that He did when He was here.
You want to get over that hair or head trouble you're having? Believe that God will make you well of it? You do, you can have it. May God bless you. Go home; be made well. And you with the arthritis, setting right there, He healed you too a few minutes ago. Just have faith and don't doubt. [Mark 11:22]
L-63 Bring the... Is this your patient? Is Dr. Cauble come. Excuse me, I'm getting weak now. I'm...?... Come near. You believe? You believe me to be God's servant? Well, I'm a stranger to you, or you're a stranger to me. I suppose we're strangers, aren't we? You've been around several of the meetings. I mean to know you, I don't know you. I don't know. But God knows both of us. All right. Then if I could do anything for you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. But if I could do something for you, and if I could give you your desire, I'd do it. But I can't. But by being borned in the world to see visions, and in His Presence, which you're sure now that you're standing; 'cause I believe you, under this anointing, you'd probably pass away into eternity. Do you believe me then? With all your heart?
You're not even from this city. You've come from another state, and that's adjoining state on the north, which is Ohio. Is that right? And you're having trouble. You had--you've had some serious trouble since you've been here. You had a heart attack. They've had you in a hospital since you been here. You got a gall bladder trouble. Is that's the truth?
O Lord, Creator of heavens and earth, I condemn this disease and ask it to go from her that she can go to her home, normally and well. And while Your anointed Presence is here, that we're both aware of, know that someday we'll have to stand in Your Presence. Now, may this pass from her and may she go and be well; in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister. Return, happy, healthy, and love God all your life. All right.
L-64 How God would heal this whole audience of people at this very time, if you believe with all your heart. If you just have faith and don't doubt. That's all I ask you to do is to believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Now, no matter whether you're up here or whether you're out there... []...?...
You believe with all your heart? You? Before God you say that? You understand that? And there's a vibration or moving of a channel come through the audience a few moments ago, it's left now: but thought it was mental telepathy of reading a mind. But it is not. I've never looked at the woman. I want you to lay your hand on my shoulder, lady. And you believe me to be God's servant, I'm telling you the truth? If I shall ask God and He'll tell me what's your trouble, will you accept Jesus as your Healer? You will? You got heart trouble. If that's right, raise up your hand now. Now, go and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name. You shall have what you've ask for. God bless you. All right.
L-65 All right, lady. You believe with all your heart? You want to be made well? Life hasn't been a flower bed of ease for you though. Has it? You've had many trials and ups and downs. Been extremely nervous all your life, especially in this time, just about the age you're coming into now, to be--to be a nervous and upset. Makes it more than ever, 'cause it's entering the menopause stage of life. But in your life, you've always desired a closer walk with God: do yet today, trying to all the time. Now, between you and I is dripping some blood, and it's turning kinda to a--a white color. You're anemic. Is that right? Now, let's just go to Calvary now, by faith, to a blood transfusion.
Almighty God, may the Blood of Jesus Christ bring back the life to the blood of my sister, and may she go from here and get well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, and the peace of God rest upon you and make you well.
L-66 All right. Is this the little boy? Come here, sonny. All right. This is a very fine boy. He's just a little excited, of course the childlike, and that anointing touching the little lad now. Look, honey boy, when our Lord Jesus was here on earth, He would take little children like you, and He would set down, and put His hands upon them, and bless them and they'd get well. And do you ever like to hear your Sunday school teacher talk about that, when Jesus was here, how He'd bless the little boys and girls? Well now, He went up to heaven and come back again in the form of the Holy Spirit. Now, if He was here, He would tell you what was wrong with you. Is that right? And then you'd get well. You believe that, don't you, honey? You believe those kidneys are going to get well? That's what was wrong with you, wasn't it? Kidney trouble. If that's right, raise up your little hand so the... Now, you come here just a minute.
Heavenly Father, I bless this child, and condemn this trouble in his body, and ask it to leave; in the Name of Jesus Christ, may it go. Amen. God bless you, honey. You can go back to your folks and tell them you're going be well now. Don't fear, sister; he'll be all right now. That'll all leave and he'll--he'll get all right.
L-67 All right, would you come, lady. Are you believing with all your heart? And realizing that one of these days that you and I are going to have to stand in His Presence to give an account of our lives, then it behooves us to live like Christians, doesn't it, to live true and to live upright before God? You realize that you have something wrong with you now that could take your life, if it be--goes a little farther, that condition of the female gland. But do you believe that God would heal you now and make you well? You accept it that way? God bless you, it's gone from you now. You can go...?...
Now, the reason that I did that, waiting on the woman, was just because that I knowed she was healed while she was standing here. God healed the woman while she was standing here to make her well.
L-68 And I know that in this building, just now, you'll never know how weak that made... Look here at the sweat on top of my hand. See? I'm just about to crumble here at the platform. It's all getting milky all around over the building and everything. Remember, the Lord turned around; He said, "Strength has gone out of Me." Now, I'm not Him, but it's Him, the One doing the... If it was doing... If it was God in the Lord Jesus Christ, in that virgin born body, made Him feel when anyone touched Him by faith, what do you think it would do to a sinner like me, that's just been converted and brought into the way?
Every one of you, do you believe with all your heart? Hear me now, as God's servant. I tell you the truth. Every person in here, according to the Word of God, is healed right now. Do you believe it?
I want you to do something. We could bring line after line, but I want you to lay your hands over on one another and let me pray, just before I go any farther. Lay your hands on each other that wants to be made well. O my, if you could stand here and just see how well pleased the Holy Spirit is with that, with your hands on one another. [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-50]
L-69 Kind, loving Father, as my strength is so swiftly going, and my legs will hardly hold me any longer, truly, I understand why You can lay in the back of a boat after a healing service, and not even the waves wake You up.
Now, I ask for mercy. There's many mothers, and dads, and sisters, and brothers setting here tonight that's really needing You. In the beginning, trying to speak a little sermon, and now You came on the scene and really confirmed that it was the truth. Now, hear my prayer, dear God, with the simplicity of my heart, I offer it with sincere faith. Hear me, my Lord. And may the lovely Holy Spirit just now settle down over each of these people and may all the doubt be moved away. And may God Himself just touch a little special blessing to every heart and give them faith that they know that You're Presence is near. O eternal One, grant it, through Jesus, Thy Son.
Brother Cauble, finish this prayer out.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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