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Prayer Line 63-09
63-pl-09, Prayer Line 63-09, 45 min

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63-1129 - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 201 - 233)
L-202 And now, dear Heavenly Father, here I stand. I realize I--I can't be around here too much longer, and I see my natural life fading away. Help, tonight, Lord, this one time. Once more, Lord, grant that--that the people will forget the past now, and press towards the mark of the high calling. Grant it, Lord.
L-203 I'm going to ask You to do something that it's going to be a hard thing, Father. I realize that. But I'm going to ask You to let Jesus come into us. And, Father, just to anoint me, it wouldn't do much good for this congregation unless You anoint them, too. We--we are one, together. And anoint them with faith, that somebody here... There is surely somebody got enough faith to do that, like that woman that touched His garment. "And He is the High Priest right now that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities," to show that He is still that super sign, God in man, God working through man, the illiterate and them who will forget theirselves, and just let the Spirit work through them. There is little women sitting in here, that is suffering, maybe, with the same thing that that woman had. There is Simons sitting in here, tonight, Lord, the--the sons of Jonases, as it was. They're sitting here. Help now, Lord, that the people might know. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-204 And answer my prayer as I... Not through emotion; I know I'm emotionally, but I'm all... I'm disturbed, Lord, as I see things going the way they do. It--it wearies me that the... Let the people get back to the Word, and forget all these fantastic things of the hour, the popular opinions of the world; come back to the Word, the Word manifested in the hour now that we're living. Grant it, Lord.
L-205 And while we have our heads bowed, I want each of you to pray, just--just simply. Don't... Just keep your heads bowed and just keep praying, say, "Lord, help me now."
L-206 And have something on your mind that you want to pray for. And if the Lord Jesus is still alive, then certainly, friends, that would be the super sign. And some people has said, "Oh, there is no doubt that can be done, Brother Branham has a great gift of the Lord. And I believe, when he's under the anointing, he's a prophet of the Lord, but don't you listen to his Teaching." Now anybody would do that, would say that, and supposed to be a scholar? When, that's the very sign that the Teaching is right, according to the Bible.
L-207 And if you're a sinner, the pool is waiting there. If you've never been baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins, the pool is waiting. If you haven't received the Holy Ghost yet, you must have that Token sign on you or you won't go through the Gate. You must be the Life of Christ in you.
L-208 Now you pray and ask God to help you, while we pray now. And the sisters at the--the instruments there, "Only Believe."
L-209 Just think, coming down the hill come Jesus. Just in your imaginary mind, see Him come walking in the door, and walk down here and stand up in the pulpit here, and saying, "Children." Just imagine it in your mind now.
L-210 And everybody be real reverent, and keep real still and pray. Everywhere, just keep praying, saying, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to me. Lord, I believe."
L-211 Father, God, they are quiet now. This solemn moment, I believe that You're here. I believe that, that great Pillar of Fire that led Israel through the wilderness, that was manifested in flesh. He said He was. "Before Abraham was, I AM. I come from God, and I go to God." [John 8:58]
L-212 After His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension; Paul met Him on the road, going down to Damascus. A great Light struck him down. That Hebrew would have never called Him "Lord" if he didn't know that was that same Pillar of Fire. "Who are You, Lord?"
He said, "I am Jesus." [Acts 9:5]
L-213 And here You are tonight, with us, the same Life in us. I thank You for It, Father. Now let it be known that I've told the Truth. And it... That virgin conceiving, to bring man and God together, is the same sign that's among us tonight at the end of the age, the super sign. Let it be once more, Father. I pray through Jesus Christ's Name.
Now just keep praying. [Matthew 1:23]
L-214 Now I take every spirit in here under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now if you want to pray, continue pray; if you want to look up, do whatever you wish now. Keep holding your testimony. Keep holding your faith, if you're praying.
L-215 I see, out in front of me now, in this middle aisle here, a little lady, woman, sitting right back here, that's just bringing up her head; in this middle aisle, way back towards the back. She is suffering with a back trouble. Yes. Do you believe that God will heal your back? You do? All right. That's what you was praying about. Is that right? Raise up your hand. You're both healed. The lady right next to her had a back trouble, too, cause she raised her hand. I seen it come from her to her. Now, I don't know you, do I, neither one of you? But that's what was right. If that's right, raise your hand.
Now is that the super sign?
L-216 Here, right straight back this aisle, on my... this side right back towards the back, there is a little woman that can't swallow, hardly. There is something wrong with her--with her--her swallow. She can't hardly swallow. But she believes. She is from out of town. Will you believe, sister, that you will be that you can swallow? Will you accept your healing? Raise up your hand if you'll... All right, now you can be healed. Now, if that, if I'm a stranger to you, wave your hand like that. That's right, see. But, that's what, she was sitting there right then trying to swallow. Now, swallow now and you can swallow right. See if that's right.
L-217 Do you believe that the Angel of the Lord is here? Do you believe that, the super sign? Them people, all the way in the building. Somebody up here, close. I'll turn my back, just to let you know, in every figure, that It is the Lord Jesus. I'll turn my back. And somebody pray, believe. If you think I'm looking at you, to like reading your mind, or something, you just believe. If He could tell what that Sarah was praying about, or what she was doing in the tent behind Him, 'cause God was manifested in the flesh of a being, a human being that was eating, drinking, a sign! I've told you it was a super sign.
L-218 Yes, here is a man coming up before me now. He is standing right behind me. He is right back here. He is going blind. His name is Maclusky. If he will believe with all of his heart, God will heal him. Stand up. I never seen the man in my life. Believe, sir.
L-219 What about over in this way, will you believe over here? You believe with all your heart? You pray.
L-220 I see a woman, and she is suffering from something. She thinks it's epilepsy, because she blacks out. She come from the Southeast, from... She is from Florida. And her name is Mrs. Kinney. If you'll believe, Mrs. Kinney, and stand up on your feet, you'll be healed of them black-out spells. Stand on your feet. I never seen the woman in my life. She's a total stranger. Ask her.
L-221 Do you believe He is the super sign? What about in this section, do you believe?
L-222 A woman suffering, almost to a nervous breakdown, right over this way. Her name is Mrs. Jones. If she'll believe with all of her heart, she can be healed. Mrs. Jones, if you'll believe, and stand to your feet and believe that Jesus Christ makes you well, you can have your healing. She, a total stranger to me, I never seen her in my life. God knows that's true.
L-223 "A virgin shall conceive and shall bear a Son, and His Name shall be called Immanuel, which by interpretation is, 'God with us,'" God here in us, God's super sign! [Matthew 1:23]
L-224 Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Well, we're at the end time. If He is here, why don't you accept Him now? Do you see what ought to happen? You see what should take place? Every person right now should be totally healed. There is Somebody, there is Something here to do that. Everybody knows that.
L-225 God in Heaven knows I know none of these people. They're--they're total strangers. Ask them and see. I don't know nothing about them. I don't know who they are, where they come from, or nothing.
L-226 But if you'll take my word for it, if that's true, I'll say right now, to you, the Holy Spirit is just circling this place around. That Light is just all around here. Now if the Word is right, and the Word is manifested before you, what's the matter that we don't receive It? What's next, brother?
L-227 You're in trouble, too, something about... Why, it's your wife. [Someone says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] That's right. Just a minute till I see what it is. You've confessed it, let it go at that.
I challenge you to believe God right now, the super sign!
L-228 Only thing I know about that boy, I shook his hands. I can't tell you his name right now. But that's exactly what's wrong. I know not that. I was there the day he was married, but something has happened. I don't want to say it here.
L-229 But, all right, don't you believe God? He said this super sign would take place. How many wants to see Him? Let's see your hand, say, "I, I'll believe Him." Amen. Downstairs, wherever you are, up in the balcony, remember God's super sign, the Word of promise, is made manifest right here today before you, this day.
L-230 Jesus read the Scriptures, and turned around and said, "This day this prophecy is fulfilled in the midst of you." [Luke 4:16-21]
L-231 I say, in Jesus Christ's Name, this day the end-time sign is manifested before you.
L-232 How many is sick? Raise your hands. In the Name of Jesus Christ, in His Presence, if you can believe what you've seen, to be the Truth and coming from God, I ask you in Jesus Christ's Name, stand up and accept It then, say, "I will accept It. I'll, it'll settle it for me. I believe." I don't care where you're at. That's good. Raise up your hands now. Now just give God praise. [Someone says, "Handkerchiefs?"--Ed.] I done prayed for them.
L-233 Now just praise Him, stand there. The super sign, the super sign right--right in the midst of you, God's super sign for the last day! Amen.
God bless you, brother.

63-1130E - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 192 - 275)
L-193 Father, You see their hands, mine with it. I believe You, too. Now we're waiting, Father. Come, Lord Jesus. One night when the disciples were bothered, they had been talking to Somebody, they didn't know Who it was. They said He was a Stranger around the country. But one night, when they shut the doors and got Him on the inside, He done something just like He did before His crucifixion and His resurrection. They knew It was Him. Come again tonight, Lord, and do that for us, will You, while we're waiting? We know we've seen You do it. And may You take all the fear out of the people's hearts.
L-194 Through Jesus' Name, may every one that we lay hands on, tonight, may they be healed, every one of them. May there not be a feeble person. May every sick person, dying, heart trouble, and female trouble, and cancer, and TB, and leukemia, whatever it might be, may they be healed tonight, Lord.
L-195 May, as they pass through this line and we lay our hands upon them, may they recognize it's just not just going by man, but God and man is one. God has come into man, and God does nothing apart from man. That's what He does. His works is through man. He made man His partner.
L-196 When Jesus stood, looking upon the harvest, He said, "The harvest is ripe, the laborers are few; pray the Lord of the harvest." And He was the Lord of the harvest. In other words, "Ask Me to do what I know is right to do." [Luke 10:2], [James 4:2]
L-197 But He had connected Himself with His disciples. They was the one to ask. He said, "You have not, because you ask not. You ask not, because you believe not." But, Father, we believe, and we're asking tonight for Your mercy again with us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-198 Now, each one of you now with your prayer cards, we're going to have you to line. And I don't know where... They're probably upstairs, downstairs, and where they are. We're going to have about--about a half hour here, or more, for prayer for the sick. It's just now nine, or just a little bit after. We think we can do it, and get through.
L-199 Now look. Now don't nobody leave. Everybody sit real still now. You're wanting a healing service, that's what we been waiting for. Have you been waiting for a healing service? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, it's here now. And the Healer is here, Jesus Christ, He is here.
L-200 Now, remember, what if He had on this suit here, that He had His disci-... one of His servants, Brother and Sister Collins sitting out there, from my tabernacle, to give me? What if--if He was here wearing this suit, and He was standing here just like I'm standing here now? Do you know, if you'd say, "Lord, will You heal me," do you know He could not do it against your unbelief? How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You would have to believe Him the same as you do now. That's right. You would have to believe Him just like you do now.
L-201 And remember, what He's already done, He cannot do again. See, He's put it completely from His reach now. He's put it in your reach. He's done all He can do. Is that right, ministers? [Ministers say, "Amen."--Ed.] See, there isn't a thing He can do about it. It's out of His reach. It's in your reach. "For He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." See? See, it's out of His reach. It's, but He's brought it to your reach. It's in your reach now. It was put there for you. He'd just point to where it was at. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-202 "Well," you say, "If I... It's always been a puzzle to me. If He's, if... Really, the truth is, does He still live?"
L-203 Certainly, He lives. What's this you're bumping into all the time? What's that condemns you when you're wrong? What's that that makes you believe? That's Him. You might not be able to open your eyes and see Him, because He's in spirit form, the invisible God. But He dwells among a visible people, making Himself visible by His promised Word in that people. Do you understand that now?
Here, before we call the prayer line, I trust God will do this.
L-204 I, I love you, Life Tabernacle. You know that. I've been your brother. I've tried to be, anyhow. I've done many failings, but I've tried to be.
L-205 Listen. Come to yourself, tonight. Wake up, before it's too late. See, wake up, quickly. He is here with us. Now I want each one of you...
L-206 I'm going to, with the bottom of my heart, I'm going to try to call the people that I know in this building, and, no matter if I look past you, that shows that I--I pass you by; if the Light of--of this is over you, I'll pass it by.
L-207 I'm pretty sure this is Brother Julius Stadsklev, his wife and family, sitting right here on this front seat. Yeah, I'm sure of that.
L-208 And then the next person that I see, that I know. Now just a moment. I seen somebody a few moments ago, that I thought I recognized, and that was Brother Evans, but I've lost where he is at now. Brother Welch Evans, yeah, yeah, pardon me. Yes.
L-209 And Fritzinger sitting right next to him. That's that family sitting right here. Evanses and Fritzingers sitting there together.
L-210 And now here is Brother and Sister Dauch, sitting right here. I know them.
L-211 And I know this little girl here, one of them. The little June, that's Brother Evans' and Sister Evans' daughter.
L-212 And I heard Fred Sothmann say, "Amen." There is nobody says it like him. He is in here somewhere. I don't know where he's at. He's back in the back, somewhere. Where you at, Fred, where, where? Oh, yes, back there.
L-213 And is that Brother Wood sitting there by you? Yeah, Brother Wood. All right.
Well, this is the tape boy sitting here, Jim Maguire.
And that's Brother Blair sitting right there.
L-214 All right, I think that's all that I see that I know. Now, I might have seen you. Some of your faces look like I've seen them, but I don't know who they are. Now, the Holy Spirit knows that.
L-215 But now, you people that I... that--that--that I know you, you know I know you, don't you, you just--you just pray. Don't pray for nothing yourself. Don't try to touch Him. Just pray for me, see. Just pray for me, that the God that you know that I serve, that He might be merciful to somebody else sitting by. Now you pray. And let's just ask Him if He will identify Himself, Messiah.
L-216 Yeah, I believe... I'm not sure, but I think I see Sister Moore. Is that Sister Moore? I--I thought she... That was her. She's lost a little weight, and that's the reason I didn't recognize her at first, but I thought that I recognized her sitting right over there.
L-217 Now just pray now, everybody be just as--just as reverent. And you look this... or look down, whatever you want to, and just pray.
L-218 And now listen, I want to ask you something. Now let me take this Scripture for tonight, instead of the woman touching His garment. Let's just take it back to what I've been preaching, the Word. Now, the Bible said that, "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful, than a two-edged sword," that's Hebrews 4, "and It is a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart and the mind." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, "If ye abide in Me, and My Word abide in you." Now, the Word is the promise, that the Word Itself is a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart. Is that right? ["Amen."] Now pray. How could that be more clear? [Hebrews 4:12]
L-219 Pray now, just be real reverent and pray. Not knowing you. Just, and you that I know, pray for somebody that I don't know, that the Lord will touch somebody; that they might, in touching.
L-220 Now, quickly, I see It arising. Over to my left, over against the wall, to my extreme left, is a man sitting there that's praying. I don't know him. And that Light hangs right over him. And the man has a lung trouble that he's praying about. He's had a couple operations on those lungs. He's a--a middle-aged man, wearing glasses, graying hair. And he's... Do you believe, sir? The man I'm speaking to, Mr. Buford. That is your name, sir. You believe now, Jesus Christ will make you whole if you'll believe it.
L-221 I never seen that man in my life. Now if anybody wants to see him; would you stand on your feet, ever who the man was. Stand up, where, there. There you are. I never seen him in my life. Now, what, what is that? Stop. "Can you explain that, Brother Branham?" I cannot. Who could explain that? I can't. No.
L-222 Here, there is a lady sitting way back towards the back. And I see her praying. And I see a man reeling, and kind of throwing his hands up in the air. He's staggering. It's her husband. He's an alcoholic. He drinks, all the time. And she is praying for his release. Her name is Mrs. Morgan. Raise up your hand. That is right. I'm a stranger to her, but that is true.
L-223 Stand up, lady that was just called. There you are, and I don't know the woman. Tell me what she touched, way back there. What is the Word? "A Discerner, and of the thoughts and the intents of the heart."
L-224 You all may sit down now, rejoice, be happy, if you desire to sit down. You don't have to; just suit yourself, whatever you want to do. Just be happy and rejoice, because the Lord has been good to you.
L-225 Here is a lady right out here in front of me. And she is very sick, perhaps sicker than what she thinks she had. She is actually suffering with hemorrhoids, and they're becoming cancerous. Mrs. Morgan... not Mrs. Morgan, I'm sorry. It's Mrs. Anderson. If you'll believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will make you well. Do you believe that, lady?
L-226 Stand up on your feet, if that's right. I don't know the lady. She is exactly in line with this other lady, and I could see that still hanging there. That's the reason. The other night... You may sit down, if you wish to, sister. And believe, and you'll be made well.
L-227 Mr. Wood here, I was went down with him, for a day's hunting, down in Kentucky. While I was standing there in the place, his sister-in-law, not a Christian, come by, thinking she had cancer on her throat. I had seen a vision that morning, of a woman wearing a checkered dress. She had on a red coat, and when she went in the other room and (didn't know why she come by) took off that red coat, come back, she had on a checkered dress. I said, "Come here." That was it. The Holy Spirit told her what it was, and that was it. She didn't even have to go to the doctor. It was finished.
L-228 A few minutes after that, there was a man, not knowing why he come up, dying with a heart trouble. And he said, "Have you got company?"
L-229 And the lady said, "Brother Branham is out there with Banks."
L-230 He said, "Thanks be to God!" And I went in there. Laying back in a chair, dying in a heart attack; the Lord healed him. Two or three days after that, said he hadn't had a bit of trouble with it since then.
L-231 Up come the sister-in-law, coming in, the daughter-in-law, rather, a young woman, Mrs. Cox. And at the tabernacle, a few days before that, there had been a lady healed, with diabetes, that was sitting. I seen that girl rise in the vision. I wouldn't call her, because she comes there at that tabernacle. And the day or two after that, she had been taken to the clinic for examination, and she had awful diabetes. She was on her road then back to get her--her--her blood checked again. And then she'd have to quit work, her arms has done went numb, and things. And I said, "Margie, when the doctor examines you, your faith has healed you." And they took her to the clinic, the same clinic again, examined her again, and it was gone. Just on and on, on and on, it just keeps going on, because He is God, and He fails not. You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-232 I see a man sitting here, looking at me now. He's had a little trouble in his life, he had the mumps when he was... He's kind of got something on his heart. He's looking right at me. His children is all boys. He wants a girl now. You know, that man is a preacher, too. Mr. Bird, Reverend Mr. Bird, raise up your hand, sir. That's true, isn't it? God grants you your request, sir. Yeah.
L-233 See how simple? God dwells in simplicity. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Working in simplicity, His wonders to perform.
L-234 You've lost your sense of smell, haven't you, lady? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] Sitting there looking so honestly at me, you were praying that I'd call you. You have your request. You are a minister's wife. That's right. ["Yes, sir."] You've lost your sense of smell. And you got a great burden on your heart. ["Yes."] You've got two sons that you're praying for. That's right. Your name is Sister Leggs. ["That's right!"] I never saw her in my life.
L-235 "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] "All things are possible, if thou canst believe." Do you believe now His Presence is here? ["Amen."] Isn't He the Discerner of the thoughts, intents of the heart? He know.
L-236 Ask those people, check around, if anybody is in doubt. Ask them. I never seen the people, in my life. Yes, sir.
L-237 You believe God can take that tumor out of you? Looking around there at her getting healed, do you believe He could heal the tumor, make you well? You do? This lady here next to you, too, with swelling in her body, and things, you think the Lord could make you well, both of you? You do? All right, He can, if you'll believe it.
L-238 You sitting, looking at me there, sir, do you believe that God can heal that prostate trouble? Sitting right back there with that black tie on, do you believe God will heal the prostate trouble? That's what you have. If that's right, raise up your hand. That's right. All right. Uh-huh. See?
L-239 You believe? He is in the ship. Here He is right here, His Word doing just what It said It would do, taking the secrets of the heart and making it known. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."
L-240 Lord Jesus, I pray for these handkerchiefs that's laying here, these sick and afflicted. After they're standing here, Lord, at the very creative Voice of God speaking through human beings, while faith is vibrating one from the other, may these handkerchiefs be blessed. And the people that they are put upon, may they be blessed and be healed.
L-241 And now, Father, while Your Spirit is here, and the disciples now, the followers of You now see that You're in the boat, there is no need of being afraid. There is nothing going to harm anything. Why, You're here! You're the Creator. Let it be so, Lord, that their faith won't fail when they walk into this prayer line now. May they be healed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-242 How can we be sure that He is? Are you sure? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] We are convinced. I am thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Are you? ["Amen."] I'm convinced. That, I know that I don't know those things.
L-243 Now, well, look here, I want to tell you something. These here are just little minor things that happen. How about those who go, who is around home, and goes with me to meetings and things? Raise up your hands, brothers, if you all, and sisters, you that goes with me in the meeting around, and just the things that happens. Why, this is just minor things. When I tell you different places, and what's going to happen here, "And be down here, we're going to meet a man. You're going to try to keep me away from him. Don't do it, 'cause I'm supposed to go. His wife is a certain-certain thing. She is going to be healed. I'm going to tell him this." "This boy crosses the street, is going to ask a certain thing. I'll tell him a certain thing; he'll do this and do that." Why, it's just constantly, all and all the time, like that. It's Jesus Christ, not a human being. It's Christ. I'm a human being, but He is Christ.
L-244 "What is the gift, Brother Branham?" I can't explain it. The only thing I know, is, just let William Branham get out of the way, that's all, and He just takes the clay and works through it.
L-245 Believe it, will you, Shreveport? Believe it with all your heart, and don't doubt, you'll have your healing when you pass through here.
L-246 Now, visions doesn't heal you. Visions only identifies His Word to be true. See, you're already healed. Visions only proves that He is here and He is still the living Word. But as far as healing you, it doesn't. It only lets you know that He's here. He's already healed you; His Blood. The reason He's here is because He healed you. The reason He's here is because He saved you. His life was give for you. His Blood was shed. And He is here in the form of the Holy Ghost, to work through us, to prove that He's here. But your healing is with your faith. If you believe it, it's so. Amen.
L-247 Now how many on this side has prayer cards, over this aisle over here? I want you to step out in the aisle on this side. And as soon as they get through, then this aisle here step out on that side. And then this aisle here go right around and follow right in behind, and this one here, and we'll come right around in prayer.
L-248 Brother Jack Moore, where is he at? [Brother Moore says, "Right here."--Ed.] Is it--is it all right if I call up ministers to help me? ["It's just perfectly all right, brother."]
L-249 Any minister here, that believes in the Message of the Lord, that believes that the Bible has taught these things, and you're thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is here with us tonight, and you would want to come here and--and help us lay hands upon the sick. If you're... If there is something in your life now that's holding you back from faith, don't come, see, 'cause you've got to believe that when you lay your hands upon this person that they're going to get well. You're only joining your faith with theirs. See what I mean? You're joining your faith with theirs, by contacting them, laying your hands on them. And if you got a little bit of doubt about it, don't you do it.
L-250 And then, look, every one that comes in the prayer line, if you've got the least bit of doubt, that you're not going to be healed tonight, don't come in. It'll only make you worse. See, you'll only get worse, see, so don't come in the prayer line. Wait till tomorrow. Do it tomorrow sometime, some other time when you got faith. Don't do it, because it's only for those who have faith to believe.
L-251 Now I want you minister brethren to come up here and stand with me while we pray for the sick. And you on the platform, come right down here in front now, right down in front of the aisle here, 'cause we can't bring those cases, and the wheel chairs and things, up over this aisle. I'm going to step right down here and pray for them. Come right down here, and any of you man back there that's ministers that believe with all your heart.
L-252 And now it's you, you're sincere, you--you really want, you believe it's going to happen. See? And then if you believe it, and they believe it; and when you lay your hands upon them, something's got to happen, if both of you is going to believe it. See what I mean?
L-253 All right, line up right here, brethren. Make a double line right across this a way now, each one of you ministering brother. I wish you'd come down this way just a little bit, so they can have that aisle to go back in, if you will, 'cause some of these over here will go right back this middle aisle. If you'll just kind of make your way right down here, my brothers, if you will. That's fine.
L-254 I think we ought to thank the Lord for--for a group of man like this, that's willing to stand out in the face of critics, anything else, and take their stand, and say, "I believe it." Amen. I'm very grateful for a man of that type. I'm glad to put my shoulders with theirs, to put my heart with theirs, to put my emotion with theirs, to put my faith with theirs. And around the--the Bread of Life and the Word of God, we are brothers together, joint heirs in the Kingdom with Jesus Christ. These man might not be able to stand up and make the Word... That's--that's a gift, that's just a gift, is to show the last sign at the last day. That's exactly what it's to do. But these man has just exactly the same right to lay hands on the sick, as anyone else; me, or Oral Roberts, or Tommy Hicks, or Tommy Osborn, anybody else. They have the same authority, by the same God, because they are servants of that same God.
L-255 Now when you people... I'm going to have Brother Price, or somebody, or Brother Moore. You going to come help us pray, or you going to stay at the... [A brother says, "No, I'm going to get the mike down there."--Ed.] All right, you're going to get the mike down. All right. Now I'm going to have Brother Price. Now when we come through here...
L-256 Now look, let this settle it. This is it. Don't have to shake Him. You don't have to. Just say, "Lord God, I believe it." See, He's awake right now. He's done proved Himself. He's done been aroused, among you. I feel Him, and I know He's here 'cause I see His evidence, the way He's working. Just think, the Creator Himself, the Word Himself, has been made vivid, evidenced right here with us tonight. And if you take my word, it's just moving all out through the building like that. It could just stand here and keep calling, calling, calling, calling. But, I guess, eight or ten people, or maybe more, was brought out in the line. That's enough to identify that His Presence is here.
L-257 Now, Brother Price, if you will, I want the congregation to sing real softly, "The great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus." If He died that you might be made well, certainly He is in sympathy with your sickness. He, He sympathizes with you because you are sick. And as you come through the line, men of God is going to lay hands upon you. I'm going to stand here and take my place with these men of God. Come right back around and...
L-258 Now, look, don't forget this now. Think hard now. When you pass through the line, have your faith fixed like this, "When I come to the end of that line, it's all over. I'm going right down that aisle. I'm standing here, sick. I'm standing here, bothered. I'm standing here, fearful. I'm standing here, not knowing what and what's going to take place. The doctor said this, and they said this, and say... But when I go down there, I'll have my hands up in the air, thanking the Lord that I'm well." And just watch what happens. Now I would...
L-259 Many times, people are very conscious when you're watching them; sick people, especially. They're watching you. And, that's what, the--the--the eye is the gate to the soul. That's the reason Jesus led them out. Of course, there will not be as many healed this way as it would be if you had them one, by time out, and taking it down. But look how many wants to be prayed for, see. You can't take them like that. But now this is the way that your faith has to catch it.
L-260 Now, don't say, "I--I don't know what, how to explain it." Nobody does.
L-261 But we believe it because the Word said so. And the vindicated Christ is here with us; called Him on the scene. What did He do when we called Him? He showed us, "I'm the same yesterday, today, and forever." Amen. Only believe. Just believe it with all your heart, while we... with our heads bowed now. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-262 And Brother Price, or some of them here will... Brother Price will direct the lines, and each one go through, and take your seat back again, as we sing The Great Physician.
L-263 And we'll pray. Now let's everybody, beforehands, I want to pray. Cause... Let's pray now. Remember, Peter, when he was called to the house of Dorcas, he prayed over in a corner; got up, went over and put his hand on Dorcas, and said, "Dorcas, rise up."
L-264 Heavenly Father, we are likewise praying. You are here. You made Yourself known. You're our Lord, our Saviour. You've healed us many times. In the hour here, where hundreds of people will be coming from that basement and around every places, to be healed. They'll be coming in this prayer line. Here is Your servants, all of us, believing that You're going to do just what You promised. And we're going here to lay our hands upon these men and women, boys and girls, as they pass through this line. May each one of them believe, Lord.
L-265 And we're going to sing this sweet old hymn, The Great Physician, and that's You, Lord. Now we're going out on the basis of THUS SAITH THE LORD. Our faith is telling us, pulsating in our own hearts, that these signs shall follow them that believe. And we are believers. We are standing, a mighty army, and we're going to meet Satan's challenge. We're meeting it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-266 All right, Brother Price. And now everyone with their heads bowed, praying, and some of you singing The Great Physician. And the prayer line will be moving. Brother Price will be leading the song, and directing the people as they come through. The Lord bless you now.
L-267 [Brother Branham and the ministers pray for the sick, as Brother Price and the congregation sing, The Great Physician.]
L-268 Jesus one time said, "Know what I have done to you?" See? [John 13:12]
L-269 How many believes now, with hands went on them, line coming through there, that that done exactly what Jesus said it would do? Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] His Word cannot fail. Because that you have said this, because that you have witnessed that you believe it, I'm going to believe this with all my heart, and say, "God Almighty makes you well," see, 'cause I know it's the Scripture. It's the Truth. I believe that every person, come through the line, will be made totally well.
L-270 Now what do you do with it? You don't doubt it. You hold it right before you, your Token. What is your Token? The Holy Spirit in your heart. You've passed through that line, it has to happen. There is no way for it... No matter how many you've been through before, this is it. This is the hour. This is the time. It's over. It's settled. Just forget you ever was sick, or ever had it, ever afflicted, or anything. God will take care of it for you. You believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Amen. I believe it with all my heart.
L-271 Now let's stand up, each one of us, right up like this. And, now, as the brother said in his pamphlet I read today, to raise your hand is a universal sign of surrender. I Surrender All. Let's sing it.
I surrender,
I surrender all,
All to Thee, my Christ, my Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-272 "Jesus, I... My will, my doubts, my faith, my heart, my body, my sickness, my life, I surrender all!"
I will ever love and believe Him,
In His Presence daily...
L-273 Now mean it with all your heart now, as you raise your hands. "I--I surrender my faith, Lord. I surrender my everything. I'm healed."
Surrender, I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-274 Isn't He wonderful? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, think, we mean that, everything is surrendered. "I'm no more my own thinking. I ain't going to think like I'd think, Lord. I'm just going to think like You think. And, You promised that I was healed, I think that. I surrender my thinking. I won't no more think about my sickness. I won't think about the disease I had. I ain't thinking about nothing but thinking what You said."
L-275 Now right out in front of you stands a person just like you was a few minutes ago, you were sick down here, but there is a well person standing there. Jesus Christ is calling to that well person right beyond it. Now you just, by faith, as you close your eyes, walk right into that well body, see, then just keep on walking, just keep on going. "I surrender all." The Lord bless you. "I..."

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