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Prayer Line 56-10
56-pl-10, Prayer Line 56-10, 69 min

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56-0614 - Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN,
L-51 Now, I want you just to look to Calvary. Now, He's the High Priest of--of our confession. He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Is that right? Don't be straining. You--you get nervous. Just let loose. Say God, "Yes, that's right."
Now, in the sovereign grace of God, the Angel of the Lord is over the building, right out there now. I am not a hypocrite. I'm not a fanatic. I'm only telling truth. Now, if He is, may He grant these things that I have asked.
As the audience is watching me, I'm looking right at that same Pillar of Fire that you see on the picture, right now. It's hanging over a woman and over the woman is a dark shadow. I see her falling, frothing at the mouth. She's got her head down. She's setting right back there. She has epileptic fits. She's setting on the end of the row. She's praying for God to take it away from her. Raise up your hand, lady, and accept your healing. Will you do it back there? You believe that God will take away the epilepsy and make you well? If you'll do it, believe it, you can have your healing. God will make you well. The Lord be with you, sister.
Don't you love Him? Just be reverent. You're in church. Keeps moving right through this aisle, right in here. It's standing over a lady which has a--a checkered dress on. She's got arthritis.
There sets a man there has got high blood pressure; looking at me. He's got his tie, striped, elderly man. You believe, sir, God will make you well? Yes, sir. You believe that He'll make you well? Just say, "Praise the Lord." That's all I want you to do. All right, sir. God bless you. Go home now; you're healed. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-52 Be reverent. Man and woman setting together, the lady wiping her eyes, you had high blood pressure too. And there's two of them together, so you were healed also. So don't fear no more. God bless you, lady. The little lady... That's right. You (See?), it was you.
I want you to say something, lady. You were praying, wasn't you? Is that right? You... Yes, ma'am, the little hat on you. Just raise your hand so the audience can see who you are. Right. That's the lady right there. You were praying. You're healed now. You believe?
Right on down the row from you there is a lady praying. She's got epilepsy. That you might know who it is, her sister sets next to her, and she's a nervous woman. If that's right, you two women stand on your feet, if you're sisters and stand on your feet--epilepsy, or... You believe? Have faith in God.
Somebody over in here believe? What about down in here, you believe? Have faith.
The little lady setting there with the white rose with white flower, God can heal arthritis and make well, can't He, lady? Do you believe it? Raise up. Stomp your feet up and down. Raise your feet up and down so you see it's--your arthritis... Move your hands around. The Lord Jesus healed you then, made you well. Amen. Now, He's wonderful. Do you believe that? If thou canst believe...
L-53 The lady setting next to you, lay your hands on her. She's got throat trouble. She wants to be healed too. Amen...?... That's right, isn't it, lady? Now, you can be healed also. Amen.
Have faith in God. Now, I'm not reading your mind. You believe God is in the building? I want you to start praying just a minute. I'll look some other way, if you think I'm reading your mind. Just I want someone to start praying now and just pray real sincerely. Just believe on the Lord Jesus and know that it's not me; it's Him.
O God, that they might know that You're Christ and raised from the dead, that You're here, Lord.
L-54 I see standing before me two. It's a man and a woman, and the man has something wrong with his spine, and the woman has a female trouble. And they're... The man's a minister. I've never seen him before, and he isn't from here. He's from Ohio. His first name is Frank. Gray is his last name. You believe that Jesus Christ makes you well now? Would you stand up, glorify God? God bless you. Have faith in God.
How many more wants to healed? Put your hands over on one another. Ministers of the Gospel, you keep me at my word tonight. Your people will be coming to you weeks after I'm gone, telling you that their troubles was healed. It's just going from one to another, from one to another. It's right around in the audience...?...
L-55 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy sovereignty, for Thy blessings. And I pray, heavenly Father, that You will come and minister, and bless each one of these; and may The Holy Ghost come upon this people just now and heal them, each one. May your loving arms... May they realize that Jehovah-jireh is at the--is at the line of duty tonight. The angels of God that's gone on pursuit after these demon powers that has the--taken the people by force, that God has sent His angels, and they're here declaring the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
Satan, you've lost the battle. Come out of these people. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee by the living Word.

56-0615 - Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN,
L-62 ... and when He was going to heaven He called his brother Luke and said, "Luke..." So I understand, I wasn't there. This was told me. Said, "Luke, we been a long ways together, haven't we? But think of it: in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness."
Little did he know, when I was a little old boy, setting up there at the Rediger Tabernacle, listened to Paul Rader preach, that I'd ever pack his song around the world. How many knows the Rediger Tabernacle, would you hold hand up? Sure.
Romaine, the one that had been in the insane institution so long, one day she come down to my house. I didn't know it. I come up from Florida. And they had her back in a coal shed, back there, pulling her hair and screaming, from an insane institution: B. E. Rediger's daughter. A man who died in a harness for Divine healing, big Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle pastor and founder. I thought, "B. E. Rediger's daughter in my coal shed?" I went back out there.
Ms. Rediger, a beautiful, lovely lady, she said, "Brother Branham..."
I said, "Are you... Mrs. Rediger, you don't remember me. As a little boy I used to come to the Temple."
She said, "We heard that God had visit you, Brother Branham." And said, "I brought my child." Said, "Her sister died in the same thing."
And I said, "What's the matter."
She was setting there saying, "A nickel is a nickel. A penny is a penny." Beautiful young lady about eighteen years old, pulling her hair out like that, and her mother trying to quiet her.
L-63 I stood there a little bit and--and my heart was crying. I thought, "Rediger's daughter..." All at once I saw a vision come over, walked over and laid hands on her. I said, "Satan, you can't hold her any longer. God's done pronounced her healing, so you'll leave her." The girl straightened up, combed her hair. She's married and got two children. Right there, right at that time... Jesus Christ still lives and reigns, friend. I never done it. He just showed me what to do and I did what He told me.
Isn't He wonderful. I'm waiting for them to line the people up down there at the end of the line till they can get it done. Then we'll... Soon as they get finished up down there, they'll let me know. See, if they get it all lined up, I'm going to try to stay in the line as long as I possibly can.
L-64 Everybody be real reverent. Be just as quiet as you can. Say, "What you stalling about, Brother Branham?" I'm waiting for Him. That's right. How many seen His picture, now? Let's see your hands? We got them back there. Just check in on that and see if that's authentic or not. Or any testimony in one of those books, it has to be authentic or we can't put it in there. So you be reverent, and God will surely--will bless you, I'm--I'm sure of that. Do you love Him now, and you're expecting Him? Are you expecting to see Him move?
How many out there now that didn't get in the prayer line and you want to be healed, let's see your hands, wherever you are. Well, look, about, about two thousand five hundred yet. Why, I can... He's--He's already healed you. You're every one healed if you can just believe it. That's all. Just believe it. How many knows that to be the truth? Sure, when He died at Calvary, every--every redemptive blessing was finished at Calvary. So He... You just have to believe; that's all.
L-65 All right, be reverent now. May the Lord God grant it. Is all the prayer line lined up, Paul? All present. All right. Now, be real reverent and don't move around. Just set real still and be in prayer, each one of you. Now, you look this way and believe. You that can't get in the prayer line now, you look this way and believe with all your heart, and God will do things for you. See? And then--then the rest of it is to you. God bless you. I say it again.
The Angel of the Lord is here. I can't tell you why... It's like another sense, a sixth sense. I just know that He's standing here, right here. See? And now, when I... Here's a--a woman, or it's--which one is the patient? This one. All right.
L-66 Now, the lady standing here, I don't... You don't know me, I guess, and I don't know you. Now, here is to the newcomer; here's a picture of the Bible. Here's a woman standing here that I never seen in my life and she never seen me.
Now, when Jesus went up to the--Samaria, He set down by the well. Everybody was gone and sent the disciples into the city. And a woman come out, a--a bad woman, to get some water. And Jesus, what did He do? Asked her for a drink. Is that right? And she told Him it wasn't customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such. Did you ever read that story? And He said... Oh, would you like to have been standing there then? Wouldn't you like to have been standing there?
L-67 Now, Jesus was talking to that woman for some purpose. He carried a lengthy conversation with her. And all at once, the Father showed Him where her trouble was. You remember what her trouble was? She'd been married too many times. So Jesus said to her, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
Said, "That's right." said, "You got five, and the one you have now is not your husband."
Watch. What did she say back? She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." Is that what she said? She said, "Now, we know that when the Messiah cometh, He'll do these things." Was that the sign of the Messiah then to the Samaritans? It was a sign of the Messiah to the Jews. And if He's the same Messiah, raised from the dead, would it be the same--the Messiah sign tonight? Is that right, audience? [John 4:16-19, 25]
L-68 Now, the woman can hold her hand, that we're strangers to each other; we've never met before, never seen each other. Now, Jesus knows her; He knows all about her, and He... Every... All the food she ever eat and everything else, He give it to her, and you too. Is that right? And...?... me. Now, it has to be something. If something is told... The woman might be here: she might have domestic trouble. She may have something else. I don't know. But whatever it is she's here for, would perhaps, be the easiest thing to find, 'cause that's what she's here for. But me--never seen her in my life, it'll have to be some supernatural something do it. Then it's your attitude towards what it is.
Now, the Pharisees told Jesus when He did that, said, "You're Beelzebub, the chief fortune teller."
Jesus said, "You'll be forgiven--I'll forgive you, but when the Holy Ghost Who comes and does the same thing, He'll never forgive you in this world or the world to come." So I--I'd be real sure that I believed in what, before I'd let Him say anything to me, 'cause the Bible said, "Go ye and sin no more (That's disbelieve.) or a worse thing come upon you." That is right, isn't it? [Matthew 12:24, 32]
L-69 I'm talking to you like He did to her just to catch your spirit. And if God will tell me what you're standing there for, would you believe Him? You will? Will the audience believe the same thing, every one of you? Now, if you want to question the woman, you're at liberty. The Holy Spirit tells me that you got a throat trouble. That's right. And He tells me also, that you're extremely nervous. He tells me you got a ladies' trouble, a female trouble. And you got something wrong with your mouth too. That right? He tells me you're not from this country. He tells me you're from Tennessee. Your name is Turner. Janes Turner. It's Janes Turner. Your house, you live on, it's 3rd and North Street. Your house number is 223, isn't it? You're healed. Go back home. God...?...
L-70 Now, it's up to you now. It's up to you. I don't know you. But you're suffering, and if I'll explain to you by the Holy Spirit by a Divine gift what you're here for, will you believe? You will. Now, I could take lots of time, but I'd never get that prayer line through. But just to talk to you, I've ask them to let me stay as long as I can.
But you're... One thing, you're extremely nervous. That's right. And I noticed you trying to get out of a bed. You're stiff; you got arthritis. That's right. Leaning things--specially early of a morning, I see you getting--going... You drop things too--a--a dropping it. See you drop dishes and things like that. That's true. I'm not reading your mind. That's true.
Here, that you might know this: you got a friend that's real, real sick with a cancer you're standing for too. Isn't that right? You believe me to be His prophet? You--you, meaning this Spirit that's speaking is the Spirit of God? Then Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them believing; if they lay their hands on the sick, they'll get well."
Now, heavenly Father, I obey Your commands for laying hands upon this woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be...?... God bless you. Go and receive what you've ask for. Now, look around this way again. You know your arthritis is gone. Now, I just ask the audience. Don't you feel free from it? You hear that, do you? She's healed. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-71 You believe God? Do you believe me as His servant? I'm stranger to you also, I suppose. Now, He went to the audience. Just a moment. Be reverent.
Sir, setting out there at the end of the row, got epilepsy. You believe Jesus Christ make you well? You accept it and believe it? Pray and ask God, God will give you your desire, if you can believe it.
Lady, you got a lot of spiritual troubles, haven't you? And you got somebody on your mind you're wanting to pray for. And here's what it is. I believe it's your mother-in-law, some relative to you, something's that's got a--got a kidney trouble. And you got yourself, you have some kind of a--a skin trouble and a breaking out. And you been very nervous and upset. Jesus Christ can make you well if you'll just believe Him. Believe with all your heart. Will you do it? Do you believe that Jesus Christ will heal you? Yes. You--you did have. You don't have now. Now, you can...?... God bless you. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-72 I seen a man appear before me, when I mentioned that just a few seconds ago. Here he is, setting right down in here: suffering also with a skin trouble. You believe, sir, that the Lord Jesus will make you well? If you can believe, with your heart... Yes, sir. All right. Wave your hand way up high to God so God can see you. See? You was healed then, sir. Have faith.
If I told you was healed of that chest trouble, would you believe it, sir, setting there? All right. It's all over now. Isn't He wonderful? He's here to make well if you just believe.
There He goes right back there. The lady setting at the end there, you got something wrong with your eyes: eye trouble. That's right. Lay your hand on that man next to you with diabetes and God will make him well too. Hallelujah.
That lady setting right back behind that hand up there has got cancer. If you believe that God will heal you, all right, you can have it also, if you can believe...?...
L-73 Isn't He wonderful? Oh, He's Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, the Everlasting Father. Don't you believe that? The Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End; He that was, which is, and shall come; the Root and Offspring of David; the Morning Star. He's here. He's omnipotent, all powerful. Now, when He speaks, answer quickly. See?
Trying to believe, aren't you? What if I told you you were healed, would you believe it? You are. Ease right on off and believe with all your heart. God bless you.
Howdy do, sir. We're strangers to each other. You live in Martinsville? I said, "We're strangers to each other; we don't know one another." You want--you want to be healed of that rectal trouble and get well? You believe God, the Holy Spirit, is here revealing this to me? I tell you something else: You got someone in a hospital you're praying for too. That's a granddaughter in a mental hospital: a child. Isn't that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? All right. Go and receive what you've ask for now; in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Isaiah 9:6], [Revelation 1:8], [Revelation 22:16]
L-74 Howdy do, sir. I'm a stranger to you, sir. But Jesus Christ knows you, doesn't He? You got heart trouble. That's right. You got trouble with your eyes too. You're here, and your wife has trouble too, doesn't she? Her trouble's in her throat, isn't it, in her eyes, also? You're from Indiana, Bloomfield, Indiana. Be right? Your name is W. Chamberlain, isn't it? Return home and be well, in Jesus Christ's Name.
Have faith. What if I told you were healed setting there? Would you believe me? You would? Then go praising God and saying, "Thank the Lord for the healing." Just don't doubt nothing in your heart.
Have faith now. The Holy Spirit's over the audience.
Howdy do, sir. Oh, my. I wished... I--I just wish there was some way I could explain this. How glorious, how glorious. Scared, aren't you? Especially scared to go to a doctor. Uh-huh. How'd I know that? 'Cause you--you're afraid he's was going to find something in your stomach that ain't right, that stomach trouble. You believe that He'll heal you? You do? Will you accept Him as your Healer now? Uh-huh.
You got a habit if you'd lay aside, be better for you. That's what hurt your stomach. You believe that? Then don't use them no more. Throw the things away. That nicotine goes down into your stomach, and it'll--it'll ruin you--keep the stomach trouble all the time. God don't want you smoking, so lay them away. Go on your road rejoice. Will you forsake them now? God bless you. Go on and be healed; in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-75 You believe Jesus healed you? You believe He makes you well right now? Heart trouble, everything done gone; all your nervousness settled. You believe that? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing. Amen.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Diabetes and things is easy. God can just make anybody well if they believe it. Do you believe it with all your heart? You believe it'll leave you right now then. And then, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may you receive your healing. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How wonderful our precious, glorious, heavenly Father is. There It moves. Forget about the tumor, sir. Left you. Amen.
This lady here on the end had tumor also. Yes. That's right. Raise up your hand so the people see it. They think they--the people's not getting it. I feel when I see it turns light around you, I see it's gone. See? Will you do me a favor? Put your hand on that boy behind you, suffering with stomach trouble, that young lad. Isn't that right, little laddie? Raise up your hand if that's...?... That's your mother setting next to you, isn't it? She's got a rupture she wants to be healed of also. That's right. Now, sonny, you lay your hand on mother. Amen. Now, go on your road rejoicing, seeing the trouble and thing's gone from you. And you can go rejoicing and be happy...?... Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-76 The same thing setting right there. That's right. You believe that you're healed now? Then in Jesus Christ's Name, go and be made well. Amen. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
God can heal stomach trouble and everything else. You believe that, don't you? You want to go eat now and...? You believe you could? Go ahead; Jesus Christ make you well.
Just a moment. I seen a black spirit rise from the back. There's somebody setting back there at the end of the line, a young person's got epilepsy. You believe with all your heart? Raise up your hand if you believe that you want to accept your healing. All right. Then the Lord Jesus be with you. Amen. Oh, Satan thought he'd get by with that, but he failed it. Amen. It was healed. "Praise the Lord." Go on your road, rejoicing, sister, believing God with all your heart.
L-77 Here's a mute. Bow your head, everybody. Don't nobody look up, please, in Jesus' Name. Every head bowed, everywhere. I ask in Jesus' Name, the curses of God to... If you believe, you'd better keep your head down. I want to ask you: How many believes that God sent me that this mute could speak and hear, will you raise your hand? Now, put your hands down. I don't want no one, no one to watch me. I don't say He will... I've never sincerely prayed for anything but what He did it. So I want you to be... Or tell me why he couldn't. This will be a sign to these others setting here.
I don't say He will, but it's a spirit. I just seen it move when she--this girl walked up here. Now, every eye closed till you hear my voice say, "Raise your head." Now, you wait till you hear my voice. Now, keep your head bowed.
L-78 Kind heavenly Father, somehow in Thy wise providence, we trust that we'll find grace in Your sight. Not that we have to have miracles to believe; we believe anyhow. But that this company of people might know that It's You here, and not I, Your servant; and if we've found grace in Your sight, we pray, God, that You'll manifest Your power to even the critics tonight, and unbelievers, that they might know that You're Christ, and You live, and I've testified of truth. Will You grant this, Lord?
Now, as I go forward to challenge this deaf and dumb spirit that's possessed this girl, I pray that You'll give me strength, and not one bit of doubt in my heart. A lovely young woman like this, walking in this condition...
Satan, shame on you. Jesus Christ rebuke thee. I know you claim a privilege. I claim victory through Calvary. I claim you have no right to hold her. You're exposed. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who I represent, you tried to keep them all back; you failed. Now, I challenge thee in a duel of faith; in Jesus Christ's Name to leave the girl. Come out of her. She can be made well.
[Brother Branham claps his hands once--Ed.] Say what you hear me say. "Mama." Hear me? Got your hearing. All right, raise your head. This mute's a speaking and hearing. Watch this. [Brother Branham claps his hands once--Ed.] "Mama." "Daddy." Hear me? Hear me? Hear me? Hear me? You're healed. You're healed now. Rejoice. If anybody's with her, teach her to speak and hear. The spirit of the deaf and dumb spirit just left her, and she just has to be taught like a child. Praise the Lord. Amen. Let's praise the Lord, everybody. Give Him praise; give Him glory. Let's bow our heads.
L-79 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the Lord Jesus. Surely, Lord, You're omnipotent, all powerful. Move on these people and let them know that this is You, Lord, that's a moving among the people, the great Jehovah they have trusted. Let the sinner know that he's guilty now in the Presence of God.
Now, with your heads bowed, I'm going to ask you something while the audience is praying. Sinner friend, God has did all things well this week. He's brought the paralytics out, makes the deaf to speak--deaf and dumb to speak and hear, rather. Are you a sinner? Are you without Christ? Do you believe in the ministry that I'm preaching? And you believe me as God's prophet? He tells me right now to stop this prayer line for a few minutes, that there's many people that wants to be saved. I'm not a fanatic. God has already claimed that, showed that to you, that I'm not. And somehow or another, my strength, instead of depleting, it's renewing. And I--I feel good.
L-80 Now, I want to know, my sinner friend, if you'll just raise up your hand to Christ just now, and say, "By this, Brother Branham, I ask you to pray for me as a sinner. I want to meet God in peace." Will you raise your hand? God bless you. God bless you. Someone else? God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. How many here is without Christ, without being born again, raise your hands? God bless you. If you believe He hears my prayer, do you really believe it? Every person in here that desires me to pray for you for your salvation, if you're wayward, a little twisty in your salvation, if you're not sure yet, that's just--you're right with God, better be sure, friend. You better be sure. I'm telling you now, there's something in my heart's heavy, just at this time, telling me there's many here that isn't sure. I... You--surely you realize that I'm telling you the truth.
Will you stand to your feet, those who desire me to pray for you in this manner? Would you stand to your feet, just now? God bless you. God bless you. That's right, just remain standing just a minute. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. That's right, sinner friend, backslider, raise up; just keep raising up. There's more than that. Just keep raising up. Stand up, just keep--remain standing if you will, just for a few minutes, I have prayer with you. God be with you. God be with you. God be with you. That's wonderful. Some more stand? I wonder if I could shake your hand? I wonder if it'd be too much? Would you like to walk right down here, just a minute? Walk right down here, will you? Come here, just a minute. Let's stand here for a word of prayer. Come right here.
L-81 I don't know what I'm doing this for; I never done it in my life. But the Holy Spirit... Come all, everywhere you are. Come right down this way, will you? Stand right around the altar here a minute. Just look, coming here. Give us a chord?
There Is A Fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
Where sinners plunge beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:

That's right. Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll send every person with condemnation in their soul up to this altar tonight. God, they realize they've made a mistake. They made the--they've made a start and haven't went on. God, I pray that You'll send them around tonight. Let this be a real outpouring just now. Grant it, Lord. If You'll open the ears of the deaf, and make the dumb to speak, and the blind to see, the lame to walk, and know the secrets of the heart... I knew You were telling me truth, Lord, when you told me a great host is waiting to come. I thank You. And I pray that You'll grant this to them now, through Christ's Name.
L-82 While the rest of us sing this hymn, let every condemned soul come this way. Will you? I'll promise you. I'll promise you that it's God speaking to me. Was I right or wrong? Looky here. I--I--He never tells anything wrong. "There Is A
Fountain Filled Blood." All right.
There is a fount... (Here it is, come up.)... with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
And sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:
Come on now. Won't you come? Get right out of your seat and come on down; this is the time. You're going to see something happen. Sinner friend, you'd better come on. I call you through Christ's Name; come on. []
... sinners plunge beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
L-83 I know there's more, friend. I--I'm just as satisfied of that as I'm standing this platform. It's still that feeling just don't let loose to me. See? Come on, won't you do it? The dying thief rejoice... You might not be a thief, but you may be dying. You are dying. And maybe before morning that heart will stop. And when you're pressing a dying pillow and the pulse coming up your arm, brother, you'll wish you would've come. []
I feel very strange just now. I don't know why. I--I... Anyone's ever been in my meetings, know I don't do this. But all at once, that weakness left me; I just picked right up. And the Holy Spirit said, "Look out there." And I seen sinners coming down the aisle.
He said, "Call." I'm doing it.
The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day; (Come on, friend. Come on; believe me as your brother.)
... may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sin away.
Wash all my sins away;
Wash all (Come right on. That's it; young ladies, old, young, old, all alike. Come on down, join in now.)
When sinners plunge... though vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
L-84 Just bow our head a moment. Continue on, sister. I don't know what's a going on. I don't even know what God's fixing to do. I'm--I'm at my end now. But I feel just kinda strange that there's a surely another little strayed sheep somewhere here.
Let me pray just a minute while you bow your head. Father, I pray that You won't let the people think that I'm just doing this in myself; that they know, Lord, that I--I'm truthful about it. You're--You're testifying the truth of it. And I feel that there's something else, Lord, hanging back, someone. Will You please, dear God, send that person just now.
While we have our heads bowed, would you raise your hand, whoever you are? Say, "It's me, Brother Branham, I just haven't got the courage to come, but I'll raise my hand that it's me." Huh. Raise up your hand, someone, ever who that is that God is speaking to. God bless you, that's good. I knowed it. Come on, now, won't you move down over here to this side? God bless you. Move right on over here in the aisle while we sing again. Won't you do it?
L-85 I believe that God's going pour out here in a few moments, something. I don't whether it's going to be a spontaneous healings, whether it's going to be a filling with the Holy Ghost, whether it's going to be a sending forth of a ministry. I don't know, but something's fixing to happen. Remember, I told you. I never felt this right in the prayer line. Ask anybody. Here's men that's been with me since I was early in the ministry. You never seen that; it picked up and I feel strong enough, look like, till run a mile (See?), run through a troop and leap over a wall. I never felt that way, never come back like that. Something started; something's happening. And I seen a vision of people swarming down the aisles with their hands up, and here they are, just exactly the way it was showed in the vision. Come on, friends. I feel someone else. One more time to sing before we go to prayer.
Then in a nobler... filled with...
Won't you come to the fountain? I'll raise my hand to you. Won't you come up here, join in, let me join with you in prayer? If God will hear my prayer for the blind and afflicted, won't He hear my prayer?
Wash all my sins away,
Wash all my sin away; (Praise God.)
... all my sins away. (Oh, how I feel.)
And there may I...
... all my sins away.
L-86 I want to ask you something. Do you feel strange? I--I'm not going by feelings, but I'm going by that vision, and--and something's happened here. Now, I believe that if there's anybody crippled or afflicted, I believe you're healed. I--I--I... Something... I believe that every sinner's forgiven. I believe the Holy Spirit's going to baptize this place, illuminate it. Are you ready, people? Are you ready to receive it?
Look at the people standing up just automatically. Here it is. Why, it's all over the building, everywhere.
O God, our heavenly Father, pour Thy Spirit. I condemn the devil and ask that Jesus Christ...?... everybody...?... move God...?... precious Name of Jesus...

56-0731 - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA,
L-81 These people, many of them know me for years and years. Brother Moore, Your servant, Brother Brown, and others that's followed me across the world in meetings to people I couldn't even speak their language. Hear the Holy Spirit come right down, tell them all about them. And Father, it's for Your glory.
Tens of thousands times thousands has come to worship the Lord Jesus through it, and in this I humbly thank Thee that You gave me the privilege, I have a part in serving You; and let me come into this world to show my appreciations of my Saviour that You let me serve Your people while I'm serving You.
Now, help me again tonight, won't You, Lord, as a vindication of Your Presence, and Thou knowest my heart that all praise and all glory and all honor goes to Thee. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.
[Brother Branham speaks to someone away from microphone--Ed.]...?... Oh, yeah. I just rather wait till He gets on me.
Brother just asked me for what about praying for these handkerchiefs. I happen to miss your handkerchiefs, just send up home, Jeffersonville, Indiana, I'll send you one. And we have great success in praying for the sick that way. But I--I'd rather feel the anointing of the Spirit of that than I--I feel more like sending it to you.
Now, I want to look on the prayer line. I want all you prayer line look this way to me, you that's in the prayer line. I suppose... Is brother--is brother out...?... now in prayer line...?... See?...?... All right. I don't think there is a person there that I know. Are you all strangers to me, raise your hands. I don't now you? All right. There you are.
How many out there you know that I don't know you, raise your hands, I don't know you? Now, if there's unbelievers here, look at that. Now, watch the Holy Spirit... If He does come... Now, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now keep this down. [Acts 19:12], [Hebrews 13:12]
L-82 I've just been announced by my boy that tomorrow night is the last of the healing services for me. So you get your sick out tomorrow night.
Look. Now, look, friends. I want you to look this a way and believe with all your heart. If Jesus Christ died at Calvary and there He settled to God the full penalty for sin and sickness, then it's all settled. Is that right? It's all settled.
Then there's not a person in the world that could do anything towards healing you. It's already been done. No one could save you. It's already been done.
The only thing that you have to do is confess your faith in it. Is that right? How many knows the work is finished? When Jesus died and then said it's finished, it was finished forever. That's right.
Then as far as any man coming through saying, "I have power to heal you." He's telling you something wrong. "I got something here I can put on you to heal you." That's wrong. Only thing that ever be done to heal you was done there at Calvary. He was wounded for your transgressions; by His stripes you were healed. You were healed. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-83 Now, the only thing you were saved. Many here got saved awhile ago, raised up their hands. They were saved nineteen hundred years ago. They just accepted it now. Fountain was opened, whosoever will. There's where it was paid for. You just now accepted it.
Now, the only thing that a man could do towards healing would be to preach to you the Bible. Some of the elders and pastors anoint you with oil. That's their ministry. Others lay hands on you. That's their ministry, and if my humble ministry that the Lord has given me since birth is this: to see visions, foresee things before they happen, and see things that's already happened.
And by that, it brings the people to a realization. Now, preaching the Gospel; that's the Holy Spirit does that. Teach them the Bible; that's the Holy Spirit does that. Foreseeing things and foretelling things; that's the Holy Spirit.
It's all God. It's gifts in the Church. It's a shame it cuts so many of them out, valuable gifts. There's gifts of speaking in tongues; there's gifts of interpretation of tongues. It's been misused greatly, but that don't take it out of the Church. It's there anyhow.
L-84 There's gifts of prophecy; there's prophets and gifts of prophecy. Now, there's gifts of prophecy; that's just in the Church, but a prophet is born a prophet. Every prophet that was ever in the world was born a prophet. Gifts and callings are without repentance. That's the five major gifts of the body: apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists. God puts them in the Church Himself. See?
We will... Got a lot of make-believe preachers, and a lot of make-believe prophets, but God puts them in, then Himself. And He speaks of His gifts. He testifies of them.
Now, looky here. Here's a bunch of people standing in this line, fifteen or twenty or what was called. There's people setting out there that I know nothing about, and if the Holy Spirit will come down and anoint me, and if they don't believe me, it won't happen anyhow.
It's not me; it's you. You're the one that... It wasn't Jesus that healed the woman. It was the woman got healing herself by believing in Him. See?
She touched Him. Now, He's the High Priest tonight that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. You can touch Him if you're sick. Say, "Lord, touch me. I'm touching You." Watch Him turn around and speak to you. [Romans 11:29], [Ephesians 4:11], [Hebrews 4:15]
L-85 Now, if He will do that, and these people here that I know nothing about, if He will do the same things that He did when He was here on earth, every person that raised their hand that you'd believe on Him and worship Him, is that right? The Lord bless you.
I have to talk to you just a minute, lady, if you'll come. Give the ushers or some of them your prayer card 'fore to come up and come close. Now, I just want you to stand here, lady, and I'm waiting.
Now, I'm going to ask the audience... Now, it's raining outside. I want you to be just as quiet as you can for just a few moments. Just--just a little bit and see what the Holy Spirit will do.
L-86 Now, everyone be expecting. Just don't say, "Oh, oh, oh." Don't do that. Just set quiet. "You hear, God. With all my heart, I come to You. I come believing." Watch Him turn around and call me out. See? Watch Him in prayer... If you come in the prayer line critically, watch Him tell you your conditions.
And I'd be afraid to tell you what would happen. 'Cause many setting here seen what happened. Preacher come up to the platform is paralyzed yet tonight. A man come in the meeting, and set back over in the crowd before thousands of people to hypnotize me. And was there he'd make... Go in the army camps and make boys bark like dogs and hypnotize them, and they, bunch of fanatics, brought him up there to hypnotize me in the meeting.
And the Holy Spirit turned around and said, "You child of the devil." And rebuked him, and they packed him out of the building and still that way.
L-87 Another man come, when epileptic spell, and he had his church was there was unbelievers. That happened up here at--at Jonesboro, Arkansas. Set in the church there with a bunch big of his people. I said, "Duck your head down."
He said, "I don't have to." Epileptic spell kinda wouldn't go off the child.
I said, "Lord, You see his critical condition. Don't let this child suffer for him," and I said, "Satan, leave the boy." And twenty-eight received epilepsy in the room.
Phoenix, Arizona: the officials of the city setting there, wouldn't put his head, and he got furious, just real hostile about it. Brother Moore remembers the night, Brother Brown. Went about two months after that, they pulled me over, his wife and her hanging on my trouser legs like that through the mud over in California there and had him setting back there, going, "Aah, aah, aah." And whiskers hanging over his face, completely insane.
We're not playing church, friends. This is the Holy Spirit. Not me; It's Him. So be careful what you do. Must come more reverent. Come expecting. Stand still now. God does something, you want to worship Him. That's wonderful, but now be real reverent.
L-88 Now, this lady, standing here. I suppose, sister, you and I are strangers? Did you raise your hand to one another? I don't know you. You don't me, and--and here we are meeting for the first time. Is that right? That's the first time.
Now, the lady, now would you just raise up your hand so the people can see this our first time meeting in life. All right. I know nothing of her. She knows nothing of me.
Now, what if she's sick. What if there's something else wrong. I--I couldn't tell you. I don't know.
L-89 But here is a very similar picture of what happened up at Samaria one day. The Lord Jesus, a Man in flesh and a Samaritan woman, and they met and begin to talk to one another. And Jesus carried a conversation with her. He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "It's not customary for Jews to have anything to do with Samaritans." Did you ever read that? You know the story.
And He said, "But if you know Who you talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." Well, the conversation went on...?... After while, Jesus looked right at her and said, "Go get your husband." He found her trouble wasn't it? He said go get... That's what was the matter with her. Is that right? Is that what was the matter with her then? All right, said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
He said, "That's right. You got five."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a Prophet." She said, "Now, we know that when the Messiah cometh." (You believe Jesus was the Messiah?) Said, "When the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things. Tell us all things, but Who are You?"
He said, "I'm He." See? [John 4:7-10, 16-19, 25-26]
L-90 Now, if that was the sign of the Messiah (the Messiah is the anointed of God), if that was the sign of the Messiah in Galilee nineteen hundred years ago, and if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, it's the sign of the Messiah tonight after nineteen hundred years. Is that right?
Now, the unbelievers never will believe, but the believers will believe. Now, I'm just talking to you in this same manner, knowing that I'm just a--a--a man standing here talking to you and don't know you. But I perceive that you are a believer. You're a Christian. If it was a sinner or a critic, seems like there's something cold about them. The Spirit that's on me now, and I'm waiting for It to move to you so I can see what's happened.
Now, if the Lord Jesus, sister, will let me know what you're standing there for, knowing that I don't know, and He will let me know, will you believe that He's going to give you what you asked Him for? You will? All right. May He grant it is my sincere prayer. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-91 For I--I know that every person has things they need; sometimes it's--it's health; sometimes it's domestic troubles; and sometimes it's like the woman had; and sometimes it's financial troubles. And He helps us in finances, and feeds me and my family, and feeds us all like He does His birds. And I... He... If we're sick, He knows what's wrong with us.
He knowed the man that had that infirmity for thirty-eight years. He knew about it. Turned it around and asked him what was the reason, and honest about those things. He knows all things, doesn't He?
Now, I'm not just--just... Jesus talking to the woman was contacting her spirit. All He was doing. Father told Him to go up there. That's all. He just went up there and that settled it. 'Cause here's when the woman come out, but for you... Now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here under control of the Holy Spirit and may they act as I see. [John 5:5]
L-92 The lady's extremely nervous. She's suffering from a nervous condition. I can see her walking in the house, nervous, holding her hands, putting her fingers up when she sets down, moving her hands like that when she sets.
There's something or other she's looking to her doctor or something. It's like... It's on her shoulder back like. And let's see. I didn't hear just what he said. It's a little place. It's a little... It's a... He called it a cyst. That's what he did, and I see you... You got a kinda of a rectal trouble. And, I see you at a... either at a clinic or a hospital or something. It was an operation of some sort. Oh, it was a fistula operation, and that's been some time ago, and it hasn't healed up yet. That's right. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. That's true, isn't it?
Do you believe that this now that's on... Not your brother, but on me... Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they will get well." You believe it?
Heavenly Father, I curse the disease of her body and lay hands upon her in Christ's Name that she'll be made well. Amen. God bless you, my sister. Just go and have faith in God.
L-93 Do you believe? You really having faith? How do you do, lady? You and I are--are strange to each other. I do not know you, and that's right. But He does know you. You just... Somebody give you a prayer card, and your number just happened to be called. That's--that's the only thing there is.
Now if that's right, raise your hand that we're total strangers, but Jesus knows you from the foundation of the world. And He knew me from the foundation of the world. And when we come on earth, we come only by His will. His Father's grace brought us here. He's fed us and brought us to this time.
He give me His grace to become a Christian. He give you His--His grace to become a Christian, a believer, for you are a believer. All right. Then He give me a gift to speak to you about Him, and that's the only thing I can do, isn't it?
L-94 And you're suffering with an extremely nervous condition, very nervous. So much of that... So much that you get trembling. You want to drop things all the time. That's right.
Then your... You got a lot of fluid in your body, excess fluid. Say, you've had an operation too, sometime ago. That operation was the cause of that fluid. They done the wrong thing, and that's right, and that's why fluid has gathered ever since. And now you believe that God is here to take that away from you?
Dear God, if You're so present to know the human lives, how present are you, Lord? As close as our hearts is to us. And now in behalf of my sister, I pray that the prayer of intercession and ask You, Lord God, to rebuke the devil that's tormented this woman and let her be made well in Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, lady, I'll tell you what I want you to do, that you know that is leaving you. Tonight when you go home, I want you to take a string put it around you, measure where--where... How--how big the string is. Then tomorrow night before coming, measure yourself again and cut off of that string, how much you shrunk between this and tomorrow night, lay here on the desk. Will you do it for me? Thank you, lady. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
L-95 Are you believing? That's what Jesus said for you to do. All things are possible to them that believe. Amen. Praise the Lord.
You believe God healed you of that back trouble, lady? You believe He make you well? You do it? All right. You can have your healing then. Your faith makes you whole. Amen. Praise the Lord. Thou canst believe, all things are possible.
I don't know you. Only God knows you. Before I knowed, but we're strangers to one another, are we? I--I don't know you. You look healthy enough to me; a bit pale but you look healthy enough, but God does know your condition. God knows what you're here for. I don't, but if He will reveal to me what you're here for. Will you believe it? [Mark 9:23]
L-96 There's something about the woman's strength. Yes, sir. But you're here for somebody else, and that somebody else is a relative to your husband and that is his, I believe, grandmother. That's right. Isn't that right? That's right. She's dying with cancer. That is right. Your husband would like to know that...?... If he would just throw them old cigarettes down. That's right, isn't it? Setting with a pack in his pocket now, if he'd just throw those things out and really pray for his mother I believe God would hear his prayer. Not reading your mind, not at all, but Jesus Christ is standing here. You're aware of that, lady. Yes, you are anemic too. Yes you are anemic.
You're extremely nervous woman and another thing you have a--a condition of your blood. It's a low blood pressure. You've tried and tried and tried to gain weight, and you can't do it. That's right. Isn't that right? That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See?
Now, you believe you're in His Presence? You accept Him now for everything you asked for. Then, heavenly Father, I lay hands upon this woman and condemn the devil that has been tormenting and ask that Jesus Christ take over in Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
L-97 How could you disbelieve? Well, what more can He do? If thou canst believe, all things are possible, if thou canst believe. Amen. But you got to believe. Jesus said, "If you can believe, then all things are possible." Praise the Lord.
How wonderful. Have faith. Something happened. I couldn't see where it was at. Somebody got healed in the audience just then. That's right. It's right through here somewhere. Stop praying. Don't let the devil get that by me.
Bladder trouble, lady. Setting right back there. You believe the Lord Jesus makes you well? Then you can have your healing. God bless you.
You setting behind that little girl, was standing up behind you there. I see the--the Angel of the Lord standing above here, but couldn't tell where it was at. The little girl setting up there. I couldn't tell where it was at. You were praying. You were praying that God would speak to me to speak to you. If that's right, raise up your hand? All right there you are. Hallelujah. [Mark 9:23]
L-98 We worship Thee, Lord Jesus. We give Thee praise and glory. Thou art the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the Morning Star. Amen.
How wonderful He is. All right, little lady, you setting just below her there a bit got hay fever hadn't you? You believe the Lord Jesus will make you well. If you can believe it, you can receive it. God bless you. All right. Beth...?... talking with the lady said just got healed a few minutes ago. Put your hands up. Be sure it's the right... No, the little lady behind you, sister. Right behind... Black hair. There you... You turned around just then, lady. It's you the one He's over. Yes. Amen. It's gone. It isn't a disease. It's a condition in the nose. See? The thin skin. I don't believe you'll ever be bothered with it again. God can grow a new layer of skin on there. He's the Creator. Amen. Hallelujah. [Song of Solomon 2:1]
L-99 How do you do, sir? Oh, I'm tired now, but I--I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is here, and I'm helping, hoping that He will help somebody, every one of you to be well. You're a fine man. I like you. Thank you. But God can heal you of your rupture, hernia and make you well. You believe that? I tell you one thing if you'd do. You got a habit you'd like to give away: smoking cigarettes, and then the other thing you ought to give your heart to Christ right now, 'cause you're not a Christian. Do you want to give your heart to Christ some... You--you come up here with that intention, didn't you? Raise your hand if that's right. Your sins are forgiven.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thou has said, "He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life." Our brother has gone from death unto Life. O God...?... as I stand by here a witness of your power. In Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sir.
Now, he's my brother, not a sinner, but my brother. God bless you. Go on your road rejoicing and be made happy. Praise the Lord. Pour out exceedingly abundantly. Oh, how wonderful. He's wonderful. [John 5:24]
L-100 You believe the Lord Jesus heal of that bladder trouble setting back there, lady? If you believe with all your heart, you may receive it. Just as you speak it, the lady right over here got high blood pressure... Setting there on the--about two from the end; and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ take it away from you, lady? You do? In the striped looking dress on, you believe with all your heart? Lift up your hand if you believe it. Raise up your... Right there you are. All right. The Lord bless you. You receive it. Hallelujah. I challenge you in Christ's name to believe it. Amen. Oh, my. All right. How many now believe He can wave over the assembly here and heal every person. Now, He'll do it, just watch and believe Him. Look and live.
Here's a lady here, a total stranger. Never seen her in my life. God knows her. I don't. If God will reveal the secret of this woman's heart, or something other that she knows that I know nothing about... I never seen her in my life. She's a stranger, but if God will reveal, how many in here will accept Christ right now as your Healer, Saviour, coming King...?... I just feel that the Holy Spirit is fixing to do something. Did you ever have a feeling? I just got it in my heart. I just feel that you just pray for the...?... Now just believe it. May He grant it to this poor woman.
L-101 Lady, look at me. Every time Moses met people, he didn't have to declare to them that he was sent of God by doing his sign. He done it once. I kinda believe this audience is ready to receive it. I believe this is the best He had since we've been in Shreveport.
Now, God loves you, and you love Him. I don't know you. He does know you, but now the woman is going from me. She has something wrong with her throat. It's a throat disease. Not exactly a throat... You're a preacher. You're a preacher, a woman preacher, and you... When you speak, it's a... After I see you, maybe you hold a few nights you're... Something like that, then you have trouble with your throat. And you're a broken-hearted woman preacher. You got a burden on your heart, and you've come to me as your brother to intercede with you to Christ for a child, a son, that's a drinks. And you're so broken hearted, knowing that you're a woman minister and your son drinks; and you come for me to ask Christ with you to throw a block in that boy's way somewhere to stop him. Isn't that true? That's true, raise your hand.
L-102 You believe Him? Do you want to receive Him? Do you believe me to be His servant? How many of you really want to be healed? I want to know, from the bottom of your heart. I'm going to ask you to do something.
I--I set here for hours. I want this altar call to come up. I've got a little strength left. It's true, but I want to see this altar call, and I want to see every one of you healed. I want to see every one of you... And listen God has proved to you that I--I--I'm not a false prophet. I am His servant, and He's declaring Hisself by a Divine gift. I say to you that every person in here, if you'll look to Christ right now, you'll be healed. Now, you believe it?
Now, put your hands over on one another, no matter who you're setting by. Put your hands on one another...?... And God will raise them up...?... In Jesus Christ's Name. I cast out the devil...?... every one...?...

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