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Prayer Line 61-03
61-pl-03, Prayer Line 61-03, 49 min

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61-0124 - American Legion Hall, Beaumont, TX (Paragraphs: 89 - 102)
L-90 I know those little girls, Brother and Sister Evans. And I believe this is Brother Willie setting here, the artist that drawed the pictures of them... church world. Was you... [] wall that Pillar of Fire. Was you there, Willie, to see that? Was you there, Brother Evans? Sister Evans? How many's in the building was there at the church that morning, to see it? All right. For fifteen minutes it stood right there, visible before nearly four hundred people standing there looking at it. Amen. That's right.
He's the Lord Jesus, and that same Angel of God is right here now. Have faith in God.
L-91 Now, for you out there, we can bring that line through in about ten minutes, if we can just get the Holy Spirit moving with us. Lord knows I'm testifying just so that you'll see to build your faith.
If I'd start telling what I've seen Him done--do in these, my ministry, that I've seen Jesus Christ do before my eyes, they'd make volumes of books. Just every day, every hour... You can just ask Brother Moore, these people who go around. Anywhere, any place, it's just constantly all the time: home, out there, and wherever, the Holy Spirit just showing, bring me off place, take me over here, over here. If you just yield yourself to Him... See? That's right.
The brethren that knows, that's been in the meetings, and knows, or been around with me in the meetings, up--up home and everywhere else, are those things so, brethren? Raise up your hands if they're so. That's right. Thousands can witness that.
L-92 Now, have faith, and if the holy Spirit will show us... What is... Two or three's a witness. Is that right? Two or three's a witness. Have faith now. Raise up your hands again now, so I can see.
There's no prayer cards. If you got a prayer card, get in line. If you're sick, and I don't know you, or you got a request on your heart, or something, hold your hands up: solid. You got one? You? Let's you and I talk; you're right close to me.
You believe me to be His prophet? You believe me? If I can, by the Holy Spirit, reveal to you what your trouble is, will you accept it as from the Lord? Will the rest of the audience do the same thing? (God, it's for Your glory.) You got trouble with your knees and legs. That's right? Wave your hand. All right, go home and receive your healing. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-93 Anybody else believes with all your heart? Wait. Here it goes. Here it is. Wait just a minute. That man setting right there, praying for his mother in the hospital: heart trouble. You believe she'll be healed, brother? All right, sir. God bless you. I'm a stranger to the man. I don't know him. That's right, raise up your hand. That's right. That's true, though, isn't it? You believe now? What--what are they touching?
Here's a little lady setting here praying just with all of her heart; it's not for herself: for the salvation of her husband. If that's right, stand on your feet, lady. All right. If you just believe God...
There it is back there, a hernia, heart trouble. Oh, my. It's just everywhere. You believe now? How many believes with all your heart now? Just raise up your hand. That just goes to... I can't get into that too deep, 'cause I couldn't take the line through.
L-94 Is He God out there? Is He God up here? He's God in heaven. He's God on earth. He's God everywhere. (I have to just get a minute, Brother Jack, to get this way. See?) Do you believe what you've heard and seen? You believe it comes from God? Do the people out there believe the same?
If God will reveal to this woman what's her trouble, or whatever it is, I don't know. We're strangers, I suppose, to one another. You're a... She's the one... She had a prayer card, did she? All right.
The prayer card... The boys just come and mixed these prayer cards up, and you just happened to draw one. That's all. See? You see what He can do out there. Now, is that the very same sign that Jesus showed and proved that He was the Messiah when He was here on earth? You believe that? You do.
L-95 And do you believe that Jesus is here on earth tonight in the form of Spirit, called Holy Ghost? And He lives in His church through the Blood of His Sacrifice. He opened and tore down the veil with the shedding of His Blood and made a way that you and I could come into that Shekinah Glory, that He could talk here, take my lips and speak to you as two believers, and walk between us, and speak between us, and reveal to me the very things that He did there to prove that He's not dead but alive forevermore?
You're not here for healing; you've been healed. That's right. But you're here for your husband. Do you believe that God can tell me what's his trouble? All right. He's got stomach trouble. That's right. You got a son. That's the reason you're still standing with your hand up. You want me to tell you what's wrong with your son? He's got trouble with his shoulder. That's exactly right.
I see some other boy. It's a nephew. Yes, sir. You believe God can tell me his trouble? All right. The trouble with your nephew, he's got stomach trouble and he's nervous. And here's two things they both need, is salvation, 'cause they're both sinners. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Believe now with all your heart.
L-96 Father God, this darling little girl... All of you pray with me, please, now for these people. Father, I pray that You'll heal the little thing and make her well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
That's fine, sister. God in Christ's Name heal...?...
Come, sister. Everybody praying now. Now, sister, if I could straighten your hand, I'd do it. I can't, but I can pray. Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal her. May this hand come straight. May she go like Bartimaeus, with his eyes, go off this platform believing in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you.
Our heavenly Father, I take the hand of this woman and pray that You'll heal her, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you.
L-97 Now, you know I know what's wrong with you. But whether I said it or not, would you believe it anyhow? See, If I keep on, all come, speak discernment, you know what it does? Breaks me down. But your back was healed setting in the chair. See? You can go home...?...
And if you'll believe with all your heart, arthritis won't bother you any more. Go, believing.
Lord, I pray that You'll heal her and make her well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Believe it...?...
Our heavenly Father, I lay hands upon my sister and pray that You'll heal her, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Keep praying. Keep praying. Your prayers, friends, you're the church of God. Pray for these people. What if it's your mother, father, your husband, wife?
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal him and make him well, in Jesus' Name I ask, amen.
While the anointing of the Holy Spirit is coming on now, you just come believing with all your heart and God will heal you. Do you believe that? You believe it?
L-98 I--I... Listen, friends. Just... if I get you quieted just a minute, listen. No matter where... See, you mustn't think that the Holy Spirit's gone away from here, because I don't speak to every one. I'd... They'd done been taking me out, if it'd been that. How many realizes that our Lord, when a woman touched His garment, He felt virtue go from Him?
[]... How many knows that a prophet called Daniel, seen one vision, and was troubled at his head for many days over it?
How do you think that I know those people, and all about them and things like that, if it wasn't vision? How would I ever be able to know it? Then you see what I mean? The strength... I... If I just... I see the people coming. You feel that vibration strike them, and then you just have to... You just have to turn your head, and lay your hands on them and go on. Why the Holy Spirit's here; It'll do the same work. The Lord will reveal. It isn't just because that one passed by or something.
L-99 Here, where's the next one? Is this...? Here. All right. We're strangers to one another, aren't we? I don't know you; you don't know me. If that's right... You heard me preach before. But to know you, you just probably sat out in the audience somewhere. You believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? If I will be able then, by the grace of God, to reveal to you by the Spirit of God, the things...
You said, "What are you talking about me, brother? Why...?"
I'm catching your spirit, just exactly like He did the woman at the well. You have to take my word for that. But if He declares it to be right, then it's right. I told the truth. See? And then, if I claim that it's not me, that it's Him, I've told the truth. There's His Word declares it. See? It's by His permissive will that I do it. See? He permits me to do it.
Now, you're suffering with nervousness, real nervous. That's right. And you've had an operation, surgery on the stomach. That's exactly right. You're not from this city; from a place called Vidor, or something like that. Right. You believe God can tell me who you are? All right, Miss Beech, you can go back home, be well.
L-100 You believe? Now, just keep praying. Keep in prayer as these people pass by. Just keep praying.
Lord Jesus, heal this man, I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you. Go on the road rejoicing now.
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister.
[]... this, I pray, the prayer of faith for my brother in the Name of Jesus.
[]... now, with all your heart. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart, you'll be all right.
[]... person, seem to have a nice spirit. You're a Christian. Do you believe with all your heart God can tell me what's the trouble? You think your husband will get all right, that eye trouble, having an allergy, and so forth? Go believe now, and he will get all right.
[]... heal him in Jesus' Name. Amen.
[]... God bless you, sister. Our heavenly Father, I can remember the time when I went into a den room to pray when the emergency was on and what a great thing you done in their home. I pray, Father, now knowing what's wrong, and I pray that You'll bless and give the desire of her heart, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-101 Believe He will make you well? Yes. Save that operation, make you well, if you believe it. What do you think it is? Well, you thought it was a tumor. It's a growth. You thought it was a tumor. You thought it was cancer. You had many things. But what difference does it make, as long as He heals it? Is that right? You know what you need is a little lift in faith, isn't it? to make you come up. Sarah, go on home, and be well.
Father God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, heal him. May the mercies of God be with the child. Make him well. May the mother see such a difference in him, Lord... [] Jesus, may it be so...
[]... In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may my sister be healed. Amen. Ask and it...
[]... give him courage to have faith and believe. Your blessings is on him, has been since the breakfast. I pray that You'll let him see it, Lord, and know that these stretched nerves be mended, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt. Go, believing. Come my brother.
Our heavenly Father, as I lay hands upon her in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may it... Her loved ones leading her, may Christ do the leading from henceforth, dear Lord, making her well, restoring her right back again. Amen. Don't doubt. Come, believing.
L-102 You believe? Everybody believing with all your heart? Just have faith.
How do you do? Mighty young, healthy-looking, but you can't always go by that. You think the Holy Spirit can tell me your trouble? You do? The audience believe the same thing? If Christ remains Christ, He can.
Something strange about you. That's the reason He stopped me. Oh, I appreciate you. Now, to heal, I cannot heal, lady. I'm a man. But the life cannot be hid now. You're here for somebody else dangerously sick. You call it cancer in the blood stream. The right name is leukemia. In a hospital; not here, over in Louisiana... That's right. That's good faith for a sinner to have. Will you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour now? You do? All right. Raise up your hands. May your sins be forgiven you. [Congregation prays and worships--Ed.]...?...
Amen. You believe? How many in here is ready to receive Christ as Healer? I challenge you to believe it. Can your faith stop Him? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, every one of you that wants healing, stand up on your feet. I don't care what's wrong with you. Stand up and accept your healing. Raise up your hands.

61-0125 - American Legion Hall, Beaumont, TX (Paragraphs: 78 - 97)
L-79 All right, you people out there, if God will testify now... How many's sick? Let's see your hands, wants help from God, just raise up your hands. All right. Oh, isn't He--isn't He just joy unspeakable and full of glory?
Now, let's just be as reverent as we can for a few minutes and just look to Him now. Don't you just sense showers of blessings? "We shall have showers of blessing, send them upon us, O Lord. Grant to us now the refreshing." Don't you like that, that refreshening, that life?
L-80 Brother, sister, I want to tell you something. I want you to believe me as I speak in the Name of the Lord and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." There's only one thing can heal you and that's God. And the only one route you can come to Him by, that's by faith. Is that right?
Now, we know we believe in laying on of hands. Don't you believe that? But if you'll bear with me... You've always wondered...
People say, "Brother Branham, Oral Roberts prays for five hundred while you're praying for five." I know it. That's right. Oral Roberts prays for them the way God told him to do; I pray the way God tells me to do. See? So he--he God--he obeys God, and I do too. But you see, Oral Roberts and those brethren here, laying hands on, if you'll bear with me, that's a Jewish custom. It wasn't so with the Gentiles.
L-81 Look at the--the priest. He said, "Come, lay Your hands on my daughter and she--she'll get up; she'll be all right if You'll come lay Your hands on her." That's Jewish, lay hands on.
But when He come to the Roman centurion, he said, "I'm not worthy that You'd come under my house. Just speak the word." What did he recognize? That Jesus had power over all sickness. He said, "I'm a--I'm a--I'm a centurion." That's a hundred men. A century is a hundred men. "I say to this one, 'Go do this,' and he does it. I say to this one, 'Come,' and he comes. So if he has to, I'm over him." What did he say so much? "I know that You're over every sickness, every disease. Just speak the Word; that's all You have to do." [Matthew 8:8-9]
L-82 What did Jesus say? He turned around and said, "I never saw faith like this in Israel." Now, we want to have it on a higher ground, don't we? Healing has already been done at Calvary. Now, if God will bring at least two to three people in this audience tonight that I don't know anything about, and will show that what I have preached to you is the truth, if He will prove that I've told you the truth...
Now, just shut yourself in just a moment. You say this, "Lord Jesus, the man don't know me." Now, there's about two or three people that I know out there. I know Brother and Sister Evans setting here, and this is their two daughters setting right here. And then Brother Sothmann, Brother Fred Sothmann there, is one of the trustees in my church in Jeffersonville. And I think Brother... That's he and his wife, and Brother and Sister Simpson setting right next to them. They're back just this way a piece. Now, I just want to look at the audience just a moment. I want you to believe with all your heart.
Oh, you don't know how that... I just felt it strike me just then. See, I--I know it's going to happen. That's just all. God's promised it. His promises is true. Will you believe it? Believe me as His servant. It's wonderful. [Matthew 8:10]
L-83 As I was telling you the other day about standing in India, you know, where them thousands was, now that's just the way it was. You got it right in your hand. God's give it right over. I take every spirit in here under my own control for the glory of God. Oh, what could just happen now.
See, we rejoice. That's the joy of God. That's the joy of our salvation. Is that right? You see David never lost his salvation. He said, "Restore to me the joy of my salvation." He had his salvation, but he lost his joy. Well, we got plenty of joy. We know that. We have joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory. Got it. [Psalms 51:12]
L-84 But now, the thing, the power of God is something greater than joy. Power comes by settled faith. We can have a lot of joy, but maybe wouldn't have no power in there to heal at all. But when we have, we have the power of God, then we got the faith of God that moves up, takes hold of God, knows how to touch Him.
Now, just be praying. I'm watching for you. If He should touch me, then I'd know.
Anybody here that never was in one of the meetings? Let's see your hands, never was in one of the meetings before? One man, two men, three men, four, five. That's good. Six, six people never was in it before. I want to tell you something then, brethren. How did Jesus recog--how did the world recognize Jesus as Messiah? Because that He could tell them who they were, or what they were, or... When Simon Peter came up, just an old fisherman, He said, "Thou art Simon. You're the son of Jonas." Peter believed Him. When He come to... Well, we just went all through the Bible. Last night we taken Zacchaeus up in the tree. Blind Bartimaeus, when He touched Him, turned around and told him. The woman at the well, He told her where her trouble was, and she said, "Come see a Man who's told me the things I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah?" [John 1:42], [John 4:29]
L-85 He never did it unto any of the Gentiles. It only went to the Jews and Samaritans, 'cause they was looking for a Messiah. Now, they're long... Two thousand years we've wandered in darkness. But now, the Gentiles has had their days of training, and now, they're sifting the church now. It's come down to the end, just as it was their end, four thousand years, and then their end, now, it's two thousand years, 'cause He's just taking a people, not a nation, just a people out of the Gentiles for His Name's sake. They'll have His name. See? Name's sake, He takes a people from the Gentiles. But they taken Israel by nation.
L-86 But He's the same Christ, and He promised as it was in the days of Lot, the thing He did, He'd do it again. How many would like to--believes that the Angel of God that One that met Lot--met Abraham... He never when down to Lot. He stayed with Abraham. You... Have you read the story now many times?
Now, there's two of them went down to Lot, and One of them... They got them out, but this One never went down. And that was the One that was the Lord God, Elohim. And He had His back turned to the tent. First He looked to Abraham, and asked Abraham where his wife was, Sarah.
Said, "She's in the tent behind You."
He said, "I'll visit you according to life, the time of life (the twenty-eight days again)." She was a hundred years old then, right at ninety. She was ninety, Abraham was a hundred. And said... And she laughed. He said, "Why did she laugh?" Now, He said that would repeat again. [Genesis 18:9-10, 13]
L-87 I'll just do it both ways, see if it's the same God. Now, may God of heaven... And look, with this Bible... Let me say this, Christians, this Bible over my heart. Got a little unbelief slipping around, one come in last night, and set up there on the edge of the platform, hurt the meeting. God will take care of that. Thought I didn't know it. Don't you never think that, brother. Let me say this with the Bible over my heart; I do this not for a show. I do this because it's to fulfill what Jesus said would take place. When He come He didn't have to heal. He did it that it might be fulfilled. Is that right? This don't have... He don't have to do this, but that it might be fulfilled. He promised it. It's His Word. So He just permits it because of the fulfilling of His Word.
L-88 Can God heal heart trouble? He did then, didn't He? It's all over now. I never seen the woman in my life, but she's healed now. Now, does that fulfill His Word? Well, you say, "Brother Branham, what does that fulfill?" He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Is that right?
"Well, I thought you said He was El, Elah, Elohim." That's right. Well, you say, "He had His back turned, and He found out what Sarah was doing." Correctly.
Now, you say, "Are you Him?"
No, sir.
That's Him all over this building. See? That's Him in you, Him in me, but He has to work through somebody. There's none of us worthy. We couldn't be worthy; we're sinners, but He just chose us. I believe we were--that gifts and callings are without repentance. I believe that God chose us before the foundation of the world, His church. Do you believe that? The Bible says so. That's right. Antichrist would deceive all upon the earth whose names were not written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world. [Hebrews 4:15], [Genesis 18:10], [Revelation 13:8], [Revelation 21:27]
L-89 Pray out in here; someone, pray and see. Our brethren, it's coming from you too back here. Now, you just pray with me, brothers. We'll see where that same Angel is. Now, just take your time. Be reverent. We'll just take our time. Got plenty of time. Just don't be in no hurry. Don't be pressing. Just set still, say, "Lord God, that man's got his back turned to me. And I know he's just a man, so if he--he'd know me it'd have to be You tell him. That's all there is to it, 'cause I'm just a stranger setting in this meeting here."
L-90 Yes, there's a woman appears to me right here now. I'm looking right at her. I want you brethren, look here. Can't you see it? Look here, right at the edge of this cloth here (See?) it's red, See?. Look here. See that Light? Now, there's a woman setting right in behind me. She's very upset. She has arthritis, and she has high blood pressure; she's bothered with an allergy, and, well, she's just got complications. Now, if she just don't miss it when I turn. Her name is Miss Kahn. Stand up, Miss Kahn, receive your healing. Now, do you believe? Have faith in God then.
"Abraham, where is your wife, Sarah?"
"In the tent behind You." You see what I mean?
What about some of the rest of you? Can it happen to you? Can if you'll believe it. Here, see this little woman setting right here? See that Light just above there? Look here. She looked up at me then; she's praying. She's not praying for herself; it's for a son. What you was asking for, your son, wasn't it, lady? You believe God can tell me what's his trouble? Will you accept the healing for him? Stomach trouble. That's right. Just believe it; that's all. [Genesis 18:9-10]
L-91 What about somebody over in this district? What do you all believe over there? You believe with all your heart? Have faith. Just believe. How many over here is sick and don't have a prayer card? Just begin to melt into you now. See? You want prayer but you haven't got a prayer card. Well, nobody's got a prayer card, 'course that's right. I believe they said there was one prayer card here somewhere, probably from a meeting or something. If... Everybody just have faith now and trust...?... "If thou canst believe..."
Right here, look here, you here in the front row. That hernia, you believe God will make it well? Believe it with all your heart? You can have what you've asked for.
What about you, mister, with your head down here? Passed over the woman, come right straight from there over to the man. You're needy too, aren't you? You believe that Christ can make you well? Got trouble with your eyes, with your ears. You're from Houston, Texas. Mr. West, go back and tell them in Houston that Christ heals the sick. [Mark 9:23]
L-92 You believe with all your heart now? You've had a nervous breakdown, haven't you, lady? You from Corpus Christi there, believe with all your heart. God's a Healer of all afflictions. You believe with all your heart?
Put your hand up over there awhile ago, mister, with that liver trouble and stomach trouble, Mr. Rainwater, from over in Louisiana. First time you was ever in a meeting, I think you put your hand up. What do you think about Him? Isn't He a wonderful Healer? Go back and tell them over there what He can do for you, now. It's all over now.
Setting back there in the back, that little boy, got a mental block, hasn't he? It was caused from... A doctor done something to him. Too much anesthetic, give him a mental block. If I'll tell you who you are, will you put your hand on that boy for me? Mrs. Howell, that's right, put your hand on the boy. I condemn the devil. Satan, come out of him. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask for his healing.
L-93 Do you believe? Does everybody believe? Is God here? Is this the inoculation? Is this the same Holy Spirit, the same Lord Jesus, the One that was promised? How many of you is believers? Raise your hands. Hallelujah. Then put your hands over on one another and do just as I tell you now. Now, be real quiet, put your hands over on one another. I got something now, if you'll just mind this just a minute. All right. Now, I'm going to say the prayer. Surely I know what it'll take to defeat your enemy now. I'm going to put words in your mouth, and you repeat them back from your heart. You pray them. I'm going to say them.
L-94 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, forgive my sin of unbelief and give to me of Thy mercy. I believe in Thee. I accept Thee as my Saviour, my only salvation. I need Your strength for my health. I cannot go forward without You. I now accept You as my Healer. I renounce the devil and all of his works. From this time henceforth, I will think positive. I will believe every promise. The Scripture that says, "By His stripes I was healed," I now accept it. I believe it. It is mine. I thank You, Lord. I will continue testifying of my healing until I'm perfectly well." Now, now, hold still; keep your hands on one another now.
Now, you pray. Now, shut yourself in with God. Going to see something happen now. All right brethren, ministers, everybody, are you ready. Now, if God will hear my prayer here, He hears it anywhere. Now, you've prayed. You've made your confession, just like you would coming as a Christian. You're ready now... If you was a sinner, you're ready for baptism. Now, being that you are Christians, you've made your confession, and now you're ready for healing. Now, what does it take? [Isaiah 53:5], [I Peter 2:24]
L-95 Now, God's ready to give it to you. There's just one thing above you. That's a little thin shadow of doubt. Now, if we can break through that... Just like a great airplane, they tell me these jet planes, if they just struggle, and wiggle, and struggle and wiggle till they get through that sound barrier; but after they run through the sound barrier, then they are free. Now, if you can just rise yourself above that little--little doubt barrier there, oh, brother, what will take place. You will run free. You will be healed.
Now, I want you to be real reverent. Hold your hands on one another, and keep shut in with Christ now, like nobody's around you but Him; and just imagine in your heart now you see Him come walking right down to you, standing right in front of you. Now, open your heart and let Him in, while I pray and cast away this little shadow of darkness over you. And when it breaks, you're out of the sound barrier then, just rise and give Him praise. Every time when you feel your soul pass through that unbelief, then you're free in Christ.
L-96 Heavenly Father, thanking You for all that You have done, for the many healings, for the great power of God, for the many that's been saved, for the fellowship of the ministers, and above all things, the fellowship of the Holy Ghost. You have not failed us one time, but has told us the truth every time, confirmed Your Word with signs and wonders following.
And now, Father, this little group has staggered out through this slick roads and rains tonight to come here to see Jesus. We've seen You; we've felt You; we know You're here. We've got Your Word in our hearts. They've confessed; they've openly, publicly confessed that they believe and have accepted You as their Healer. Now, their souls are struggling, Lord, to get through that little barrier there, that little thing yonder that's shaking them, "Wonder if it could be me? Wonder if it'll be lost?" O God, may the power of Jesus Christ raise them up right now, break away that barrier.
L-97 Satan, get back. You're losing the battle. Let the church come through. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Satan, rise away from here; I cast you out.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, rise to your feet and claim your healing. Claim your healing and all the...?... I commit you to the Lord God Jesus Christ, in His precious Name. I pronounce you healed, every one of you. Rise and accept your healing now in the Name of Jesus Christ.

61-0128 - Westward Ho Hotel, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 74 - 88)
L-75 Now look. Saint John 5:24. Think of it--a handful, and two dozen eggs... 5:24--Saint John 5:24: "He that heareth my words (that's what I was preaching) and believeth on him that sent me, hath (present tense) everlasting life, and shall never come into the judgment; but has... hath (past tense) passed from death unto life"--because you believed on Him.
How are we saved? By faith. By faith are you saved, that by the grace of God. [John 5:24], [Ephesians 2:5], [Luke 7:50]
L-76 Now you that's standing here to accept Christ as your Saviour, you know that it was God. When you raised your hand back there, you broke every scientific rule. You know, science... According to science you can't move your hands. They're hanging down, see. You break gravitation, the laws of gravitation, because your hand's hanging down. And actually the world... If it was that, why then, if you could, just at leisure, your hands would go up like that, then your feet wouldn't stay on the ground. You'd just go on out in space.
But what did you do when you raised up your hand? What did you do when you walked up here? You defied the laws of gravitation. Why? You raised up your hand towards your Maker because Something spoke to your heart. Then you got a spirit in there. That spirit made a decision. "Yes, sir. I want Jesus Christ as my Saviour, raised up my hand." That defied every law of gravitation right there. A spirit in you, a Spirit by you, spoke in you, and said. "You want Christ for your Saviour." You raised up your hand.
Now watch how simple. Now, "He that will confess me before men, him will I confess before the Father and the holy angel. He that heareth my word and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into the judgment," done passed from death unto Life. You have Eternal Life because you have believed. [Luke 12:8], [John 5:24]
L-77 Now upon the basis of... It's not no sensation, see. Sensations won't work. See, I've had--I've had sensations sometimes that I feel so bad I didn't know whether I was even a servant of God or not. But it ain't that. It's the Word. Jesus defeated the devil on the Word of God, see. That's where... it ain't how I feel; it's what I believe.
He never did say, "Did you feel it?" He said. "Did you believe it?" You got to have faith. Any kind... Buddhists have sensations. I've seen--I've seen them get around, drink blood out of a human skull, and have all kinds of sensations, and call on devils, in Africa. They had sensations. I've sat in the camps when they had the bull-snake dance, and screamed, and carried on. That's sensations. [Acts 19:2]
L-78 But that goes, too. That's a--that's a pervert of the Kingdom of God. Everything the devil's got, he had to copy it off of God, see. What is--what is unrighteousness? It's righteousness perverted. What is a lie? Is the truth misrepresented. What is a--what is a bad woman? That's a good woman that's been fouled, see. It's exactly. The devil can't create nothing. He's no creator; he perverts what's already been created.
So God's Word is creative, and it is a creation--the creation of the Word of God. And when you accept it in your heart, it creates a new creature. You believe it. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass away." [Matthew 24:35], [Mark 13:31], [Luke 21:33]
L-79 Now, upon the basis of Something speaking to you--that you wanted to be saved, Something spoke to you to come to the altar--you did it. Now, you confessed your sins: "Lord, I'm wrong. I don't want to be wrong. I want to be right. I want You to forgive me."
Now, He said, "He that comes to me I will in no wise cast out." When you raised from your seat you were already forgiven. See? Now can you accept Him now? Nothing on what you've done--all you've done's forgotten. Upon the basis of His promise, and His Spirit led you to the altar, do you accept Him as your Saviour? Raise up your hand if you do. Say, "I will accept Him as my Saviour." God bless you.
Now, the next thing you must do now... You're already saved. "He that will confess me before men, I will confess him before the Father. If you're ashamed of me here, I will be ashamed of you at the judgment." Now, you are Christians now.
The next thing you want to do is be baptized, and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's God's Word. Is that right, ministers? That's as plain as it could be made. Never... Don't... Now don't let the devil tell you, "Well, I feel bad." I feel bad a lot of times. That don't have nothing to do with it. When I'm weak, then I'm strong (See?); 'cause I know there's a blessing laying ahead that Satan's trying to get me away from it. I just keep going on anyhow. See? Just keep moving on. [John 6:37], [Luke 12:8], [Mark 8:38]
L-80 Now to you people that wanted to renew the joy of your salvation, and to you that... Somewhere you've lost joy. Think back what you did. Did you neglect prayer meeting? Neglect reading the Bible? Neglected praying at your home, asking the blessing at the table? Don't never do that. Oh, my! That's so--that's so unbecoming to Christians. No matter where you are, bow your head and pray. Don't be ashamed of Him. Pray anywhere, see. And if ever where you left that joy, that whatever weeded it out, what little root of bitterness come in...
Remember, when a man is saved, this much... like this button here... becomes Eternal Life in your heart. That's God. As you're able to push out all the roots of bitterness, then God begins to spread in you. Then you become a son of God.
A man was made to be god, to be a god. Do you know that? He's in the image of God; he's a son of God; he's like Him. He was given a domain (Genesis 1:26), dominion over the whole earth. That's right. He ruled the earth. He ruled the animal kingdom, and all the other kingdoms--all but the Kingdom of God above. He was god; he was an amateur god. He was made in the image of God, made like God, had hands and feet like God. He was in the image of God.
What happened? Because he disbelieved God's Word, it sent him right back out to shift for himself. Now God's trying to bring him back. And when you have faith, and accept Him, my brother, just let that little Light begin to grow out, taking all the roots of doubt and bitterness, yielding yourself to the Spirit. Then you begin to become a son of God, a daughter of God, begin to grow in the grace of God. The Holy Spirit begins to build His kingdom within you. [Genesis 1:26-27], [Psalms 51:12]
L-81 Now, if you've grieved that Spirit somewhere, then go right back and think in your mind. "What did I start doing? Neglecting church? Did I start fussing with another denomination? Did I start picking on this one, doing this to my neighbor?" If you did, that's what sapped it out.
Go say, "God, I'm sorry. I will go right back and make that thing right. I will go right and do it." Then the joy will come back to your salvation again. The Holy Spirit just flew right up on the--on the rafter. He's ready to fly right back down again, any time you Him--you want Him to come back. He does the leading. The dove leads the lamb. We know that.
L-82 Now, to you that's sick and afflicted, you that needs prayer for your bodies. If you need prayer for your bodies, He's your Healer. "How do I get it, Brother Branham?" Well, here's how you get it: by believing. Everything that God could ever do for you, He did it at Calvary in Christ. Do you believe that? Jesus said, "It's finished."
You say, "Brother Branham, did he save me then?" Certainly.
"I beg your pardon. I was just saved five minutes ago."
No, no. You were saved nineteen hundred years ago. You just accepted it five minutes ago. That's how, see. You accepted it. Just like I say, "Here's the Bible. Take it." You just let it lay there. It's yours, but you've got to take it first. You've got to accept it. When you accept it...
There's nothing you can do. You can't merit one thing. If my tie was crooked, and I said, "Here, I'm going to give you a million dollars."
You say, "I will straighten up your tie. There you are, Brother Branham. I will give you that because you give me a million dollars."
Then I never give you a million dollars, see. You done something to earn it. So there's not a thing you can do to earn it; you just have to accept it.
L-83 That's the same thing with Divine healing. You don't... I see people get all worked up, and try to... get nervous, and saying, "Oh, if I could just..." You know. Why, you go plumb over the top of it. You leave it behind you. You're going out there, excited, and trying to reach for something, when it's right here by you. Just simple. Just say, "Thank You, Father. You promised it to me. I now receive it." That's all. Watch what happens.
Now, mean it in your heart. Just keep saying it, over and over. Say... If you don't believe it altogether, keep saying it until you do believe it. Just keep saying it over. "I thank You, Lord, for my healing." 'Cause what is He? "Christ is the high priest of our confession." Is that right? Hebrews 3. All right. He's the high priest of our confession. Then He cannot do one thing for you, can make no intercession, until first you confess that it's done. Now, is that Scriptural? High priest of our confession. Then he can only act when we confess. [Hebrews 3:1], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-84 Now, if you say, Lord, I lost the joy of my salvation. I want You... I'm sorry I stayed away from prayer meeting. Wednesday night will find me right back (or Tuesday, whenever it is), I will be right back." All right. Mean that. Believe it. Say, "I've confessed I'm wrong."
Now start working on it. Christ starts interceding for you. Then say, "I'm a sinner. I'm sorry that I sinned, Lord. I'm going to be a Christian from now on. Then see, you made your confession. Start right on with it.
If you're sick, say, "Lord, You are my Healer. If I've sinned to cause this to come upon me, forgive me. Lord, I'm taking You at Your Word. You said You'd heal me. I believe it. You're the high priest of my confession. Now I'm confessing that by Your stripes I was healed. Thank You, Lord." Go right on. See, then He can go to work on it, and start healing you. See what I mean?
Here some time ago... People not instructed hardly knows how to do it. A woman of the... her husband runs the Four Rose Whiskey, there in Louisville, the big distillery. She's the president there. And he... she come running over to the meeting one night. Her daughter come, and she was going to be operated on, with a real bad case of gallbladder--like a cancer, or something, on the gallbladder. Oh, she was so excited, she run in... She didn't want to wait for the meetings. "Oh, no. Pray for me, pray for me! I just can't wait. My husband's coming after me. He don't want me over here." Well, I just had to lay hands on her, and let her go.
About three or four nights after that, she said, "I feel better."
Called up the doctor. The doctor said, "Well, that's just... she's just excited. She'll--she'll get over that." And she wouldn't permit the operation. So then finally, the doctor said, "Well, just let her go then." Said, "Well, if she won't accept it now, I won't operate on her, no matter when it comes back on her." [Psalms 51:12]
L-85 In a few days, she began to feel sick again. She got all nervous. She called up the doctor, and she said... Oh, of course, there was a big lot of money in it, so he accepted the operation.
And a doctor friend of mine stood in the operation, and they opened the woman up. And the thing was already gone, see. It was gone. She had the operation for nothing. One of my very personal friends said they sewed it up. "There was nothing we could do. The thing was done gone."
Well, see, she just wasn't instructed enough to know how to hold on to God. When, you got...
When you accept God for anything, you stay right there with it. It'll bring you through. Just stay with that Word, His promise. Don't you believe that? Amen. I believe if we need healing, we need our... restoring our salvation...
What did Jesus say? Now this is His Word: "These signs shall follow them that believe." Is that right? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Is that right? How many in here's believers? Raise up your hands. All right. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-86 Now listen. Now let's tell you what let's do. If you believe that now... Now, just please, church, here's just what I... I hope Brother Outlaw forgives me for this. But look. Here's what's the matter with this Tabernacle, what's the matter with every tabernacle, all of them today. You're getting away from that... See, it's just been such a fuss and a carry-on amongst the people, till they just got gross... I feel so sorry for them, see. They'll stand, say, "I wish I could take a hold of it. Yeah, I'm going to do it." And the next ten minutes, it's all faded away, see. Now, that's exactly what the Bible said would take place in the last days--be a lukewarm...
He said, "I would you were either cold or hot," see. If you're going to believe God, believe Him. If He's God, believe Him. If He isn't, why just walk away and leave it alone. See, you're--you're trying to act like something that you're not, then. As Congressman Upshaw said, "You can't be nothing that you hain't." And that's true. See, you've--you've got to be what you are. So in your heart, if you truly can believe that--"I am a believer. I do believe God. Well, if I believe God, have a need, and I accept it right now." And that settles it. Don't say no more about it. Just keep on praising God. [Revelation 3:16]
L-87 That's how I got healed, Satan said, "You're not healed. You're not a bit different."
I said, "Stick around. If you want to hear me testify, you just hang around. That's all you have to do. I will sure burn your ears every day, because I'm going to sing His praises as loud as I can." And he left me. Exactly.
There's Mrs. Waldrop sitting back there. They pulled her in my meeting over here, when I first come to Phoenix, with a cancer, dead. That's right. The doctors brought the testimony of that cancer condition in the x-rays. There she stands. That's been about... how many? About--about fifteen years ago, fourteen--fourteen years ago. There she's living. Why? God's God. Same God was with us then is the same God now.
L-88 There is a balm in Gilead. There is a Physician here. The Physician said, "There signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Now you lay your hands on somebody. Don't you pray for yourself now. You pray for them. They're going to be praying for you. Lay your hands on one another. Just stretch your hands across, if you have need. Pray for somebody, and somebody will pray for you.
There is a balm in Gilead. There is a Physician there. Like... Now, pray for one another just the way you do at your church. "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick..." Now, mean business. Be sincere. Hallelujah! [Mark 16:17-18], [Jeremiah 8:22]

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