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Go, Awake Jesus
63-1130E, Go, Awake Jesus, Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA, 108 min

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L-1 Lord, I believe,
All things are possible, Lord, I believe.
L-2 Let us remain standing just a moment, for prayer. And as we bow our heads now, I wonder, in the assembly here, and in the basement, if there was... and up in the balcony, wherever, if anyone in Divine Presence would like to be known tonight before God, in a special request, would you just raise your hands to Him now. And hold your thought now and what you're thinking, and just believe that Christ stands right before you.
L-3 Heavenly Father, we are standing here with our hands up, and, as the brother has said, "It's a universal sign of surrender." And we surrender ourselves to You, as lumps of clay that's come from the earth, and we pray, God, that You'll fill them tonight with Thy Spirit and Life, and get glory to Thyself. Speak through us, tonight. Work through us, to Thy honor. Answer every request, Lord. You know them all. You know what's behind our hands, and our motives, our objectives, and what we want, and the... what we would do with it if we got it. And, Lord, I pray that You will purify our hearts, and thoughts, and minds, that if we would receive what we're asking for, it would be to Your honor. For the glory of God, we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You may be seated.
L-4 It's good to be back in the house of the Lord, tonight. I may feel just a little stopped up. Satan has been trying to hand me a bad cold, every since New York. And every time he hands it to me, I hand it right back to him; and he hands it to me, and then I hand it right back to him, see. So we're kind of fussing over that, so I know the Lord will step in after a while and take the sides. And so...
L-5 And I pray that the Lord will grant all your requests, tonight. Now we have given tonight for healing service. Now, I guess many of you wonder, usually, in coming across the country, they... I announce I'm going to have a meeting, the first thought is Divine healing, see.
L-6 But, there is more to the ministry than Divine healing, see. The sickest body I know of, tonight, is the so-called Body of Jesus Christ. It needs spiritual healing. There is only one balm that I know that will heal, and that's the Word. And that's the sick Body that we want to stand up in the strength and the vitamin power of the Gospel. And that's why I use much of the time now in trying to strengthen the Church, by the Word.
L-7 I know I'm a poor substitute to take the place of a minister, a scholared minister. But I do believe this, with no disregards to--to the ministry of scholarship. I wished I had it. And I'm not trying to support my ignorance, by saying this. But what we need now, more than we do the intellectual side to know how to put the Word together and make It masterly fit, is God. We need God. See? See? And it doesn't always come through rightly formed words. It--it comes through a dedicated heart, and that heart dedicated to God and doing the will of God. Now, you've got to know the will before you can do the will. Find out what you're here for. It isn't just a...
L-8 I've always thought the Church wasn't a haphazard. Jesus never came to earth in a haphazard way. He never died in a haphazard way. He come for a purpose, and that purpose was to fulfill the Commandment of God, that He might purchase to Himself a Church without spot or wrinkle.
L-9 That Church is a predestinated Church. Every name that was ever put on that Book, Jesus came to redeem. And when the last name is redeemed, the Book is closed. Now, He didn't intend that no one would be lost, but His foreknowledge let Him know who would be lost. Therefore, He could predestinate, and then their names were put on the Book. And then when that Book of redemption is closed and sealed with seven seals, while it's being worked out by the--by the mysterious powers of God. And some day when the Book of redemption is finished, the Lamb takes It. And then the last name is called off of that, the Lamb comes forward to call for what He has redeemed, that's His Church. And I believe that time is close at hand. [John 6:39-40]
L-10 And now I've had pretty hard times of doing this, and one thing, is trying to keep my--my record clear. Now, many times, I've had much times advertised with places where I--I wasn't--I wasn't never knowed nothing about being there, and a false advertisement. Just anything Satan could throw at me, he has done it. Someone come the other day, said, "I want to know if that is true. Are we going to be there? I--I just want to know it." See?
L-11 Now here just recently, I was advertised in New York, knowed not one thing about it. One of the Christian Businessmen told the man I was to be there during that time, and had told him it would be all right. And that--that was in the month of October, their convention was. And I had told this certain man I was to be there in November, first week in November, was to be in New York, and I would speak at their convention if it was that time. He said, "Well, that's when it's going to be." But he said October, you see, that little thing. And the man in New York, before asking, consulting us, advertised it all across the state, see, to be there.
L-12 A few weeks ago, there was a circular letter put up here in Memphis, Tennessee, had my name signed to it, photostat copy, and said I had been with this person "for thirty days, on a fast." Three days is the longest I ever fasted in my life. The person, I never heard his name in my life; said I come out with a fast from him, with him, rather, and said that I was to be there on certain days, tell all my friends around Memphis to be there at this certain meeting. I never heard of the place, never knowed the man, never knowed nothing about it, in my life; and a false, forged signature. I don't even sign my name; don't believe anybody could re-impersonate my signature, 'cause I don't even know it after I signed it. So, it's just such a bad thing, I don't see how that anybody try to--try to make that.
L-13 I was at the bank, here not long ago. We have to take count of everything, on account of we keep it straight like that. A cancelled check is the--is the best receipt you can have. And now we've been doing that ever since we were married. And so the banker said, "I don't believe anybody would ever forge that signature, Mr. Branham."
L-14 I said, "Well, you know, they say everything works together for good."
L-15 And so--and so, there, them things keeps it hard, makes people think that you lie, when, I--I didn't know nothing about being there. And makes it therefore, with no publications or nothing, I've tried to keep my ministry where I could go anywhere that the Lord called me. I had no obligations to nothing or nobody but God, just stay with Him.
L-16 My purpose has been, in the church, is to try to get that idea away from these American people, that you have to lay hands on them. See? I've--I've... When you do that, it looks like that you're... They say, "Well, Brother So-and-so come, layed hands on me." Just let Jesus lay His hands on you, see, and your faith reach up and touch Him. But now I've had about sixteen years, and I've totally failed with it, see, they... 'cause there is too many that wants to believe it the other way. And so we satisfy the people, we do it anyhow, lay hands upon it.
L-17 But my opinion, that if we can see the Presence and know that Jesus Christ is here, what more do you need, when the whole congregation is praying at one time? See? That's when the power of the Lord falls, when the Word is known. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word." When the Word is being preached, and It's the Truth, and God proving His Presence, that--that should do the work right there. [Romans 10:17]
L-18 Now, now, tomorrow morning... Now, tonight, rather, pardon me, tonight I've just got a short subject, because we're going to pray for the sick. But tomorrow morning, now, I think I'm to have the Sunday school lesson. Is that right? It'll be all in the auditorium here, and I've got a--a--a subject that I would like, if the Lord willing, was... if He permits me. I have to say it that way, see. I think... if you--if you don't have your own Sunday school now. If you have your own Sunday school, go to your Sunday school. Want to hear It, they got tapes. So I'd have something on my heart, that I'd like to speak about, maybe would be a--a great help to you, understanding the--the reason of preaching the Gospel the way that I've tried to preach It and believe It. See, it's what the reason God has did. The mysteries of the Gospel has been hid since the foundation of the world, but was supposed to be revealed in these last days. And so, if the Lord willing, I want to speak on that.
L-19 Then, tomorrow night is the closing service, and we would like for you to come out if you possibly could.
L-20 Then from here to Yuma, and from Yuma to Phoenix, and then back. We leave from there, and then I'm going away on a little hunting trip, during the time of the holiday, Christmas holiday, with some friends of mine. My wife is going to visit her people. And--and then we're going from there, to take a trip through California, and down and up the west, the southern part of the states here, through Louisiana and Texas, and Florida. And then from there, overseas, the Lord willing, for a long itinerary. And I do solicit your prayers.
L-21 Now, it's, it would be fine if we could just enjoy the Presence of His healing power and everything, but there is more goes with it than that. See, more goes with it. And then, that's the thing, when you go to getting into something, that's, it crosses up people. Now, everybody believed in Divine healing, why, they would just fall right straight for that Divine healing, and say, "Praise God," and shout and have a great time. But then what about... That's just the bait on the hook, see, that's just the--the bait. The hook is what catches the fish, and the hook is the Word. Now, Jesus was a very popular Man as long as He just prayed for the sick.
L-22 Now, we're not Jesus, but it's--it's Him working through us, all of us, together. He is just not in one person. He is in every believer. That's how we believe unto Life. And then, in that, see, shows that no matter how much God would anoint me, right here at this platform, if He don't anoint you the same way, out there, nothing will happen. It takes both of us, together. We, we got to be, both, that we got to both be believers.
L-23 Unless there is something that He wants to call, just to show His great power, you know, let something be done that let somebody that's trying to do something that's not right, or something, He'd call that out. See, but you have to, we just watch that. Course, sometimes He tells us things, and people (tell) is told things that they don't want to hear. And I don't want to say it, but, if He is doing the talking, we just do the listening and then the--the repentance. Now think on these things, and pray.
L-24 And remember now, as I typed His ministry, see. First, the prophet of Galilee, everybody believed Him to be a prophet. But He was a "prophet," to heal the sick, but when He went to tampering in with the Pharisees and Sadducees, and their traditions, then He become a "madman." They said, "He is crazy." They wanted nothing to do with Him. And it finally led to His crucifixion.
L-25 And that's the way it's always did. Down through the Bible, it's done the same thing. And it'll have to do the same thing this a way, being it's God. It'll have to come to that very end, a time. But you'll never crucify a Message. You might crucify the messenger, but you'll never crucify his message if it's from God, 'cause it's the Message. He's just a bearer of the Message.
L-26 Now being that we've been talking for a few minutes, watch, it's just exactly eight now, and I want to try to have the church dismissed at nine-thirty, so you can get to a rest and get to Sunday school. And tomorrow is a great day. This will be two services for me, today. And--and when I was a young fellow... Two services is hard on any minister, if you take it with all your heart. Now if you just go there for a little intellectual talk, you could make them every thirty, forty minutes, through the day, and never bother you. But when you put your whole heart there, holding the Spirit of God before the people, that's different.
Now let us pray.
L-27 Heavenly Father, let Thy blessings and mercy rest upon us now, as we move from our talk, into the Word. And let the Word be made flesh among us, again tonight, that the church might once more, all of us, together, see, feel, and know, the Presence of Jesus Christ, our resurrected Lord. For, we love Him, His Presence is Life to us. And may we rest, tonight, in the Shekinah Glory and recognize that it is Shekinah Glory, in His Presence. We ask it in Jesus' Name, that He'll break the Word for us now. Amen.
L-28 Now turn in your Bibles, if you care to, to the Book of Saint Mark, the 4th chapter. And--and my text tonight, I'm going to call it, "Go awake Jesus." And my subject tonight is, Calling Jesus On The Scene. "Go wake Him," call Him on the scene! Here is the Scripture reading, out of Saint Mark, 4th chapter, beginning with the 35th verse.
And the same day, when the evening was come, he said unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.
And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. [Mark 4:35-36]
L-29 Wouldn't that make a wonderful text, "Take Him as He is"? Take Him the way He is presented to you, see, take Him in the ship.
And there were also with him other little ships.
And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat against the ship, so that it was now full.
And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they wake him, and said unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.
And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that you have no faith?
And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him? [Mark 4:36-41]
L-30 And the Scripture says, "He is the same!" The winds and the waves obey Him.
L-31 He must have been a little tired that day. Our scene finds our Lord, tonight, as we try to take each time, a setting of where He is at, and what He's doing.
L-32 I love to follow Him, don't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] I just love to follow Him and watch His works. And just to think that someday we will be with Him and follow Him, with Him, in person, like seeing with our sense of sight as we do now, and--and be with Him forever. Oh, just to look at Him, would be good enough for me. Just to see Him, that--that--that would be sufficient for me.
L-33 And now we try to take the scene, and we find Him here where He is at, what He's doing. And trouble comes up, and how He takes care of the trouble, and tells them why they couldn't do it. And we find Him out on the sea, in the back of a boat. He had just had an awful day. No doubt but what His body was tired, and He was wearied. And feeling tired and weak, virtue had went out of Him, because He had been preaching and--and showing His great sign of Who He was, and testifying to the people, and healing the people. [Mark 6:36-41]
L-34 And--and the crowds, some cheered and some booed. Could you imagine people doing that to Jesus? It looked like they would knowed better than that. "Well," you say, "that..."
L-35 They do the same thing today, just the same. See, if He come today, and just in the same thing, the way He did then, the people today would "boo" Him and call Him "crazy" just as they did then. See, it would be just the same. And they do do it. They would not understand Him. The world never did understand the true moving of God. And it never will understand it, because it's the world.
L-36 "The world seeth Me no more," He said, "but you shall see Me, because I'll be with you, and I'll be in you, to the end of the world." If the people could just see that one quotation from Him, right there, they would recognize where we're at tonight. [John 14:19]
L-37 Could you imagine a person that never had the sense of sight, never did see? And you would bump against objects. You would have to derive your food from energy, from some other resource. But you would--you would bump into something. You had a sense of feeling, but not sight. And then, all at once, somebody opened their eyes up, and seen a complete different world. They never had seen anything.
L-38 And if then you would say, "Well, now, that should feel real warm on you, that is the sun."
"What is the sun?"
"It's a light."
L-39 "What is light?" See, he never lived in that sense. He doesn't know what it is.
"That you bump against, is certain-certain thing."
L-40 "Well, what's that?" See, he never lived in that dimension, at all. It would be very strange to him, to know it.
L-41 Well, now, if God let's us live, we are bodily here in five senses. But there is another sense. And then when we wake up into that sense, and that is the sense of vision, and we see that thing, that what it is that makes us feel these things that we do. And try to tell someone about It, just be like telling a man that never did see, in his life. He wouldn't understand it, 'cause he's--he's not acquainted with that sense. And that's the way it is in the Gospel. They, they don't understand it. It's hard to get them to see it, because that they've never lived in there. They know nothing about it. They feel it, and they--they can have the reaction of it; but to actually know what it is, we don't. So when you can see beyond that curtain, where that comes from, and then try to come back and tell people that's only felt it with the sense of feeling, like, and never have been able to see it, it's hard to tell a man. But you just have to do the best you can until "we all see face to face."
L-42 Now we see Jesus here, tired, weary, and I would just imagine, He knowing there's a big job the next day, ahead of Him, over in Gadara, where there was one soul that was calling out for God. Can you imagine Jesus taking a... tired and weary, and crossing a stormy sea, just to get to one soul? But He does it. That's the way He does it.
L-43 The ship was crossing, and He took this opportunity to take a little rest, to wake up. And His disciples had gone back to their oars and their daily tasks, what they done. The revival for that day was over. [Mark 6:39-41]
Something like today, I believe. I believe it's the same thing.
L-44 And during this time, He had--He had taken a little rest, maybe just between the meetings. And the disciples went back to their old tasks.
L-45 Now let's just break in upon them, I believe they might have been rejoicing, talking about the things that they had seen done that day. There had been great things had taken place. People had been healed, leprosy. And they was having a great time. And as they went along about their work in the church, or they... A church is not the building; it's the people makes the church. And they was rejoicing in what they had seen done. And they might have been discussing His messiahship, His claims; He claimed to be the Word, He claimed to be the Word and the message for that hour.
L-46 And the prophet, who had been the Word before there, introduced Him, and said, "My time is finished. I have fulfilled my part, the Word that I was supposed to fulfill. Now He is going to manifest the rest of the Word, from here out, so my time is over," John, so he had to get off the scene when Jesus come on the scene.
L-47 And when He come on the scene, He come just exactly, and doing just exactly, and acting just exactly the way the Messiah was supposed to act, what He was supposed to do. And that might have been their discussion as they talked.
L-48 Maybe some of them had testimony. One of them would say, "You know, I never had thought of--of it so much until I begin to read the Scriptures what Messiah was supposed to be, because He was to be that prophet. And then I understand that, another thing, when I seen Him break that bread and feed those people. Who could create, but God Himself? So that has to be Messiah." And, they, "No one can create but God. God is the only Creator there is. And here He took five little biscuits and two little fishes, and fed five thousand, and taken up seven baskets full, the pieces left over. When, nothing could do that but Jehovah, the same One that rained bread down out of the skies. That's the only One could do it. And here He is, known among us, in a humble form of a carpenter, an ordinary Man. Here is the Jehovah's that lived in the Heavens, no one could see Him; the invisible God is made visible here among us, for, we know Him, He does the same works that Jehovah did."
L-49 And He said to them, "If I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not. Messiah was supposed to be Jehovah, Emmanuel, 'God with us.' And if I don't do the works of Emmanuel, if I don't act like the Emmanuel, My works is not like the Emmanuel, then--then I'm not Emmanuel. But if you can't believe Me, just watch the works that I do. They testify Who I am." See? [John 10:37]
L-50 And that might have been their discussion as they were talking. And then the subject might have come up after that, when... Maybe many of them could have testified. There was Andrew, he could have testified.
L-51 Peter could have said what Jesus said to him. "Why, call me by my name? Who could know my name except God? He called me what my name was. He told me who I was. He called my father's name, and the Man never had seen me. Why, it's got to be the Messiah. And we noticed."
L-52 Now we find out, then, that they might have discussed the attitudes of the people towards That. That might have been their next discussion. Jesus was sleeping all the time; went back to rest. Now let's just break in on the scene and watch them; the attitudes of the people. Some of them said...
L-53 Well, some of them believed. Some of them said, "A man never spoke like this before. For, what that Man says, God backs up what He says. And we know, by our--our Scripture, that if God vindicates this Man, what He says comes to pass, then we know that God is with that Man. And God has told us to fear that Man, because He is with Him. His Word is God's Word, so fear Him." And they--they said... Now, that's the reason they feared greatly after they seen Him make the winds and waves obey. They trembled because they knowed that was God. It had to be. God honored His Word. What He said, it happened, then they knew that was the Messiah.
L-54 Now, as they was discussing the attitude, they said, "Some of them believed, and some would not believe."
L-55 Now, we always find that amongst the churches, every congregation, we find three classes of people. Frankly, I preached on it, here not long ago, I believe at New York City, or somewhere, on three classes of people. And, that is, believers, unbelievers, and make-believers. And just a chapter or two after this, we find out that His Own crew came to that, and proved exactly that that's what they were. Now let's just think of the believers and unbelievers, just a second here.
L-56 The believers are the one that's ordained and predestinated to the Word. The minute they see It, they're satisfied, Life springs in them and they accept It. That's the disciples. There is no question in their mind about It, at all. They follow right along. The disciples were believers. They believed.
L-57 Now, most the time, a real unbeliever will pretend that he does believe. Now, the unbeliever was like the seventy, they followed along in the popularity and in the tinsel of His ministry. They was glad to stand up there when He could raise the dead and cleanse the lepers, and--and foretell the things that was happening just right. But one day He spoke something, out of their creed. And as soon as He said something that interfered with what they believed, the seventy said, "This is a hard saying, said, 'What will you say if you see the Son of man descending up into Heaven where He came from?' Now, this Man that we sleep with, this Man that eats with us, this Man that washes His face and hands in the same basin we wash in, this Man that eats like I do, sleeps like I do, has His up's and down's, and say He came down from Heaven? That's too much for me." See? And what did they do? They couldn't sit through the meeting. They got up and went out. Uh-huh. See? Filled up. That's unbelievers. See? They couldn't stand it. No, sir. They left and didn't walk with Him no more. [John 6:60-62]
L-58 Now, there is believers who's... there is nothing can separate them from It.
L-59 And there is the unbelievers, and just as soon as anything is said that don't agree with what they believe. Remember, the Bible teaches us that the unbeliever will be so close like the real believer, that it'll deceive the very Elected if it was possible. See, that's unbelief. But just as soon as something is said that they don't like, gone. See, that's unbelief. That shows just exactly. [Matthew 24:24]
L-60 When the Light of Life is shining, to bring that seed, what could It do upon a rock? It'll do nothing. What could it do upon dead substance? It's not sent for dead substance. The sun shines for a seed that's germitized to life. And this Bible and His Word, in the hour that we live, is shining upon those to catch the Eternal Life, those who are predestinated to see It. And it won't do one bit of good upon the rest of them. There is no life there to come forth by the sun, or by the Light.
L-61 Then we find out, that they turned their backs and walked with Him no more. That's when the great noble thing said about... Simon Peter said. Jesus, after the seventy left Him, when He said, "Well, what..." He give them some strong Doctrine. He, His healing days was just about over. He didn't care, wasn't going to heal too much more. He was going to tell them about something that was better. And He said, He begin to tell them that, He there revealed to them Who He actually was. "What will you say if you see the Son of man de-... ascending up into Heaven from whence He has come?" [John 6:62]
L-62 "Now we have Your birth record here. You were born of Mary and Joseph, down in Nazareth. And here You say You come down from Heaven? Well, that's... You, You're crazy, I believe. See? Well, we wouldn't want to follow a Man like that." So, away they went. They went. That's unbelievers.
L-63 But notice now, there is believers. No matter what happens, what takes place, how hard it is, how mysterious, they believe, anyhow. That's like the man or woman that is prayed for. They believe it. There is nothing going to make them change their mind. They are genuine believers. And nothing, no matter how hard it seems, what this is, and this don't happen, that don't have nothing to do with It. They believe It, anyhow.
L-64 Now, He might have said many things that the disciples didn't believe, or didn't see, but they believed It, anyhow. They went on along with It, because they was sure the Scripture had thoroughly identified Jesus to be that Messiah.
L-65 And I believe the Scripture today thoroughly identifies this great move of God in the last days, of the Holy Ghost, to be Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe the Scripture thoroughly identifies It. I don't care what anyone else thinks about It, we believe That to be the Truth because It's thoroughly identified.
L-66 You say, "Brother Branham, I know you understand It." I do not understand It. I just believe It. I can't understand these things. I don't try to. You can't understand God, He's got to be accepted by faith. And faith is something you believe, that you can't explain. There you are. There is the Truth.
L-67 Now, there is another group that always hangs around, and that's the make-believer. Now, that make-believer is considered the hypocrite.
L-68 Now let's take a make-believer. It was Judas. He was the make-believer. And the make-believer hangs on and on, trying to find some way that they can get something on It. They stick around long enough just to find out if they can't find a little fault, then go out and expose it somewhere. "We want to find what kind of a gimmick, what rabbit foot you got that rubbed behind your ears. What is the gimmick?" so they can impersonate It, or something. That's make-believers. That's Judas-tarian.
L-69 That's the unbelievers, the make-believers, and the believers. Them three still exist everywhere across the world. They've always have, and they always will. Now think of it tonight, here and on this tape to those that'll hear. Them three classes that's sitting, they are three classes of those people always gathering.
L-70 One, that don't make any difference what comes or what goes, they still believe It. They are thoroughly convinced.
L-71 Others will believe so much of It, and then don't want to believe the rest. That's unbelievers.
L-72 And then the make-believers is the ones that hangs on, just sticking around until they can find something. They say, "Uh-huh, there you are. That's what it is. Uh-huh, there, I thought there was something. There you are!"
L-73 But a real believer, that don't stagger him at all. Nothing staggers him.
L-74 What about Jesus standing there, spit over His face, and blood on His face, and a crown of thorns upon Him, and--and all that He had there, a mockery crowd, and so forth? Well, what would the unbeliever think about that, or the make-believer? Just sold Him out. And, you find out, the make-believer is the one who sells you out. He is the one that ruins your ministry, is that make-believer.
L-75 But the real believer, no matter what, they are thoroughly satisfied. They are thoroughly convinced, because the Life that's in them has already become Christ. It is Christ. It's no more you, but Christ that lives in you. And, no matter, "There is nothing," Paul said, "present, future, death, peril, nakedness, whatever it is, can separate us from that love of God that's in Christ." No, many, how many of this, that, or the other, rise, how many Doctors of Divinity can try to explain It away and say It's for another day, that don't separate you at all. You're there to stay. It's you in Christ, you're no more your own. That's you, you and God, alone. [Romans 8:36-39]
L-76 And as soon as the unbeliever can get a loophole, he is trying to get away anyhow, so away he goes.
L-77 The make-believer is staying on a little longer, till he can find something that he can pile some criticism on It.
L-78 So there is your three, all together. That's the kind that they had then. That's the kind that they have now. That's the kind they'll always have until Jesus Himself, or God at the Great White Throne Judgment, will separate them.
L-79 Some said, "A man never spoke like this Man. What He says comes to pass." [John 7:46]
L-80 Others, the unbelievers, said, "He is Beelzebub. He is beside Himself. The Man has lost His mind."
L-81 You know, there is a great thing that Satan tries to do. He tries to make the--the--the messenger, the people who has really got the Holy Spirit, try to say that, "They have lost their mind."
L-82 I got a little circular letter, letter on that the other day, out, said, "Poor Brother Branham!" Said, "We believed that He was Elijah." And said, "You know that--that, you know, he lost his mind." And said, "The Elijah's garment fell upon Elisha, that was my wife. And she takes up the ministry, to go on with a double portion." A woman? Was it, did Elijah lose his mind, or was he taken up without death, in the chariot, to Heaven? Hum! See? But, you just have that, you see, that's--that's what we have to contend with.
L-83 Some of them said, the unbeliever, said, "This guy is Beelzebub." [Luke 11:15]
L-84 It must have been John, said, "Just think of this One Who does all this!" Now it's back to the believers again. Said, "Just think, the One that--that's done all of this that we're thinking about and talking about, and the different people's expression! We're all believers," he said. "We believe It. Yes, sir. We are satisfied that we know that it's truly identified. There He lays, a mortal Man, laying right there on that deck, right back there in that little bunk house, like, asleep on a pillow. We put Him back there, asleep. But think of it! The very God of creation is sailing through these waters with us." Oh, my! Amen.
L-85 Them waters was treacherous. You know, a storm came up and it still does the same thing, if you're ever around Jerusalem. I guess, Jack, you remember. Them storms still sweep right down through that crack there, and hit that sea and drown the fishermen, just like it did then. Come up, you can't even see the storm coming; all at once, it's there.
L-86 "And just think now, we've all, all of our lives, dreaded to cross this dangerous water here. But remember, the very One that we know is the Creator, is laying right there in the boat, with us. I feel good! Don't you, boys?" They'd say, "Amen. Yes, sir. There He is in the boat!"
L-87 And what it is to know the day that we're living in, that they had seen the identification, that, and was satisfied, no matter what anybody else has said. Their discussion had been about believers, and make-believers, and so forth. But they themselves believed It. And they knowed that they had Him with them. No matter what any of the rest of the people, they were happy to have Him.
L-88 I am, too. Aren't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] No matter what the rest of the world says. I'm happy to know that He is sailing life's troubled seas with me, right in the boat. Amen. Amen. Sailing over life's solemn seas, as He does, and in all the treacherous waters, not knowing what time you could be shot, killed, drop dead, whatever might take place. But the Creator...
L-89 What are you, anyhow? You're a little lump of Louisiana clay, with some life in it. That's all. Even if you're from Texas, that big place, you're still just a lump of Texas mud with a little moisture in it. And that's all you are. That's exactly. And that's what you're going back to.
L-90 But, after all, how could that mud walk, breathe, eat, if there wasn't some life in it? And, think, it had to be created! And the very Creator that created it, is riding in that mud ship. Amen. He made me what I am, without a desire; how much more can He raise me up by my desire, by the Word of His promise!
Sailing over life's solemn main,
We ought to live like Him, let His Spirit, work through us;
For a forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
In seeing, shall take heart again.
L-91 Think, He's with us, securely. What a feeling of security, while sailing these treacherous waters! It must have been something like us right now at this very present time, after the revival, feasting on the results.
L-92 I remember my first trip to Shreveport, Louisiana. I never heard of Jack Moore, and I believe it was Brother Richard Reed (I haven't seen Brother Reed for years) that told me about Brother Moore down here, or Brother Kidson; one of them brothers, I forget who it was now. I got acquainted with Brother Jack. I come down here. His lovely little old mother, she is sitting around here somewhere. And she had a stomach trouble, and we prayed for her. She was eating baby food. She has been able to eat ever since, her norm, normal food. And how--how, what a great revival come up, it spearheaded out and along come Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, and--and Tommy Osborn, great man, warriors, come off of that little... flicked off of the revival, done great things.
L-93 That day down there, about thirty-three years ago, or thirty-four, standing on the banks of the Ohio River there, at the bridge, and about five thousand people or more gathered on the banks. I was just about twenty years old, twenty-three, twenty-two or twenty-three years old, my first revival. I was baptizing five hundred people, that afternoon. And the deacons had led me out in the water. About the seventeenth person, when I was baptizing, I heard a Voice say, "Look up." And I turned to look up. Billy's mother, we wasn't even married then, just going together. Here come that Pillar of Fire, circling out of the bright blue skies, at two o'clock on June the 15th, coming right down out of the skies, like that. And a Voice roared out, all over the place there, and said, "As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the first coming of Christ, you have the Message that'll now forerun the second Coming of Christ." Photographers taking the picture.
L-94 How could we believe that, with just barely a grammar school education, and so forth? But I believed it. That afternoon, when I was so tired when I got finished baptizing, they had to come get me out of the water. I couldn't hardly stand no more of the current of the river.
L-95 And It went, come down, and they took the pictures of It. It was on the Associated Press, went world-wide almost, up into Canada. Brother Lee Vayle has a copy of it yet, I think, from on the Associated Press, "A mystery Light hangs over a local Baptist minister while baptizing at the foot of Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana." The Louisville Herald picked it up, took the pictures, and went off, and away it went across on the Associated Press.
L-96 Now, that's been many years ago. How could it be so? But it was so. God said so, that makes it right. And what a--a glorious thing to know that we have the living God! And from there has brought forth revival fires all around the world. And now great healing campaigns and great mysterious things has gone on.
L-97 When I first come among you, I said I'd have to take you by the hand, and just hold you like that for a connection. And then I wouldn't think of what I was going to say, and you could see the results of it. It still happens, and see it like that.
L-98 And then He told me, "If you'll be sincere, it'll come to pass that you'll know the very secret of their heart." You all, many of you people remember that. And it come to pass, just that way, just exactly. A few years after that, I was up in Queen City, Regina, in Canada, and standing on the platform, with Doctor Ern Baxter and them. And a man come walking across the platform. And the first thing, I didn't even know what I was saying, called his name, told him what was the matter with him, and there it went. Since then, it went on.
L-99 Now it's come to another stage. That I can never tell, but it'll speak for itself.
L-100 But remember, in the great ministry, it made a revival fire and went around the world. And now, in the last few years, that revival lasted longer than any revival we ever knowed in history. No historian can say that a revival lasted hardly over three years, at any time. But this has gone fifteen years, or more, straight constant revival.
L-101 But now the revival has died out. Just barely... Then come up the Latter Rain, and a little tail of it kind of sweeps through England now, and there just the last kick of it is just about over. The church has settled down into Laodicea again, and make the age. It has to be that way. Exactly, it has to be that way. And now we are feasting tonight upon the--the scraps that we're picking up from that revival.
L-102 That's about the way those disciples was from that day's revival, waiting for the next day. Jesus, during that time, was resting. Maybe He was resting from the revival, like He was resting on the seventh day; after He made the earth in six, then the Bible said, "He rested. He rested, the seventh day." Well, maybe that's what He was doing. He was resting.
L-103 Then, all of a sudden, trouble set in. Oh, just let the Church start to rest a little bit, and then trouble sets in. Ship begin to rock, the sails blew off, and the water filled up the boat. Seemed like all hope of survival was gone. Though they had seen Him do so many things, when trouble strikes...
L-104 Now here I'm going to close just in a few minutes, 'cause we're going to start the prayer line.
L-105 We've seen all those things. We've seen the pro and con of the people. And now it comes to a place where it's kind of a slack, we're talking about what He has done, and so forth, and looking for what He is going to do. That's just human. Human beings are always telling what God did do, what they believe He is going to do, and forgetting what He's doing.
L-106 They did the same thing. They had seen Him out there heal the sick and raise the dead, and foreknow things, and tell the people the secrets of their hearts, and believed that they were on the road to another revival. But when trouble set in, they forgot all about it.
L-107 That's just the way we do. That's where we sit tonight, sitting in that same spot. And yet, if we only knew, He is in the ship. He is just as great here as He was when He was laying in that ship. He is just as great as He was when He stood in space and created the world. He is just as great as He was with Moses, at the Red Sea. He's as great as He was at the grave of Lazarus. He's as great as He was when He healed the leper, give sight to the blind. He's as great as He was in the days of the Welsh revival. He's just as great as He was in any time, and He's here in the ship!
L-108 Trouble set in. We go places, find fusses in the church, tear up. Do you know that will ruin a church? Stay together!
Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred mind
Is like to that above.
(That impartable love and faith in God and each other!)
L-109 But we find now, the water supply gets low. And in my country where I live in Tucson, everything out there has got a sticker on it. Every--everything you look at has got a sticker, and because it's so dry. Now, if it was here in this country, and could grow, it'd have a real soft leaf. That sticker is a leaf rolled up, so tight and so sharp, there is not an instrument could be ground like it. No instrument could be ground like a jumping cactus, 'cause it's got a beard on it, a little hook, all the way down to the end. And still you couldn't grind an instrument like that, but nature has roled it that. And it'll jump right on you. You don't have to get--get into it; it gets on you.
L-110 And that's the way with sin. You don't have to get into it; it gets on you. It'll jump to you. Don't get around it. Stay away from unbelief! But we're living in that time.
L-111 So they had seen Him do so many great things, and they could talk about it. But when the time of trouble set in, it was all forgotten.
L-112 Now just think about the things that we've seen Him do, with the infallible proof of the identification of His Word, and know that the--that the great Holy Spirit here in the last days is the Messenger of the hour. He is the One Who is proving to us, and making every promise that He promised to do, every sign and every work, and every Word to come to pass just as He said He would do.
L-113 And it's still looked down. If it was accepted in the big high ranks, I would get away from it. It couldn't be God and be accepted up there. No, sir. No, indeed, it will never be, if it was accepted. But because It's down in this way, that's the reason I believe It. See? That's where it comes to. That's where it's promised to.
L-114 And now we see everything just exactly in line, and knowing that we're in the last days, and what's happened? Trouble set in.
L-115 And all that we've seen Him do! How He straightened up our homes. How He would make father and mother unite again. You've seen that, husband and wife come back together. He has healed your sick. Laying there with cancers, when many of you has brought them in bottles and jugs and pans. And doctors has testified, signed statements; I got piles of them, and put a box full. And even five cases, witnessed, of the raising of the dead, after being dead for hours and hour. Well, from... The longest one I knowed of, was from nine o'clock one morning, till eleven that night, about. See?
L-116 No, I beg your pardon. A little baby over there, that the mother had carried it all night in her arms. It died one afternoon, she carried it all night in her arms, come to the meeting down there in California. And I was taking out that afternoon. Had died the afternoon before that, and she drove all night, got there, couldn't get around the place. And she layed a cold little form in my arms, of a dead baby that had died the day before that. And standing, holding that little baby, and just offered prayer. His little body got warm. He turned over and looked, and I handed it back to its mother. True. That's right.
L-117 Now, but then when we see those things and have them thoroughly examined, and identified certainly, then why do we get scared when trouble comes in?
L-118 They were looking for... They had done so much testifying about what had been done, they forgot Who was with them. They had forgotten then, 'cause trouble was in.
L-119 Like now, we got troubles that we can't remedy.
L-120 They tried their sails, and the wind was too hard, it blew them off. They tried their oars, and the waves was so great it broke, broke their oars. Then, they, their little ship was let drive. They probably tied the keel down, or the--or the rudder. And when they did, just had to let it drive just any way it would go, and it dashing, splashing.
L-121 You have to ride a wave, in a boat. You fellows that ride a boat know you can't face right into a wind like that, right into the wave. If you do, you'll pitch your boat right at the bottom. So you've got to guide this boat, let it roll with the wave. As the waves rolled, you roll right in and out with it. When you're... If you don't, you'll fill your boat full of water.
L-122 Well, after everything had broke and they couldn't hold it no more, they just had to let it drive. And when they did, then the boat filled up. It looked like all hopes was gone. And there they was, all troubled and scared. What a time it was! It was a trouble that they could not remedy anymore. And then fear set in, when they found out they couldn't remedy it.
L-123 And we've hit, likewise, trouble. We've hit trouble that we... national troubles that our nation can't remedy. Look at the hoodlums in our nation, just shot our President, then went and shot the boy. That's just as much hoodlum as the guy that shot the President, to my opinion, in a cold-blooded murder. If he gets by with that, then they'll keep on doing them. He'll probably get by with it, too. But just look what they do, the whole world! If we put an Abraham Lincoln in every parish in every county, they would still do it anyhow. See, it's troubles we can't remedy. The--the thing, sin, unbelief and evil, has just weeded into us, growed around us, wrapped the whole nation in it.
L-124 We got church troubles, arguments, fusses, seems like we can't remedy it. We got now what they're trying to do, now they've all got together for the Council of Churches. We--we can't remedy it.
L-125 We've tried to introduce the Word. Christ tried to bring It back by showing Himself, the resurrection, for two thousand years, He is still the same. They turned their back upon It, walked away; they're unbelievers. Make-believers still hang on, to find a fault with It, just as much as they can, on and on. But what is it? It's the same thing repeating again.
L-126 The Word, they ought to know. What was the remedy for all things? Is God. In Saint John 1, says, "He is the Word." We still have the Word, to bring us out of this. We don't need no Council of Churches. We don't need all these dogmas and things being mixed up into the Word. We've got the Bible here, tells us how to steer this thing. Back to the Bible, back to Its Message! That's Christ among us, the Bible, living Bibles. "You're written epistles," living Bibles, the Word of God living so through you! That's what we need.
L-127 That's what caused communism to raise up in Russia. Well, the communists is not no great party; there is only one percent of Russia is communism now, one percent. Ninety-nine percent is still free, but they're the ruling. They're the ruling. Why did it raise up in the first place? Because the corruption of the church. That's what done it. They took all the money from the people, to the church, and they live the same kind of lives. They wasn't no more but just like any other lodge. And the people got sick and tired of it, and that's how communism was born.
L-128 That's how worldlyism is born here. That's why we're having a Council of Churches. That's why we're going into this confederacy and the things that we're doing, is because that they have rejected the Word. Why they have a soup supper in the church, to pay the pastor? Because they reject God's way, of paying tithes. Certainly. Why do they take a creed? Because they don't want the Bible. Why they take an error? Cause they don't want the Truth.
L-129 If a man run in the basement and shut his eyes, say, "I refuse to say the sun is shining." There ain't no hopes for him. But if he's willing to look, the sun is shining. If he wants to come out in it, enjoy its blessings, all right. But if he don't, you can't do nothing about it. You would say there is something mentally wrong with the man.
L-130 Well, there is something spiritual wrong with a man that'll take a creed instead of God's Word that's contrary to it.
L-131 At the day of the crucifixion, they desired Barabbas, a murderer, instead of the Word. And today they're taking the Council, a murderer of the Word, instead of taking the Word identified among us. The same thing. That's the trouble that we've got into.
L-132 Now His disciples get in trouble sometime, His disciples like those, of physical troubles that the doctors can't remedy. Maybe say, "You got cancer. It's advanced." Maybe you got advanced TB, some kind of a trouble. We, like them, forget Who is in the ship.
L-133 There was a storm on. Now, God created the winds. God created the air. God created the water. It's all His creation. He made it. But, you see, it was the Devil that got into it and whipped it up. That's what causes trouble, is the Devil. And now if He is a Creator, and made it thus in the beginning, shouldn't those disciples know that that Creator, laying right there, can make it stop? Amen!
L-134 God made you to be healthy. The Devil got in, don't you think he'll have to obey Him, the same as the wind? He made your body. He made you, a human being. He give you eyes and give you health. "I would, above all things, that you prosper in health." It's the Devil that gets in there. Right. The only thing He's ready to do tonight... He's been resting from other revivals, but He's ready to be called. [III John 1:2]
L-135 They should have known that He knew that was going to happen. He knowed all things. He knew it would happen. It was only proving, only proved to be only a test of their faith. I doubt Him even being asleep. He was just laying back there. He knew what was going to happen. Yeah, just waiting to see what they was going to do.
L-136 Hear them out there testifying, "Oh, glory to God, we're satisfied that's the Messiah. Oh, glory, hallelujah, we know it! That's the truth."
And say, "I'll just see. All right, Satan, turn loose now."
L-137 Looked out there, and, "Oh, all hopes is gone! Oh, we're going to perish! Boys, what can we do?" And the Creator Himself, they had been talking about, laying right there with them. Hallelujah!
L-138 The very God that give us the Holy Ghost, the very Holy Ghost that fell on Pentecost, right here with us tonight; amen, very One that raised the dead, healed the sick; the same yesterday, today, and forever, proving to us that He is here with us.
L-139 Maybe He let this slump come, call, come in here, just to find out what you'll do. That's the way He does it, to prove your faith, see what you'll do. Run away? Don't the Bible say, "All things will work together for good to them that love Him"? [Romans 8:28]
L-140 He had thoroughly proved Who He was. He has thoroughly proved today Who He is, for He has proved just like He did then. He is still Messiah, still the same. He is still the Word, a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. He still discerns just like He always did. He still heals just like He always did. He still creates just like He always did. He still raises the dead, "I'm the resurrection and Life," just the same as He ever was. He proves it right among us, and right in our ship.
L-141 And then trouble sets in, and, "All hopes are gone." Yeah, isn't that--isn't that just like disciples? That's right.
L-142 He had proven Who He was, by the Word and signs. They had been thoroughly vindicated, that He was Who He was. He said, "If I don't do the works that's written of Me, then don't believe Me. But if I'm doing the works that's written of Me, then believe that I'm telling you the Truth about it." What a--what a... It's the same thing we have today. He said, "Search the Scriptures, They are They that testify of Me." [John 10:37-38], [John 5:39]
L-143 They should have known He was the God of all creation, that even could make. If He made those, that air to be, He made this earth to be, He made the water to be; the Creator laying there, and showed that He had power over it all. And they believed that, but forgot about Him being in the ship. Because He wasn't there patting them on the back, all the time, saying, "Now go ahead, boys, it's fixing to happen right out here. Now if it does happen, just remember, I'm standing right here by you. Here it comes right now, boys, let's look and see. Now, just a few minutes now." Oh, no, He don't do that. He tests every son and daughter that comes to Him, see if we'll believe Him. Yes, sir. He made it, wouldn't they obey Him?
L-144 Let us remember also, He made our bodies, they have to obey Him, also. And they wouldn't obey Him? This little...
L-145 I called you a lump of Texas and Louisiana dust. That's what you are, mud. You was raised off the ground out there, and that's where you're going back. You got just sixteen elements in you, a little moisture, and a little petroleum, a little potash, and a little calcium, and some cosmic light. And that's about what you are, twisted up together, and there you go. Dirt of Louisiana, that's all you are. But, remember, Something made you this. And the very One that made you this, come to live in this with you, that He might make you something different. Oh, my! Oh, how we ought to look upon that! Remember, He promised that though this little clod of dirt go back into the... This clod that's walking around with the life in it, when the life leaves, it's right back dust again.
L-146 But what did He say in His Word? "I'll raise it up again at the last days." Amen! "I'll raise it up." He promised it; after the body has perished, after even the dust is broke out, and it goes back to the gases of the earth. Yet, as I said the other night, "You can't annihilate nothing, man can't." There is no annihilation. Man can't annihilate anything. It's only God can do that. And remember, He will, though it be a spoonful of ashes, He said, "I'll raise it up again at the last day." That dirt will have to obey His commandment, because He created it. If the wind and the wave obey Him, so does the dirt obey Him. Amen.
Wake up! He is with us. All obeys Him. [John 11:24]
L-147 After the--the disciples found themselves at the end of the road, it must have dawned on some of them, that the Creator was with them. Might have done, so we find out that they went and woke Him up, and, for He was with them all the time.
L-148 And they seen His Scriptural Word being vindicated. So have we. And we've not... When we call Jesus, it wasn't hard. Didn't have to go say, "Oh, Master, wake up, wake up! Wake up! Oh, Master, wake up, wake up!" No, no.
L-149 They just, "Master!"
Said, "Here am I."
"Carest Thou not that we perish?"
He said, "Oh, where is your faith, you of little faith?" [Mark 4:38]
L-150 That's it, forgetting He is with us; calling Jesus on the scene, to act. People today said, "If I could know for sure that That was Him, if I could just be sure!"
L-151 How could they be sure, how was the disciples sure of it? Now listen. Not because He was an educated man. As far as we know, He wasn't. He only had the wisdom of God. But the worldly education, I don't... We don't have no record of Him ever going to school. But some great priest or some great renown person? No. No, we have no record of anything like that. Just a common Man. But how could they know? Now listen close now, don't miss this. How could they rest assured, "We are sure that Thou art that Christ"? How could they? Because they seen the promised Word vindicated; in other words, made manifest, make known. The living Word of promise was made alive, projected right through that body, and they knowed that God was in Him.
L-152 Peter said, "You men of Israel, Judaea, Jesus of Nazareth was a Man approved of God, among you, by the things that God did by Him."
L-153 Nicodemus, that great scholarly man, came by night, he said, "Rabbi, we know that You are of God. Why," said, "no man could do those things that You do, except God be with Him. We're aware of that." But why didn't he accept it? Why didn't he? See, it was against their tradition. See? No. [John 3:2]
L-154 Yes, the only way that they knew He was, is because He--He made God's Word, foretold for that day, live Itself. Do you understand? How many clearly understands that, just raise your hand. See, He made the promised Word of that day live, and they were sure that was the Messiah.
L-155 That's what the woman said, said, "Now look here, we haven't had a prophet for four hundred years. And we know that the next prophet, is to appear on the scene, is to be the Messiah. And here is a man standing right out there, that told me the things that I've done, told me that I had five husbands. And you all are witnesses of that. And the Man is sitting right out there at the city well, right now. He told me I had five husbands. Isn't this the very sign that the Messiah is supposed to do? He is the Word, a Discerner of the thoughts that's in the heart. Isn't that Him?" That's the reason the people knowed and was sure He was Messiah.
L-156 That's the same way we know He is the Messiah, because the Bible said He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and promised to do this again in the last days.
"Well, they crucified Him." Yeah, but He raised up again.
L-157 Down in Mexico, the case that I was talking about, the little baby being raised, with Brother Moore. They had me down on interview, a few days after that, the church did, newspaper reporters. They said to me...
L-158 Now if there is a Catholic person sitting here, I'm not throwing it off onto you now, remember. My people are Catholic, too. But, look, they're fine people. They're people like we are, hungering, many of them, and thirsting for God.
L-159 This reporter said, "That was a notable thing." Said, "Do you think our saints could do that?"
I said, "If they're living."
He said, "They can't be a saint until they're dead."
L-160 I said, "Was Peter a saint before he died or after he died? See? Yeah. Was Paul a saint before he died or after he died? He did the same thing, see."
L-161 They said, "What's your opinion..." Said, "You're a... You are just a non-Catholic, aren't you?"
I said, "No, sir. I'm a Protestant."
He said, "You don't protest..."
I said, "I protest, not the people, the church's doctrine, see."
And he said, he said, "What's your opinion of the church?"
I said, "I'm sorry you asked me that."
And he said, "Go ahead and say it. I asked you."
I said, "The highest form of spiritualism that I know of."
He said, "Spiritualism?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
L-162 He said, "How could you call the mother church, 'spiritualism'?"
I said, "The mother what?"
He said, "The mother church."
L-163 I said, "Sir, the mother Roman church, yes. The church organization, she is the mother of that. Revelation 17 says she is that, 'the mother of harlots.' But," I said, "the church didn't begin in Rome. It begin in Jerusalem." See?
He said, "God is in His church."
I said, "God is His Word."
L-164 So he said, "And you say it's the highest form of spiritualism you know of?" Said, "How could you say that?"
L-165 I said, "Anything that intercedes with the dead is spiritualism. All them women, walk, going down the street there, pulling over rocks and things, doing penitence to a dead woman her lovers killed. And make her a saint, 'cause she was canonized by the church?" I said, "That's spiritualism."
Said, "You pray to Jesus, and He died."
L-166 I said, "But He rose again, sir." That's right. That's right. That's right. Oh, how the things! "See, He rose again." I said, "I hope I didn't hurt your feelings."
Said, "No, no harm done."
I said, "All right." See? See?
L-167 What? Yes, oh, my, we forget Who is in the ship. See? "How can we know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, because that them people that says, 'it's not so'?" His ministry throws it right back into their laps. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And you're just as guilty of His Blood as Pilate was. It's on your hands. You can't wash It off. Did you ever think of that?
L-168 How would you like to have the President's blood on your hands? What would you do? You know what's coming to you. Well, that's a minor thing to have the Blood of Jesus on your hands. That's right.
L-169 What if--if the man that killed the President... Maybe Oswald didn't do it. They'll never know who done it, of course. But if he didn't do it, what if the man is alive, tonight, and knows he's got the President's blood on his hands? What will he do if they catch him and he has to face the Supreme Court, the justice of this nation? Look at the angry eyes looking down upon him. You know, he could plead mercy, say, "I didn't mean to do it. I--I--I tell you, I--I'm a good fellow. I--I didn't mean to do it." There will be no mercy. It'd been bad to look across that Supreme Court, like that.
L-170 But what about looking across at the eyes of God, when you got the Blood of Jesus Christ, and guilty of crucifying Him afresh? What about that?
L-171 Did you ever notice an airplane pilot before he goes up in the airplane? He's got... checks every instrument he can. He'll take that plane out, he'll check everything; and stand out there and rev it up, and rev it up, to see if it'll take off, and everything. Why? He is awful careful. He has got blood on his hands if he don't watch.
L-172 Look at a doctor, for an operation, how he checks every tool, takes the x-ray, and everything. Why? He's got that man on his hands. If he dies, the blood is on him. And he checks everything, to be sure that the blood is not upon him. That's right. He don't want no blood on his hands. Human blood don't want to be on human's hands.
L-173 But what are you going to do with the Blood of Jesus Christ on your hands? Now you can't throw It out, say, "I don't believe That." The Bible condemns you. He says He's the same yesterday, today, and forever; and here He is working, doing the same. The Blood is on your hands, anyhow, and you can't wash It off. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-174 Pilate tried that. There couldn't be enough water to wash It off his hands. He tried to pass It on to his organization, the higher up, the presbyter, said, "If you would let me do it," but it backfired.
L-175 It comes right back to you. See? You can't get It off your hands, no way in the world but accept It. The only way you can get It off your hands, is get It on your heart. That's the only way to do it. And when we see Jesus Christ today manifest Himself here just exactly like He al-... when He did here on earth, and promised to do it, we are sure this is the Messiah. Now It's on your hands, in your lap. What will you do with this Jesus called Christ?
L-176 Jesus said, "I will never forsake you. I'll be with you always, even to the end time." He'll be there just the same. Again He said, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you. A little while and the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." [Hebrews 13:5], [John 14:19]
L-177 Say, "How can I be sure of it? Oh, Brother Branham, if I could just be sure!"
L-178 St. John 14:12, He said, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." [John 14:12]
L-179 He is now waiting to be called on the scene, to prove that to you. That's right. So, let's go wake Jesus, in our lives. He was alive here, not long ago. He healed you one time, He did this and that. He was alive to you then. He, He is alive tonight. Call Him on the scene.
L-180 Just like I've said, if Shakespeare was in me I'd do the works of Shakespeare. If Christ is in you, you'll--you'll believe God's Word just like He did. He defeated the Devil on every time he come; said, "It's written!" That's all, and that stood on It. Satan knowed He believed that, and he got away from Him. [Matthew 4:4]
L-181 Then, call Him to confirm His Word, oh, my, making Hebrews 13:8 right, then the doubts and fear will cease just like the winds did. Them old winds going through your mind, "Maybe I won't get it. Maybe it won't be me. Maybe He won't do this." Don't. There ain't no maybe to it. He promised it. That takes all the maybe's out of it.
L-182 "If I know He was here!" Why, here He is identifying Himself, just the same tonight, by the same means and the same promise that He did when He was here on earth. That's how the disciples had to believe Him.
L-183 The popular belief was, "The Man was crazy." Now anybody knows that, don't you, that, "The Man was crazy. And He was a fortuneteller of some kind, an evil spirit, a Beelzebub who could read their mind; some evil spirit like fortune-telling"?
L-184 Jesus told them, "That would be blaspheming the Holy Ghost."
L-185 Now, it has been written, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall He do also. I, if I... If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, then ask what you will and it'll be given to you." See? Now, it has been written, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." All these promises that He's been giving! Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." All those promises, it has been written. It's been written, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." It's been written, now let it be done. Amen. [John 14:12], [John 15:7], [Luke 17:28-30], [Mark 16:17-18]
L-186 Wake Jesus, call Him on the scene! Are you scared to do it? Are you afraid to take God's challenge?
L-187 Let's pray, bow our heads just a moment. Everybody just as reverent as you can be, for the next few minutes now, just don't move. Just sit real still. If the organ will softly play, if you will, the... some song.
L-188 Come down, Lord Jesus, into our hearts, make us to know our weakness.
L-189 "Mold me, O Lord." Pray now. "Lord Jesus, I'm in need. Mold me and make me, Lord, (I'm just a little bundle of clay now) after Thy will, while I am yielding, oh, waiting, yielded and still. Have Thine Own way, Lord! Have Thine Own way!" All around, over the building, everywhere, just be deeply in prayer now. I want you to pray.
I am the clay.
Mold me and make me
After Thy will, While I am waiting,
Yielded and still.
L-190 Just real quiet time now. Just pray, say, "Lord Jesus, make me now a believer. Take all the unbelief out."
L-191 I'm wanting you to pray a little bit just before I call the prayer line. My son said he give out a great host of prayer cards, went down every aisle; and everybody, wanted a card, got one. I'm going to pray for you. We're going to have the line just like we had before, the old-fashion line, come up here and pray, and lay hands on the sick. I want you to believe.
L-192 Do you feel like that you could recognize Him? Do you realize that He is in the boat tonight? He is in this little boat, this little ark, this little body of believers. You believe He is riding along with us, tonight, sailing life's solemn main? If you really believe it with all your heart, just raise your hand, say, "I believe it. I believe it. I now accept it."
L-193 Father, You see their hands, mine with it. I believe You, too. Now we're waiting, Father. Come, Lord Jesus. One night when the disciples were bothered, they had been talking to Somebody, they didn't know Who it was. They said He was a Stranger around the country. But one night, when they shut the doors and got Him on the inside, He done something just like He did before His crucifixion and His resurrection. They knew It was Him. Come again tonight, Lord, and do that for us, will You, while we're waiting? We know we've seen You do it. And may You take all the fear out of the people's hearts.
L-194 Through Jesus' Name, may every one that we lay hands on, tonight, may they be healed, every one of them. May there not be a feeble person. May every sick person, dying, heart trouble, and female trouble, and cancer, and TB, and leukemia, whatever it might be, may they be healed tonight, Lord.
L-195 May, as they pass through this line and we lay our hands upon them, may they recognize it's just not just going by man, but God and man is one. God has come into man, and God does nothing apart from man. That's what He does. His works is through man. He made man His partner.
L-196 When Jesus stood, looking upon the harvest, He said, "The harvest is ripe, the laborers are few; pray the Lord of the harvest." And He was the Lord of the harvest. In other words, "Ask Me to do what I know is right to do." [Luke 10:2], [James 4:2]
L-197 But He had connected Himself with His disciples. They was the one to ask. He said, "You have not, because you ask not. You ask not, because you believe not." But, Father, we believe, and we're asking tonight for Your mercy again with us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-198 Now, each one of you now with your prayer cards, we're going to have you to line. And I don't know where... They're probably upstairs, downstairs, and where they are. We're going to have about--about a half hour here, or more, for prayer for the sick. It's just now nine, or just a little bit after. We think we can do it, and get through.
L-199 Now look. Now don't nobody leave. Everybody sit real still now. You're wanting a healing service, that's what we been waiting for. Have you been waiting for a healing service? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, it's here now. And the Healer is here, Jesus Christ, He is here.
L-200 Now, remember, what if He had on this suit here, that He had His disci-... one of His servants, Brother and Sister Collins sitting out there, from my tabernacle, to give me? What if--if He was here wearing this suit, and He was standing here just like I'm standing here now? Do you know, if you'd say, "Lord, will You heal me," do you know He could not do it against your unbelief? How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You would have to believe Him the same as you do now. That's right. You would have to believe Him just like you do now.
L-201 And remember, what He's already done, He cannot do again. See, He's put it completely from His reach now. He's put it in your reach. He's done all He can do. Is that right, ministers? [Ministers say, "Amen."--Ed.] See, there isn't a thing He can do about it. It's out of His reach. It's in your reach. "For He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." See? See, it's out of His reach. It's, but He's brought it to your reach. It's in your reach now. It was put there for you. He'd just point to where it was at. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-202 "Well," you say, "If I... It's always been a puzzle to me. If He's, if... Really, the truth is, does He still live?"
L-203 Certainly, He lives. What's this you're bumping into all the time? What's that condemns you when you're wrong? What's that that makes you believe? That's Him. You might not be able to open your eyes and see Him, because He's in spirit form, the invisible God. But He dwells among a visible people, making Himself visible by His promised Word in that people. Do you understand that now?
Here, before we call the prayer line, I trust God will do this.
L-204 I, I love you, Life Tabernacle. You know that. I've been your brother. I've tried to be, anyhow. I've done many failings, but I've tried to be.
L-205 Listen. Come to yourself, tonight. Wake up, before it's too late. See, wake up, quickly. He is here with us. Now I want each one of you...
L-206 I'm going to, with the bottom of my heart, I'm going to try to call the people that I know in this building, and, no matter if I look past you, that shows that I--I pass you by; if the Light of--of this is over you, I'll pass it by.
L-207 I'm pretty sure this is Brother Julius Stadsklev, his wife and family, sitting right here on this front seat. Yeah, I'm sure of that.
L-208 And then the next person that I see, that I know. Now just a moment. I seen somebody a few moments ago, that I thought I recognized, and that was Brother Evans, but I've lost where he is at now. Brother Welch Evans, yeah, yeah, pardon me. Yes.
L-209 And Fritzinger sitting right next to him. That's that family sitting right here. Evanses and Fritzingers sitting there together.
L-210 And now here is Brother and Sister Dauch, sitting right here. I know them.
L-211 And I know this little girl here, one of them. The little June, that's Brother Evans' and Sister Evans' daughter.
L-212 And I heard Fred Sothmann say, "Amen." There is nobody says it like him. He is in here somewhere. I don't know where he's at. He's back in the back, somewhere. Where you at, Fred, where, where? Oh, yes, back there.
L-213 And is that Brother Wood sitting there by you? Yeah, Brother Wood. All right.
Well, this is the tape boy sitting here, Jim Maguire.
And that's Brother Blair sitting right there.
L-214 All right, I think that's all that I see that I know. Now, I might have seen you. Some of your faces look like I've seen them, but I don't know who they are. Now, the Holy Spirit knows that.
L-215 But now, you people that I... that--that--that I know you, you know I know you, don't you, you just--you just pray. Don't pray for nothing yourself. Don't try to touch Him. Just pray for me, see. Just pray for me, that the God that you know that I serve, that He might be merciful to somebody else sitting by. Now you pray. And let's just ask Him if He will identify Himself, Messiah.
L-216 Yeah, I believe... I'm not sure, but I think I see Sister Moore. Is that Sister Moore? I--I thought she... That was her. She's lost a little weight, and that's the reason I didn't recognize her at first, but I thought that I recognized her sitting right over there.
L-217 Now just pray now, everybody be just as--just as reverent. And you look this... or look down, whatever you want to, and just pray.
L-218 And now listen, I want to ask you something. Now let me take this Scripture for tonight, instead of the woman touching His garment. Let's just take it back to what I've been preaching, the Word. Now, the Bible said that, "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful, than a two-edged sword," that's Hebrews 4, "and It is a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart and the mind." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, "If ye abide in Me, and My Word abide in you." Now, the Word is the promise, that the Word Itself is a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart. Is that right? ["Amen."] Now pray. How could that be more clear? [Hebrews 4:12]
L-219 Pray now, just be real reverent and pray. Not knowing you. Just, and you that I know, pray for somebody that I don't know, that the Lord will touch somebody; that they might, in touching.
L-220 Now, quickly, I see It arising. Over to my left, over against the wall, to my extreme left, is a man sitting there that's praying. I don't know him. And that Light hangs right over him. And the man has a lung trouble that he's praying about. He's had a couple operations on those lungs. He's a--a middle-aged man, wearing glasses, graying hair. And he's... Do you believe, sir? The man I'm speaking to, Mr. Buford. That is your name, sir. You believe now, Jesus Christ will make you whole if you'll believe it.
L-221 I never seen that man in my life. Now if anybody wants to see him; would you stand on your feet, ever who the man was. Stand up, where, there. There you are. I never seen him in my life. Now, what, what is that? Stop. "Can you explain that, Brother Branham?" I cannot. Who could explain that? I can't. No.
L-222 Here, there is a lady sitting way back towards the back. And I see her praying. And I see a man reeling, and kind of throwing his hands up in the air. He's staggering. It's her husband. He's an alcoholic. He drinks, all the time. And she is praying for his release. Her name is Mrs. Morgan. Raise up your hand. That is right. I'm a stranger to her, but that is true.
L-223 Stand up, lady that was just called. There you are, and I don't know the woman. Tell me what she touched, way back there. What is the Word? "A Discerner, and of the thoughts and the intents of the heart."
L-224 You all may sit down now, rejoice, be happy, if you desire to sit down. You don't have to; just suit yourself, whatever you want to do. Just be happy and rejoice, because the Lord has been good to you.
L-225 Here is a lady right out here in front of me. And she is very sick, perhaps sicker than what she thinks she had. She is actually suffering with hemorrhoids, and they're becoming cancerous. Mrs. Morgan... not Mrs. Morgan, I'm sorry. It's Mrs. Anderson. If you'll believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will make you well. Do you believe that, lady?
L-226 Stand up on your feet, if that's right. I don't know the lady. She is exactly in line with this other lady, and I could see that still hanging there. That's the reason. The other night... You may sit down, if you wish to, sister. And believe, and you'll be made well.
L-227 Mr. Wood here, I was went down with him, for a day's hunting, down in Kentucky. While I was standing there in the place, his sister-in-law, not a Christian, come by, thinking she had cancer on her throat. I had seen a vision that morning, of a woman wearing a checkered dress. She had on a red coat, and when she went in the other room and (didn't know why she come by) took off that red coat, come back, she had on a checkered dress. I said, "Come here." That was it. The Holy Spirit told her what it was, and that was it. She didn't even have to go to the doctor. It was finished.
L-228 A few minutes after that, there was a man, not knowing why he come up, dying with a heart trouble. And he said, "Have you got company?"
L-229 And the lady said, "Brother Branham is out there with Banks."
L-230 He said, "Thanks be to God!" And I went in there. Laying back in a chair, dying in a heart attack; the Lord healed him. Two or three days after that, said he hadn't had a bit of trouble with it since then.
L-231 Up come the sister-in-law, coming in, the daughter-in-law, rather, a young woman, Mrs. Cox. And at the tabernacle, a few days before that, there had been a lady healed, with diabetes, that was sitting. I seen that girl rise in the vision. I wouldn't call her, because she comes there at that tabernacle. And the day or two after that, she had been taken to the clinic for examination, and she had awful diabetes. She was on her road then back to get her--her--her blood checked again. And then she'd have to quit work, her arms has done went numb, and things. And I said, "Margie, when the doctor examines you, your faith has healed you." And they took her to the clinic, the same clinic again, examined her again, and it was gone. Just on and on, on and on, it just keeps going on, because He is God, and He fails not. You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-232 I see a man sitting here, looking at me now. He's had a little trouble in his life, he had the mumps when he was... He's kind of got something on his heart. He's looking right at me. His children is all boys. He wants a girl now. You know, that man is a preacher, too. Mr. Bird, Reverend Mr. Bird, raise up your hand, sir. That's true, isn't it? God grants you your request, sir. Yeah.
L-233 See how simple? God dwells in simplicity. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Working in simplicity, His wonders to perform.
L-234 You've lost your sense of smell, haven't you, lady? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] Sitting there looking so honestly at me, you were praying that I'd call you. You have your request. You are a minister's wife. That's right. ["Yes, sir."] You've lost your sense of smell. And you got a great burden on your heart. ["Yes."] You've got two sons that you're praying for. That's right. Your name is Sister Leggs. ["That's right!"] I never saw her in my life.
L-235 "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] "All things are possible, if thou canst believe." Do you believe now His Presence is here? ["Amen."] Isn't He the Discerner of the thoughts, intents of the heart? He know.
L-236 Ask those people, check around, if anybody is in doubt. Ask them. I never seen the people, in my life. Yes, sir.
L-237 You believe God can take that tumor out of you? Looking around there at her getting healed, do you believe He could heal the tumor, make you well? You do? This lady here next to you, too, with swelling in her body, and things, you think the Lord could make you well, both of you? You do? All right, He can, if you'll believe it.
L-238 You sitting, looking at me there, sir, do you believe that God can heal that prostate trouble? Sitting right back there with that black tie on, do you believe God will heal the prostate trouble? That's what you have. If that's right, raise up your hand. That's right. All right. Uh-huh. See?
L-239 You believe? He is in the ship. Here He is right here, His Word doing just what It said It would do, taking the secrets of the heart and making it known. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."
L-240 Lord Jesus, I pray for these handkerchiefs that's laying here, these sick and afflicted. After they're standing here, Lord, at the very creative Voice of God speaking through human beings, while faith is vibrating one from the other, may these handkerchiefs be blessed. And the people that they are put upon, may they be blessed and be healed.
L-241 And now, Father, while Your Spirit is here, and the disciples now, the followers of You now see that You're in the boat, there is no need of being afraid. There is nothing going to harm anything. Why, You're here! You're the Creator. Let it be so, Lord, that their faith won't fail when they walk into this prayer line now. May they be healed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-242 How can we be sure that He is? Are you sure? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] We are convinced. I am thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Are you? ["Amen."] I'm convinced. That, I know that I don't know those things.
L-243 Now, well, look here, I want to tell you something. These here are just little minor things that happen. How about those who go, who is around home, and goes with me to meetings and things? Raise up your hands, brothers, if you all, and sisters, you that goes with me in the meeting around, and just the things that happens. Why, this is just minor things. When I tell you different places, and what's going to happen here, "And be down here, we're going to meet a man. You're going to try to keep me away from him. Don't do it, 'cause I'm supposed to go. His wife is a certain-certain thing. She is going to be healed. I'm going to tell him this." "This boy crosses the street, is going to ask a certain thing. I'll tell him a certain thing; he'll do this and do that." Why, it's just constantly, all and all the time, like that. It's Jesus Christ, not a human being. It's Christ. I'm a human being, but He is Christ.
L-244 "What is the gift, Brother Branham?" I can't explain it. The only thing I know, is, just let William Branham get out of the way, that's all, and He just takes the clay and works through it.
L-245 Believe it, will you, Shreveport? Believe it with all your heart, and don't doubt, you'll have your healing when you pass through here.
L-246 Now, visions doesn't heal you. Visions only identifies His Word to be true. See, you're already healed. Visions only proves that He is here and He is still the living Word. But as far as healing you, it doesn't. It only lets you know that He's here. He's already healed you; His Blood. The reason He's here is because He healed you. The reason He's here is because He saved you. His life was give for you. His Blood was shed. And He is here in the form of the Holy Ghost, to work through us, to prove that He's here. But your healing is with your faith. If you believe it, it's so. Amen.
L-247 Now how many on this side has prayer cards, over this aisle over here? I want you to step out in the aisle on this side. And as soon as they get through, then this aisle here step out on that side. And then this aisle here go right around and follow right in behind, and this one here, and we'll come right around in prayer.
L-248 Brother Jack Moore, where is he at? [Brother Moore says, "Right here."--Ed.] Is it--is it all right if I call up ministers to help me? ["It's just perfectly all right, brother."]
L-249 Any minister here, that believes in the Message of the Lord, that believes that the Bible has taught these things, and you're thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is here with us tonight, and you would want to come here and--and help us lay hands upon the sick. If you're... If there is something in your life now that's holding you back from faith, don't come, see, 'cause you've got to believe that when you lay your hands upon this person that they're going to get well. You're only joining your faith with theirs. See what I mean? You're joining your faith with theirs, by contacting them, laying your hands on them. And if you got a little bit of doubt about it, don't you do it.
L-250 And then, look, every one that comes in the prayer line, if you've got the least bit of doubt, that you're not going to be healed tonight, don't come in. It'll only make you worse. See, you'll only get worse, see, so don't come in the prayer line. Wait till tomorrow. Do it tomorrow sometime, some other time when you got faith. Don't do it, because it's only for those who have faith to believe.
L-251 Now I want you minister brethren to come up here and stand with me while we pray for the sick. And you on the platform, come right down here in front now, right down in front of the aisle here, 'cause we can't bring those cases, and the wheel chairs and things, up over this aisle. I'm going to step right down here and pray for them. Come right down here, and any of you man back there that's ministers that believe with all your heart.
L-252 And now it's you, you're sincere, you--you really want, you believe it's going to happen. See? And then if you believe it, and they believe it; and when you lay your hands upon them, something's got to happen, if both of you is going to believe it. See what I mean?
L-253 All right, line up right here, brethren. Make a double line right across this a way now, each one of you ministering brother. I wish you'd come down this way just a little bit, so they can have that aisle to go back in, if you will, 'cause some of these over here will go right back this middle aisle. If you'll just kind of make your way right down here, my brothers, if you will. That's fine.
L-254 I think we ought to thank the Lord for--for a group of man like this, that's willing to stand out in the face of critics, anything else, and take their stand, and say, "I believe it." Amen. I'm very grateful for a man of that type. I'm glad to put my shoulders with theirs, to put my heart with theirs, to put my emotion with theirs, to put my faith with theirs. And around the--the Bread of Life and the Word of God, we are brothers together, joint heirs in the Kingdom with Jesus Christ. These man might not be able to stand up and make the Word... That's--that's a gift, that's just a gift, is to show the last sign at the last day. That's exactly what it's to do. But these man has just exactly the same right to lay hands on the sick, as anyone else; me, or Oral Roberts, or Tommy Hicks, or Tommy Osborn, anybody else. They have the same authority, by the same God, because they are servants of that same God.
L-255 Now when you people... I'm going to have Brother Price, or somebody, or Brother Moore. You going to come help us pray, or you going to stay at the... [A brother says, "No, I'm going to get the mike down there."--Ed.] All right, you're going to get the mike down. All right. Now I'm going to have Brother Price. Now when we come through here...
L-256 Now look, let this settle it. This is it. Don't have to shake Him. You don't have to. Just say, "Lord God, I believe it." See, He's awake right now. He's done proved Himself. He's done been aroused, among you. I feel Him, and I know He's here 'cause I see His evidence, the way He's working. Just think, the Creator Himself, the Word Himself, has been made vivid, evidenced right here with us tonight. And if you take my word, it's just moving all out through the building like that. It could just stand here and keep calling, calling, calling, calling. But, I guess, eight or ten people, or maybe more, was brought out in the line. That's enough to identify that His Presence is here.
L-257 Now, Brother Price, if you will, I want the congregation to sing real softly, "The great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus." If He died that you might be made well, certainly He is in sympathy with your sickness. He, He sympathizes with you because you are sick. And as you come through the line, men of God is going to lay hands upon you. I'm going to stand here and take my place with these men of God. Come right back around and...
L-258 Now, look, don't forget this now. Think hard now. When you pass through the line, have your faith fixed like this, "When I come to the end of that line, it's all over. I'm going right down that aisle. I'm standing here, sick. I'm standing here, bothered. I'm standing here, fearful. I'm standing here, not knowing what and what's going to take place. The doctor said this, and they said this, and say... But when I go down there, I'll have my hands up in the air, thanking the Lord that I'm well." And just watch what happens. Now I would...
L-259 Many times, people are very conscious when you're watching them; sick people, especially. They're watching you. And, that's what, the--the--the eye is the gate to the soul. That's the reason Jesus led them out. Of course, there will not be as many healed this way as it would be if you had them one, by time out, and taking it down. But look how many wants to be prayed for, see. You can't take them like that. But now this is the way that your faith has to catch it.
L-260 Now, don't say, "I--I don't know what, how to explain it." Nobody does.
L-261 But we believe it because the Word said so. And the vindicated Christ is here with us; called Him on the scene. What did He do when we called Him? He showed us, "I'm the same yesterday, today, and forever." Amen. Only believe. Just believe it with all your heart, while we... with our heads bowed now. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-262 And Brother Price, or some of them here will... Brother Price will direct the lines, and each one go through, and take your seat back again, as we sing The Great Physician.
L-263 And we'll pray. Now let's everybody, beforehands, I want to pray. Cause... Let's pray now. Remember, Peter, when he was called to the house of Dorcas, he prayed over in a corner; got up, went over and put his hand on Dorcas, and said, "Dorcas, rise up."
L-264 Heavenly Father, we are likewise praying. You are here. You made Yourself known. You're our Lord, our Saviour. You've healed us many times. In the hour here, where hundreds of people will be coming from that basement and around every places, to be healed. They'll be coming in this prayer line. Here is Your servants, all of us, believing that You're going to do just what You promised. And we're going here to lay our hands upon these men and women, boys and girls, as they pass through this line. May each one of them believe, Lord.
L-265 And we're going to sing this sweet old hymn, The Great Physician, and that's You, Lord. Now we're going out on the basis of THUS SAITH THE LORD. Our faith is telling us, pulsating in our own hearts, that these signs shall follow them that believe. And we are believers. We are standing, a mighty army, and we're going to meet Satan's challenge. We're meeting it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-266 All right, Brother Price. And now everyone with their heads bowed, praying, and some of you singing The Great Physician. And the prayer line will be moving. Brother Price will be leading the song, and directing the people as they come through. The Lord bless you now.
L-267 [Brother Branham and the ministers pray for the sick, as Brother Price and the congregation sing, The Great Physician.]
L-268 Jesus one time said, "Know what I have done to you?" See? [John 13:12]
L-269 How many believes now, with hands went on them, line coming through there, that that done exactly what Jesus said it would do? Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] His Word cannot fail. Because that you have said this, because that you have witnessed that you believe it, I'm going to believe this with all my heart, and say, "God Almighty makes you well," see, 'cause I know it's the Scripture. It's the Truth. I believe that every person, come through the line, will be made totally well.
L-270 Now what do you do with it? You don't doubt it. You hold it right before you, your Token. What is your Token? The Holy Spirit in your heart. You've passed through that line, it has to happen. There is no way for it... No matter how many you've been through before, this is it. This is the hour. This is the time. It's over. It's settled. Just forget you ever was sick, or ever had it, ever afflicted, or anything. God will take care of it for you. You believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Amen. I believe it with all my heart.
L-271 Now let's stand up, each one of us, right up like this. And, now, as the brother said in his pamphlet I read today, to raise your hand is a universal sign of surrender. I Surrender All. Let's sing it.
I surrender,
I surrender all,
All to Thee, my Christ, my Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-272 "Jesus, I... My will, my doubts, my faith, my heart, my body, my sickness, my life, I surrender all!"
I will ever love and believe Him,
In His Presence daily...
L-273 Now mean it with all your heart now, as you raise your hands. "I--I surrender my faith, Lord. I surrender my everything. I'm healed."
Surrender, I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-274 Isn't He wonderful? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, think, we mean that, everything is surrendered. "I'm no more my own thinking. I ain't going to think like I'd think, Lord. I'm just going to think like You think. And, You promised that I was healed, I think that. I surrender my thinking. I won't no more think about my sickness. I won't think about the disease I had. I ain't thinking about nothing but thinking what You said."
L-275 Now right out in front of you stands a person just like you was a few minutes ago, you were sick down here, but there is a well person standing there. Jesus Christ is calling to that well person right beyond it. Now you just, by faith, as you close your eyes, walk right into that well body, see, then just keep on walking, just keep on going. "I surrender all." The Lord bless you. "I..."

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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