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Prayer Line 63-07
63-pl-07, Prayer Line 63-07, 66 min

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63-1110E - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 202 - 263)
L-203 That's how these miracles happen. That's how that wind ceased, the other day. Could a human being do that? No, sir, it's impossible. When I stood there, crying, and them winds ripping, and...
How many is in here, was up there? Let's see you raise your hands. Raise your hands up, everybody was up there, that up in Colorado then at--at that time. All right. Brother Fred, I guess, is the only one that was present, then. I thought maybe Brother Mann was here, but he... Brother, Brother Evans, wasn't he? Brother Evans was up there at that time. Yeah. All right. And, yeah.
L-204 Notice. Isn't that the truth? Isn't that the way it happened? The rains just ceased, and the winds ceased to blow. What was it? At my word? No! Because He told me to do it. And greater is He that's in us, than any nature. Isn't that the same God that could still the waves on the sea, could make the winds go back to their place? Isn't He the same One that could darken the sun, could make the sun shine? Well, "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." See? All right.
L-205 Now that's why these true miracles can be done, because it's a promise of God, "The things that I do, shall you also." Saint John 14:12. He, Christ, that stilled the winds and the waves, is the Creator of them. He is still just as much Creator as He was then. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
He healed the sick and destroyed sin, and changed it all for you, and come to you that He might dwell with you. He conquered all these, to come and live in us. He is that Conqueror that's already conquered these things; proved it in the Scriptures, come back and conquered everything, and proved to you that He is the same God. And after nineteen hundred years, here He is still doing the same thing among us that He did then, that conquered death, hell, sickness, and the grave!
L-206 This Christ, this "He," He is He that's in you. He is Christ. As John said, "He that's in you is greater than he that's in the world." That was Christ! He is greater than all of the world because He conquered the world, and is the greater, than all those things, because He conquered it for us. "And we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us and gave Hisself for us," that He might come back and do His works through us, to prove to us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
When He was on earth, He proved when He stood among the people, He was Messiah. He could discern the thoughts that's in their hearts. And the Bible said, Moses said, that, "He would be a prophet." Is that right? He knew the secrets of the heart. He knew who the people were. He know what was wrong with them. Have we seen that done? [Congregation says "Amen."--Ed.] Time after time!
L-207 We know that the dead has been raised, right from the dead. Some of them has been dead for a day and a half. Well, died one morning, and they brought it back that night, and traveled all night; and the next day about noon, or a little after noon, it come in to where the tent was. A little dead baby, cold, and laying in the mother's arms. And the Lord God brought, spoke the Word of Life, and that baby warmed up and started crying; hand it back to its mother's arm.
L-208 Mrs. Stadklev, standing there to see that done, that's the reason she cried so for her baby, wanted me to fly to Germany. But the Lord said, "That's My hand; don't you rebuke that." See, you know better.
When He told Moses, said, "Speak to the rock," don't smite it. That meant "speak," don't smite, see. You got to obey what He says do. "But no man can do nothing in himself," he's got to hear it first from God.
L-209 Now the Word of God promised that He lives. And, because He lives, you live. He promised, that, "The works that I do shall you also. The same things, only more of it, will you do, because I go to the Father." He conquered all things. He is the One that stopped...
He is the One that made those squirrels. That happened two times. Happened once down at your place, Charlie. And it happened--it happened up here when, brethren, Brother Fred and Brother Banks and them up there with us.
L-210 It's happened in Germany, when them fifteen witch doctors, on each side of me, said... Because Billy and Brother Arganbright wouldn't let them--them see me, they said, "Well, we'll cause that tent to blow away." And they set down there, with their enchantments, and called on their god, the Devil, and here he come with a storm. About thirty thousand, forty thousand Germans out there, and that tent just raising up-and-down like this.
Them, and then cut, took a scissor and cut a feather, and pointed it back like that. And saying their, going through all their enchantments, and saying the three holy words they say, "The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost; lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu! The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost; lu-lu-lu!"
L-211 Going like that, and actually the storm come up. Sure. "He's the prince of the powers of the air," Satan. And they called the storm. And, now, even that great big tent setting out like that, oh my, it'd cover about a city block; and it built up, built out of two-by-four's, and just canvas tacked over it. The wind got under there and just raised it, like that. And that wind, and lightning flying like that, I just continually preached. [Ephesians 2:2]
L-212 And, oh, they was just going into a big enchantment, going on and on like that, saying those little holy words they said, "The three high holy words: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," on both sides like that. Then I seen him bow, and surrounded by devils there, but not bound.
L-213 And I said to Brother Lowster, "Don't interpret this."
L-214 I said, "Brother Arganbright, just pray."
L-215 I said, "Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, You sent me here. I set my foot on this German soil, in the Name of Jesus Christ, because You sent me here. That cloud has no power over me. It does not, because I'm anointed and sent here for the salvation of this people."
"I command you, in Jesus' Name, to depart from here."
L-216 And the thunders, going, "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Went, "Grrrrrrrrr," rolled away, and right straight over the tent, blowed back; and the sun shined out.
L-217 Within ten minutes, there was about ten thousand around the altars and things, screaming for mercy, to see the power of God. Why? "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." See? [I John 4:4]
L-218 "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." See the afflictions in the thing, oh, brother, sister, we have not one worry at all. The greatness is God, and He is in you. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-219 Now I've went way overtime. It's fifteen minutes, about, after nine. And I know these people have a long way to drive.
Let's bow our heads just a moment.
L-220 O Father God, Thou knowest about Colorado. You know those things are true. And I say it for Your glory, that these people might know. After all the scientific proving, of the pictures, and of the works of the Holy Ghost. And, Lord, Thou knowest that He... that I plainly stated to the people, and always do, that it's because You promised it. And You are here, trying to find someone that You can confirm Yourself through, to let others see that You live, and You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. I pray Thee, Lord, to be merciful, and to guide and direct us in our thoughts.
L-221 There are those setting here who are sick and afflicted. There are those who perhaps may die if they don't get help from You. Many of them, perhaps, is at the end of the road, where the doctors cannot help no more. Thou art God, and You're the same yesterday, today, and forever. And Your Presence is here.
L-222 And, Lord, we don't know what this Third Pull, as we have referred to It, will be. I don't know what. But we know one thing, that the First Pull was perfection. The Second Pull, being the five, was grace.
And, God, I pray tonight that You will reveal Yourself to us, that after these things, saying, "He that's in you!" And You said, "The works that I do shall you also," and said You did nothing till the Father showed You. [John 14:12]
L-223 And we seen what You did when You was able to tell Apostle Peter who he was, what his father's name was. Tell Nathanael what his mission was, how he come to be there, where he was beforehands, what he had done. Told the woman, at the well, of her sins and what she was, living in this adultery with these six men; five she had had, and one she was living with now was not her husband. Thou art still the same God. You told...
L-224 It was Bartimaeus' blind condition, as he stood there; but yet, in his heart, he had a sight, that he could see; that, if that was Jehovah manifested in the Sonship of Jesus Christ, that He was able to know his cry. And he cried out, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me!" And it stopped You, and You turned and healed him, O Father, telling him that his faith had saved him.
L-225 That little anemia woman, that through this blood issue and the change of life, and for many years it could not stop. She had spent all of her money for doctors, and none of them could help her. She came to one of Your meetings as You was talking to a man there at--at Galilee, as You was on Your road to Jairus' house. This little woman had said within her heart, without a Scripture behind it, "If I can only touch His garment, I--I believe that I'll be made whole." And she got her desire when she touched Your garment. And You told her that her faith had did this, described her wants, and she was made whole. [Matthew 9:21]
L-226 We are told in the Word that You're an High Priest, that's setting on High, ever living to make intercessions. And--and also that You, being the High Priest, at this time, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Lord God, grant that every person here tonight may be... have the privilege of touching You tonight, the great High Priest, and be made well. For the Glory of God, I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-227 Now I don't... Is there prayer cards? I--I told Billy not... has anybody got a prayer cards? All right, that's right, I told him not to give them out. I thought maybe I'd get a little long, as I... oh, I just talk so much. But, look, see, and you told me, when I said, "I'll try to be out at eight-thirty," you laughed, and I--I knew you knew what you were talking about. I--I'm... but I--I love you. See?
L-228 What, what I'm trying to do, I've always tried this, friend; never for somebody to say, "Brother Branham did this." Brother Branham can't do nothing. See? It's Jesus Christ. And He that's in me is in you. You just have to believe. Isn't that right? See? He that's in you is greater than your disease.
L-229 Now how many people in here is sick in their bodies, don't know me, but you believe that you have faith enough to touch the High Priest, raise up your hand, say, "I believe it"? All right. Oh, there's practically everywhere, hands. All right. How many in here that knows me, and knows I know nothing about what you have need of, and you want God to touch you? Raise up your hand. See? See? All right.
L-230 Frankly, there is nobody in here that I know anything about, right at this present time, of being sick. But this boy setting here, I know him. I've prayed for him, many times. I can't think of his name, but he's from down in Kentucky. He writes to me all the time, personal friend of Brother and Sister Woods and them, and comes up there. And he's attended the meeting for a long, long time. That's the only person that I know.
L-231 Now, Brother Dauch, as far as I know, is all right, or he wouldn't be setting here. He was very sick the other day, and the Lord healed him.
L-232 I don't know this person. And I don't know who it is has these crutches here; maybe that person in the chair. I--I don't know.
And I--I know lots of you. But God in Heaven knows, at this time, I don't know what you want. I have no idea. It's kind of hard here in the tabernacle, 'cause, see, I know a lot of people.
L-233 Now here is what it is. When you come to a place... Now, I come here, sometimes, and I say, "All right, we'll give everybody a prayer card and line them up. Come up on the platform." Somebody will go away... Now you can't...
Now, friends, I'm going to open up my heart and tell you something. You can't hide that. Just what you're thinking, I know it. That's right. I know what you're thinking. See? And sometimes you say, "Brother, I believe." Why, well, you believe to an extent. See? See? I know.
L-234 And right here, well, now, just right now, the anointing is just coming upon me, you see. And I can just feel that pulse, like, a beating, see, a throb from different places. See?
But now don't--don't no more disbelieve. Believe all the Message. Believe That. If it isn't, if it isn't written in the Bible, then don't you believe it. But if It is in the Bible, then the Holy Spirit that's living in us is duty bound to perform that if we believe It. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
I know it's hard. See, nothing comes easy.
L-235 It was hard for Him to die, that this might be produced to you. It was hard for Him to go to Calvary; He wanted to stay, even so much till He cried, "Not My will, but Thine be done." See? See? He don't want to leave; He was a young Man, and He had His brethren. He loved them just like I love you. But He--He couldn't live, and them live also, so He died that we might live. That wasn't easy. He had to do it. Look what a death laid before Him, "Father, the hour has come, and shall I pray that You take this cup away from Me? No." He didn't want to do that; He wanted God's will to be done.
L-236 Now, look, if you'll believe that same thing! Now, don't--don't--don't shadow It, at all. Just believe it. Just absolutely believe it. Don't doubt. You believe it.
L-237 If I bring the people up in a prayer line, and I say, "All right, now this person, you know I don't know you."
L-238 "No, that's right, Brother Branham."
L-239 Then right out there you'll catch somebody that says, "Uh-huh, but he's reading what they put on that prayer card! Telepathy!" It just verily will do it.
L-240 Then I'll say, "All right, now this Sunday we're not going to give out any prayer cards. I want everybody here, that's a stranger, never was in here before, you stand up." See? And--and then the Holy Spirit will turn right around and discern what was all in them. See? Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You seen it both ways.
L-241 "Oh, well, there is something wrong with that." See? See? There, there is no way, you--you--you can't... See, as long as Satan can get possession, he'll just make you believe anything.
And he'll show you every fault that I've got, and I got plenty of them he can show you. But don't you look at that! Don't you look at that. I'm a man. See? But, remember, this Word of God is the Truth, and I'm trying to live by It.
L-242 If I go out here and start doing things wrong, that's not right, sinning, and drinking, and, or smoking, or--or doing things that's not right, you--you come and call me down, 'cause that--that ain't becoming. I--I want then to leave the world. I don't... I want to leave before that happens. See? I don't want to do that.
L-243 But as long as I'm trying to live what's right and do what's right, see, and try to live like a Christian ought to, and then let God take His Word and hearing me stand by It. Though It cost me so many friends and popularity of the world, and things like that, and hated by many, and denominations, kicked out, yet I want to be true to this Word. It's God's Word, and I love God. So it's God's Word, and I--I tell you that, "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever," and He is in us now. And if the...
L-244 Now, if the life of Shakespeare was in me, living in me, if Shakespeare lived in me, wouldn't I do the works of Shakespeare? If Beethoven is in me, wouldn't I do the works of Beethoven? If the spirit of Dillinger was in me, if John Dillinger lived in me, wouldn't I be a John Dillinger? If Beethoven was in me, I'd be a Beethoven? See? If Castro was in me, I'd be a Castro? See?
And if Jesus Christ is in me, His works I'll do, because it's Him. And didn't He say that same thing would take place? See? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-245 Now what would He do if He was standing here, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever? He say, "I can only do what the Father shows Me to do." Is that right? Well, that's the way He did it yesterday.
Now is He the same? What about the sickness? Your price is already paid. Every one of you is already healed of your sickness. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] For that... Every one of you is forgiven, but you have to accept it. Every one of you is healed, but you have to accept it. [John 5:19]
L-246 Now, to prove that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He was standing here, He could not heal you, at all, with your unbelief. You would have to believe it, just the same as you have to believe it right now. It'd have to be the same, see. "Cause, many mighty works He could not do in His day, because of their unbelief." That right? Many mighty works He can't do today, because of the unbelief.
L-247 Now, Who was it could foretell that? God. Who was it that said this? God. Who was it that did that? God. Who is it that said where the bear, deer, caribou, all these other things, and the seven... all--all these things that's happened? Who was it said that? He, Christ, that's in us, prophesying Himself through us, revealing Himself that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Who stopped the winds? Who created the squirrels? The same One that created a ram for Abraham, when his... called Him "Jehovah-jireh." Them compound redemptive names still apply to Him. He is still Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord can provide for Himself a Sacrifice." [Genesis 22:14], [Exodus 15:26], [Exodus 17:15], [Judges 6:24], [Psalms 23:1], [Jeremiah 23:6], [Ezekiel 48:35], [Acts 2:36], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-248 Now, each one of you, I--I want your deepest of sincerity now. If you will actually believe with all your heart, there won't be a feeble person in the midst of us, by the time that clock turns five more minutes. There won't be a person here but what'll be on their feet, well, if you'll just believe it. Can you believe?
L-249 Now let's just see now if He will come to us and reveal Hisself, while we bow our heads.
L-250 Lord Jesus, now You help me. And I'll obey You, Lord, all I know how. Forgive my sins and trespasses. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-251 Now let's take this side here, someone in here. Believe, have faith, don't doubt! Somebody that doesn't know me, if possible. I can't say where the vision is going. I just have to watch for It. And if It does do that, then you know it, whether it's true or not. You just believe, and don't doubt. If He'll do it, will you believe, see, after all this that's been done today? See? Just accept your healing, see. Say, "Lord, I am now touching Jesus Christ. I'm believing." Now may the God of Heaven grant it.
L-252 "Greater is He that's in you, Christ, than he that's in the world." Now, in the meeting, where we touch Him, He reflects Hisself back; as the woman touched God, through Christ, and reflected back her needs. [I John 4:4]
L-253 I see now over in a corner here, it looks like it's a man, he's very seriously. No, it isn't. It's a woman praying for a man, and the man is not here. But it's a woman. I see that that woman... It's her--her father, and he is dying with cancer. And very seriously. The man is not here. He is in another place. It isn't this country, even. It's, he's in Georgia.
Just keep praying. You believe with all your heart now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Just keep praying, see.
The woman's name, is praying, is Mrs. Jordan. She is not from Georgia. She is from North Carolina. If that's right, lady, stand up on your feet. Right, all the truth. [The sister says, "Thank God! Thank God!"--Ed.] Was you praying for such? ["Yes, sir; my daddy."] All right. All right. [The sister continues to comment about her father.]
Do you believe, that, "He that's in you is greater than he that's in the world"? [The sister says, "I do."--Ed.] Do you believe that He that...
L-254 Look, here is something else. You've had a great training in your early days, or something another, because looks like you're mixed up or in some kind of a Christian... Isn't your father a minister, or somebody like that, some of your people, or something? [The sister says, "My husband."--Ed.] Your husband, that's who it is. I can see someone standing by you, preaching the Gospel, and you was in a church. He was connected with you. ["Praise the Lord!"] All right, there you are.
Now, the lady I don't know, but God knows the woman.
L-255 Now, have you got something in your pocketbook, a little handkerchief or something there? All right, then you pla-... When you set down, put your hands on that handkerchief, and don't doubt, and He that's in you is greater than he that's killing your daddy. Believe with all your heart, so shall it be as you believe.
L-256 Now, I want to ask you something. I don't know that woman. As far as I know, that's the first time, I guess, I ever saw her. But she is setting there in a desperate condition, praying. And the very God that could turn and tell the woman about her blood issue, is the same God that's here, showing that He that's in you has conquered the world. You believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] If you just have faith, don't doubt.
L-257 Talking of cancer, I see that black shadow again. It's over a woman, setting right here. She has cancer of the throat, and she is in a bad shape. And she has been prayed for, and trying to accept her healing. Mrs. Burton, if you will believe! I don't know the woman. But if you'll believe with all your heart... Really, the thing...
Let me explain this to you, what you're trying to do. You've lost your voice, from it, and you're trying to pray for your voice to come back. Is that right? Wave your hand like this. Now, the woman's a stranger to me. I don't know her. See her? That's right. There, there she is. See? "Greater is He that's in you, the faith that can touch Him, than he that's in your throat."
You believe with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-258 Sister Larsen, I do know you. She is my landlord. But, Sister Larsen, you've been to a doctor or something, something another. You're up for an operation. That's right. Isn't that right? Greater is He that's in you, Sister Larsen, than he that's in the world. Jesus said, "I was a stranger, and you took Me in. Insomuch as you have done unto the least of these, My little ones, you have done it unto Me."
O Heavenly Father, be merciful! [Matthew 25:35, 40]
L-259 What do you think? You're up for an operation, too. You're a stranger to me. Is that right? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] You're not from here. ["I know you, but you don't know me."] You know me, but I don't know you. ["You don't know me."] But God knows you. You believe that? ["Yes, I do."] You're up for an operation. You don't live here. You're near Bedford, Springville, something like... That's where it's at, Springville. Mrs. Burton... No, no, I beg your pardon, I didn't mean that. Mrs. Parker, that's your name. Isn't it? Greater is He that's in you, than he that's trying to kill you. Is that right? Do you believe with all your heart? Then you won't need your operation, if you do.
L-260 What do you think of all this, sister? I don't know you. You're a stranger to me. Do you believe me to be His prophet? [The sister says, "I believe it."--Ed.] You do. Thank you. God will honor that. You are Mrs. White. You come from Fort Worth, Texas. You got a muscular disease, a nervous condition. You're very bad. There is no hopes for you, as far as medical science is concerned. Your husband, he has a spiritual need that he's praying over. You got a son there, he has trouble with his back, and heart trouble. You got a little boy in his lap. That little boy has some kind of a speech that you're praying over. If that's right, raise up your hand. [The husband says, "That's right. They're our needs."]
"Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] With all your heart? ["Amen."] With all of it? ["Amen."]
Now let's bow our heads.
L-261 Now He's went through the building. He's proved to you that He's God. "Greater, this He that's in you, than he that's in the world." It's the Lord God. Now, He that's in you, let Him have preeminences. Let Him have the oversaying of--of what you...
You say in your heart right now, if you can, with all your heart, and believe it, "The disease that was in my body is gone." See? "I am no more afflicted. I have no more disease. He that's in me is greater than he that's in my body. He that's in my heart is greater than he that's in my flesh. Therefore, He that's in my heart created the heavens and earth. My flesh has been contaminated by Satan, and I am a temple for the Holy Spirit to live in. Therefore, Satan, I command you to leave my body. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of me." See? You believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Now let us all pray in our own way now, each one, while I pray for you. [I John 4:4]
L-262 Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and earth, the Author of life, the Revealer of the secrets of the heart, You said, "The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, and even is a Discerner of the thoughts of the mind." [Hebrews 4:12]
L-263 That's the reason, when the Word was made flesh, It knowed what they were thinking about, as He perceived their thoughts. He was the Word, and the Word knowed the secrets of their hearts.
And that Word is still the same Word. And tonight we see It revealing Itself in us, after two thousand years, because He wrote It on the paper and is here confirming it, showing it, that It's right.

63-1112 - Marc Ballroom, New York, NY (Paragraphs: 259 - 300)
L-260 How many in here is a stranger to me, and sick? Let's see you raise up your hand, say, "I--I need healing." Well, all right, practically everyone.
L-261 I don't know anyone here, exactly, to speak to, or know. I know this Brother Anthony sitting here. I... that's about... And now, brother, believe that's Brother Tyler sitting right there, I believe. Isn't that Brother Pat Tyler? Yeah. All right. And I thought that.
L-262 Now just to know anyone else, I might--might have seen you, and you might have seen me, but the Heavenly Father knows I don't recognize anyone at this time back in here. Yes, I know this boy sitting here taking tapes, 'cause he is one of our tape boys. And outside of that... His father must be here somewhere, because I think they're together. Are you here, Brother Sothmann? Where you at? Oh, it's way back in the back. All right.
L-263 Now you yourself, I know we're getting late, and we... I guess we should have been out of here long ago, but just--just a moment.
L-264 There is one thing to say anything, and there is one thing for God to prove it's right. Now if I say that you got a right to dis-... No, you have no right to disbelieve it, because I'm reading it out of the Bible, see. See? But now if God confirms that to be so, then you'll know whether it is or not.
Now just in humility let's bow our heads for prayer.
L-265 Lord Jesus, I know this is a great challenge. It's a challenge that maybe I--I--I should not have made. I don't know. But feeling that many of these people has been in meetings before, they, they know You and they know that You--You are in the earth today. And they know that You--You keep Your Word by representing Yourself through human agency. And, Lord, if You'll just speak to even one person, or two, or maybe three. And It said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established." Make it at least three people here, Lord, unknown to me, that You will speak to them. And let them touch Your garment, then You let me just see the vision and know what to say. Let the Holy Spirit use my lips, as You have, and so graciously, Lord, such an unworthy person. And there is none of us worthy, none of us; but somebody must do it, so I--I pray, God, that You will do it tonight. Will You? Just that it might be known, this great city which is doomed for judgment, shortly. The whole world, we know, can't stand in this condition. And there may be people here that'll never be again, maybe that's why I'm doing this, saying this. I pray, Father, that You'll make this Word that I have preached, It's Your Word, let It be made known, in Jesus' Name. [Matthew 18:16]
L-266 Now just keep your heads bowed, and just pray, say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment." Now when you are finished praying, then you just look up this a way, so that you might be...
L-267 Now, I'm not saying look to me, you all know that. As Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, and said to the crippled man, "look upon us," that didn't mean... In other words, "pay attention to what I'm telling you."
L-268 Now you pray, and say, "Lord Jesus, Brother Branham doesn't know me, but You know me. You just let me touch Your garment, 'cause he's just told me You're 'a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling' of my infirmities, and told me You're 'the same yesterday, today, and forever,' and that You would react just in the same way You did then when that woman touched Your garment. And it'll certainly take all the doubt away from me, 'cause I--I'll know then that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever."
L-269 And then the Scripture will be fulfilled exactly. We can know Jesus, tonight, as we knowed Him then. "Sirs, we would see Jesus." If I walked in with nail scars in my hand, I'd be... it'd be a hypocrite. You wouldn't know Him by that. You wouldn't know Him by the way He was dressed. You know Him by His Life, that's what identified Him as being God's Servant, Prophet.
Now just pray, and have faith. [John 12:21]
L-270 Here is a lady. I don't want to say nothing to her, because you can see what's wrong with her. Lady sitting here, I think it is, she has got a goiter she is praying about. It doesn't show on her neck. But you can look at her neck just in a way, and, when she pulled her skirt back, it does. I don't know you. But if you'll believe with all your heart, that'll go away from you. Yes. I--I--I--I...
L-271 If you will just--just have faith now, just don't doubt. Just pray, and you say, "Lord Jesus, I'm waiting to touch Your garment. Reveal Yourself to me."
L-272 You say, "What are you looking for, Brother Branham?" Vision.
L-273 Now be real reverent. Don't, don't move around, see, see, you interrupt. Just be real reverent.
L-274 Here, watch this, look at here. Here is a lady right in here, praying, sitting, looking right at me. I see dripping of blood. It's in the stomach. She has got a bleeding stomach. If you'll believe! Is that right, lady? Raise your hands up. I'm a stranger to you. I don't know you, but that's true. It just now stopped. Your faith!
L-275 I want to ask you, what did the woman touch? I do not know her. I've never seen her in my life. It's just a woman, is all I know. See?
L-276 Here is a lady up here on the end of the... out here towards the end of the row. Just then I seen it happen, it seemed like it reflected to another lady just now. That's her. She's got back trouble and she... Something wrong with your back.
L-277 Put your hand over on the lady next to you, she has something wrong on her back, too. All right. She can't hardly get up and down.
L-278 The lady sitting next to you is going blind, this other one on this other side, is going blind. I want you to put your hands on her, too. That's right. That's right. Now believe with all your heart, it'll be over. Now watch what happens.
L-279 Do you believe? I see a dark shadow hanging right back here, it's over a poor woman. She is going to die; she's got cancer. See, if God doesn't touch her, she must die. I'm sure she'll... God, help me. Mrs. Katur, if you'll believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will make you well. Do you believe it. K-a-t-u-r, if you believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ makes you well. Stand up, lady, and give God praise. All right, you can go home and be well. I never seen the woman, in my life. I never seen her, in my life. She is a total stranger to me.
You say, "Well, you called her name."
L-280 Well, that's no more. Jesus called Simon's name, told him his name was Simon, what his father was. Is that right? "Sirs, we would see Jesus."
L-281 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Don't you believe that? Don't you believe you're right in His Presence now? How many believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] We would see Jesus now, Jesus Christ! Now, it wasn't me that healed those people. Now here It goes again. See? All right, just have faith. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-282 Tell you what you do right now. You believers lay your hands over on each other, like this, see, put your hand on someone next to you. Jesus, I'm going to quote the last Words He said when He left earth, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Did you say you believed? "These signs shall follow them that believe."
L-283 Course, we have belief and we have unbelief, mixed. We always have that. There is always three classes of people; believers, make-believers, and unbelievers. And we have that, too. But your prayer now, where you're sitting, have faith for the person you got your hands upon. "Believe," Jesus Christ said this.
L-284 Remember now, if you do not believe, be very careful, 'cause these diseases go from one to another. We know that. We read it in the Bible, where evil spirits went out of one right into another. And we see it all... Many of you has been in the meetings and seen it. If that's right, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Sure, people is paralyzed, and striked dumb, die, right there in the meeting, everything.
L-285 Now in the way that you pray, you don't pray for yourself. You pray for the one you've got your hands on. See, you pray for them.
L-286 And now if there is a person in here, while they're connected like that, that is not a Christian, and want to accept Christ as your Saviour, would you make it known by just standing to your feet, say, "I want to accept Jesus as my Saviour, right now, in His Presence. I want to stand up, to show to this congregation, I'm a testimony to Jesus Christ. I'll accept Him right now, as my Saviour." If you've never did this before, you have your privilege to stand now. He'll... You stand for Him now, He'll stand for you later when you're--you're at the Judgment Bar. If you're not a Christian, accept it now.
L-287 And you that's got your hands on one another now, pray for each other. Now remember, they're praying for you, you pray for them. Now I'm going to pray up here, with you, for all these people.
L-288 God bless you back there, my brother. God of Heaven, be merciful. That's very fine, a gallant thing. Would there be another would stand, say... Jesus knows you. "No man can come..." God bless you, sister. That's fine.
L-289 Just see the Presence of Jesus Christ come into the meeting and do exactly what He did in the Scripture. That's totally impossible for a man to do that. It takes a Spirit to do that.
L-290 Now if you want to call It, like the Pharisees, "an evil spirit," then you'll receive that reward.
L-291 And if you call It, "the Spirit of God," then accept It. Accept It as your Saviour, for He is Jesus Christ, is only Saviour of the world. And He is--He is God's Son, died for you, He is here tonight in the person of the Holy Ghost. He is still Jesus, still Jesus Christ in the person of the Holy Ghost, which is Christ in Spirit form. And if you've never accepted Him as Saviour, would you just stand up, you know, and He'll witness for you if you'll witness for Him.
L-292 Some stood up. If there is another, right quick before we pray; God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, you, you, in His Presence. That's fine. Many, that's fine. God bless you. God bless you, sister. God bless you, way back, the man already stand, raised his hands. God bless you. And God bless you. That's good. God bless you. That's wonderful. That's right. Take Him right now.
L-293 Remember, right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, there isn't a life in here that could be hid from God right now, but what He could reveal to me just exactly. You know that. You, many of you has been in; all you that's been in meetings before, and just see It take massive turns, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Sure. You know it's true. And right now, I know there is people here that ought to surrender themselves to Christ. Please do it. Please do it now while you--while you got the chance, in His Divine Presence. Oh, check up! We may be later than we think, right now.
L-294 When He, His august Presence, comes in and blesses us, and proves by the Scripture, here He is, a Word confirmed. Eight or ten people right here, healed, sitting right here. And it's more. If you'll take my word, as His servant, that Light that you see in the picture that science has right here in Washington, D.C., as, "the only supernatural Being ever taken," that Light is just circling this building, around and around, and around and around. Now, that is right.
L-295 Now you believe. Jesus Christ said, the last Words He said when He left the earth, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
L-296 "And He was received up into Glory. And they went forth everywhere, preaching, the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs following."
L-297 Pray for each other now while I pray for you from this pulpit.
L-298 Lord Jesus, the Son of God Who rose from the dead, on the third day, death and hell could not hold Him. He ascended on High, set down at the right hand of the Majesty on High, to where He ever lives to make intercessions upon our confession. And now, and His vital Presence here in the form of the Holy Ghost, that's done the work and perceived the thoughts that's in the people's hearts, told them their diseases, pronounced them healed. O God, to see Your great mighty work; know that in this tangled, mixed day, full of politics, full of church politics, full of all kinds of things, yet the living God is right present with us here tonight. No lecture, no nothing but the evidence, the Holy Ghost, right in our midst, Jesus Christ performing these things as He did when He was here on earth. O God, be merciful!
L-299 And, Satan, you see the hands of these people laid upon each other. You are a defeated being. You cannot no longer hold these people. I charge thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that you turn this people loose and come out of them. Come out, sickness and affliction, from these people. I adjure thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that you leave them.
L-300 Believe it now with all your heart! If you believe it, stand up to your feet now and accept it. Put up your hands to God, say, "I now accept my healing. I believe." Now raise your hands and give Him praise, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus!"

63-1113 - Marc Ballroom, New York, NY (Paragraphs: 215 - 294)
L-216 Now the rest of you, that doesn't have a prayer card. Is there anybody here for their first time? Let's see your hand. Well, we're happy to have you tonight. Have you been in the meetings before? Raise your hands if you been in the meeting. All right.
L-217 Now, anyone knows that we don't claim to be healers. We--we can't heal people. Jesus has already did that. But we claim that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if we can only know and recognize Him in our midst, that Jesus is here! If He stood here, and you could see Him with your eyes, would it give you faith? Sure. But, you see, He won't do that. When He comes, time is over then; He is coming for us then. But the Person of the Holy Ghost...
L-218 Now someone might come up here with nail scars in their hands, and thorns all over their face. That would just be an impersonator. That would be an imposter. Anybody could do that. But even in that, if it didn't produce the Life of Christ, it still wouldn't be Christ. See? No, it has to be Christ's Life now.
L-219 And the Bible said, that, "He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity." Now you people out there without prayer cards, now let's just take something, and say now while we are praying, you just say, "Oh, great High Priest, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour!" If there is any sin in your life, confess it, get it out. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-220 And you in the prayer line, do the same thing, because be it well assured it'll be called out right here. See? If you're anything wrong, that you don't want called out here on the platform, step out of the line. Cause, how many knows that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Yes, sir, it'll be called right here. So get it under the Blood, see, so, and--and just say, "Forgive me of my--of my sins and help me to believe You. And I'm sick, Lord, and I want to be well for Your glory." See, God doesn't heal just to be healing. See? No. He does it for the Glory of God. And we must confess our sins and our unbelief.
L-221 And look at the father that brought the child with the epilepsy, that the disciples could not cure. Jesus said, "I can, if you believe."
L-222 He said, "Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief." See? He--he--he cried out 'cause he was in need.
L-223 Now you there, you pray to God and say, "God, Brother Branham doesn't know me. He doesn't know me. But I know You do, so let me touch Your garment. Let me touch Your garment, 'cause You're High Priest. And then You speak through Brother Branham and say like You did the woman that touched Your garment on earth. Because, if You're the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, 'the same yesterday, today, and forever,' He'll have to act in the same way."
L-224 How many you think believed, that day when that woman touched Him and went and set down? You think it influenced the people there? See, it--it probably did. Well, it would. Why, we Gentiles of this day, we're just as thankful for Jesus. We should be more thankful. See?
L-225 And this little woman touched Him, she went over and set down. Jesus said, "Just a moment. Who touched Me? Who touched Me?"
L-226 Why, Peter rebuked Him, said, "Lord," in other words, "it won't be a sane thing for You to say that. Why, You are well thought of amongst the people, as a Prophet. Why, how would You say 'who touched Me,' and everybody is touching You?"
L-227 He said, "Yes, but, otherwise, this was a different kind of a touch. See? See, virtue went out of Me, strength."
L-228 And He looked around until He found the woman, told her she had a blood issue. And she felt in her own body that it had stopped, for He said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? [Luke 8:45-48]
L-229 Now He is the same High Priest. And now if you can just touch Him!
L-230 Now, to touch me wouldn't do a bit of good. I'm just like your husband, your brother, your father, see. To touch one of the pastors, it'd do just the same thing. See? But touch Him, He is the One. I don't know you. I don't know nothing about you. I could not heal you. If I could, I'd sure do it; but I can't. I can't do what He has already done.
L-231 Now if He was standing here, He would just make Hisself known that He is among you. Just think of it. Now we all know we are headed for something right away. We can feel that.
L-232 Now, there is a right and wrong. There is too many different ways pointing, to say, "Well, this is the way, that." There has got to be a right way somewhere.
L-233 And to think that the very God, that's going to judge you at Judgment, to come right down here in your midst and stand with you right here! "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am. See, the works that I once did," He'll do it again. He promised do it. "You are My witnesses; Jerusalem, Judaea, New York City, see, all the world." [Matthew 18:20]
L-234 And you just sit real quiet, and you pray. Believe with all your heart. Don't doubt. Just believe with all that is in you, believe (soul, body, and spirit) and God will grant it to you.
Now let us bow our heads just a moment.
L-235 Great Creator of heavens and earth, all that I have stood here tonight and said, will be of no account unless You come and prove that it's right. We've heard so much, and people has heard so much. Now one word from You, Father, will make it all right. And we're looking for that.
L-236 Now, we know that You only speak through human lips. You made men Your agency. One day You were standing, You said, looked upon the harvest and said, "It's ripe," said, "pray the Lord of the harvest that He'll send laborers in His harvest," and You were the Lord of the harvest. But You so connected Your program, You and men together, you do nothing apart from that. [Matthew 9:38]
L-237 Now I pray, God. And just if You would anoint me, and do not anoint this audience, to believe, it won't do any good. We have to be together as one unit, as brothers and sisters. I pray, God, that You will anoint us together, that we might see again, again this side of Eternity, the glorious Lord Jesus, a greater than Solomon being here. We ask it in His Name. Amen.
L-238 Now I want just this be as reverent as you can now. [Pianist begins playing Only Believe--Ed.]
L-239 Someday, if I die, when they're putting me in the grave, they'll be playing that, you know. When you hear that I'm gone, don't you believe I'm dead. I'm not. But just stop somewhere, if you hear it on the radio or somewhere, read it in the paper, just sing that song (won't you?) and just remember that's it, just "only believe."
L-240 Now, in the audience, there is not one person in that line that I know. If each one of you in that line are strangers to me, and you know that I don't know nothing about you, know nothing what's wrong with you. Just raise up your hands, you say it. Now you're perhaps sick; maybe they're not. I don't know. It might be financial troubles, domestic troubles. I--I don't know.
L-241 But now if the little lady here will just come close, see. Thank you, that's all right. Now here is a woman much younger than I. We're probably born years apart, miles apart. Our first time meeting. Now she is here for some reason. I--I don't know. She, maybe sickness. I--I don't know what her trouble is. Whatever her trouble is, God knows. And if He reveals it, then she'll know whether it's the truth or not.
L-242 Now if the little lady would say, "Brother Branham, I'm horribly sick. I--I... my stomach is bothering me. I--I have convulsions, or--or something another." She looks like a healthy person, but you can't always go by that.
L-243 And if she would say that, I'd say, "Well, the Bible said, 'Lay hands on the sick.'" That would be the way Brother Roberts would pray for her, Brother Allen, or many the men. That's their ministry. Then they'd lay hands upon them, say, "Satan, turn her loose, in Jesus' Name. I rebuke you, Satan," or something like that. Say, "Go on now, you're healed." She should believe that. See, that would be all right.
L-244 Well, now, what if she's got some hidden sin there somewhere? You could pour a gallon of oil on her, anoint her as many times, jump up-and-down, and scream; that devil will lay right there. Unconfessed sin. You'll never move him. No, sir.
L-245 But now if the Holy Spirit can come down and tell her something that has been, she knows whether that's right or not, and then tell her what will be. If what "has been" is right, what "will be" will be right. Isn't that right? Now that's the kindness of our lovely Lord, trying to get His Bride together in this last days, you see, what He promised to do. How many would believe on Him with all your heart, if He would do such a thing? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] God bless you for your faithfulness. Now this is a--a...
L-246 If you want to read, I ask you, if you caught me out of the Scripture, tell me so. See? Write me a letter or tell one of the pastors, and tell me where I'm wrong. I--I don't want to be wrong. I want to be right, and it's got to be this Word.
L-247 Now let's just take just a little like this, let's take Saint John 4 exactly again. Here is a man and a woman meeting for their first time, like our Lord and the woman of Samaria. They met for their first time, and Jesus talked to her a little while until He found where her trouble was. Her trouble was immoral. And He told her what her trouble was, and quickly she recognized that, that He had to be a prophet. She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a Prophet." Said, "We know Messiah is coming. When He comes, that's what He is going to do."
Jesus said, "I am He." See? [John 4:19, 25-26]
L-248 Now, if that's the way He identified Himself to the people yesterday; He, if He is the same today, He would have to identify Himself the same way. Now, if the Holy Spirit would say that to her, then she would know it has to come from some spiritual mean. It can't come from natural. Be some spiritual mean. Now she might say like the Pharisees, "It's Beelzebub," then that's up to her. She says, "It's Christ," then that's up to her and Christ again, see, whatever it is.
L-249 Now be real reverent. I'm waiting for a moment, for that Anointing. That's what I'm stalling for, see. Because, It might not even come at all. If It doesn't, then we'll bow our heads and dismiss the audience, and come back tomorrow night and ask Him if He'll... He has never failed me yet. Now, before hundreds of thousands, at a time, He has never failed now. And He won't this time. I know He won't. I know He won't. See, I just know He won't.
L-250 So, see, I've got it on my mind that it's past closing time. You can't have... you can't be flustrated, and the Holy Spirit work through you; you've got to settle down. Now if there is any extra charge on this night, I'll pay for it, see. That's it. Satan, you can't bluff us like that.
L-251 I take charge and command over every spirit in here, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now just...
I will speak to the little lady. Now if the Holy Spirit, sister, just...
L-252 Jesus talked to this lady just a moment to catch her spirit, see, to see what was wrong. I believe that's what He done. The Father sent Him up there, and had need to go by Samaria. But when He got up there, that's all He knowed, He was up there. Here comes the woman, He knowed that must be the time.
L-253 Now the Father sent me up here. Here I am, in New York; and here you are, the first person on the platform tonight. I don't know, but He will reveal it to me. If He will, will it make you believe Him with all your heart? You will accept? You'll know whether it's true or not, see. Not be knowing you, and being a stranger to you; but your trouble, what you... You got several troubles. But your main trouble that you're wanting prayer for, it's in your throat. You have a throat trouble. Is that right? Raise up your hand. Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Just a moment. Now, that would be all right.
L-254 You say, "You might have guessed that, Brother Branham." No, I never. I always catch that from the audience, "He guessed that."
L-255 Now just a moment, let's talk to her alone. You are conscious that there is something going on, see.
L-256 Now at the audience. How many seen that picture of the Angel of the Lord, that Light? It's hanging in Washington, D.C. See, That's hanging right by her now. See? Can't you see That? Look like... Course, the Anointing is here now. I can see It, see. It's right over her.
L-257 Yes, here It is. She's got, yes, her trouble is in her throat. She has been worried. And, well, she's got a--a tumor in her throat. That's exactly right. Not only that, but you have a thyroid trouble that's bothering you. Is that right? See? All right. Do you believe now that that's Jesus Christ standing here that knows you and all about it? Do you accept Him as your healer? [The sister says, "I do."--Ed.] Go and be well, in the Name of the Lord.
The line, see, just see. He knows all things.
L-258 How do you do, young lady? Now you're just a little bit shocked, you see, because just as soon as it come up, the lady come up, that Light come right over her. See? And she is conscious. Now look. I don't know the woman. I--I don't know nothing about her. But she is standing there, just a young woman. And now if the Holy Spirit can reveal to me what your desire is from God! You are a Christian, see. And so if--if you wasn't, now, He would tell me that, see. But you are a Christian, I mean a real Christian. And if He would, if He would reveal to me what your desires are from Him, would you believe me to be His prophet, or servant? I ought to say that, see, the time will come, see. You would believe? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] You know that I'm a stranger to you.
L-259 Now, it really isn't yourself you're here for. I see a--a woman, an elder woman, right, it's your mother. [The sister says, "Yes!"--Ed.] Uh-huh. And she is not here. And she is... You've been very upset about her. She is bothered, too, of cancer. And you're wondering about her conditions. Do you believe, young lady, that that's the Holy Spirit doing that? ["Amen."] Now take that handkerchief from your purse and go home. When you see to your mother, or send it to her, and--and put or send the handkerchief to her in commemoration of this prayer tonight. And don't doubt in your heart. But believe that Jesus... [The sister speaks to Brother Branham.] Yes, and the darkness will leave her, and she'll be... You'll be all right. Go now, and the Lord bless you. God bless you, my sister.
L-260 Will you believe with all your heart? Now, just don't doubt. Just have faith.
L-261 Now just a moment, excuse me just a moment. Something happened. There was somebody else appeared here. Just who was the lady that was just prayed for here, where is she at here? Oh, yes, that was right. Just a moment. No. Just a second, the Holy Spirit... There is someone else come. See, It's a Light, and it's let...
L-262 Yes, it's this colored lady sitting right here. Yes, you were sitting there praying for healing. Now, you're a stranger to me. I don't know you. But do you believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe that high blood pressure is going to leave you, and you're going to be well? That's what you was praying about. See? Believe it. What did she touch? She can't touch me, she is too far from me. She touched the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities.
L-263 Just believe. Now, see, you don't have to be up here. You be there. Just believe, that's all I ask you to do. Just believe.
L-264 Here is a lady sitting right back here, looking around this way, praying. She's praying not for herself. She is praying for a loved one. Because that this... Someone just left here, that was praying for a loved one, a lady for her mother. But this lady is praying for her father. And her father, I see a rolling sea, he--he--he is not... He is from overseas or something, Norway, Norwegian. That's exactly right. Believe on the Lord Jesus, young lady, and your father will be healed.
Now what did she touch? Ask her if she knows me.
L-265 Is that what you was praying about? Wave your hands if that's right. That's right. We are strangers. Is that right? That's right. All right. You have your request if you'll only believe it.
L-266 What did she touch, twenty yards from me? She touched the High Priest, see, not me. I don't know her. But she touched the High Priest, the lovely Lord Jesus Who is with us tonight.
You are a stranger. Is this the patient, is this the person?
L-267 See, I just have to follow That the way It leads me, see. Like that woman, see, He picked her out. See, she--she touched God, through Him. Well, them people out there, that's what they are doing, they are touching God. See, it just... I have to turn the way that It's dealing.
L-268 Now, we are strangers to each other. I do not know you. I've never seen you in my life. We are strangers. So the people will see we're strangers, we don't know each other. Now if the Lord Jesus now would reveal to me something that you know that I don't know nothing about, then that'd have to come through supernatural Power. You see, Divine healing, if you want healing... I don't know that's what you want, see. Sometimes it's for somebody else, and domestic trouble, finances, and things. But He can supply all. If He knows what you have need of, He can reveal it to me, see. And then if He does, then you know it's Him. See, you know it's got to be Him.
L-269 Would that make all of you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, believe.
L-270 Now, she seems to be a nice person. See? Now let's just talk a moment.
L-271 Now It left, It's went to the audience. Somebody... Just be reverent, see. It's that great pull of faith. It just takes it right... You feel it, virtue! I preached about an hour and a half, and one vision makes me more weak than I preach ten hours. Strength, virtue is "strength."
L-272 See, you are doing that. It's not me. I'm not. These visions isn't me. It's you doing it. It's your faith in God, that's doing it. It's not me. I'm not. I--I'm just setting here as a represent. Like this here, this is a--this is a mute, this speaker, unless there is a live voice speaking in it; it can't speak, itself. Neither can I speak. It's Him, the live One, Christ, the living One, He speaks and He knows who you are and what you've done.
L-273 Let's come back to talk to the lady again. If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me something in your life, that you're... maybe what you are wanting of Him. Cause, being a believer, you--you are asking Him something. And if He will reveal it to me, do you believe that you would receive it? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] You would believe it? Now, your trouble is in the stomach. ["Yes."] An examination has shown that your stomach has fallen. ["Yes."] That's right. Is that right? ["Yes."] And here is another thing in the examination, they find you got a tumor in your stomach. ["Yes."] Is that right? ["Yes."] Do you believe? ["Yes."] Do you believe God can tell me who you are? ["Yes."] Mrs. Willard, you go ahead home now and believe.
L-274 You, do you believe with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now ask the lady. We've never seen one another in life. But, it's the Holy Spirit, He is here. Now be real reverent. Tell me when you got enough time now, see, where...?...
L-275 Now, how do you do, sir? Now we're strangers to each other. And you realize that some day we've got to meet God. And being a stranger to me, and I to you, if the Lord Jesus would reveal to me your troubles, would you believe that it's Him? And you know that I, a man, would not know that. But it would take Him to do it. Is that right?
L-276 I hate to say this. The boy is shadowed, see, there is a darkness over him. And it's a--it's a very serious thing is wrong. You have cancer. That's right. And an x-ray has showed and revealed that the cancer is in the stomach, and also it's on the wall of the stomach. It's on the... Is that right? That's where I see the picture, the x-ray. It's on the wall of the stomach. Now that means that you must go soon; if not, God help you. Will you accept it, my brother? Jesus... Cancer is nothing to Jesus Christ, no more than a headache. Do you believe it? Now something just happened in you. You had a real good feeling, see. Now if you'll keep on believing like that! The shadow left you. See? Your faith saved you. Go, believing now, may God will make you well.
L-277 God can heal arthritis. Don't you believe that? [The patient says, "Amen."] Well, just start walking, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus."
L-278 "If thou canst believe! All things are possible to them that--that believe." All right. [Matthew 19:26], [Mark 10:27]
L-279 Kind of made you feel strange when I said "arthritis." That's what you have, too, you can't get up hardly, at morning, it stiffens you up. It's over now, if you'll believe it. Go back, go believe it. The Lord bless you. Just believe it.
L-280 Asthmatic condition there, you see. Do you believe God can heal that? [The patient says, "Amen."--Ed.] Receive Him, go and Jesus Christ make you well, and believe with all your heart.
L-281 Want to go eat your supper, enjoy it; stomach trouble over, and go and be well? Go, believe it. If thou canst believe!
L-282 God can heal back trouble, anything else. Don't you believe that? Do you believe He'd heal yours? Go on your road, rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
L-283 Do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You believe God can heal heart trouble? Then go, believe it.
L-284 You have a lady's trouble, for one thing, and arthritis. Is that right? Do you believe He is the healer Divine? Accept Him as your Healer. Go rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
L-285 You have a lady's trouble that's bothered you for a long time. You've also got heart trouble. It's just about to kill you. You got a--you got a pumping, slow pumping heart. Believe with all your heart, and it'll never bother you no more. Go, and believe it.
L-286 Blood condition. Do you believe that God can make that blood, bring that anemia condition back, and make it well? Do you believe that? All right, go believing, that diabetes will bother you no more. You believe with all your heart.
L-287 Do you believe that He has healed you sitting there? Believe it with all your heart? Believe it's God, makes you completely well, totally? God bless you. Go on your road and rejoice. Amen.
L-288 That back trouble would never bother you again, it'd make you feel real good, wouldn't it? All right, go rejoicing, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus," and believe with all your heart.
L-289 Blood, in your blood, drips thin; diabetes. Do you believe that God can heal diabetes? Let's go to Calvary for a blood transfusion. He'll take it away from you.
L-290 You got chest trouble. Don't you? I was going to call you, a few minutes ago. Just a few minutes ago you was looking to me, and I turned and looked at you, and you caught my eye and looked down; a real strange feeling come over you, the chest trouble left you. It's gone. It was a nerve condition that blocked your chest. You believe.
L-291 What do you think out there, with that arthritis, sitting on the end of the seat, do you believe? Stand up, Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-292 I challenge you to believe God, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever! Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. If you believe with all your heart, lay your hands on each other. He cannot fail. He is God, the lovely Lord Jesus, His resurrected power, His identification. Each one lay your hands on one another.
L-293 Heavenly Father, the enemy is on the run. The enemy is defeated. Jesus Christ lives and reigns. O God, be merciful and grant the healing of these people.
L-294 Satan, you've lost the battle! Jesus Christ has--has won the victory in this auditorium tonight. You are exposed. You are just a bluff; and we call your hand, in the love of Calvary. Come out of this people, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and leave them and set them loose!

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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