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Prayer Line 64-09
64-pl-09, Prayer Line 64-09, 53 min

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64-0402 - 4-H Club Barn, Louisville, MS (Paragraphs: 151 - 221)
L-152 The promise, to make it fulfill, it's never been so in all the ages. We've never had it before. Search the history. Never did it appear. And where did It, supposed to go to in the last days? To the elect Church. Not to Babylon, not to Sodom; they had a messenger down there. But the Holy Spirit is the Messenger to the elect Church, tonight, God dwelling in human flesh, showing Himself, the Discerner, the Word that discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." He is Jehovah-Jireh. He has already provided our Sacrifice, and is confirming His covenant. He is keeping His covenant, in the last days, with the people. [Hebrews 4:12], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-153 Friends, we could talk here all night. Things that's been said, there is enough said. There is people here that's sick; you need healing. Why don't you believe That? If I could heal you, I'd do it. Be praying. If I could heal you, I would do it. I cannot heal you. I'm... You notice, I'm giving the service, the first night or two, here, on praying for the sick. And that's not only for that. If there is any Seed here that's ordained to Life, the Holy Spirit will catch it. They'll see it. They'll know it. Now He's...
L-154 How many in here would raise your hands, before God, and say, "I believe it with all my heart, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever; that He's arose from the dead, and He's alive among us tonight, showing Himself to be among us, and I believe it is of God"? Would you raise your hands, and say, "I truly believe it"? [Hebrews 13:8]
L-155 Now, Heavenly Father, they're in Your hands. They are... They are claiming that they are the Seed of Abraham. They--they want, they--they want the blessings of God. And now I have told them, in this simple, little way. I started on my text, and didn't get to finish it. But, Father, they--they see here, in the confirmation to Abraham, that You confirmed the promise to him, give him the confirmation. Now if the--if the Spirit of Christ isn't in us, then we are nothing of Christ. And Christ's nature cannot be changed.
L-156 And He has well told us, and promises these things according to the Bible, in many place. Even the Old Testament promised it, in Malachi 4, that how it would be in the last days, "Would turn the hearts of the children back to the Faith of the fathers," as the pentecostal fathers, the original Doctrine of the Bible, the original Word, that what It would do. And there would be a sign, and this sign would confirm, be confirmed by the Voice that would follow it, that You are here. And we believe You. [Malachi 4:5-6], [Mark 16:20]
L-157 Now, Father, may--may Satan make his way out. We--we do not believe that we have any power, Lord. We don't claim to have power. We claim to have authority.
L-158 We realize, the little policeman on the street, with a little cap sitting on his head. Of big cars sweeping down through them broadways, at ninety miles an hour, with three hundred horsepower motor, he hasn't got power to stop a one of them. They'd just crush him right down. But just let him show that badge, and lift his hands, brakes will squeal and tires will hum. It's authority. The whole city is behind him. He's got authority, not power. He may not weigh a hundred pounds, but he has got authority.
L-159 And that's the way it is tonight, Lord. We come to Satan, not with power, but with the authority, showing the Blood and the confirmation of the covenant. He has no right to hold these sick people, looking upon them and seeing them sweating it out, here.
L-160 O God, if there is some way I can just get the Message to them! If they could only see, Lord, just realize! Wake them up, Lord. One time now, tonight, let them see that You're the same God. You are confirming Your Word. You keep It just as You promised. In these last days, you said these things would happen, "When the Son of man is being revealed," that these things would take place. Grant it, Lord, and let them see that it's You. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen. [Luke 17:26-30]
L-161 Now believe, friends. You're such a nice audience. I just run past my time, see, and I--I didn't mean to do that. I told them I... we'll be out on time, tonight, but I failed it because I... And I'll finish my text tomorrow night, maybe, the Lord willing.
L-162 Now here we are. You're people. We're all just human beings. We want to live. Everybody wants to live his time out. I believe God want us to do that. I--I do believe it. Now, it isn't because there is no Balm in Gilead.
L-163 You know, it was said one time, "Why, why is it? Is--is there no balm in Gilead?" [Jeremiah 8:22]
L-164 "Is there no prophet there?" Isaiah said, or, I mean Elijah said. "Go ask him, 'Is it because there is no prophet in Israel? Why do you go to Ekron up there, the god Baal-zebub? Why, what, do you go up there?' Him being a Jew, 'Why do you go up there?'"
L-165 Said, "Is it because there is no balm in Gilead, there is no physician there? Is there? Is that the reason?"
L-166 Is that the reason? No, Sir. We've got Balm. The Holy Spirit is here. Yes, sir. The promise is ours. Now you've just got to believe it. You...
L-167 It's a day to where people's mind are so scattered, they don't... I feel sorry for them. They don't know what to believe. One says this, and one says that. "And let every man's word be a lie, and Mine be true," the Lord God said. That's right. Now He cannot change His nature. [Romans 3:4]
L-168 Now, I believe last night we started prayer card one (wasn't it?), and called up to about twenty, or something like that. Huh? Let's just change that procedure. Let's not have any prayer cards at all. Yes, you just pray. You know, a prayer card just gets you up here.
L-169 But I feel His Presence, so I just know He is here. How many ever seen a picture of that Angel of the Lord? So help me, when I meet you at Judgment, It ain't two feet from where I'm standing right here. That's right. It's here.
L-170 Now somebody that hasn't got prayer cards, raise up your hand, say, "I haven't got prayer cards, and yet I'm sick and needy." Well, it's just everywhere. All right.
L-171 Now I'll tell you. What did that Angel do up there that time? He turned His back, had His back turned to Abraham. Which, I was going to get to, tonight, and didn't do it. And where He said, "It would be the same thing at the coming of the Lord, as it was at Sodom." We find out, He had His back turned to the tent. And Sarah laughed at what He said, because He told him. And she couldn't understand that that, just being a Man out there, eating the meat that she fried, drinking the milk from the cow, and eating its calf, and that was God. [Genesis 18:9-12]
L-172 The Bible said it was. Abraham said it was, "Elohim." That's right. "Elohim," God. He vanished right before Abraham. And, "God," called Him, "Lord God, Elohim, all-sufficient One." [Genesis 15:6-8]
L-173 In the beginning, the same word is used. Any scholar knows that. "In the beginning God," look at the Hebrew, "Elohim."
L-174 Watch when Abraham said, "Lord God, Elohim," same Man, same Person, showing that God would manifest Himself in human flesh, to Abraham's Seed, to confirm the covenant, and do the same thing He did, (see it?) same thing He did there. He is always a prophet that discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. Because, how many knows the Bible said that? "The Word of God discerns the thoughts that's in the heart." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] [Hebrews 4:12]
L-175 Now if God will take at least three people in here, tonight. Now this is a challenge. If anybody don't think it's so, you come do it. If they don't, then don't say nothing about it. See? Now, notice, taking at least three people, (three is a confirmation), that's totally strangers, and if the Holy Spirit... If you'll just believe, that's all I ask you to believe, to do, is to believe that this Bible is the Truth, and we're living in the last days, and this is the promise for the last days.
L-176 Remember, Abraham, or no one else, seen any other sign until the promised Son came on the scene. Abraham seen all kinds of signs and things, up to that, but that was the last sign. He'll never break it; the continuity of God. The Seed of Abraham, that's their last sign. See? That was the last. God! He knew, right then, that was Elohim. And Jesus come right back and said it would be that way, and here we are right here today on it, the same thing.
L-177 People, this is Truth. I know, in doubt, you're a little born... He said, "Well, it's always been that way." He was born in a manger. There was hardly anyone would believe Him. But it's just those Seed that believe, that's ordained to Life, is all. "All the Father has given Me will come to Me." That's right. Don't have to worry, that. If their name is there, they'll see it. And how? They'll do it. [Luke 2:7, 12, 16], [John 6:37]
L-178 Now, see, just the idea, I--I could pray and lay hands upon you. I'm going to speak on that, especially on Sunday afternoon. But I--I want you to see that you can lay your hands on Him. "He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You believe it. And now if He will do that... [Hebrews 4:15]
L-179 I--I do know somebody here. I happened to look over, and I see two or three of my friends sitting right there, that's a minister, a couple of them there. And one with his head down, the Lord just healed his little boy, from concussion of the brain, yet, today, called me by telephone.
L-180 And--and another man there, and his little baby, the other night, they thought it was dead. And I was in Beaumont. And we called, went over. He laid his hands upon me, started crying, said, "Brother Branham, the Word of the Lord is with you. Just ask Him." At that very minute, the little baby come back to life, and started living again. There is the father sitting right there, a minister.
L-181 And this man, a car wrecked, and throwed him through the something or other, and over into a ditch, and concussed his little brain, and things. The Lord healed him, perfectly normal. They believed. They absolutely...
L-182 Now don't say I did it. I had nothing to do with it. Their faith in God, that's what did it. See? You have faith! All...
L-183 Jesus said, in Saint Mark 11:22, "Whatsoever thing! If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you said will come to pass, you can have what you've said." But there it is, see. It's not a hope; it's a "know it." [Mark 11:22, 23]
L-184 And if He can prove Hisself alive, the One that made the promise can prove Hisself alive, and nothing else in the world can do it. Wake up! Shake yourself, real hard, your spirit. See? Nothing in the world can do it but God.
L-185 Now you can--you can judge it a evil one, if you want to. They judged Him evil, so they can still judge His spirit evil. They said, "He was a devil, doing that." Well, course, they got that reward. [Luke 11:15]
L-186 You just believe. You can't heal. I can't heal. There is no man can heal. God is the healer.
L-187 But if you can just realize that the very One that you serve, and separated yourself from the world to serve, the very One that you love; the very One that's going to stand in the Judgment, you in the Judgment with Him, to be judged, if His Presence can come right here and show that He's here!
L-188 Now His corporal body can't do it. When that comes, time is over. "As the lightning cometh from the East unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of man be." But, His Spirit! [Matthew 24:27], [Luke 17:24]
L-189 And the Church has come, look how it's come up; through justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Spirit; and now right into the rapturing time, to get the Church ready. Just exactly the way it promised, just the way the Church Ages are lined out, and we seen that, everything coming right down, and right down.
L-190 Pentecost is the last organization. That's according to Scripture. It'll be last organization, rejected with the rest of them; that's why there's an organization. No organizations is accepted to God. It's a... It's individuals, is the ones accepted to God.
L-191 Now can't you believe His Presence now here? I'm just your brother, and now was sent, that God told me to come do this. Therefore, I believe Him. And if it wasn't written in the Word, for this age, I'd walk away from it. Anything that's not in that Word, I don't believe it. I--I wouldn't accept it. I don't say I wouldn't believe it, but I don't accept it; I don't understand it. But when it's in this Word, and a promise for this age, I understand it. Do you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] May the Lord help us now. And you just... You reach up now, by faith, believe that in the... our presence... We're in His Presence, rather, now, is that same Jesus that made that promise.
L-192 And in the Bible here, the inspired Paul, who had the revelations in such abundance till he was made nervous, "And had trouble in the flesh, except he get exalted above the abundance of the revelations." See, he wrote the Bible, he was so inspired. He wrote the Books of the Bible. Like Moses, he was a prophet. So he, the Word come to him, and he wrote It, and was permitted into the Scriptures, sacred Writings. Now he was the one that--that--that says the... believes this, taught these things.
L-193 Now remember that Christ is risen from the dead and is among us. And get that in your mind, Christ raised from the dead and is among us.
L-194 Now, we have seen all kinds of great moves, and shouting and praising God; all fine. We've spoke in tongues and prophesied, and all. We've seen all that. That's fine. That comes right along with It.
L-195 But, remember, the last thing is His Divine Presence, the Word Itself. He is the Word. The Head, the Word, It's coming to the Body. See? And then that Word, in Hebrews the 4th chapter, said, "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful than a two-edged sword, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Now take that Scripture and run it right back from the beginning of the prophets, run it right on down through Jesus Christ, and see if that isn't the same thing, the same thing, that He is known as the Messiah. [Hebrews 4:12]
L-196 Now it's not some man here is the Messiah. It's the Holy Spirit is the Messiah. Christ and the Holy Spirit is the same thing, so here It is here now just working in the flesh, getting the Body ready for the rapturing grace. Believe it, friends.
Lord God, please let it happen tonight.
L-197 Now in the Name of Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here under my control, for the glory of God. I say that so that you'll understand. See, don't you...
L-198 If you're doubting, you--you, it's not good to stay very long, 'cause many people sitting here, no doubt, has seen what happens sometimes to unbelievers. It'll go from one to another, like it did in the Bible.
L-199 How many of you here is praying, knows that I'm a stranger, don't know nothing about you? Raise up your hands, that you are praying, so you know I don't know nothing about you.
L-200 You, that man sitting there with the black tie on, looking at me right here.
L-201 Now look. See that Light? Can't you see That? Just a amber, goldish-green Light down here!
L-202 Do you believe me to be His servant, sir? If God can reveal to me what your trouble is, do you believe, you would believe me with all your heart, you'd believe it was God? Would you do it? Would you believe your healing would come? You have a prayer card? No, you don't have it. You don't need it. Your trouble is in your ear. If that's right, raise up your hand. It was in your ear; it isn't now, if you believe it. I don't know the man, never seen him.
L-203 Now here is a man sitting right next to you. He's kind of praying. He is praying for something wrong with him. Look at me, sir. You have a prayer card? [The brother says, "No."--Ed.] You don't. You believe me to be God's servant? ["Yes."] You believe what I've told you, the Truth? ["Yes, sir."] You believe it's the Presence of Jesus Christ? ["Yes, sir."] You believe your back is going to be all right from now on? You do? Raise up your hand. If you will believe! See?
L-204 Now ask the man. I never seen him in my life. He never touched me. He is twenty feet from me. What did he touch? That fulfills the Scripture. He touched the High Priest. He was sitting there, praying to be healed. See, he touched the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. See? [Hebrews 4:14-15]
L-205 Now, what do you think, young man sitting back there, a young fellow looking at me so straight? Do you believe God healed that kidney trouble you got? You do? Raise up your hand, if you believe it. You want to stop that habit you got, too, throw them cigarettes away? Wave your hand like this if you do. Then lay it down and forget it. Jesus Christ healed you. If thou canst believe!
L-206 Right across from you, there is sitting a lady with glasses on. She is suffering with nervous trouble. Do you believe that God will heal you, lady? Raise up your hand if you believe it. All right.
L-207 Will you do me a favor? There is a little lady sitting right next to you, is suffering with a female trouble, lady's trouble. That's right, lady. Raise up your hand, if that's so. Drainage. Lay your hand over on her, that she'll get well, 'cause she believes.
L-208 Say, then sitting next to her, one, two, there It's right over that other lady sitting right next to her. She is suffering with her legs, trouble with her legs. You believe that God will heal your legs? Raise up your hand. There you are. See?
L-209 You believe Him to be Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-210 You believe, sitting there? Right behind this man sitting here in front, the lady that's sitting here? Do you believe that God... You got two dangerous things. One of them is cancer; the other one, it's arthritis. You believe that God will heal you. If you will, raise up your hand and say, "I--I believe." All right, believe.
Do you believe? He is confirming the covenant.
L-211 Here is a lady sitting here looking at me, right behind this man. She has got on a red-looking dress of some sort. Red, up here; a sweater, it might be. She is too far; it's dim out there. After, see, that makes you so weak, the whole thing just begins to turn kind of a milky color around through the room.
L-212 But, there, stands up over her. See that Light? She is praying about something. If Jesus Christ will reveal to me what you're praying about, will you believe with all your heart? You will? I'm a stranger to you, and you're a stranger to me. But you got in contact with the High Priest, 'cause the signal that He gives me is right over you, see, see, the sign. I know it is.
L-213 You have a tremendous nervous trouble that you suffer with. And also you've got a goiter on the throat, that you're suffering with. If that's right, raise up your hand.
You say, "You can see that."
L-214 All right, you come... You're not from here. You come... You're not from this country here, this place. You come from Memphis. That's right.
L-215 The lady sitting next to you, she also come from Memphis. Do you believe with all your heart, lady? You believe that God can heal you? Do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? That stumbles people, see. You believe me to be His servant? You believe it's God that's what's doing this talking? You know I wouldn't know nothing about you. You believe it would be God then? All right. You believe with all your heart. And got, what you're suffering with, you got a... you got trouble with your throat, also. And another thing, you've got a knot, a growth in your side. Do you believe that God can tell me which side it's in? If it is, raise up your hand if I tell you the truth. It's in the right side. See? See? Do you believe God can tell me who you are? Will that help you? You are Mrs. Cox. That's right. See? Go back, see.
L-216 Do you believe? All of you believe now? [Congregation rejoices and says, "Amen."--Ed.] See, that's the confirming of the covenant to the Seed of Abraham, if you can believe! See?
L-217 Here, there is a little woman laying out here on the stretcher. Can you hear me, lady, laying on that stretcher? Yeah. I cannot heal you. I know nothing about you; you're just a stranger to me. But do you believe that Jesus Christ can reveal to me what your trouble is? Would that help you? Would, it would? If you lay there, you're going to die. You only have one chance to live, that's accept Christ. You have cancer. That is right. You believe that God will make you well now? You do? Raise up your hand if you believe it. All right. In your place, the only thing that you could do, would be rise up out of that bed; and take up what you're laying on, and go home, claiming your faith in God, as the Seed of Abraham. Rise up, in the Name of Jesus.
See, she raises up, to take her promise in God.
L-218 How many the rest of you believe it with all your heart now?
L-219 Stand up. You got strength; God will give you strength. Rise up, to your feet. There she is, up, off of the stretcher.
L-220 Now the rest of you wants to receive Jesus Christ, stand up on your feet. Stand up on your feet. Stand up, everywhere, accept Jesus Christ as your healer.
L-221 Lord Jesus, heal every one of them. Grant it, Lord.

64-0403 - 4-H Club Barn, Louisville, MS (Paragraphs: 257 - 302)
L-258 Now, for healing, I've tried to tell you I'm not a healer. There is many man that call themselves healers. Then there's a lot of--of critics that call man healers, that, just to criticize. Their heart is not right with God. See? Anyone knows that no man can heal another. God heals the sickness. Let God call for your death, and pray all you want to, and the hospital give you an injection of fluid everyday, and you'll die just the same.
L-259 If I cut my hand tonight, and stand here with a cut hand, there isn't a medicine in the world can heal my hand. We ain't got a medicine that heals. No medicine heals. Any doctor will tell you that. It just keeps clean while God heals. It can't build tissue, if I cut my hand. And, "Oh," you say, "yes, Brother Branham, there is medicine to heal that." All right, I want to know what it is.
L-260 Let me show you. If I cut my hand and fell down dead here, a doctor could come and embalm my body and make me look natural for fifty years. Sew up my hand, and take me out there and give me a shot of penicillin, every day, and in fifty years from now that cut would be just like it was when it was made. If--if medicine was made to heal a cut, why don't it heal it? Any medicine will heal a cut in my hand, will heal a cut on this desk, would heal a cut in my coat. If it would heal a cut, it'll heal a cut no matter where it's at. "Well," you say, "why, medicine was made for human beings." Then why don't it heal? "Well," you say, "the life has gone out of you." Then there is something else besides the medicine heals.
L-261 It's life, sure, and life is God. Certainly, it is. Yet, some are sinners, are perverted with it, but yet you're in the image of God. And the life that you have that God gave it to you. You know that; no, because God is the healer. Life is the healer. You believe that, see. Seen so much done!
L-262 Now let's just accept Him, won't you? Before we do that, I wonder how many in here is convinced, before... If you're newcomers here, never been in here before, that you believe Him to be the Son of God? And by this, the Message tonight, the Word alone, before He even does anything, that you believe It, and you want me to remember you in prayer, raise up your hand. Will you? Oh! God bless you. Oh, my! Three or four hundred hands. God bless you.
L-263 "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word." The reason I said that, the Seed will find favor with God. I think now, instead of--of just calling a prayer line up here, I'll just have you to pray. [Romans 10:17]
L-264 Let me give you a Scripture, first. With what we do, it must be Scriptural. Got to be Scriptural! God won't honor nothing else. God won't honor a lie; you know that. You--you couldn't attach that to Him. He don't honor lies. He only honors His Word. But He promised, that, "My Word will not return to me void. It'll accomplish that which It was purposed for." And we see the Word that's lotted today. No matter how much unbelief rises in the camp, God will honor His Word when He find faith to honor It by. [Isaiah 5:11]
L-265 Now somewhere in the building, I want you to take this Scripture. Hebrews the 3rd chapter, I believe it is. The Bible said, that, "He's the High Priest, right now, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." [Hebrews 4:15]
L-266 And you that raised your hand, I want you, as soon as the service is getting to the close here, I want you to come up and stand around here and be prayed for, accept Christ as your Saviour. Take your way to one of some fine church around here. No matter where it's at, somebody that preaches the Gospel, go to them and ask for Christian baptism. And the pastor will take you from there on. He is God's man. He's called to be God's man, he'll--he'll take you from there on. Just, if I was here in this city, I'd belong to some of these churches here. I'd come to them, them that believe the Gospel. I'd be there. Certainly, I'd identify myself with them. Well, that's what you need to do, and that's what you need to do.
L-267 Now, if He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, now He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, therefore He would have to act the same as He did yesterday. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-268 Now watch, a little woman touched His garment, one time, and He turned around and knowed what she had, and told her her faith had saved her. And she felt, within herself; she never took any pains to prove it. She didn't have to prove it. [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48]
L-269 You don't prove things. You believe God. See? You don't prove God, at all. You can't prove, to save your life, there's a God, just going out here and say, "Let me see Him." See, you got to believe Him.
L-270 The whole armor of God is supernatural. Love, joy, faith, long-suffering, patience, meekness, see, all supernatural. We look at things that you can't see with your natural eye.
L-271 And Christ is here tonight. He promised it. "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them. There I am!" The "I" again, He is here. Now, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." [Matthew 18:20], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-272 You pray, and say, "Lord Jesus, I am sick," or whatever you have need of. "I--I am needy, and I--I want You, dear God, to have mercy upon me, and heal me and make me well. And now if I have faith enough, Lord, to touch You... I--I know that Brother Branham don't know me. I'm a stranger. And I know he doesn't know me. Now, if--if that man has told me the Truth, which I believe it is, 'cause it comes right from Your Word. I've read It, I see It looks just perfectly right. Now confirm It. I claim to be a Seed of Abraham, through Christ, I claim to be the royal Seed, believing on Jesus Christ, the Royal Seed. And I believe to be part of His Bride, His Church that He's coming for. And I'm sick and needy. Please, Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment. And con-... and confirm it to me by speaking through Brother Branham, as He promised it would be 'like it was in the days of Sodom.' Just let me... let him tell me what I'm thinking about, praying for, what I want, what my needs are, something about me." You do that, just do it.
L-273 Heavenly Father, now it's all in Your hands. Now this is all I can do, or any other man, can just say what You've said Here, the Truth. Now confirm it, Lord, to be the Truth. I have spoken of You. Speak that I have told the Truth. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-274 I want you just--just to believe, just have faith. Now don't no one move around. Just sit real reverent. I want you to imagine standing before you, in here somewhere, Christ, raised up from the dead; come right through the walls one time, eat bread, said, "Feel Me, I'm flesh and bones," and disappeared right before them. Now He--He promised that He would appear in the last days, in the form of human flesh again, in your flesh, like He did at the days of Sodom. God, which was Christ, manifested in flesh, now in His Church, His Bride. See, they're coming together. It's a uniting time. Churches are uniting, nations are uniting, and the Bride and Christ is uniting. See, it's uniting time. [Luke 17:30]
L-275 Now just believe, simple. Don't try to get nervous and press something, 'cause you don't get nothing. Just--just humbly say, "Lord, I believe." Someone just do that. And now I...
L-276 How many is sitting before me, especially... Now, I know these man here, and these here. I know some sitting here. How about right here, just right in front of me? Let consecrate on this little group right in here somewhere. How many never seen Christ make Hisself known like that, by... Let's see your hands, "Never did see it." I guess everybody has seen it. All right.
L-277 You pray now. Now just be reverent. I don't know that He will. I can't say that. It's up to Him. Will it make you believe, real strong? The Lord hears that. He knows all things.
L-278 The man sitting right there, suffering with a hernia. You believe that God will heal that hernia? You do? We are strangers to one another, I suppose, you and I. I don't know you. I've never seen you. But if that's what you was praying about, raise up your hand. If that's right, raise up your hand, this man sitting...
L-279 Do you believe that--do you believe that when Andrew had told Simon to come see that they had found the Messiah, and when He come up in the Presence of the Lord Jesus? Being that you're in contact with Something now, your prayer. See, He told him who he was. You believe God could tell me who you are? If you'll believe it, He can do it. Would that encourage you to believe with all your heart? Would it do the rest of you that way? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-280 Now the man has put his hands up, that whatever was told him... I don't know; I'll have to run the tape, see. Whatever it was, was right. Is that right, sir? [The brother says, "Amen."] All right. Whatever it was, is right.
Mr. Shepherd, believe with all your heart. "If thou canst believe."
L-281 Now that's no more than what He said, "Your name is Simon, son of Jonas." Now if you'll just believe, that's all that's necessary. See? Now what is it? He promised that. He gave that promise. That shows that He is here. Not just me; He is in you. He is in His Body of believers. [John 1:41-42]
L-282 Little lady, weeping and praying, with your head down. Suffering with a cancer. If you won't fear, and will believe, God will make you well if you can believe it. She is going to miss it, sure. Mrs. Hood, believe with all your heart now, that Jesus Christ make you well, and you can have what you've asked for. Now you going to believe it with all your heart? Amen.
L-283 Sitting right next to you there is a lady that's got stomach trouble, heart trouble, complications. If you believe with all your heart, you can have your healing. Do you believe it with all your heart, will accept it? You do? All right.
L-284 That man there with hemorrhoids, do you believe that God can heal those hemorrhoids and make you well? Raise up.
L-285 What'd you think about it, sitting next to him there, with a hernia? Do you believe that God can heal that hernia and make you well?
L-286 The lady right next to your arm there, is suffering with headache. It's gone now. Hasn't it? See, your faith did it. That's all you have to do, is just believe.
L-287 Here is a lady here with diabetes. You believe God will make you well, lady, sitting there with diabetes? You believe God can tell me who you are? You do it? Mrs. Robinson. That's your name.
L-288 Put your hand over on him there for that hernia, maybe God will make him well, too. If you believe it! Will you do it? All right, sir.
L-289 The lady sitting next to you, lay your hand on her, sir, she's got neuritis. Do you believe that God will heal the neuritis and make you well? You do, you can have your healing, too. You've got to believe it.
L-290 Now that's confirmation. God made the promise, now how many believes that Christ is here? You believe it? Now, all of you that want, in His Presence now, that wants mercy from Him, that wants mercy on your soul, and you want to accept Him now while you're right in His Presence, identified. Now I...
L-291 A man might come in here with nail scars in his hands, and thorn prints and say, "I am the Lord." Any old hyprocrite can do that. But, the Life! The Lord Jesus' body is sitting at the right hand of the Majesty; when He comes, time is no more, when that body returns to the earth. But His Spirit is here, His Life is giving evidence of Him being here. See? "I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world."
L-292 And you want mercy from Him now, will you just stand for a word of prayer? All over the building, you that... wherever you are, would you stand? God bless you, way back in there. That's right, just keep standing. Just stand on your feet, that's all I want you to do. Just stand up a minute, for prayer. If you'll stand for Him! If you're ashamed of Him now, He'll be ashamed of you before the Father; and if you're--if you're willing to confess Him now, He'll confess you before the Father. "I now want to accept Christ as my Saviour. I want Him to fill me with His Spirit right now. I want Him." Just remain standing just a moment, for prayer, if you will. Stand up. That's right. I want... I feel led to do this, making the al-... This is an altar call. Stand up. We have no altar to come to; your heart is the altar. Just pull back all the unbelief, and know that He's here now. Stand up on your feet, you who wants to accept Christ right now, in the Divine Presence that you feel, that's vindicated now.
Now let us bow our heads.
L-293 Lord Jesus, they are Yours. You said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him." And now according to science, they could not even raise their hand; the law of gravitation says our hands must hang down. But there's a life in them, and that life was brought near to Eternal Life, Christ. And they made a decision in their heart, that they're through with the world. And they raise their hands and stood on their feet, defying the law of gravity, that there is a life in there. So do we defy the law of the world and unbelief! [John 6:44]
L-294 In the Name of Jesus Christ, they are Yours. They're love-gifts of the Gospel. They're memorials of the Message, tonight, and the... Your great Presence with us. Put their names upon the Lamb's Book of Life, There, Lord. We pray that--that each one of them will be There, as Your children, Your beloved.
L-295 Fill them with the Holy Spirit of God, into their hearts. May their lives be so charged with the Power of Almighty God, that humility and love and kindness and gentleness will flow from them, and a zeal to see others saved, that was once in their condition. Grant it, Lord.
L-296 Only thing that we can do, Lord, is to believe. And they stood as a memorial of their belief. And now with my faith and their faith, together, we lay it upon Your altar, by faith. And they are the sacrifice that's laying there, waiting for the sacrificed Son of God to accept them into His Kingdom. Grant it, Lord. Just now may they be Yours, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-297 Now you that believe on Him with all Your heart, that's standing, raise up your hand, say, "I believe Him. I accept Him right now as my Redeemer, and I seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit." Raise your hand. God bless you.
Now you may be seated.
L-298 And I want you to make your way to some church, now, right away.
L-299 Tomorrow night we're going to have a--a meeting for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, tomorrow night, right here at the building. Now, there is a lot of fanaticism they call the baptism of the Holy Ghost, but that don't mean that there isn't a real Holy Ghost. There's a real genuine Holy Spirit of God, just the same. And I believe that He'll meet with us here tomorrow night.
L-300 Now, how many in the building is convinced that we're at the end time? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How many convinced that this is the Truth, the Word is supposed to be this way in the last days? Raise your hand. ["Amen."] How many of you is believers? Wave your hands. ["Amen."] All right. Jesus said these Words, "These signs shall follow them that believe, if you're a believer." [Mark 16:17-18]
L-301 Now how many is needy of Christ in your body? Raise up your hands. All right, you believers that's setting next to them, lay your hands on one another. And the way you pray in your church, that's the way you pray here. Don't you pray for yourself. You pray for them; they are praying for you. And the Bible said, "They shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." Now you pray the way you do, and with a promise.
L-302 Lord Jesus, they are Yours. Receive them into Your Kingdom. And heal each one, Lord; and these handkerchiefs. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, grant it, Lord. Satan has lost his hold. May the Power of Almighty God heal every one.

64-0405 - 4-H Club Barn, Louisville, MS (Paragraphs: 127 - 185)
L-128 O Lord God, what's the matter with these people, of us on this earth today, to call ourself the royal Seed of Abraham? When, he waited twenty-five years, hoping and--and having faith against the impossibles, to see a miracle performed, and You did it. How much more can we take Your Word, when You're the same visible God that appeared to Abraham, that's appearing here to us in human flesh, in the same manner that You did to Abraham! God, grant that they will, everybody, will see it this afternoon, and prosper. Every time the people passes through, and get hands are laid upon them, may they go from this building, rejoicing, and never take it back, but believe like Abraham and all the rest the patriarchs. You said it would happen, and it will happen if they're faint not. Grant it, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-129 I do believe. I believe. You believe! I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe that He has raised from the dead. I believe He is more than able to perform any promise that He promised to do. He can keep every word that He ever said, and He'll do it for us here this afternoon if we'll only believe it.
L-130 Now, He never said, "Go ye therefore, and--and jerk the people up out of wheel chairs, and take the heart cases and do this." He didn't say that.
L-131 Said, "Lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." That is believers. [Mark 16:18]
L-132 Now, the Holy Spirit is His defense witness here, He knows whether you believe It or not. Don't just come, guessing. Take that guess, and take that hope, and take that imaginary, and put it under your feet, and say, "I have faith, I know it's going to be!" Something will happen.
L-133 What do you think it is, to me, standing here, friends? What do you think, to me, standing here like it is now, before audiences sometimes up to thousands, and hundreds of thousands, would make a claim that He is a living, and His Spirit told me that, the Word that He would give me? Could God do anything without being able to back it up? See, told He would do it! That's the Word. And stand here before the audiences, where skeptics, unbelievers, and everything else sit, by the tens of thousands; and yet see Him, call Him on the scene.
L-134 Do you believe He is here? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right.
L-135 Someone close. Not my friends now; if you're--if you're sick, anybody, my friends. How many, right here in front of me, knows that I don't know you, raise up your hands like this?...?...
L-136 Now there is some in here that does know me. See, along here, they do know me, right in here. That's right, isn't it, brethren, all you all along there? See? Look here. See, they know me.
But out in here, you don't know me.
L-137 How many in this one row here don't know me, raise up your... Is there anybody in these three rows here, right in here, that does know me; knows that I know something about you, and everything? Raise up your hands.
L-138 Do I know you back there? I know you, brother? I don't believe he understood me, 'cause I don't know him. He don't know me. No. You don't know me, do you, sir? You--you--you know me? Do you know that I know what's wrong with you? Yeah, who are you? Maybe... He don't understand me, 'cause I--I don't know the man. Now what did you... Do you know that I know what's wrong with you; without being spiritual, I just know you as a man, and know what's wrong with you? [The brother says, "No."--Ed.] Certainly not. Sure. See, I wouldn't. See, it's raining, and you can't understand.
L-139 May the Holy Spirit help us now. All right, starting this section then. You believe, in here.
L-140 That one man, now, he I--I might not even know. The man sitting there, he's got his hand up, see, I don't think... He doesn't know me. I know he doesn't. But he's just put... had his hand up, anyhow. I won't touch him, then, see. I...
L-141 Be you all. The Lord bless. Somebody pray, in here. Do you believe? Every one of you, do you believe Him? With all your heart, believe.
L-142 Here is a little lady. Let me just call one person, start talking, just talk to somebody; get Its... get the Holy Spirit's moving. The little lady sitting there, do you believe me to be God's servant? You, the little lady sitting right here. See? You, all right, two of you nodded your head. All right, we'll just have both of you then. All right.
L-143 The lady here, nodded your head like this; the pink dress on. If Jesus Christ can tell me what's your trouble, or something about you, will you believe me to be His prophet; know it's Him? Your trouble is in your back. If that's right, raise up your hand. See? See? See? All right. See? See?
L-144 Now, you, little lady out on the end, you didn't get it because the weather was bad. You have colon trouble. Or heart... Colon trouble, it's in your colon.
This woman sitting next to you, has a heart trouble.
L-145 If that's right, you three women raise up your hands. And I'm a stranger to you, see.
Now do you believe? Have faith. That's all you have to do.
L-146 A little lady sitting right here, looking right at me, I don't know you. You're a stranger to me. You don't--you don't know me. Sitting right there, with a little white... looking right at me. Yes, you. Uh-huh. You don't know me. But you're suffering, aren't you? You kind of was a little worried about something. It's a lump that's in your breast. If that's right, raise up your hand.
Now, you say, "You seen a lump." There is no lump shows.
L-147 Is that right, no lump showing? And I don't know you. Do you believe God can tell me who you are? Will that make you help you some? Would it help the audience? Now, remember, the woman has got her hand up. Put your hand up, I don't know you. God help me. Mrs. Patterson. That's right. Do you believe?
L-148 By the way, that's your mother-in-law sitting next to you there. Do you believe? She wants to be prayed for. She come for that purpose. Do you believe God can tell me what's the matter with her? Her trouble is in her eyes and her ears. If that's right, raise up your hand. That's right.
He lives! He is still God.
L-149 Here is a lady sitting back there, having epilepsy. She has epilepsy, and she's got female trouble. And her name is Miss Woods. If that's right, stand up on your feet. Stand up on your feet if that's right. I never seen the woman in my life. The devil left you there, sister. Praise be to God! "If thou canst believe." You just believe.
L-150 Here is a lady sitting right back here. She is very weak. She is sick. She just come from the hospital. She's got--she's got stomach trouble. Her name is Miss Kitchens. Stand up, and believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ make you well. Never seen her in my life.
L-151 Here is a lady with gall bladder trouble. Do you believe with all your heart, too, that God will heal you? A Mrs. Whittaker, do you believe with all your heart, God will heal you? If that's right, stand up on your feet, if we are strangers to one another.
L-152 Do you believe He is here? [Congregation rejoices and says, "Amen."--Ed.] What is that? That's God's defense witness. Hallelujah! O people, believe with all your heart! That's God's defense witness.
L-153 How do you judge Him? Do you believe He is right? Do you believe His Word is true? He promised! All week long, I've preached on it and showed it in the Bible, that He would do this in this day. Do you believe it's the Truth? Do you judge? What's your judgment? Do you believe?
L-154 Let those who have prayer cards in this side over here, stand up in the middle of the aisle, over here, that's got prayer cards, on this line over here; stand up in the middle of the aisle, this way. Those on that side, who has prayer cards, stand up in that aisle, this way. Those over against the other side, stand up in that aisle.
L-155 Those that's up in the top there, that has prayer cards, walk down in front.
L-156 Those who is in this line here, that has prayer cards, stand over on that side. Those in this side has prayer cards, stand over in this aisle right here. Those who has prayer cards, here, stand over in this aisle.
L-157 Now, stop right there now. We get the other side just in a minute. Form your line. Come right down. I'm...
L-158 Now hold still, just a minute, where you are. Stand just where you are, just a moment.
L-159 Look, how many ministers are in here, that believes, real God-fearing man that believes that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that His last commission to His Church, was, "These signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover"? How many of you ministers believe that? If you do, come here and stand with me right here while we pray. So that when these people are healed, they'll see it wasn't just Brother Branham; it's you, too. Stand right along here, form a double line right here where the line will pass through. Oh, my! What else could God do? I don't know nothing. Look at the ministers coming to witness this. Go right down, make your line down this a way here. [Mark 16:17]
L-160 Huh? [Someone says to Brother Branham, "I can't get them to move."--Ed.] Huh? ["I can't even get them to move down here."] That's all right. It's okay. We'll get them.
L-161 Now I'm going to have Brother Borders, the manager, to come here to this microphone. And I want him to keep the line in order, so that they'll come this a way, go back around that way, and go back to your seat, see, when you come.
Now all that can hear me, raise up your hand.
L-162 Look, let these, the farthest back, come in first; and come around this a way, and go around. Then let the next. Go right around behind the ministers here, as you're prayed for, go right back and take your seat. Then let Billy, he'll motion you right around and tell you how to get in a line. And then as soon as this is over, let we'll have them stand down that way, and come this other way.
L-163 Now all, understands, raise up your hand now. All right, good. Now Brother Borders will be right here at the microphone, to give witness on what you must do. All right.
L-164 Now look. The reason I'm doing this, is because I want you to understand. I don't know these brethren here. I know two or three of them. They may be Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian. I don't know who they are. No need of me saying that. See? Now, I want you to know that after I'm gone...
L-165 Most time, evangelists come in town and he does everything, see, he does the praying for the sick and everything. See, that's not right. I want to keep out of that picture.
L-166 I want you to see Jesus. This week, I've tried my best to show you that He's here. And if you have faith, just reach up and get Him, you don't need to come in the line. But if you want to follow this Scripture, His Divine Presence, you've touched His garment. Just look, what, these people standing here, a while ago, God in Heaven knows I never seen them in my life. And I could start right here, in a few minutes I'd faint. How many knows that Jesus, when that happened to Him, that woman using God's gift, she got weak? How many knows that virtue went out of Him, was His strength? And I'm a sinner. But Jesus said, "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." [John 16:16]
L-167 Now we're going to offer prayer. And I want these ministers with me. I'm going to stand right out here, too, lay hands on every one of the sick. And now if you...
L-168 Remember! Listen! Hear ye to It! Believe it! Unless you come through, believing, "Right now it's settled forever," don't come. It'll only make you worse. It'll hinder your faith. But if you believe that you're in the Presence of Jesus Christ, and not we His servants. And we're only carrying out, witnesses, as we lay our hands on you, that we believe this to be the Truth. And when we lay hands on you, you believe it and go out of here, rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord! It's all settled." Don't you never change your mind.
L-169 Now remember. Let me quote this again. Listen close. Your mind is your jury, on this case. And your actions from here out, will be, will pronounce what your judgment is. You come in here and say, "Well, I don't know," you see, you see where you judged Him. He is on trial to each one of you. He is here, in your presence. His Word is here. He vindicates His Word. You're here. He, He is on trial to you, not on trial to me. I believe Him. He is on trial to you. And if you believe Him, and if you judge Him faithful to His Word...
L-170 Now they're just about to get the line straightened out, so they're forming around, you see. Just, I'm just waiting till he got it straightened out. Just move right on out and form you a long line. And go right straight back the way you come, when you get out.
L-171 If you believed Him, then something is going to happen. Remember, now, there is no power in none of these ministers. There is no power in me. There is no power in any man, to heal. But we have authority from God, to do this. We don't have power; we have authority. Here is our authority, God's Word, and the Presence of Jesus Christ proves that He's here. What? You should be healed, every one!
L-172 Now let's all bow our heads while we offer one prayer. And Brother Borders will be standing here, leading the songs and directing the people. As you come through now, pray and believe.
L-173 All you gather, brother ministers. You see why I've done this. That, when I leave, your congregation knows, too, these people that get healed, you are God's servant, also. It just ain't one. God don't just have one servant; He has thousands of them, all that will believe It. Let us bow our heads. You have just as much right to pray for the sick, as me, Roberts, or anybody else.
L-174 Heavenly Father, I thank You again, in my heart, and I know hearts here. You are justified to put this in the Word, for we've seen it work, and we know it's the truth. And we know it'll work on every person. And we are praying to You now, Lord, conditioning our own soul, while we know You're here. You've answered. You spoke Your Word out to us. You're here.
L-175 Now may You anoint us, Lord, that when we've lay our hands upon these sick people, poor sick people sitting here in this rain this afternoon, may every one of them recover, and go home and be well. May they be like Abraham, "call those things which were not, as though they were," because God made the promise. And You was the One said, "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." You never said they'd recover right then, but You said they would do it. And we believe it, Lord. Help every--everybody to believe it, Lord, as we commit the meeting to Your hand. In Jesus Christ's Name, we follow Your Commandments. Amen. [Mark 16:18]
L-176 Now let the prayer line start. Brother Borders, take the prayer card. [Brother Branham and the ministers pray for everyone in the prayer line--Ed.]
L-177 []... believes? [Congregation rejoices and says, "Amen."] The Lord bless you.
L-178 The reason I got my hands together with you minister brothers, that was because some of you all were suffering, too, you know. And you put yourself out here to pray for others, and let alone. It's not right. I believe, as we caught our hands together, I believe that God honored that.
L-179 And here, now, here--here is those who couldn't get to the meeting; now let's pray, for these handkerchiefs.
L-180 Heavenly Father, we are taught in the Bible, that--that, "They taken from the body of Saint Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons." We're not Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus. And we pray, God, that You will send Your blessings with these handkerchiefs, and heal each and every one of them. Make them well, Lord, for Your glory. In Jesus Christ's Name, we pray and send them. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-181 I want to say this. That, coming through the line, I seen women and man holding babies, and they were wet. You just remember me, my pastor brothers, that, weeks from now, you find out, there was a great thing took place here. They will recover. I say that ninety percent of them will recover. That's right. Oh, I it was... I have never felt such a form of faith. It was really wonderful. I see you're... Now just act, go on and act like it was all over, no matter if you didn't feel it. Don't... He never did say, "Did you feel it?" He said, "Did you believe it? Did you believe it?" And we believe it. And He is here now, and we give Him--we give Him praise and glory, for all that He's done.
L-182 And dear Christian friends, I know they'll be closing the meeting in a few minutes, and I want to say this to you. If I don't meet you no more this side of the River, I'll see you There with this same Gospel, this same Thing. Now just remember, that what you've accepted this afternoon, your mind has been your jury. It's made up its mind, made up the verdict.
L-183 Now you just go on acting. I don't care if you was paralyzed and couldn't move; just still keep on believing it. He, He said, "They shall recover! They shall recover!" That's what the witness said, every witness today. All the way down through the Bible, He... unless He said something spontaneously would happen. But in this case, "They shall recover," that's what laying on of hands. Now if a vision happened, and said, "this is going to happen at a certain time, a certain time," then He designates the time. But on this case, He said, "They shall recover." Believe it, with all your heart. Let's sing one time.
Till we meet! till we meet! God...
Till we meet at Jesus' feet;
Oh, till we meet! till we meet!
God be with you till we meet again!
[Mark 16:18]
L-184 Now just before, let's shake hands with somebody near you, say, "God bless you, Christian friend." Don't move. Just stay, shake hands around. "God bless you, Christian friend." God bless you. God bless you, brother. God bless you, brother. God bless you. God bless you, Roy.
L-185 Now let's raise our hands to Christ, and sing.
Till we meet! (Let's close our eyes and raise our hands now.) Until we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet!

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