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God's Power To Transform
65-0911, God's Power To Transform, Ramada Inn, Phoenix, AZ, 146 min

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L-1 [Brother Branham is introduced by Brother Carl Williams--Ed.] Thank you, brother. ["Sure be really a privilege to have Brother Branham come so often to Phoenix. I think he comes to Phoenix more than anywhere. And we want him to keep coming, just as long as I'm around here, anyway. God bless you, Brother Branham."] Thank, thank you, Brother Williams.
Good morning, friends. I am... This of the Shakarian family, Brother Williams and Sister Williams and many of them here know about it. I saw that in a vision, about two to three years before she got sick, and it happened.
L-2 And last year when we were here, I believe it was in January, at the convention, it was the time that that priest (what's his name? I forget his name now) was here. [Someone says, "Stanley."--Ed.] Stanley, Bishop Stanley, from the Catholic church. You remember when he brought me the Bible, you know, and he said to me.
It was several prophesying, "My daughter, you are healed."
L-3 And he knew that the vision had said that she would not get well. "She would die between two and three o'clock in the morning." Remember that? [Someone says, "Yes."--Ed.] So, two or three o'clock.
L-4 And I couldn't tell Demos. And yet I told her stepmother, right over in the room, right across the place here. I said, "She isn't going to get well."
Mrs. Shakarian said, "Well, everybody is prophesying."
I said, "Course, I could be wrong, myself, but I said it. She isn't going to get well."
L-5 I told many of them, about three years ago, "I saw her running for her life, and she went into a bed. And she raised her hands and screamed to me, like that. And I--I couldn't even reach her. And then I seen her die. And I looked, and there was something, there was a clock, and it said it's something between two and three o'clock."
L-6 And so the bishop said, "Well, I'll just watch and see how that comes to pass." So, it did come to pass.
L-7 We are certainly sorry. I feel the church has lost a great person, in Sister Florence Shakarian. But, she was a great singer, she was a Spirit-filled woman.
L-8 I was with her mother; her mother was one of the first contacts I had on the West Coast, when her mother was healed. When the doctors... She was in a coma, and all swollen up. And so the--the doctor that was there told me, said, "Now be real quiet when you pray. Don't make much noise. The woman is dying."
I said, "Yes, sir."
L-9 And he said, then, just kept on telling me. And, well, I didn't even have a chance to open my mouth, like.
L-10 So, it was Brother Demos told me to go ahead and go up and see her.
L-11 So, I went upstairs. And Florence was kneeling on the floor, then a beautiful little girl, and some more women. And went over and prayed for her, and told it. And she was unconscious. And told her she would get up again. And she did. A couple years later, she died. And now God answers our prayers.
L-12 And we know that, we believe that we all have come here by the will of God, and we believe the same way. One by one, we'll each one cross that portal. And that's why we're here this morning, gathered together in this Christian Business Men's Fellowship, is to speak of these things, and prepare for them, 'cause we know they are sure to come.
L-13 Now Sister Florence is a young woman, forty-two years old, Brother Williams just told me, and very young. But before they, she knew that she had this disease, why, I saw a vision of her and told me her outcome. Then, it would be. God knows all about it, and her seeing Jesus in the room before she left. We just don't want to pray for her, because we've done that so much. We just want to thank God for a life that was among us, that inspired us all, as Sister Shakarian.
L-14 And we want to pray for Brother Demos and Sister Rose. And remember, they've had an awful hard hit in their life, in the last... it's his father, and his sister now in his... the last years. [Somebody speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] But, and, yeah, less than, less, ten months; and sister, Sister Edna, also.
L-15 So, I know how to sympathize with Brother Demos. I had a father, brother, wife, and baby, to go within a few days apart, so I--I know how he feels this morning. You only know when you stand in them shoes, that's when you know how to sympathize. And...
L-16 [The amplifying system squeals--Ed.] I did that myself. Excuse me. I hit a little gadget down here somewhere, with my hand. So I'm--I'm sorry I got it too loud, and not meaning to.
L-17 So let us stand now while we... if you can, if it's... Let's bow our head.
L-18 Heavenly Father, we have assembled here this morning to worship Thee, and to give Thee thanks and praise, for sending Jesus our Redeemer, that we have a hope after this life is over, seeing that it's so uncertain that we live here all the time. And, Father, to see the wretched conditions these bodies can get into, we are glad we don't have to stay here all the time. Thou has made a way of escape, down through the valley of death.
L-19 And, Father, we are grateful to You this morning, for the life of one who stood with us, less than a year ago, singing Your praises; Sister Florence Shakarian, as we knew her. And Thou has told us long before, even years, that this was going to happen, that it wouldn't be too much of a shock for us. And we know what You say is true. And then Your Word says, "A man that is born of woman, is full of few days and full of troubles." We know that's true, too, Lord. We know we all must come down through that valley. So we thank You for her life that was, here on earth. And believing by faith, that now, this morning, she has passed from this miserable pesthouse, into a glorious body which can never be sick. And her talents of singing, and the voice she had, and her spirit so richly in-graced with Christ! That she could return this morning, she would not do it by no means; she would have to go through all this again. Which, now it's over, she is with her mother and her daddy. They called their baby, home. So, we--we thank You.
L-20 We also want to pray for comfort, for our Brother Shakarian, our dear beloved brother, knowing the--the life that he has lived, and the torments he is going through in these last days, and how he is. Seeing him aging, and his hair slipping away, and his shoulders stooping, and yet trying to stay on the field for God. God, give him strength today. We pray, God, that You will grant it. To all those who are bereaved over her going, we pray for each one.
L-21 And let us, Lord, as we are thinking of this, remember that we too must go someday. While we're sitting together here in the Presence of the Lord Jesus, we would ask that You would bring this fresh to our memory. And let us check up, as it was, or take inventory of our own lives, that we be under the Blood and in the Faith. Grant it, Lord.
L-22 Now as I try under these circumstances to bring a little message to the people, today, I pray that You will help me, Lord. Strengthen me, for I--I--I need it, Lord. And I pray that You will grant it. And may something be said that would just honor You. And if there be any under the sound of our voice this morning, who is not ready to meet the hour that lays before them, may this be the time that when they'll surrender to Him Who said, "I am the Way, the Life, the Truth," even our Lord Jesus Christ. For we ask it in His Name. Amen. (You may be seated.)
L-23 [Someone on the platform speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] The brother here wants to know if everyone can hear all right. He's got two mikes on. Is that all right? Can you hear? Raise up your hands if you can. Can you hear; raise your hands. All right.
L-24 I'm sorry that we do not have seating room for everyone this morning. And we trust that I won't stay up here too long, just enough to maybe bring us maybe a reading of the Word; that the Lord God will honor His Word that's being read, and will give us of His grace, that we might serve Him by it.
L-25 Now I was told by Billy Paul, this morning, that it might be possible that we speaking next Sunday at the Grantway Assembly of God, in Tucson. If there is anyone here from Tucson, I might not get to see you this week. I'll be at the Grantway Assembly of God, next Sunday.
L-26 So now we just come back from up in the East, and I kind of run myself down a little, by overeating, with overkindness of the people down in the mountains. And--and I got sick, so I haven't felt good this week. So, you pray for me. And...
L-27 [Someone says, "Too much opossum."--Ed.] What you say? ["Too much opossum."] Brother Carl Williams with his sense of humor, and I think we need it right now, he said, "Too much opossum." I don't know about that, Brother Carl, but a whole lot of squirrels. [Brother Branham laughs.]
L-28 So you want to pray for someone this morning, why, I--I certainly appreciate if it would be some of your prayer for me, because I--I need it.
Now we want to go quickly into the Word.
L-29 And I don't want to keep you here too long, because I believe there is a telephone hook-up across the nation, on this this morning, goes all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, from North and South. Many, many assemblies have got this accomodation that you all had here from the tabernacle. It's also hooked up in Phoenix, that everywhere the services is, it comes right in to the... And they gather in churches and in homes, and things like that, do a very fine way. They say it's even better than a broadcast. It's the telephone hook-up, they put a receiver on a microphone, or whatever it is, in the room. And they... My wife said, coming from Indiana last week, down to Tucson, it was just the same as standing right in the room. So we pray that God will bless all those out on the line this morning, wherever they are. Up in New York now it will be, oh, in the afternoon, and different times as it crosses the nation.
L-30 Now over in the Book of Romans, the 12th chapter, and the 1st and 2nd verses, we wish--wish to read this Scripture.

I beseech you therefore, brethren., by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and perfect... good, acceptable, and perfectwill of God. [Romans 12:1-2]
Now, if the Lord willing, I want to take my subject for this morning, on: God's Power To Transform.
That you might not be conformed to this world: but be... transformed by the renewing of your mind, now, and prove that which is that good, perfect, and acceptable will of God. [Romans 12:1-2]
L-32 It's an old familiar text that many of your pastors has used down through your time. It's been used since It was written. But yet, one thing about the Word of God, It never grows old, because It's God. It never grows old. Through every generation now, for pretty near, about twenty-eight hundred years, or better, this Word of God has been read by man, priests, and so forth, and never does It grow old. I've been reading It, myself, for some thirty-five years. And each time I read It, I find something new that I looked over the first time. Because, It is inspired, It is God in letter form. See, It's the attributes of God speaking fore, forth, and is placed on paper.
L-33 Many times, man said, "Well, now, man wrote this Bible." No. The Bible says, Itself, that God wrote the Bible. It is the Word of God.
L-34 And It never can fail. Jesus said, "Heavens and earth will fail, pass away, but My Words shall never fail." And It cannot fail, and being God, because It's part of Him. [Luke 21:33], [Luke 16:17]
L-35 And then you being a son and daughter, you are part of It, and that makes you a part of Him. So that's why we come to fellowship together around the Word of God. [John 15:5-6]
L-36 Now this word transformed, I looked up in the dictionary, yesterday. When, I almost lost track of the time that I was to be up here, when I was looking for a text, and I found this word, or this text, rather, Scripture. And in the dictionary it says that it's "something that's changed." It's to be "changed." Transformed, "made different than what it was." It's been, "Its character and everything has been changed in it," to transform.
L-37 And I thinking this morning, in Genesis 1. This world was without form, and it was void, and darkness was upon the earth; nothing but a complete chaos. And when this world was in that condition, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water, and the entire picture was changed; from a total chaos, to a garden of Eden. That is transforming Power of God, that can take something that's nothing and make something wonderful out of it. God's transforming Power! [Genesis 1:1-4]
L-38 And we understand that, by reading the Scriptures, that God was six--six thousand years in making this preparation for this Eden. Now, He might not have been that long; but just presuming, and taking it from the Scripture where It said "one day with God, is a thousand years on earth," that is, if God should count time. And say it was six thousand years He had in making the earth, and He had planted upon the earth all good seed. There was just everything was perfect. [Genesis 1:31], [Psalms 90:4]
L-39 I think, many times, when even critics begin to read the Book of Genesis, they begin to criticize It, because it seems like It constantly repeats Itself, or throws you out here and there.
L-40 But if we would just notice for a moment, before we get into our text, that, Moses saw the vision. And God spoke to him. God spoke to Moses face to face, lip to ear. Now, He never spoke to any other man like that, as He did Moses. Now, Moses was a great, one of the greatest of all the prophets. He was a type of Christ. And now God can speak, He has a voice. It's been heard. God can speak. [Exodus 33:11-23]
L-41 And God can write. God wrote the ten Commandments with His Own finger. He wrote on the walls of--of Babylon once, with His finger. He stooped down and wrote in sand one time, with His finger. God can speak. God can read. God can write. [John 8:6]
L-42 God is the Fountain of all grace and Power, and of all Divine wisdom, is in God. So therefore, knowing that, He is the only Creator there is. There is no other creator but God. Satan cannot create, at all, he only perverts what's been created. But God is the only Creator.
L-43 Therefore, He created by His Word. He sent His Word. So all the seeds that He had placed upon the earth, He formed those seeds by His Own Word, for there was no nothing else to make the seed out of. He had placed them, and they were beneath the water. He just said, "Let there be this, and let there be that."
L-44 Now we find out that, many times, it look like the Bible repeating or saying something to what It doesn't, say. For instance, in Genesis 1 we find that, "God created man in His Own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them." And then He goes on, and many things happened upon the earth. [Genesis 1:27]
L-45 Then we come to find out, there was no man to till the soil. "Then God created man out of the dust of the earth." That was a different man. "And He breathed the spirit of life into him, and he became a living soul."
L-46 The first man was in the image of God, which is Spirit. John 4, says, "God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth." But God is a Spirit. And the first man, that He created, was spirit-man, and he was in the image and in the likeness of God. [John 4:24]
L-47 And then He put this man in flesh, and man fell. So then God came down and become in the image of man, that He might redeem that fallen man. That's the real Gospel story, to my--to my opinion.
L-48 Now, God, in six thousand years, had planted all these wonderful seeds, or He had spoke His Word. "It shall be this way. This tree shall be. This shall be." Everything was perfect. It was just good. And He commanded each one of those seeds that they would be, they would transform themselves into the plant of which kind of life that the Word of God had spoken in them should be. If it was an oak tree, it was to bring forth an oak. If it was a palm, it was to bring forth a palm.
L-49 Because, the great Creator had just sent forth His Word, and the Word seed was there before the real seed was ever formed. And the Word formed the seed. See, "He made the world out of things that does not appear." See, He--He made the world by His Word. God spoke everything into existence.
L-50 And being God, the Creator, speaking all things into existence, it must have been a perfect world. It was a--a beautiful place. It was a--a real genuine paradise here on the earth.
L-51 Now, as, every place has to have a headquarters somewhere. This convention has a headquarters, and this chapter has a headquarters, and a church has a headquarters. And God has a headquarters. And so this great place, nation that we live in, it's got a headquarters. And so this great Eden had a headquarters, and its headquarters was headed-up in the garden of Eden, or in Eden, east of in the garden.
L-52 And God placed over this, to rule all His great creation here on earth, His Son and His Son's bride, Adam and Eve.
L-53 God was the Father of Adam. "Adam was the son of God," according to the Scriptures. He was the son of God.
L-54 And God made him a helpmate, out of his own body; perhaps a rib from over his heart, so she would be close to him, and made him a helpmate. It really wasn't his wife as yet, no more than it was man as yet; He had just spoke it. And there is where the trouble come, Satan found her before Adam did. So, it was just His Word He had spoken. [Genesis 2:18]
L-55 I say that, I don't want to spend too much time on it. But some of you might get a bit confused, especially some of the people up in the--out in the South, seem to find just a little confusing on the Message that I have from God today, to the people, that about the serpent's seed. And I'm going to go home, the Lord willing, one of these days, to Jeffersonville. I want about a six-hour message, and straighten that all out, see, so it'll put it just in form that you'll know what we're speaking of. And it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's just as true as it was when It seen our Sister Florence before she went away, several years. See, It's the Truth. And now, we, maybe it's misunderstood.
L-56 If somebody would come to me, something contrary, I would kind of misunderstand it, myself. I wouldn't want to criticize what anyone says. We're not to criticize each other. I'm not guilty of doing that; I thank the Lord. I have criticized sin and unbelief; but no individual person, see, I--I don't. We are--we are brothers and sisters, striving, we are coming down to where Sister Florence came yesterday morning, see. She, we, we all got to come that way. And it's not my purpose to--to try to criticize a brother or sister that wouldn't agree with you. No, far be it from me to do that! I don't think you'll ever find a tape that I ever called anybody's name on. Which, I have felt that many times the person was wrong, but that's between them and God. But what is wrong, in the way of sin and... And misunderstandings sometimes is not even sin, it's just misunderstandings of people. And I--I think each one of us has a right to express ourself to our understanding.
L-57 Now this great Creator had placed His created son. Now, Adam was His first created son. Jesus was His only begotten Son, see, He was begotten by a woman. But Adam was right straight from the hand of God, in the creation.
L-58 Now the headquarters, with His--His son and His son's bride over all, it looked so perfect. There was a--a man, the head of all of it, His Own son and His bride.
L-59 And every seed was perfect, the palms, and the oaks, and the grass, and the birds, and the animals. And everything was in perfect order with the Commandment of God, "Don't change your nature. Bring forth of its kind, every seed! Oak, don't you never be perverted into a pawpaw tree." See? "Palm, don't you be perverted into something else. But every seed after his kind!" And He had--He had watched it through the times. [Genesis 1:11-12]
L-60 And He had spoke the Word. And His great creating Power had formed these things that come up, and even the man and the woman. And they were the head because they were the... they were super to all the other races. And He put them also under a care of the same thing that He put trees, animals, and so forth: His Word. They must not never, by no means, break that Word. They must stay There. "Don't never take anything from It, or add anything to It! You must live by this Word."
L-61 And as long as that creation would have existed like that, Sister Shakarian wouldn't have had to have went this morning, as long as it would have stayed like that, God's great economy! It's what we believe that we are headed back to. We are going back to that spot, that place.
L-62 Where? That seventh morning, when God looked upon it all, and He said, "It's good. I--I am pleased with it. Yeah, I--I--I am glad I did it. And it's all now under control. And I have put trust in My son and in his wife, that--that they will; make them head of all of it, that they will watch over it all and see that it's all right, that everything will bring forth of its kind. Now he has the power to do that." God then said, "Well, if it's all so good, and it can't be anything else, because it's My Own desire. It's the way I want it. And I have spoke it that way, and My Words has brought it just exactly the way I wanted it. And there it is. It's all good!" So the Bible said, "God rested the seventh day, from all His works." [Genesis 2:2]
L-63 And everything under control, to bring forth of its kind. Now remember, "to bring." When He put the seed in the earth, the seed can only come forth with the power of life within it, to transform it from a seed to a plant, or whatever it was. His transforming power! Now, God put the seed in there, with potentials that it would be what He said it would be. And as long as it stayed in its right category, it would be just exactly what God said it would be. It had to be that way, because He had made it that way, and made a channel. That, anything that stays in His channel, in His line of Word, it will have to bring forth exactly like His Word said it would do. It cannot move from there. It's channeled just exactly right. So, with everything in the trust in His Own son, that it would be that way, then God said, "It's all good, so I'll just rest. And each one of those seeds has power in itself, to transform itself into the specie that I desire it to be. That's what it must be, because I have given every seed transforming power, to make out of itself, in its potentials now to make out of itself exactly what I want it to be." [Genesis 1:21-25]
L-64 God has never changed. Just the same today as He was then! God is determined to do something. He'll do it. Nothing is going to stop Him. He'll do it!
L-65 Now after it's all so well and set in order, God felt sure now that this would all be all right, and then, when He did, then came in the enemy. I'm going to... God gave power to transform. And I'm going to call this fellow, with power not to--to create again, but I'm... He had power to deform, not transform; but to deform. Now, anything deformed is taken from its original state, there is something that's gone wrong with it.
L-66 Some years ago, on patrol, going up through the corn fields. I would think of, there was a limb had blowed off of a tree, and had fell over on a stalk of corn. And the stalk was trying its best to get up straight like it was supposed to be, but it was deformed because that something had happened. And the stick was laying over it.
L-67 Then we find a wild creeper in the field. Which, many of you man here, and maybe some of you women... if you come from Kentucky. The women uses the hoe there the same as a man, get out in the field with a--with a hoe, we call the old gooseneck hoe, and chop the--the creepers out. For, if you didn't get those creepers out, where the corn was in the row, like this, then the creeper would reach over, grab a hold of that corn, and wrap itself around gradually, so easy, so slyly, that you would hardly tell it was wrapping. And finally it gets stronger and stronger, and it pulls that corn till it's deformed. Pulls it against itself, wraps it around its own vine; deforming it from what it was, to something else. Yet it's corn, but it's deformed corn.
L-68 And we are all still in the image of God. But some are so deformed, as sons of God, that walk contrary to His Word and to His way that--that He had us and provided for us to walk. Setting something, the world twists us out of the way, pull us close to it, and away from that straight, narrow strip that He planted us in, to be sons and daughters of God. Sin has done this evil thing to the sons and daughters of God. [Genesis 1:26-27]
L-69 The deformer! I know this seems to be rather strange to speak of it in this way, "to--to deform," but that's what he was; he deformed, or perverted. Pervert means "to be changed over, made something different." And deform is the same thing, that it's been brought over and deformed, and "made in another way." Yet it's still the same seed, but it's deformed.
L-70 Now we find that this deformer has also had the same amount of time, to deform, as God had to transform. Now he planted his seed, or, never planted his seed, he... in the garden of Eden. Since that time, he has had six thousand years of deforming the Seed of God, the Word of God; to deform It, make It something different; when he... the first time that Eve listened to him, and got herself just one little phrase.
L-71 Remember, first Satan quoted that Scripture just as clear as it could be, "God has said that, 'Ye shall not eat of every tree in the garden of Eden'?" See? "You shall not eat of every tree?"
L-72 And remember now, Eve said, "Yes, we may eat of every tree; but the tree that's in the midst of the garden, we mustn't even touch it." Now watch him, in his message, twist that Word just a little bit. In saying... Eve said, "For God said, that, if we do this, that day we 'die.'" [Genesis 3:2-3]
L-73 He said, "Oh, surely you will not die." See, he was a--a man, he said, "You, you do this now. And, you, you are kind of an ignorant people. You, really, you don't know all things. But if you would only partake of this, then you would have wisdom, you would have knowledge. You would know right from wrong and be like gods, you, if you would only partake of this wisdom that I have. I know, but you don't." [Genesis 3:4]
L-74 Which, it's all right to have wisdom. But if the wisdom is contrary, if the wisdom isn't correct wisdom from God, Divine wisdom, and becomes natural wisdom; I don't care how much science we have, and whatmore, or education, it's of the Devil. I'll prove it to you, the Lord willing, in a few minutes. It's of the Devil.
L-75 Civilization is of the Devil. I just got through preaching on that. All culture in the earth, all powers of science, and everything, is of the Devil. It's his gospel he preached, of knowledge, in the garden of Eden. And he has took that knowledge, perverted knowledge, contrary to the Word and will and plan of God. And now he has had six thousand years to do just exactly what God did, only in a perverted way, and took the same amount of time to bring his own Eden in. Now he has got an Eden here on earth, and it's filled with wisdom, knowledge. That was his gospel at the beginning, knowledge, wisdom, science. Never did God ever cater to such. And I--I want you to watch a minute. He did this, and because that he was a man of worldly wisdom. [Matthew 4:8-9]
L-76 Now, it's hard to say this. It's--it's very hard, because speaking to people who feel the same way I do, and the way I have been for many years. But since the opening of those Seven Seals, of them Angels just behind the mountain yonder, This has become a new Book. It's the things that's been hid, is being revealed as God promised in Revelation 10, He would do it. And we are the privileged people that God has chosen, of the earth, that we might see and understand these things; which is not some mythical, fleshly mind of a person trying to make it up. It's the Word of God made manifest, proven, that It's right. Proven, not by science; but by God, that It's right. God, as I have said before in a message, God doesn't need anyone to interpret His Word. He is His Own interpreter. He says it'll happen, and it happens. That's, He--He confirms it, that interprets it. [Revelation 10:7]
L-77 A few years ago when, we pentecostal people, when the--the other churches told us that we were "crazy," we "could not, the Holy Ghost was a thing past." But we find out that God's promise was to whosoever will, and now we know different. See, and that's just little by little, this thing has opened up.
L-78 And now He promised that the mysteries that was hid in those, all those church ages, would be revealed right at the end time. And He lets us know now. We are at the end time. We're here now.
L-79 Now, Satan is the author of civilization. He is the author of science. He is the author of education.You say, "Is that true?" [Genesis 4:16-17]
L-80 All right, let us read in God's Word now, Genesis 4, and let's go back and just see for a minute. I know I may, if I get too long, Brother Carl will probably tell me. [Someone says, "It's all right."--Ed.] But now Genesis, the 4th chapter, and the 16th verse, goes ahead telling here, in the beginning, what God did in order, to place the curse upon the man and the woman, and all that they was to do; and not the curse on them, but tell them what would happen, and curse the ground for Adam's sake. And we find out here now, that Eve had a pair of twins. And one of them was of Satan, and one of them was of God.
Now you say, "Oh, no! No. Now, Brother Branham!"
L-81 Just a minute. You find me one Scripture, anywhere, that says that Cain was Adam's son. I'll show you in the Scripture where It says, "Cain was of that evil one," not Adam.
L-82 Now notice when she conceived here. We begin at the 4th chapter, first.
And Adam knew... his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten... she said now, I have gotten a son from the LORD.
L-83 Course, it had to be. No matter if it was prostitute or anything, it had to come from God, see, because that's His seed, it's the law of His seed, it has to bring forth whether it's corrupted seed, perverted seed, or whatever it is. It's got to bring forth, anyhow. It's His command.
And she again bare his brother Abel.
L-84 No more knew him. Adam knew his wife, and she bare Cain and also bare Abel, twins. Satan was with her that morning, Adam that afternoon. [Genesis 4:1-2]
L-85 You see the big fuss in the paper here, I believe, in Tucson now, of that woman bringing forth a colored child and a white child, at the same time. She lived with her husband that morning, and the man that afternoon. And the man would take care, the white man said he'd take care of his own child, but the colored man would have to take care of his own. See? I know that, in breeding of dogs and so forth, it certainly will, if it's in a few hours afterwards. This proves it.
L-86 Now to show where civilization come from, now let us read Genesis over here, in the 4th chapter of Genesis again, and see where. The 16th verse.
And Cain went out from the presence of God, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east side of Eden.
And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after... his son, Enoch.
L-87 Civilization started. Doctor Scofield, here in my Scofield Bible, it says, "The first civilization." Notice, then he begot sons, and they made organs and music. The next one begot sons, and he begin to do other things, wonders, build cities, and--and make instruments of brass, and all kinds of things. See, that's what he did, become the first civilization, which was Cain-ite. He's done the same thing down through the ages.
L-88 Now let's get there with the 25th verse, and watch what the next was.
And Adam knew his wife again, now, and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, has appointed me another seed instead of Abel who Cain slew.
And Seth... And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: and then began men to call upon the name of the LORD (out of the Seth side, not the Cainites' side). [Genesis 4:25-26]
L-89 See, that great intellectual that we all so hold to! What's communism today, what is their god? It's the intellectual, science. What are we doing, anyhow? Where are we living? Consider these words today.
L-90 Now he has his kind of an Eden, Satan does now. In these six thousand years, he has formed (not created), but deformed God's whole earth; his creatures, the animals, interbreeding, hybreeding; trees, plants, human; even to religion, the Bible, church; until he has got hisself a complete garden of Eden, of science, everything moving by science. Our automobiles, everything that we have, was given to us by science, what man has done. And he has got his great Eden here; to prove the Message is timely, to prove that it's not some other age but Revelation 10! Look at the hybreeding today, to make a better, or, prettier, not a better. Look at little children today.
L-91 I had my daughter to a dentist, yesterday, and he said her teeth was twisting. A brother down in Tucson, Brother Norman, had his little daughter, and her teeth was bucking out. And the dentist says that soon, he believes, that maybe in times to come, that people will be born, teeth growing any way. It's the food that we're eating, hybrid food.
L-92 Did you read Reader's Digest, last month, about Billy Graham, the noble evangelist? Have you been listening to him? I pray for him now more than ever. When he talked to those turned-around collars, and so forth, the other night, laying it onto that clergy. Something has happened to him. One of these days, I hope he sees his position where he's at, notice, now is calling from Sodom, that perverted city. And now notice this in Reader's Digest, Billy had gotten so weak that he couldn't even hold his meetings. And they told him he had to run, take exercise, and so forth. So he runs a mile each day, I believe it is, or something, to get exercise.
L-93 Man is rotten. The whole human race is corrupted. Everything is like it was in the antediluvian time. It's completely upset, turned around, different from the straight row that God planted them in. Sin, through science and deception, has twisted the whole human race.
L-94 Did you read also just below that article, where it said, "In these days, that little girls and boys are in their middle age, according to physical structure, between twenty and twenty-five years old." Think of it.
L-95 In discernment the other night, I picked up a girl twenty-two years old, in menopause, called her out. And that's what her doctor had told her.
L-96 See, it's a fallen, degenerate, hell-bound race of corruption. I know that sounds not ethical. But it's Biblical, see, that it is true; and this race that we're living in, this generation of people.
L-97 Now notice today, hybreeding cattle, hybreeding plants; and science comes right back around, the same science that does it, says, "That is what's destroying the whole human race." You read it the same as I do. Well, why don't they stop it? Is because that they can't stop it. God's Word has said it would be that way. But if they would think for a minute, they are the instruments, as Judas Iscariot, placing exactly the thing that God said would happen. It's doing it just exactly on their own basis of science.
L-98 By his scientific research, in the same pattern he deceived Eve, he also has deceived the church, which there Eve was a type. Now, now Adam a type there again, or Eve, rather, of the church, notice what it did. Through the wandering for knowledge, she slips across the line between right and wrong, by listening to Satan's perversion, or deformity, of the original Word of God.
L-99 And now the churches today has become deformed. Now I'm not talking about the peoples, the individuals. I'm talking about the church world. One is twisted one way, and one twisted another, and, by science. Same pattern that he did. He has carried out his threat, Satan has, of Isaiah 14:12.
L-100 Let's just read that for a minute. In the Book of Isaiah, let's begin the 14th chapter, the 12th verse.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cast down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
This is Isaiah seeing him in a vision, see, in the age to come.
For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,... the sides in the north: [Isaiah 14:12]
L-101 Satan's purpose, from Eden, was to make his ownself an Eden; and exalt himself above, so the stars of God would worship him, sons would worship him. And he has absolutely carried it out now, and when he's done this and brought it into the church. Which, I won't go in details. Any of you listening to them tapes know about it. That, that's exactly the hour we're living in, and it's Satan that's done it through educational program, better fit, better this, better that. And not knowing, all the time, they're walking right straight into death. Blinded, leading the blind, blinded leaders of the nations, blinded leaders of science, blind leaders of the church, blind leading the blinded. Jesus said, "Let them alone, they will both fall in the ditch." [Matthew 15:14]
L-102 Here notice the type of the two Edens so closely typed together, till almost deceive the very Elected. Matthew 24:24 said that it would be that way. But I want us to stop for a few moments and consider these two Edens, and one thing especially, how the Bible tells us that God's Word did produce that Eden, and how God's Word warns us that the other Eden would come. [Matthew 24:24]
L-103 Now, we also know that there has got to be another Eden, if we would also listen to the prophet, Paul, in II Thessalonians the 2nd chapter. I could read It if you want to.
He who exalts himself; that day will not come, of the Lord, until that man of sin be revealed,...
... he who sits in the temple of God, exalting himself above all that is called God, so that he as God is worshipped as God. [II Thessalonians 2:3-4]
L-104 Think of that! Now Isaiah 14, the prophet said that he saw "Lucifer, in his heart," through a vision under inspiration of God, "saying he would do that." In Isaiah, eight hundred years before Paul, or approximately then. [Isaiah 14:12-16]
L-105 Now here, eight hundred years later, Paul sees him, comes to his position. Notice, it heads up, his Eden; his scientific Eden, with his scientific world, with a scientific bride-church, all under the--the word of "knowledge," great seminaries, great degrees, educational programs.
L-106 Listen, brother, sister, each one of us is going to walk that road that Florence walked. I ask you, in Jesus' Name, to consider This. Not consider me. I'm your brother. That, that isn't it. Consider the Word that I am speaking, of God's Bible. And look through, perfectly vindicated in God's Own Word, in the age we're living in, where we're at.
L-107 These programs are absolutely antichrist, in themselves. Now, he has got to have an Eden, he said he would do it. Here is the simple Word of God saying he would do it, and here we look right out and seeing him do it. He has done it with his intellectual, scientific, denominational bride. He is going to take head, one of these days, in a World Council of Churches that will be set up. All will be with him. Trying... [II Thessalonians 2:3-4]
L-108 The people, not because they're bad people; they were planted in that straight row, like corn, but Satan sowed the creepers, called science, research, education, doctors' degrees. Sometime they won't even let you in the pulpit unless you can produce a doctor's degree from some seminary somewhere. It's all wrong! Not the people; it's the program that's wrong. And now what's it done? It's all headed up again, and brought the whole entire world (through a bunch of hybriding, perversion of the original Seed of God) to another darkened chaos.
L-109 But I'm so glad that God is mindful of us again, that He can still move upon the face of the condition. He promised He would do it, and call a little flock which would be His Bride.
L-110 Notice here again now, how perfect these churches type, or these Edens.
L-111 God, through a Seed of His Word! And there is only one thing that can quicken the Word, and that is the Spirit, for It is the Life-Giver to the Word. And when the Life in the Word meets the Life of the Spirit, It produces whatever the Seed is.
L-112 Now notice what's happened. In the garden of Eden was God's economy of innocence, and that was one of the--the dispensations. The first dispensation was innocent, the people knowed no sin. They didn't know anything about sin. Both Adam and Eve were naked, but they were hid from their nakedness, by a spirit veil over their face. They never knew that they were naked, at all, because they were hid. For, God's veil in their own minds, they didn't know what right and wrong was. And them both standing there naked, showed that the knowledge had not yet come to them, see, that they were naked. The pair was naked and knew it not. [Revelation 3:17]
L-113 Now if you'll turn, if you wish to, or write it down, to Revelation, the 3rd chapter. The Holy Spirit predicting this last age, to the Laodicea Pentecostal Church Age in the last days, He said:
... thou art naked, and blind, and know it not. [Genesis 2:25], [Revelation 3:14-21]
L-114 There is God's Seed, under innocence, not knowing at all they were naked, under a veil of the Holy Spirit, veiling them from sin.
L-115 And now in the last church age, we find here that they're naked again, and don't know it. But it's not the Holy Spirit veil. It's the veil that Satan slipped over Eve back there, a veil of lust, the lust veil. They are so filthy till they don't know that they are naked, our women on the street, with shorts on, sexy dress. [Revelation 3:14-21]
L-116 Someone sent me a piece in the paper the other day, of this new dress that they're going to wear, I think, fourteen inches from the hips, or something. And I wonder if our--if our women folks does realize that that is a lust veil? [Matthew 5:28]
L-117 Now you--you would say, "I can prove, before God, that I am innocent of any adultery to my husband, or I--I... all this."
But still, at the Judgment, you're going to be called an "adulteress." The Bible said so. Jesus said, "Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." [Matthew 5:28]
L-118 "Blind, naked, and don't know it!" Not them poor little women out there; there is nothing I got against them. It's that evil! And the system of the church seems to fail to recognize it or stand against it; let them bob off their hair, wear make-up, and shorts and things, under the name of Christianity. What a horrible thing it is! See, they are naked again, in Satan's Eden, and knows it not. They don't know it. [Revelation 3:17]
L-119 I believe I see, perhaps, looking across here, the swimming pool, that women out there now. If that woman only realized that what she is doing, but she doesn't know it. She is naked. Her body is sacred. She strips off the clothes that God clothed her with, with skin, for this generation. She constantly cuts it off. She is naked, under the word of "civilization, higher education, better civilization, higher ethics." Let me be sure that this soaks in. It's all of the Devil, and will be destroyed at the Coming of the Lord Jesus. It'll be destroyed, every bit of it. There won't be one thing left.
L-120 And, oh, friend, across the nation, as you are listening to me here in Phoenix, think of those things! You are here subject to them. Now, Jesus said that they would deceive the Elected if possible.
L-121 The first spirit was a... first veil was a holy veil, Holy Spirit, and she wasn't supposed to look out of That. But when--when Satan begin to talk to her about knowledge, she just had to take a little peep at the world.
L-122 And that's exactly what her daughter, the church, has done. You have to see, you have to dress like some movie star, or young men have to act like Elvis Presley or--or Pat Boone, or--or some of those people, under the name of religion.
L-123 Pat Boone is a Church of Christ. Elvis Presley is a Pentecostal. Two demonized characters that's throwed the world in a worse chaos than Judas Iscariot did at the betraying of Jesus Christ. They don't know it. Them boys don't know that. Nothing that I have against those--those boys, man, it's the spirit that's motivating it.
L-124 Just step over on that side one bit, let that creeper just get one little hold around the shuck of that corn, one time, watch what takes place; the corn is gone. Oh, yeah, it's done got him. And that's the way it'll do it. It'll do it every time. Eve had to take just one peep at the world.
L-125 And let me say something to you, brother and sister. In First John, the 2nd chapter and the 15th verse, we can read It if you wish to, the Bible says:
... If we love the world, or the things of the world, it's because the love of God is not even in us. [I John 2:15]
L-126 Now, the word there is not earth; it's a Greek word, is kosmos, which means "the world's order." If we love fashions of the earth, the world, if we love the trend of the day, if we think "this is a wonderful time, oh, we have all these things," if you think that, it's because your thinking is wrong. It is perverted by the Devil. "For if you love the world's order, and the things of this present world, it's because the love of God is not even in you." Remember that. O God! Look what we're looking into! [I John 2:15-16]
L-127 Here I want to stop just a minute and tell you a little story. I heard a chaplain from the First World War. They had throwed...
L-128 Like Satan at the beginning, when he come into the garden of Eden. He could not dig up those Seeds. He could not destroy them. But he sprayed them with poison, and it deformed the Seed, it didn't bring forth its right kind. It deformed the original Seed.
L-129 And that's what all these programs of religion. They are still sons and daughters of God, but it's being deformed. They go to church, wanting to do right. A nun never enters a nunnery to be a mean woman. A minister never goes through school just to be a--a--a bad man. You never join church, and shake hands, put your name on the book, or whatever you do in your church, to be a bad person. You do that to be a good person. But it's the deception, it's the deformity that does it. Satan sprayed it. See? God never had an organization. There is no such a thing anywhere found in the Words of God.
L-130 God is our organization, we are organized in Him, a Body, in God, in Heaven. That's right. Our names are on the Lamb's Book of Life. See? Notice.
L-131 But, see, I know it's very hard, but I--I want you to suffer just a little longer if you will. In the time of the world's war... Excuse me for getting away from my subject.
L-132 But to make this point, I--I wanted to give you my analysis of what Satan done in Eden: sprayed horrible poison spray. Would you like to know what that spray was? I can tell you. I got the formula of it, two words: unbelief, which is contrary to faith, sprayed unbelief, doubt. And science filled its place. Where the cavity is, that went into the Seed, Satan filled that cavity with knowledge and science and civilization, and it's deformed the whole, entire creation of God.
L-133 I know you think I'm getting you on a limb, but I'm on the limb with you. And we're all here to try to find what we can do. We don't say those things to be different. We must be honest.
L-134 We, each one, come down to the end of the road, where we're going to give account for every word. Right now, we know that our voices... When we are born, our first little cry goes all on a tape. It's going to be played back again at the Day of Judgment. Even the clothes you wear will be showed in your face, at the Day of Judgment. Even science has found that, by television. See, television doesn't manufacture a picture, it only channels it. The color of clothes, every time you move, every thoughts in your mind, is absolutely kept on God's record. And that big thing will be laid right before you, every one of them filthy dresses you wore; every time you went to the barber shop, cut that hair that God give you. It's going to be. You'll answer for it. You can't make a move right there, just even the thoughts of your heart while you're doing it, will be played right before you. How you going to escape? "How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" See? We're not going to escape. Every move, and the thoughts of the heart, is recorded right in another dimension, even the color of clothes you wear. Television, colored television proves it right out, pulls it out and shows it, see, and that's just in one dimension from the three that we live in. See? [Hebrews 2:3]
L-135 Now how the poison has struck the church, struck the earth! Satan's poison upon the Seeds, has put cavities in it and caused it to be deformed. More and more, he sinks deeper into the hearts of the churches, and in the hearts of the people and everything, science, science. Until it's become a place where the human race, by being interbred... I believe every seed should bring forth of its kind. And the human race, and the plant, and all being interbred, has brought us to a place; in eating our food from the earth, which, our bodies, has made hybrid, it's put our whole minds... Now, if our bodies are falling, from twenty to twenty-five years old, because of degenerated cells, by hybrid foods, don't our brain cells degenerate? Isn't that cells, also? That's why Ricky runs through the street here, with this hot rod; while Ricketta, Elvitta's, and many of them, as we would call name, out here half naked before the people, mentally gone, no more conceptions of decency or morals.
L-136 To my little story. This chaplain said he had been down in the hospital, and said so many boys laying in the tent, some... He had just come from the outside. He said he went out there, and some officer told him, said, "Chaplain, we want to ride out, to take a look at the fields out there." They had throwed this mustard and clorine gas, as they did in them days.
L-137 And said, "I got out there, Brother Branham," said, "there wasn't a bark on a tree, there wasn't a sprig of grass. It was on an Easter morning." He said, "There was some old wrecked tanks down there, the officer had to get record of them, and see if there was anything could be done for them, near the great Argonne Forest. Said, "When I was standing there by myself," said, "I looked up, said, 'O God, this is the way it's all coming to.'" That's right, it's all coming. It was all burnt up, no life nowhere at all, grass burnt off; the tree, by that gases, trees killed, everything was killed, twisted, hanging down, where bullets and things riddled it.
L-138 If that isn't a picture of the world today, where Satan is spraying his unbelief, his hybreeding, his science, his knowledge! Until, what it was at the beginning, when God put Adam and Eve in the garden, that beautiful paradise without death, without sickness, without sorrow, and everything perfect in order, look what Satan's DDT has done! She is a chaos. There is nothing left in it.
L-139 He said, "I started crying. I walked back, I was attracted to a rock." Said, "I just went over there and looked at the rock, pushed it over. Down beneath the rock was a little white flower growing, the only living thing left, because it had been sheltered by a rock."
L-140 God, my Rock, shelter us today, O God, when these poisons are flying everywhere in the name of science and education. Shelter us. Keep me until that day, O God, is my prayer. [Someone on the platform says, "Don't put any time limit, Brother Branham."--Ed.] Now I hope that we, each one, are under that Rock, Christ.
L-141 I just preached the other day, many of you heard it. I was going down through the woods, hunting, and I was attracted to turn around. And I looked, and there laid an empty cigarette carton or package, or what you call it. And it's the company, I don't feel I should call their name, but the tobacco company had, they have a slogan, "A thinking man's filter, a smoking man's taste."
L-142 I started walking on down a--a little further in the woods, and Something attracted me, "Go back to that cigarette pack."
L-143 I thought, "Heavenly Father, I'm going down here to that tree where those squirrels was spoke into existence by You, one morning. Why would You call me back?"
L-144 And Something said, "You've got a sermon coming for Sunday. Your text is wrote on it."
I thought, "On a cigarette pack?" I went back.
L-145 And I begin to think, "A thinking man's filter," what a deception that is! If a man was a thinking man, he wouldn't smoke at all. But, you see, people swallow that.
L-146 I believe it was two years ago, when I was in one of the conventions, I went up to the world's fair when it was on the West Coast. And they had Yul Brynner's picture and many of them there. And the scientists, many of them, was in the same hall, about the danger of smoking. How they pull that smoke across a marble, and took a little Q-tip and took up the nicotine off there and put it on a rat's back, and put him in a cage, in seven days he was so full of cancer he couldn't even walk. See? He said... Pulled it through water.
Said, "Filter!"
L-147 Said, "Filter? There is no such a thing." Said, "You... Now, this is science themselves. They said, "You cannot have smoke unless you got tar. Tar makes the smoke."
L-148 And the only thing it is, is a gimmick, to sell more cigarettes. When that, if I... Don't hope you think I'm sacrilegious or a fanatic. That devil in a man, that makes him smoke, to kill himself. When he--he wants the nicotine of one cigarette, that will supply his desire, now the company comes around with this deceiving gimmick, and says, "A thinking man's filter." He'll have to smoke four or five cigarettes, to make as much tar in you (to satisfy him) as you did with the one. Americans selling death to their brethren and sisters! I don't get it.
L-149 But yet in there, I thought, "There is a thinking man's Filter that's right."
L-150 Now if a man was smoking, remember, it produces a smoking man's taste. Then, if you cannot have the... fill the desire of a smoke until you get the smoke there and get... has to produce the taste. So you smoke four cigarettes, or five, and pay more for it than you would if you just smoked one regular cigarette. See, it's a gimmick, a sales gimmick; deceiving the people, Americans. When I think of Valley Forge, George Washington; with two-thirds of his soldiers, and no shoes on their feet, on that cold day, to make us the economy that we are! And then Americans sell American, his brother and sister, death, under a false gimmick, for filthy lucre, the root of all evil. The crave of money, love. The whole thing has gone mad, knowing not that this whole thing will perish! But if you don't get no smoke, you can't have the taste.
L-151 Then I thought, "There is a thinking man's Filter." A thinking man's Filter! And I took my text from "A thinking man's Filter produces a holy man's taste."
L-152 So I thought that our denominations has done a whole lot like that, take people in and call themselves Christians that's just any way. Why? They get more in their denomination or organizations. We get more in there because we let them come in under this, that, and the other, and anything. "That don't make any difference, just so they put their name on the book and say they're a Christian. That's all. Oh, 'by faith you're saved.' You have to believe." The Devil does the same thing. Yeah.
L-153 You got to be borned again, and that comes through God's Filter! Now there is a thinking man's Filter. I'm holding It in my hand. It won't produce a denominational taste, but It will certainly satisfy a holy man's taste, you know. [John 3:3]
L-154 How could a bobbed-haired woman ever come through this Filter? How could a woman with shorts on ever come through It, or slacks, when the Bible says, "It's an abomination to God, for a woman to put on a garment that even pertains to a man"? And how can a man that thinks anything of himself, get out here and dress like the women, let his hair grow out like a woman, down in his eyes, with bangs, and twirled up like that? He is wearing his wife's underneath clothes. She is wearing his outer clothes. A thinking man's filter? A thinking man won't do that, or a thinking woman won't do it. God's Word won't let it pass through. [Deuteronomy 22:5]
L-155 There isn't one thing could pass through that Word. That's the Holy Spirit, and It brings the Word into you, and It produces a holy man's taste.
L-156 Look at today, Ricketta on the street, lovely, beautiful anatomy God gave to her, and Satan using it. And she'll dress so immorally, not knowing that a week from today she may be rottening in the grave.
L-157 Coming down the street here not long ago. I was preaching at a convention in an Assemblies of God over on the West Coast, in a meeting out to the Southwestern Bible School. A little lady walking down the road, a little... them little clothes on, bikini's, ever what you call it, and fringe hanging out, with a cowboy hat and boots. I was going up the road. I thought, "Poor little fellow, some mother and dad's child, was put here to be a daughter of God, and has become a bait trap of the Devil." I thought, "I believe I'll just turn around and go back, and tell that kid." She looked to be about the age of my Sarah there, seventeen years, sixteen years old, or something. I thought, "No, I better not. I'll just go up here on the road and pray for her. If somebody seen me stop and talk to her, I better not do it."
L-158 Now, and listen, sons of God, you get in that same place, these Jezebels of the day play up to you, but a thinking man will think first. She may be so pretty, it may be "I could make a hit with her," but it'll cost you your soul, boy; some of you girls, to these Rickies! Thinking man's Filter produces a holy man's taste.
L-159 You married man, when you see them women on the street like that, you sons of God, don't you realize what taken place in the first beginning? When science had made women so pretty in the antediluvian world, until the sons of God took daughters of man (not daughters of God), and God never did forget it. They destroyed the whole thing; science, prettier. It used to be... You notice the beauty of women lifting in the last days, is a sign of the end; God has proved it. So, use a thinking man's Filter, you'll have a holy man's taste. It'll cost you your home. It'll cost you your position. It'll cost you everything you got; besides that, your soul! It'll break up your home. It may have another man raise your children, or another woman raise your children.
L-160 Take a thinking man's Filter, it'll produce a holy woman's taste. When you start to the barber shop, or something another, and they tell you, "You're going to have a headache, you know." Take a thinking woman's Filter, what the Bible said, see, then turn away from it. See? Don't you do it.
L-161 I'm your brother, and I love you. Nothing I have against you. God knows. And that's what makes me say the things I do, is because of--of love of God for you. If a man would go out there and they won't tell you, your pastor let you sit around and act like that, he don't love you. He can't love you. I wouldn't want that kind of love for the women. I want to have a holy taste for my sister. I want her really be my sister. Not somebody can say, somebody talk about her being so pretty and how she is, and those sex queens, "She goes to my... Huh-uh. No. I want her a lady!
L-162 O Lord, keep me under the Rock. Yes. In Ephesians 5:26, the only one way you can get through that Rock, that's, "Washed by the waters of separation by the Word." That's right.
L-163 Now, don't let this Devil spray you with his education. No, no. It'll kill the influence of you. Don't let the Devil take that, "Well, I belong to the church that my mother belonged to, that my father, my grandmother." Don't let the Devil spray you with that. The Bible has already said, on the Seven Church Ages, and things there, it's all gone to seed! That's right. The whole thing is corrupt. The whole thing is a putrified sore. Don't let him spray you, say, "Well, it's higher ethics. We are more educated than we used to be in old days." Don't you let the Devil put that over on you. I've showed you his whole program of civilization, education and science. He's got it right into the church, and don't you listen to that. Keep your head out of them old dirty televisions and things!
L-164 And our text says, "Be not conformed, but be ye transformed." Not go in and say, "I was confirmed, Sunday." No. Go in and be transformed right now, transformed from what you are, to what God wants you to be. [Romans 12:2]
L-165 Now, it depends on what kind of seed that's in you. If an intellectual, educational seed has been placed in you, there is only one thing it can do, deform you, that's all, to a son or daughter of God. It's the only thing it can do. People today, as I look out, they act like they don't even believe there is a God.
L-166 Pardon this expression. If anybody's feelings is hurt by this, I don't mean it. A couple of Sunday's ago I was invited, by my own daughter, to come in to a television set and to watch a religious singing. It's at Sunday morning. I wanted to hear Oral Roberts on his program, I told them to let me know. Said, "You hear this, this is a great hymn sing." My son standing there, told me about it, too. And I turned that set...
L-167 We rent from a woman that has the television in her house. I never intend to have one in my house. No, sir. I don't want that thing in my house. I would blow it out with my shotgun. I don't want nothing to do with that evil thing. No, sir! But took a...
L-168 Let me tell you about you Arizonians here. You seen that analysis the other day, of schools, didn't you? Eighty percent of the children in Arizona schools are suffering with mental deficiency, sixty-seven percent of them was by looking at television. How about that?
L-169 You had better use your shotgun! See? Now, don't let the Devil spray you with that. No, sir. Now people, as I said, people act like they don't have to come to Judgment.
L-170 These boys and girls, they had some Indian family, and a whole lot of stuff. I think a fellow named Mr. Pool is the head of it. And if I ever seen a modern mockery of hymns, it was the way they handled it; a bunch of Rickies standing there, shaking their hands up-and-down.
L-171 I certainly appreciated that young man here this morning, that sang, looked decent, like a real man. I--I like that. When you--you businessmen sometime here get a bunch of these Rickies that stand here, and hoop and holler, and carry on, and hold their breath till they're blue in the face; and that's not singing, that's just making a lot of scientific noise. Singing is "melody from the heart."
L-172 And I thought, "What a pity! What a shame it is! So how under the name of religion, they act like there is no God! Someone said, the other day, to a boy that goes with my daughter. A Christian boy said, give it a smart remark about Adam and Eve, said, "Eve going through the garden. Said, 'Children, you see that tree there?' Said, 'That's where your mother eat us out of house and home.'" Could you imagine, supposed to be a staunch Christian, that would take a promise and a Word of God and throw it off to a hog pen! They act like they don't have to come to Judgment. But God will bring every secret into Judgment. They act like there is no God. [Psalms 14:1]
L-173 I don't want to call them a fool, because the Bible said... the fool, not right. Jesus said it isn't. "Don't call no man a fool." But in Psalms 14: 1, "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" See? They, they're not. I don't want to call them fools, but they act like they are. They act like it. [Psalms 14:1]
L-174 So, you see where we're at today, like there is no God. "I belong to church! And all the whole thing, the Bible, is a big joke. Our church knows where they're going!" Yeah, right straight to hell. And exactly right on their road, right down through science and education, theological seminaries and things, just breezing them right down the road. The Holy Spirit doesn't have a chance to give a revelation on nothing; the seminary has done got it cut out.
L-175 The Holy Spirit is to lead us; not a seminary, not bishops and overseers, and so forth. The Holy Ghost is our Leader.
L-176 Cain was such a person as that. He was very religious in deed. Now, if religion is all that you have to have, then God was unjust by condemning Cain. Because, he was religious, he was just as religious and sincere as Abel was. Now remember, he thought of God, he worshiped God, he had a church, he built an altar, he made a sacrifice, he prayed, he worshiped, but he was rejected. No matter how... Esau was, also. See? [Hebrews 11:4], [Genesis 4:3-6]
L-177 Religion, see, that is Satan's business; not to kill the whole thing, but just contaminate it. That's all. He ain't going to kill the whole thing. Oh, not communists; no, no, the antichrist is not communism. The Bible said, "It would deceive the Elected if it was possible." Don't notice the iron curtain, but the purple one. Uh-huh. [Matthew 24:24]
L-178 But, notice, Cain come to worship, but he had the wrong seed in him, serpent's seed. The hiss of the serpent had hissed over him, for he was the seed of the woman. He knew the perfect will of God, but he refused to do it. Did you know that? Satan knows the will of God, but just refuses to do it.
L-179 Notice, he had seen God vindicate Abel's message. Now I want you to think, use your thinking man's Filter now for a minute. Abel's correct message, that God vindicated to be the Truth! Are you drawing now? Uh-huh. Abel's message had been received, and Cain saw it and knowed that God had vindicated that message right. But he just couldn't do it. His pride kept him from it. That's right, his pride kept him from doing it. He seen God vindicate the message. [Genesis 4:3-6]
L-180 So it seems to be now, so hard for people to humble themselves to the Word of God. They, they just don't want to do it. They'll humble themselves to the creed of the church, sure, but not to the Word of God.
L-181 If you want to find this, you go to... I got a Scriptures here, that's what I'm referring to here. Genesis 4:6 and 7, God said to Cain, said, "Why are your countenance fallen? Why are you all full of temper, walking around? You just heard a message that upset you." Said, "Well, what are you doing that for? Why are your countenances fell, because I didn't come into your church? So why did you do it?"
Are you using a thinking man's Filter? See? [Genesis 4:3-7]
L-182 Or, "Why didn't... Why you looking like that?" Said, "If you'll do well, go do like your brother is doing out there, I'll receive you and bless you. I'll do for you the same thing." But he just couldn't do it. He said, "Now, if you don't, sin of unbelief lieth at the door." [Genesis 4:6-7]
L-183 Now when they tell us, "The days of miracles has passed." And they see it so perfectly vindicated and proved, you see, all these things that God promised He would do in the last days, of Revelation 10 and Malachi 4, all those things so perfectly vindicated. What's the matter, brethren? What's wrong, see?
L-184 If they don't; unbelief, which is sin. There is only one sin, that's, unbelief. That's right. You're not condemned because you drink, smoke, chew, wear shorts, do whatever you do. No, that don't condemn you. It's because you don't believe. If you believed, you won't do that. See? A believer doesn't do that. He takes a thinking man's Filter, see, see, or a thinking woman's Filter, either one. All right. But, you see, sin lieth at the door.
L-185 Now notice what that done to Cain, and it's going to be the same today. It made Cain go away, a willful sinner. He willfully was disobedient. Every person will be the same way. Willfully disobedient after he had seen Abel's message so vindicated of God, that it was the truth, and refused to do it. Done the same then. Then he crossed the dividing line.
L-186 There is a line you can cross. You know that, don't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, ministers, both here and out in the--the telephone land where this broadcast is coming across the nation, do you realize that? When you see it is Scripture, and you won't do it, God won't always... He'll... Oh, you'll go on, be blessed. So was every one of Israel, they lived right in the wilderness, and raised children, crops, and blessed, and everything, but "every one of them Eternally separated from God." Jesus said so. Oh, yes, God will bless you right on, but you're gone. Certainly. That's what the Bible says now, that's what He said. Notice, you can cross the separating line. Do you believe that? ["Amen."] Cain did it.
L-187 Let--let's just turn over here a minute, I got Hebrews 10:26. Let's see if I can find that right quick. The Book of Hebrews, the 10th chapter and the... I believe, the 26th verse. I got it wrote out here. Just a minute, if you'll bear with me, and let's just read It a minute. All right, here we are.
For if we sin wilfully after that we... received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin,
But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and the fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversary. [Hebrews 10:26-27]
L-188 That's THUS SAITH GOD'S HOLY WORD. If we disbelieve willfully after we have seen It and heard It, then we're across the line. There will never be no more forgiveness for it, you have crossed the line.
"Oh," you say, "God still blesses me." Oh, yeah.
L-189 Remember Israel, the border lines. When God gave them a promise, over in the Holy Land; in the land, it was good, of milk and honey. And when Moses sent out Caleb and Joshua, and the spies, to go over and spy out the land, and brought back the vindicated evidence. [Numbers 13:23]
L-190 The ten of them said, "We cannot do it. We're unable. Look at the difficult there. We'll be fanatics. We got these little bitty things to fight with. Look what they got. We, we can't do it. We're not able to do it." [Numbers 13:30]
L-191 Joshua and Caleb said, "We are more than able to do it! God made the promise."
L-192 And, remember, they turned back. That was at Kadesh-barnea. And they turned back and become wanderers in the wilderness. And every one of them died, and is lost Eternally. Jesus said so. [Numbers 26:65]
L-193 Don't cross that separating line, see. "When you know to do good, and doeth it not, to you it's sin."
L-194 Israel did the same. After they seen Moses vindicated, and then let Balaam spray them, that precious vindicated Seed. Pastor, don't you (never) say nothing against this Word. Look at Balaam, he was a prophet, and he seen the Seed of God, vindicated. But under his own great denomination that he lived in, Moab seen that bunch of wanderers coming through the land, he sprayed it, and said, "Well, wait a minute. We're all Christians. We're all believers. Why, our fathers and your fathers are the same. Aren't we Lot's children? Wasn't Lot, Abraham's nephew? Aren't we all the same? Let's marry one another." And Israel, as Eve in the garden of Eden, let Satan spray her, he also sprayed Israel through a false prophet. When, the real prophet was with them, with vindicated Word. But by an intellectual knowledge conception, he sprayed them. Think of it now, it was never forgiven, the sin was never forgiven.
L-195 The seeds rotted right in the path of duty, on the road to the promised land. Every one of them perished and rotted, right straight at church, in the line of duty, following God. And let Satan spray that intellectual spray over them, educational, intellectual conception, saying, "Why, we are all the same, we're all children of God." You're not! But he let that false teacher there spray them with that intellectual conception that he had of It.
L-196 And just like the Ecumenical Council is doing right now, see, same thing, "Why, we'll all join together in one great organization." You're whole organizational system is of the Devil. It's the mark of the beast, in the Bible. I'll have the book on it, pretty soon, the Lord willing.
L-197 Notice, in Noah's time, seeing the Word being erected, to float. Now let make a little remark here, the Word being put together for to be transformed from the ground to the skies. Seeing the structure of the thing; but with their intellectual conceptions, laughed in the face of the prophet, Noah, when he was prophesying of the end time. But what did... That structure was made of the Word of God, pitched inside and out, with prayer and faith. When the rains come, all the intellectual conceptions of religions died and rotted right in the... right in their churches, right upon the earth. And the ark floated above it all. The scientific sprayed seed rotted right in judgment. [Genesis 6:8-18]
L-198 What are we trying to do, anyhow, are we trying to establish our church or are we trying to establish the Word of God? What are we trying to do? Where we working at? Are we trying to get the people back into This? What's this great Eve trying to do here in this last days, this church Eden?
L-199 I'm going to have to quit right away, brother, 'cause it's--it's getting too late. [A brother says, "Go on!"--Ed.] Just give me just about fifteen more minutes, and I'll stop on my--my Scriptures here. ["Certainly, go ahead."] Yeah. All right. I know. Well, the people probably wants to get in here and clean this up. But I just seem like it's hard for me to quit. ["Just go ahead." "Well, there ain't no hurry."] I'll hurry. All right.
L-200 Look, the great scientific, educational, hybrid Eve today, called the church, what is she trying to do? Is she trying to exalt God's Word, and let the people do the way they're doing? They're not using a thinking man's Filter, or, God's Filter. Look what they're producing. They're exalting themselves. The church is, in her deformed seed of knowledge program, has caused the whole race to be scientifically ignorant of the Word of God. Now I'll catch those remarks, I'm not going to hold on them too long now, to get finished. Scientifically ignorant! When God, right here on the earth, doing the things that He is doing, by His promised Word, and they ignore It and walk away because they are scientifically ignorant. Scientifically ignorant!
L-201 I was smiling then because of Brother Williams here, wrote over here on a piece of paper, "You can stay at it all afternoon," something. But, I appreciate that, that's really fine.
L-202 But the people are--are willfully sinning. It's brought the--the whole system of church world today into a willful sin against God. Why, common decency will prove to you that It's right. All right. A lust veil blinded their eyes, to the Word of God, and she finds herself naked again. You know, God, in Revelation 3, said, "Come, buy some eye salve from Me, that your eyes might be opened." See, the eye salve is His Word. [Revelation 3:18]
L-203 You know, they say, "Well, this man studied forty years, to get his degrees. He is a BLD, DD, and all this."
L-204 You know what Jesus said about that? He said, "Let a man deny himself." Paul did.
You say, "That don't mean that." [Matthew 16:24]
L-205 Well, why did Paul follow it up for, then? He said, "I never come to you with enticing words of man's wisdom, because you would build your hopes upon that. But I come to you in power and manifestations of the Holy Ghost, that your word would be... your faith would be built on the Word of God, not the manifestations of a wisdom."
L-206 It seems that people has lost their common decency and modesty. They're not like they used to be. It used to be, when the prophet said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," the people trembled. Yeah, they certainly did. The people moved, for they was afraid. But now they lost all their scare of It. They don't fear God.
L-207 Solomon said, "The--the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom," just the beginning of it. [Proverbs 9:10]
L-208 But the prophet can speak THUS SAITH THE LORD; the people say "nonsense!" See, there is not a hope for them. It's, they say, "Why, we are smart. We're intellectual, we don't have to take that kind of stuff! We know what we're talking about!"
L-209 It's also an old proverb, that, "Fools will walk with hobnailed shoes, where Angels fear to trod." Certainly.
L-210 Now, what is the transformation? (Quickly.) How do we get it? What does the transformation? God does it by the Spirit of His Word. He transforms. He plants His Seed, throws His Spirit on It, and It brings forth the product. His Holy Spirit transforms the Seed Word in to be vindicated of its kind.
L-211 What kind of a seed you are, that shows just what's in you. You can't hide it. Whatever you are inside, it shows outside. You just can't keep from it. You can't make that tree anything but what it is. See, it's--it's going to be that way. The Holy Spirit transforms the seeds that's on the inside of it. No matter what kind of a seed it is, It'll transform it. If it's evil, it'll bring forth evil. If it's a hypocrite, it'll bring forth a hypocrite. If it's a genuine Word of God, it'll bring forth a genuine son or daughter of God, through a thinking man's Filter. When the Seed comes up, it comes through That, It produces a son and daughter of God.
L-212 One day when the world lay in the darkness of chaos, God... Now listen close, 'cause we're not going to speak... just a little bit longer. Look. One day when the world was again in all kinds of religions, washing hands, pots, wearing different robes and bonnets, and so forth, it lay in the midst of utter chaos. The genuine Israel of God had been so perverted from the laws and statutes of God, Jesus said, "You, with your traditions, make the Word of God of no effect to the people, by your traditions." And look at them holy priests, they call them; and Jesus said, "You are of your father, the Devil, and his works you do." See, that's exactly what He said. [Matthew 15:6], [John 8:44]
L-213 Now when the world lay in that kind of a fix, God's Spirit moved again upon a Seed that was predestinated. He translated and transformed Isaiah 9:6 of Its promise; He, God, was made in human flesh, to save that chaos time. When man was made in the image of God, here comes God, by the prophet foreseeing it... Now remember the Word, the prophet foresaw it, just the same prophet that seen Satan in this last days, see, of this educational program and things he has, religious program. The same prophet, Isaiah 9:6, said, "Unto us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and His Name shall be called 'Counsellor, The Prince of Peace, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father.' And of His reign there will be no end." And that Word is God's Word. And the Spirit moved upon that Word, and It formed in the womb of a virgin; a man, "a son is born," not created, "born." [Isaiah 9:6-7]
L-214 Satan tried and tried again, to spray It. He took Him up and said, "If You are what You say You are, then do some of this healing here for me. Show me how You can do it. Turn this, bread, and this stones into bread. Let's see you take a dive, because the Scripture says You'll do it."
L-215 You see them religious devils today still saying that same thing? "If there is such a thing as Divine healing; here lays Brother So-and-so, let's see you heal him."
L-216 That same Devil stood at Jesus, at the cross, said, "If Thou be the Son of God, come down off the cross." [Matthew 27:40]
L-217 The Word said He was the Son of God. The Spirit proved He was the Son of God. Isaiah 9:6 was fulfilled. And the other night, many of you in the broadcast heard how that we give sixty-some-odd Scriptures, almost, I believe, about proving that the Scripture said that That was Him.
L-218 Oh, Satan tried and tried again, do everything. One night, laying on the back of a ship, he seen Him asleep. And he said, "I'll destroy Him right now." But he couldn't.
L-219 He tried to tempt Him into doing the wrong thing, but he couldn't do it. Why? He had been sprayed with the repellent of predestination. It can't be deceived. No, no. The Word said He would be here. Amen. There ain't no devil going to bother Him, and no other son of God, that's predestinated to take his place. He is sprayed with a repellent. Satan's poison, denominational doctors don't even touch Him at all. He moves right along, nothing going to bother him, see. It didn't have any effect upon Him.
L-220 "Well, I'll make You the bishop of all the earth. I have rule over it. If You'll just worship me, come on join my group, I'll--I'll make You the ruler. I'll step down, let You up."
L-221 He said, "Get behind Me, Satan. It is written, 'Thou shall worship God, the Word, and Him only shall Thou serve.'" Then one day...
On this great Person, I'd like to stay there a while. [Luke 4:8]
L-222 But one day, the Spirit moved upon Him again; 'cause there was some Word had been wrote about Him, come from God, through the prophet, "And He was led to the slaughter, like a lamb." And the Spirit moved upon Him, and led Him, and sent Him to Calvary's cross. There He died. And everything that was spoke of Him in His death, was fulfilled, to bring Light and Life to all the predestinated seed of God that was upon the earth. He brought the way to do it. Here is the Seed, the Spirit brings the Life; transforming sons and daughters of God, from the world in this dark chaos, in to be sons and daughters of God. [Acts 8:32-33], [Isaiah 53:7-8]
L-223 Don't stumble at that word "predestination." I know you do. But, listen, It's not my word. It's one of God's Words. You want to read it, read Ephesians 1:5, which, "He has predestinated us to the adoptions of sons through Jesus Christ." See? [Ephesians 1:5]
L-224 Just let me just break it just a minute, just a minute, to break this out of your mind. Look. Just as you were in your father, at the beginning, a germ seed. Did you know that, every one of you? You were in your great-great-great-grandfather, also, did you know that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-225 Read the Book of Hebrews, where that we find that Levi paid tithes when he was in the loins of Abraham, four generations behind him. When Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedec, it was accounted to his great-greatgrandson down below him, and he was then in the loins of Abraham. There you are. See? [Hebrews 7:9]
L-226 You were in the loins of your father, but your father could not have any fellowship with you until you was transformed into a body of flesh.
L-227 My son there was in me. I--I--I wanted a son, but he was in me then. See? He was in me then. But through wedlock, he was transformed into a man like me, and then he become like me.
L-228 And you become like your parents, see, 'cause it was in you, to begin with. Now if we are the sons of God, His attributes... Which, you are an attribute of your father, not your mother; your father. The germ lays in the father. See? And now your mother was an incubator that bear you, bear the seed of your father. See?
L-229 And the earth, in flesh, is also the incubator that bears the seed of God. See, just exactly. Not the world, how great the world is; it's how great the God that made it. See? See?
L-230 Now if you are a son and daughter of God, then you were in God at the beginning. You're His attribute. If you wasn't there then, then you never was or never will be.
L-231 Cause, I cannot bear, from my loins, the son of this man here or that man there, I can only bear my own sons, and they would bear my likeness. Hallelujah. You see it?
L-232 Sons and daughters was in God at the beginning. Now look. You've got Eternal Life, you say. We believe it, that we got Eternal Life. Well, there is only one form of Eternal Life, and that's God. That's the only thing that is Eternal, is God. Then if you've got Eternal Life, that Life that's in you always was, and you were in the loins of God before there even was a world. And when the Word Itself... Jesus Himself is called the Word, and in St. John 1, said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." Then you were in the loins of Jesus, and went to Calvary with Him. You died with Him, and you raised with Him. And today we're sitting in Heavenly places in Him, filled with His Spirit, sons and daughters of God. Die with Him, raised with Him. Sure.
L-233 Now then, now, now you can fellowship with Him. You couldn't back there, because you were just a Word in Him, a seed. But now He has manifested you, and now He wants you to fellowship with Him. Then He came down, was made flesh so He could perfectly fellowship with you. See the perfect fellowship? Oh, my, them deep mysteries of God! How wonderful! See, God could not fellowship in the Spirit, so God became man with us. [I Timothy 3:16]
L-234 Jesus Christ was God Himself, manifested, 'cause, He was a son because He was begotten, but it was just a tabernacle for Him to live in. "No man has seen God at any time, but the only Begotten of the Father has declared Him." God built Himself a house, a body to live in, come down so that you could touch Him. I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness; for God was manifested in the flesh, seen of Angels, believed on, received up into Heaven." See? Now He... [I Timothy 3:16]
L-235 You being flesh, and Him being flesh, then you can fellowship with one another, 'cause He was God's attribute of love. God is love. Is that right? And Jesus was God's attribute of love. And when the attribute of love was displayed, which, that was God Himself; all the attributes that hung onto Him, come to Him, "All the Father has given Me, will come to Me." Sure, they had to be predestinated. If it wasn't, you won't be there. That's all. Certainly. [John 6:37]
L-236 Now we can fellowship, was through the--the riches of His Word, and in which you are a part of. You are part of the Word; 'cause He was the Word at the beginning, you're the Word now. See? I'm preaching tonight, or Sunday or one of the days when I get in, about what the Word is, see. And now you are part of the Word.
L-237 Listen. There is one thing I can't do. I can't brag on my ancestors. No, I come through an awful mess. My father was an Irishman. My mother was an Indian squaw, half Indian; her mother was an Indian, drawed a pension. Now, all of them, drunks, most all of them died with their shoes on, fighting, gunfighters, and so forth. I can't brag on nothing about that, 'cause my ancestors and my family tree is terrible.
L-238 But, brother, there is one thing I can brag on, I can brag on my Lord Jesus Who has redeemed me. And with His transforming power planted a seed, by predestination, and I saw It. Whose son am I now? Yeah. I can brag on Him. And I have spent thirty-three years of my life, bragging on Him. If He would spare me another thirty-three years, I'll try to brag more on Him. See? I can brag on my Ancestor, hallelujah, He that redeemed me and planted the seed of Life in here, and let me look down upon this Word, sent down His Spirit and said, "Here It is. Speak this, and it will happen. Do that." And oh, my, I can brag on Him! How did He do it? Through the washing of the water by the Word, the waters of separation, which...?... explain. [Ephesians 5:26-27]
L-239 True predestinated believers will stay with the Word because they are part of that Word.
L-240 Oh, wandering stars, how long will you wonder? You Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, outsiders, whatever you might be, wandering stars, from church to church, from pillar to place, and television to television, world to world, why don't you come on? He longs to have fellowship with you. He is longing for you. He wants to transform you by the renewing of your mind, not to the church or to the denomination, but to His Word, which, you are a part if that desire is in you.Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they shall be filled. (See? Uh-huh.) [Matthew 5:6], [Jude 1:13]
L-241 And it's sent His transforming Power, to bring you out of this deformity of religion that you're in. In this deformity chaos that we're in, God has sent His transforming Power, His Word, vindicated, proven, to bring you out of this religious deformity of ignorance that you're walking in, "naked, blind, miserable, and don't know it." Think of it, friends. [Revelation 3:17]
L-242 You know, God sent His transforming power to fulfill His Word, and changed the whole body of Sarah and Abraham. Transformed an old man and an old woman, because He promised He would do it.
L-243 And what God promises to do, that He'll do. There is nothing, anything... Any perverted thing, God can't do nothing with it. But He will keep His Word, and He'll send His Spirit! "I the Lord have planted It. I will water It day and night, lest some should pluck it from My hands." The Bible says that. [Isaiah 27:2-3]
L-244 Oh, wandering stars, you with the desire in your heart! You've got to have it, or you wouldn't be sitting here this morning. And you wouldn't be in those churches and auditoriums, and things you're in, out and across the land, if Something wouldn't even bring you in there. Some person spoke to you. Don't go any further. There is a washing of the water by the Word, that will make you white as snow. Oh, sons of God, listen! Don't stay in that deformity. Come out of it. Abraham believed God, and called anything contrary... [Ephesians 5:26], [Jude 1:13]
L-245 You say, "How would I make my living? How would I do this?" That's God's business. "How would I? My associates would turn me down."
L-246 God said, "He that will forsake His own father, mother, wife, husband, homes, houses; I'll give them homes and houses, I'll give them fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters, in this world, and Eternal Life in the world to come." It's a promise, friend. That, oh, that's got to be watered! Every promise God makes comes to pass. Every Seed of God is a promise. [Matthew 19:29]
L-247 And, sister, stop bobbing that hair, because it's an uncommon thing before God. Quit wearing those clothes, it's an abomination to Him! [I Corinthians 11:6]
L-248 You brothers, you man, stop catering to these denominations, in doing the things, and letting your wives do such things. It's unbecoming to Christians.
L-249 Come back to the Word! Take that Word, It'll grow. It's got to grow. God's transforming power that brought It up in the first place, He's just on His road back, taking It back again now. He's going right back again to where it was.
L-250 Enoch was translated, from death, by God's transforming power. What did God do that for? For a type of the rapturing Church that's coming. Yeah. Elijah was the same. [Hebrews 11:5], [II Kings 2:11]
L-251 Jesus' body was quickened after it was dead. And in the grave, Jesus' body was quickened by the Word of God; and transformed, from a dead, cold image, to a resurrected, glorified Son of God. Because the prophet, Psalms 16:10, if you want to put it down, 16:10, said, "I will not leave His soul in hell, neither will I suffer My Holy One to see corruption." O God! [Acts 2:27], [Psalms 16:10]
L-252 That Word has to come to pass, It's God's Word! Plant It in your heart, if you want to go in a Rapture. If you want to be Christians genuine, place this Word. As I believe it was Ezekiel, God said, "Take that scroll and eat it up," that the prophet and the Word would become the same. And every promise in there has to manifest itself, because it's God's original Seed. Don't you let some educated theologian out here try to pump It out of you. Don't you let him spray you with that carnal science and knowledge, and education. Believe God! [Ezekiel 3:1]
L-253 Abraham didn't take the scientific research of his day, say, "I'm too old to have a baby, I've went too far. I've done this, that, or the other." But he called anything that was contrary, to God's Word, as though it wasn't. And he staggered not at the promise of God, through unbelief; but was strong, giving praise to God. He knowed that God was able to perform that what He had promised. [Romans 4:20]
L-254 Oh, wandering sons, deformed by the creepers of this earth! Wandering sisters, that the places and fashions of this world has drawed you! And, sister dear, you might consider me an old crank, but one of these days when you meet what Florence Shakarian met the other night; she sat in this room, too, in this place, as you know. When you meet that, you'll find out that, not me, but this Word is right. Keep out of those barber shops, those fashion shops. Keep out of those things.
L-255 Say, "Why don't you teach them great things, how to be this?" Just start with your ABC's, and then we'll come to algebra. See? Just start learning, "which is your reasonable service."I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. [Romans 12:1]
L-256 You just do "Your reasonable service," God will take care of the rest of it; see, just to reason things that you can reason out yourself and do. Isn't it not... Isn't it unreasonable for a woman to strip herself down, and go out here and act like that, when the Bible condemns it? Isn't it unreasonable for a man to pull hisself into such a dogma as we have today, and all this stuff here, and all this seminary stuff, and stuff like that, when it's absolutely contrary to the Word of God? See? [Romans 12:1-2]
L-257 Isaiah's lips, he was just an ordinary man of unclean lips. He said, "Lord, I'm among unclean people, and I got unclean lips. Woe is me because I've seen God." And an Angel come down, got a Fire, Holy Fire off of God's altar, and transformed his lips; from the lips of a wandering man, to the lips of a prophet with THUS SAITH THE LORD. God's transforming Power! [Isaiah 6:5]
L-258 A hundred and twenty fishermen, and--and little old sellers of purple, of women, and those gathered themselves in an upper room and closed the doors, some of them not enough education to sign their own names. God transformed them from fishers, to fishers of man; from men and women on the street, to saints of God, immortal. The transforming Power of God! [Acts 1:13-14]
L-259 Paul, a local church member, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, or something; down the street he went, with his great defying spirit in him, that he knowed more than any of them. He had come up under Gamaliel, one of the best teachers there was in the land. What happened on his road down to Damascus, get a bunch of people who was believing God's Word? On his road down there, was stricken down, and he heard a Message. And It transformed him from a church member and a church goer; to a prophet of God, who wrote the Word of God, in the New Testament. From a church member to a saint!
L-260 Oh, wandering star, let's stop. Wandering son, wandering Seed that's going from place to place, in this deformity; turn, this morning, children. Please hear me as a--as a man that's trying to stand between the living and the dead. [Jude 1:13]
L-261 Out over the land where the broadcast is coming if you're still hooked up, you that's wandered into the place, please sit just a minute longer. I know it's late here in Tuscon or, beg you pardon me, Phoenix, it's twenty minutes till twelve. And I've had these people here all morning. I've had you away from your work and things. But look, dear friend, you might be away from God forever. Please come back this morning. Won't you? There is room at the Fountain.
In a manger long ago, I know it's really so,
A Babe was born to save men from their sin.
John saw Him on the shore, the Lamb forevermore,
Oh, Christ, the Crucified of Calvary.
Oh, I love that Man from Galilee, from Galilee,
For He's done so very much for me.
He's forgiven all my sins, placed the Holy Ghost within;
Oh, I love, I love that Man from Galilee.
A publican went to pray in the temple there one day,
He cried, "O Lord, be merciful to me!"
He was forgiven of every sin, and a deep peace placed within;
He said, "Come see this Man from Galilee." Right.
The lame was made to walk, the dumb was made to talk,
That power was spoken with love upon the sea;
The blind was made to see, I know it could only be
The mercy of that Man from Galilee.
L-262 Type that with the ministry today.
The woman at the well, He all her sins did tell,
How five husbands she had at that time.
She was forgiven of every sin, and a deep peace placed within;
She cried, "Come see this Man from Galilee!"
L-263 Woman, He knew. See, He has read your heart this morning. Man, He has read your heart. Oh, publican, let's pray!
Oh, I love that Man from Galilee, from Galilee,
For He's done so very much for me.
He's forgiven all my sins, placed the Holy Ghost within;
Oh, I love, I love that Man from Galilee.
L-264 Won't you love Him, with me, this morning? Oh, wayward, wandering sinner, here or out where you may be, will you accept my Lord this morning? He is the Word, and the Word has been brought to you. Won't you accept Him this morning? Will you just raise your hands or stand to your feet, or something, and pray, say, "I want to accept Him right now. Brother, I'm willing, I'm willing right now to accept Him." Will you stand to your feet, anybody that wanted to be prayed, and say, "I am..." prayed for, rather, "I am a sinner. I want..." God bless you, sir. Someone else? Everybody pray now, just a minute.
Oh, in that manger long ago, (it was in a chaos, you know, the world was), and I know it's really so,
A little Babe was born to save man from their sin.
When John saw Him on the shore, He was that Lamb forevermore, (same One today)
Oh, He is Christ, the Crucified of Calvary.
L-265 Won't you love Him today with all your heart, so you can walk out of this worldly condition that you sit in? You women, you man, oh, what did you sit here all of this time for? It goes to show there is something down in you, there is something there hungering and thirsting. You wouldn't have set here these two or three hours, sitting in this building like this; there is something. Won't you just heed to it today? Let the fashions and science, and all the things of the world, pass away from your mind right now, brother dear or sister dear.
The churches are uniting, the great nations are breaking, Israel is awakening,
The signs that the prophets foretold;
The Gentile days numbered, with harrows encumbered;
"Return, O dispersed, to your own."
The day of redemption is near,
Men's hearts are failing for fear;
Be filled with the Spirit, have your lamps trimmed and clear,
Look up, your redemption is near!
False prophets are lying, God's Truth they're denying,
That Jesus the Christ is our God.
L-266 Now, that's true. You know that, all of us, the day that we're living.
But He said it shall be Light about the evening time,
The way to Glory you will surely find.
L-267 That's the day we're living in right now. The Light will shine just at the evening when the darkness is setting in, twilight time, the evening star.
Twilight and evening star,
And after that the dark!
May there be no sadness of farewell,
When I'm at last embarked;
For all without is bourne of time and space,
And the floods may bear me far,
But I want to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.
Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
That life is just an empty dream!
And the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.
Yea, life is real! And life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
For dust thou art, to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul.
Lives of great men all remind us,
And we can make our lives sublime,
And, partings, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time;
Footprints, that perhaps another,
While sailing over life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
In seeing, shall take heart again.
Let us be up, then, and doing,
With a heart for any strife;
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!
L-268 Dear God, they're Yours. I've seen two men stand to their feet, Father. I pray, God, that You will take them now. They want to be Your sons. They have woke up from the ignorance of the life that they have lived, and now they want to be afreshed, anewed, with the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon that Seed that's been planted in their hearts this day. Eternal God, the Creator of all things, Who made Your Word, and I believe that You knew these men would do this this morning. I pray, Lord, that You will water that Word, day and night, and never let Satan to pluck it from Your hands. May it be a tree that sometimes, in the Paradise of God, when it's all brought back again, for Your Word cannot fail, it'll be again. For this world...
L-269 And there will not be this kind of a civilization in the world to come. There will be no automobiles or nothing that science has ever done. There will be no such things in the world that is to come. But it will be God's Own type of civilization that He'll set up in the glorious reign. For, in this civilization there is sickness, death, sorrow, graves, and want. But in that Kingdom that is to come, there is no death, no sorrow, no sickness, no old age. O God, it'll all be new there, in Your civilization.
L-270 God, transform us today, by Your Power, by the renewing of our mind, to turn from the meager elements of this world now, unto the Word of God. And may we be renewed by the transforming Power of God upon the Seed that's in our heart, that we believe, unto creatures called sons and daughters of God. This is my prayer to You, Father, for the people, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-271 Now to you that's out into the broadcast, wherever you are, I want you to receive Christ out there, as your personal Saviour, and be filled with His Spirit. The Words that's been said this morning, may they drop into your heart. And may there you receive Jesus. And you watch your life, and you see what you live afterwards. And take the thinking man's Filter here. When you see yourself doing something that's contrary to this Word, move from it, right quick. See? Because, there is a Filter that keeps death away from you, that's God's Word. His Words are Life, and they will keep you from death.
L-272 And to you people here now that's in the auditorium, I've had you here a long time. I thank you for your attendance. I pray that God will never let this Seed die. I hope you don't think I stand here just to say these things to be different. I say it because of love; and knowing that it's while I'm mortal, as I am now, is the only time I'll ever be able to preach to people. And I love Jesus Christ. He is my Saviour. And remember, I'd have been out there on the street if it hadn't have been for Him. I'd have been out there; all my parents, all my people, were sinners. But God, with His transforming Power, I know it made a different creature out of me. And I can--I can recommend It to you, to be good. And It'll keep in the hours of trouble. Even at death, at the door, you have no fear. There is nothing can separate us from the love of God, that's in Christ." May God bless each one of you, and give you Eternal Life. [Romans 8:39]
L-273 How many in here that doesn't have the Seed of God, the baptism of the Holy Ghost? Would you just raise your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, that I will receive that Holy Spirit." Now you take the Word in your--in your heart, and believe It. Now if you... You can look at you. Go up and look at the mirror, and you can see where you are. See, you can know.
L-274 You say, "Well, I didn't raise my hand, because I believe I have."
L-275 Look at yourself in the mirror, then you see what kind of a spirit is deceiving you, see. Deceived thinking! "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death." Is that true?Down at the cross where my Saviour died,Down there for cleansing from sin I cried;Oh, there to my heart was the Blood applied;Glory... [Proverbs 16:25]
L-276 Just close your eyes, a minute now, and just sing that to Him. Let's just raise our hands up.
Glory to His Name, His precious Name!
Glory to His Name!
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His...
L-277 I want you Christians to shake one another's hand, who is saved.
I am so wondrously saved from sin,
Jesus so sweetly abides within,
There at the cross where He took me in;
Glory to His Name!
Glory to His Name, precious Name!
Glory to His Name!
Oh, there to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!
L-278 The Blood has the germ of Life in It, you know. This is to them who doesn't know Him.
Oh, come to this Fountain so rich and sweet;
Cast thy poor soul at the Saviour's feet;
Oh, plunge in today, and be made complete;
Glory to His Name!
Oh, glory to...
Let's bow our heads now as we sing it.
Glory to His Name!
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!
L-279 You love Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Paul said, "I'll sing in the Spirit. I'll worship in the Spirit." Let's sing it real softly again, with our hands up.
L-280 You know, the trouble of it, we Pentecostal people, we've lost our joy, we've lost our emotions. As Billy Graham said the other night, "Them preachers, collars turned around, going down South, clapping their hands, and beating their feet up-and-down on the ground, and stomping, they had something they were happy about." Well, yeah, I got Something I'm happy about. See? See? Yeah. Yeah, we've lost our emotion.
L-281 Now let's just raise our hands. Don't worry about the tears, they won't hurt nothing, see. That don't hurt. "He that goeth forth sowing, in tears, will doubtless return again, bringing precious sheaves." All right.
Glory to His Name, precious Name!
Glory to His Name!
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!
Glory to His... (O God! Praise God!)
Glory to His Name!
Sink the Seed, Lord, in the heart!
To my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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