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Prayer Line 62-01
62-pl-01, Prayer Line 62-01, 77 min

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62-0117 - Gospel Echoes, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 147 - 192)
L-148 Now, Father, they're Yours. They've raised their hands; they've made their consecration. And no matter how little the gift is, You're here to receive the smallest of gifts. And they give theirself to You just the way they were. They want to be a member of that great body without--without a blemish, without--without a wrinkle. And they're now consecrated to You, Father. I pray that You'll keep them from the things of the world as long as they live. Through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, go to your seats rejoicing, and being happy that Christ takes you at your word.
And I do believe... While they're going down, there's a lady setting here in a wheelchair, and a man, I believe, and they're talking through their hands, they... No doubt but what they're here to be prayed for. Will you all bow your heads and let me go down and pray for them?
L-149 Now, brother, that you can speak to them there in the wheelchair, and what they are. See? Now, just say to them this: The Lord Jesus Christ so loves you that He's willing now to heal you. If there was anything that I could do otherwise than praying, I would do it. But He has answered my prayers so many times for people like you who are suffering and has healed them. And my heart has gone out to you since I've been standing here.
As I look at the lady, and I think of my mother that just went to meet God a few days ago. She, perhaps, is somebody's mother. I'll pray for her. I want you to believe, sister and brother, that God will hear our prayer, and He'll answer. And from this very hour, I want you to believe that the work is done.
L-150 Now, to the rest of the audience out here, was anybody else come to be prayed for, some sick people, or something, someone to be... Lady here, somebody over there. All right. You come right around the altar here. I'll just be glad to do that.
Now, how many can remember here a long time ago, about fourteen years ago, down at Brother Outlaw's church? Anybody remember Brother Outlaw's church when I was down there about fourteen years ago? Brother Garcia and those down in there... Remember how I'd bring the people up? I've crossed the world time after time, discerning spirits. I take you to Word and order tonight. Did you ever see one time it failed? Never. Of the thousands of times, it every time was perfectly, exactly right. Is that right? Now, all that knows that that's true, raise up your hands, been in the meetings and hear. What did He say? "What he says comes to pass, then hear it."
L-151 Now, visions doesn't heal people. Visions only vindicates the Presence of God. See? Now, I think that we really know that now. But the way I did then was just pray. There was a lady here that used to be out somewhere here in Phoenix. Her name was Sister Hattie Waldrop, I believe it was. I believe it was, her... Yes. She had cancer. Her husband was a plumber, and they're usually in the meetings. I don't know whether she's here tonight or not.
I remember that she was in the meeting, and--and they said she died, and she looked like it in the line. And I remember of the cancer in the heart, and the doctor here sent x-rays, and so forth, to show. That's been about fourteen years ago. She's living now.
I remember calling to pray for a little crippled, red-headed boy. The Lord healed him, made him well. So many things, just so many that it's just innumerable.
L-152 I'll--I say this with--with Christian sincerity. I suppose, if I could write down every instance that taken place that I have seen Christ do since I've been a minister, I couldn't pile a volume of books that high. I have witness of doctor's statements of five people being pronounced dead, laid out dead, and come back to life again by prayer. You see? Many that claim that did, and I--I couldn't say that. I wouldn't say it unless there's some way to prove it (You see?), to know it. But seeing them after being dead for hours, days...
L-153 Well, the little Mexican baby down here in Mexico city had been dead for... Why, it died that morning at nine o'clock, and it was at ten-something that night. The doctor signed the statement. Baby... The baby died with pneumonia, and been dead all that time. And standing out in the rain, that poor little Mexican mother... I never did one thing but just put my hands on the baby. I saw a vision, laid my hands on the baby. It started kicking and squealing. And the Christian Business Men packed the article of it not long ago, or something about it in the "Business Men's Voice," about raising up the dead. Now, it can be done.
L-154 But what if... I tell you what. Let me say to the members of this church here, and I'll say it to any members' church: You consecrate this church to God, and all of its members (See?), consecrate it to God, every one of you with a holy life before God, watch what will take place. When that church binds itself, and starts praying (See?), the prayers of those people begin to go up before God, He will not turn it down. That's right. Now, I'm just one, which there'll be many of you here praying. And Divine healing doesn't lay with any certain person. It's sincere hearts that pray to God, and it's sincere people who receive it.
L-155 I realize there's gifts that's sent to the church that's have faith. And I--I realize that my ministry of crossing the nations, and--and just taking--just bringing a few people up, and showing visions, and comb it down. And those who pass through prayer lines of other men, and so forth, they come in, I'd have to stop. Maybe there's something back in that person's life. And many of you here seen it right on the platform: sin called, secrets of their hearts, and things, and told out the reason they couldn't be healed.
L-156 But through that, by just getting that few... 'Cause just a few and then my strength's gone (See?), and then... You understand that. It's Scriptural. And how it is... Then there's been many a mother with a little baby out there, I didn't even get to pray for (See?), many a sick person I didn't get to pray for. I think it's known well enough now that everybody ought to know, that I've told you the truth (See?), that it's the truth. And I'm just going to pray for the sick people, and ask God to heal them. And I believe that every one that we pray for will get well.
Now, if there's anything in your lives, people that's standing here, let me ask you this. If you're not a Christian, you become a Christian. You give your heart to Christ standing right where you are. If you're not filled with the Holy Spirit, don't cease--cease praying till God has filled you with the Holy Spirit. If you're doing anything wrong in a Christian, stop doing it. Stop doing it. Check your life up. Live for Christ. I'm going to pray and ask God.
L-157 Now, one morning at some breakfast, or either some night, I want to tell you something that happened just--just--I left the field and waited, went back to pray and fast to see what it was. And something I've always longed; it happened. So I...
It's nothing, now, fantastics. I don't go for that stuff. I want... It's got to be "THUS SAITH THE LORD" by the Word. See? It's got to. We have too much of this here touch, feel, and everything like that now, superstitions, and so forth. Let's get away from that stuff. Let's come right back to God. We want the Holy Spirit.
L-158 I believe that God sends people to pray for sick. And I'm one of the humbles; I'm one of the little ones that He sent. And I--I want to give my prayer for you tonight, to be healed. You believe. And I want these brothers here, and sisters, all over the building, to join with me in prayer, and just let...
I believe we'll start right along here. Let somebody walk right up to the pulpit, and then let them walk off, or back the way they did. That'll be fine. Somebody, Billy, some of you help me. Just bring... It... Bring it...
Right here, this lady right here, you don't have to start with any certain one. Just... I can't... I'm afraid to let them... If they could let them come down... Can they come down that way, brother? All right. Now, we just... Now we're just a little late, but you all bear me a record just a minute, to pray.
L-159 I know sister here. I--I believe she's a member of Brother Outlaw's church. How's he getting along? Fine. And... Been sick? I can't call your name, but... Bagby, Sister Bagby. I ought to know you. You've been nice to me, Sister Bagby. And wasn't that--wasn't you the one that Brother Outlaw taken me to, to pray for in the hospital when I first come here years ago? Was it something like a... What'd you have? Diabetes or heart? [Sister says, "TB in the throat"--Ed.] TB of the throat, and He's still living for the glory of God. Well, that's just fine. Now, He's still the same God tonight, just the same as He was. We may have changed, but He hasn't. Now, whatever your trouble is, He'll take it away if you believe it. Will you believe it?
I ask the church to pray with me. Heavenly Father, as I lay my hands upon this sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may God heal her. I pronounce this blessing for the glory of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Now, believe, Sister Bagby.
L-160 You believe that God will make you well if we'd pray for you, and you'll get well? And you are a Christian, and will give all the thanks and praise to God. But when we pray for you, now, you're going home to be well. That settles it forever. No more thinking about it.
Our heavenly Father, along with this church that's--many of them has just rededicated their lives, Father; I pray that you'll heal our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, not only my prayers, but just look everywhere. In deep sincerity we're not... we really mean this from our hearts. You're going to be all right.
L-161 You will believe the same thing, won't you? Our heavenly Father, with humbleness of Spirit... And God forgive our untrue hearts. Make us pure, Lord, as we lay hands on the sick people, because it's a--it's pronouncing something that was asked to be done by God. And just help these poor people, Father. I lay hands upon sister, in Jesus' Name, and ask for his healing. God bless you. Sure. I trust... God bless you, sister.
Would you just a moment... The lady sincerely confessed, and she said she has a spirit on her of high temper. And we realize that that's not--that's not nice. But, sister, not only you, but there's plenty of us in here. But maybe some might not be as honest to confess it, but he that will confess his sins... He that'll hide his sins will not prosper, but he that'll confess his sins shall have mercy. You know that.
So I pray heavenly Father, by laying hands on sister, that this temper will leave her. May it never bother her again, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you, sister.
L-162 My brother, you believe he's going to going to grant the request? Oh. God bless you, brother. Maybe that... See, being nervous might cause the heart to fly up like that.
Our heavenly Father, realizing that we never know what time our heart's going to stop, might any minute, and brother has heart trouble, and with a temper that cause him to fly into tantrums. Oh, that devil would like to take him to a premature grave. But I, as Your servant, along with all these other servants tonight, we ask that, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that the temper will leave him, and the heart will be well, and will be true to Christ all the days of his life, and be well to serve Him. In Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, brother. I believe it's all over, and you've been healed.
L-163 How do you do? You believe that He will grant your request?
Our heavenly Father, we bring our brother to you under the Name of the Lord Jesus, bring him, as it was, under the cross and pointing him up. Look at those wounds there. Watch that Blood as it drips out of His side and across His face, the Son of God dying, that we might be cleansed from all our sins and sickness. Grant it to our brother. Through Jesus' Name, I offer this prayer. Amen. I believe it's over. Don't you, brother?
How do you do, brother? You believe now this is going to be the night? It's all going to be over from tonight, and you're going to be well.
Our heavenly Father, as holding our hand of our brother, from this night henceforth may his request be granted, he'd be well, and live for you all the days of his life. In Jesus' Name. Amen. I believe it's going to be--you're going to be all right.
L-164 How do you do, brother? This is the hour that it's all over. Make your decision now.
Our heavenly Father, as brother said, "Amen," this is the time the decision is made right here in the Presence of Christ. May it be finished from this night on. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be ye healed. Bless you, my brother. I believe it's over now.
How do you do, sister? Oh, may I have your handkerchief to go... That's all right; that's all right: something another, a little token. Might say it's soiled, but I imagine that the garments that they wore in the old days... What about Jesus? He had one garment. And He probably had to sleep in it, live in it. But look what it wrapped up. All right.
Our heavenly Father, her precious husband is laying crippled. And here's his companion standing here tonight with a little cloth in her hand, and he's crippled. I pray, Father, that You'll be merciful, and that the prayer of this church that's gathered together here, these that are sojourning in Phoenix, and the different parts of the country that's represented here tonight, our prayers will be heard. And when this cloth is put upon the man, may the power of God bring him back to normal life again. In Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, it has been asked. Now, let it be done. You believe it, sister.
L-165 How do you do, sister? Oh, this your handkerchief? Now, you're perhaps very sick, and do you want to tell your trouble, or just... Arthritis. That's... Twenty-something years. There's a man setting right behind me by the name of Brother Ed Hooper. He was so bad with it over here in Phoenix one time they had to keep his hands on pillows, wasn't it, Brother Ed? And he was dying almost with it that afternoon, or the way I understand the story. And he told his wife he thought he was going then. And he looked and he seen Christ on the cross, or something pitched forward, or something. And he was so healed, till he could... There he sets right here now. Just... Brother Hooper, she just wants to see you, that... Raise your hand, so she can see.
Let us pray. Our heavenly Father, the man present lets us know that You're the Healer. We lay hands upon sister with just a little consecrated humble prayer we offer for her healing, Father. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, for His glory. Amen. Go believing...?... it's going to be over now...?... You...?... have the...?... God bless you.
L-166 How do you do, sister? Our sister suffers, since her husband died three years ago, with diabetes and arthritis. And she believes that God will heal her. We believe the same thing.
Heavenly Father, with hands laid upon her now, may she return back to the church with many of the others, just thanking God that it's all over and gone. We ask this to be so, Father, in our humble prayer, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, my sister. You believe now.
How do you do, sister? You believe that tonight will be the end of it, and you can accept Him now as your Healer? Oh, precious God, the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and God shall raise them up. We think of our Lord, how He journeyed here on earth and ministered to the sick, and the many things He did. Now, I pray for our sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ. In the commission that was granted to us as ministers, we offer this prayer for her healing. Amen. Just believe it's all done now. All the faith you have, put right with it. It'll come to pass.
L-167 How do you do, brother? Upon the basis of His Word can be finished right here. Heavenly Father, grant this request of our brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be healed. Bless you, my brother...?...
How do you do, sister? Are you prepared now, and ready to receive his healing? And as we ask (You see?), by that, nothing in the way that would keep Him from pouring out His Spirit? Our heavenly Father, as I lay hands upon our sister, seeing You heal the people, I pray and believe that with all my heart that You'll grant her request. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-168 You know, I just want to say this while they're coming up. I never could understand why I... Just before even I become Pentecostal, I used to just go and pray for the people; they--they'd just get well. I don't know. It isn't nothing I would've had to do about it. It's just--it's just believing Him. And I just offer prayer, and the first thing you know, the people would be well. That's the way anyone does. We just offer prayer and believe it. They just get well. That's all. See? How many has been healed by Divine healing? See, you see?
Oh, you see, you--you can tell you're amongst Pentecostals and Full Gospel people, them hands. They believe that. See? Don't you see why the Lord is zealous of you? Not to try to hurt you, but to try to, you know, bring us into that place without a spot or wrinkle? I hope you don't get angry with me for bringing words of that out of the Bible. I--I do it in tolerance of good faith towards God.
L-169 This is the hour for it to happen to you, isn't it, sister? Now, it's got to happen (See?), 'cause He promised it...?...
Our heavenly Father, bless our sister as I lay my hands upon her, and by faith every Christian in here puts their hands upon her. This church praying, we ask for the sickness and the affliction to leave her. In Jesus' Name. Amen. It's what He's promised us.
How do you do, sister? You believe tonight is the night for it?
Our heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, let this be the finishing touch this hour, that she'll be made well. In Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, my sister. It'll be over from tonight.
L-170 How do you do, sister? This is the hour for your healing? All right, sir.
Our heavenly Father, I bring our sister before you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and offer this prayer in her behalf, that she'll be healed in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, see, it isn't only my prayer. Everybody in here is praying (See?), all at one time. And we are aware that God's present. We know that; He--He has to be. See? He promised it. Now you go, believing.
How do you do, sister? This is the hour for it, isn't it? To be healed.
Our heavenly Father, let it be settled for her from tonight on. May she leave this church tonight happy, rejoicing, knowing that it's finished. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you, sister.
How do you do, sister? This is the night for your healing, isn't it? This is the time, right now, before the Bible and the church, and Christ.
Heavenly Father, among the ministers, among the lay--laymen, all the saints of God, the Angels, and the Holy Spirit, in the commission of Jesus Christ, that these signs shall follow them that believe: if they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover; so we claim it finished for our sister tonight, her healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, my sister. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-171 We will do the same thing for you, brother. You will believe it?
Our heavenly Father, he said he believes. So it must be done, Father. That's what You said. These signs shall follow them that believe, and he believes. So we thank You for his healing, Father, in Jesus' Name. Amen. That's good. You know how to accept it and believe it.
How do you do, brother? This is going to be the night of your healing. Just leave it lay here and walk away from it.
Our heavenly Father, we bring our brother to you, in Jesus' Name, for his healing. He's going to leave it right here, Lord. And the enemy will have to leave him. He'll be made free again, in Jesus' Name. Amen. So be it.
How do you do? You believe Jesus is going to heal you here tonight?
Our heavenly Father, as this child comes to receive her healing, we, the church, offer our prayer, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing. Amen. See, it's all over. Bless you, sister. [Mark 16:17]
L-172 It's all going to be over from tonight on, isn't it?
Our heavenly Father, the people are believing. They believe, they wouldn't be walking across the platform here. They're sick. They know what to do. They're trained. They know that this is the hour that they make their final decision, and they--and they come for that confirmation. These signs shall follow them that believe. And I lay hands upon her, in Jesus' Name. So shall she be healed. Amen. God bless you, sister.
[Sister comments to Brother Branham--Ed.] Is that... Jonesboro, Arkansas, my, many years ago. What was your trouble, sister?
[The sister testifies of healing of a goiter--Ed.] Praise the Lord. Could you hear the testimony? Praise God. Wait, now, just a minute, sister. I'll repeat it.
At Jonesboro, Arkansas, it's been some, about fourteen, fifteen years ago; she had a big goiter hung out on her neck. And she was a Jehovah Witness. And that morning, when she'd heard about our service up there for the Lord, she said I was a prophet of the devil. And she went out in the garden to pray, and the Lord spoke to her, and said go up there, and she'd be healed. And the Lord healed her. She has no goiter, and her people which were Jehovah Witnesses, most all of them are Pentecostal tonight. [Mark 16:17]
L-173 Now, if He can make that nice Christian woman's neck smooth like that, He can heal you, can't He? He sure can.
Our heavenly Father, with hands laid upon our brother, we ask for his healing, in the Name Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you.
He's just the same for you as He would be for her. Is that right?
Our heavenly Father, a simple little prayer with simple faith... Oh, I'm so glad Lord, You make it simple, so that I can understand it, and just accept You. And, Father, I pray that You'll heal him, and make him well, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-174 How do you do, sister? Oh, yes, ma'am. I see where you breathe too. I guess the... That's such an awful thing. Oh, my. That's suffering standing...?... There's no reason for her to suffer any longer, is there? See, the doctors has perhaps operated, and they taken the ribs out of her lung, and probably give her pneumothorax treatment, and collapsed the lung. And--and the lady's suffering. And you come believing that Christ will heal you, and you want to spend all your life for Him in service, to do for Him. Then, Christians, I think we have a right to bring this lady before Christ, and He'll heal her. Let us pray, all of us.
Our heavenly Father, our sister comes in humble adoration tonight, knowing that her doctor has done all that he could do. He tried hard. But still it won't heal up. But Thou art the Healer. Let her be healed, Father. We commit her to You, that You'll heal her, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you sister. Be healed now. I believe it'll heal up, and you'll be all right.
L-175 How do you do, sister? You believe that He'll heal you tonight? All right. He'll do it though, if you just believe Him. You will? All right. Let us pray.
Our heavenly Father, the lady comes believing. She said she don't even know what's wrong with her, but He knows. Whatever it is, Lord, she wants to get rid of it. We... She knows it's of the enemy. I pray that You'll grant her request, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you, sister. You go believing with all your heart.
L-176 How do you do, sister? You believe that tonight will be the settling time? I was thinking, the lady from Arkansas just testifying... I remember, along a line, I'll never forget it there, a lady holding a handkerchief. I thought she was weeping. And when she took it down, the handkerchief, she had no nose. Cancer had eaten her nose off. And her son was an exterminator over at Texarkana. And I--I prayed for her.
And the very next meeting, a lovely woman standing there, looking... She looked very young, and looking at me. She said, "Don't you remember me?"
And I said, "I don't believe I do." And the boy started kind of weeping and looking. It was that lady. She had a new nose. It growed back on her face. I know that sounds unreasonable, and I--I wouldn't--I wouldn't want to say something that wasn't right. So there--we shouldn't do that. We should be dead earnest when we say these things. But I looked at the lady who was standing there with no nose. And then a few weeks after, I met her again, and she had a nose. And it--it just... She said the cancer just quit eating. And after while it just started like something growing back, and there she had a nose again. It's so wonderful to see how He could do it.
L-177 Now, He that could do that can heal you, couldn't He, sister? It's not the question His power to do it--His willingness. And I would like to say this to you, sister, as a mortal, that both of us has to stand like this in His Presence someday. He's already did it, if He could just get you to believe it. And there's a little act like to be a Christian, to be baptized and so forth, like that. You believe it when I pray for you, you'll get well, sister. Now, all the church pray with me when we pray.
Our heavenly Father, this young lady standing here, and in the Presence of God, I lay my hands upon her, and ask for her healing in the Name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister. Let it be done from now on.
L-178 Yes. [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Ninety-five... This is a sweet thing, coming for her ninety-five year old mother with cataracts.
Our heavenly Father, as she stands proxy as she said for her mother, well-stricken in age with cataracts, we pray for her mother. O God, this church offers our prayer for her mother's healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Don't doubt it.
Sister, dear, is it going to be fin... Can you believe that it'll be finished?
Our heavenly Father, with hands laid upon her for a finished work to be completed, may it be so in her now. In Jesus' Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister.
My brother, you believing now with all your heart?
Father God, we bring this young man to you here, laying hands upon him in the Name of the Lord Jesus. May the finished work of Christ at Calvary be completed in him by healing him. Amen. Bless you, brother. Be it over tonight.
L-179 How do you do, sister? We're going to believe that it's going to be finished tonight. God's going to complete it right here.
Our heavenly Father, just--it has been written, now it will be spoke. Then it must be done. Let it be so in our sister's body. In the Name of Jesus Christ we ask it. Amen. Amen. We believe it now with all of our heart, that you'd be all right.
Broken neck? Bad throat. Oh, my. My, misery... Well, sister, now each one of us here Christians, all of us, we just imagine how we'd feel with that on us. Now, what if it was just vice versa, the lady was praying for me? Or what if she was praying for you? Now, how... She's in misery all the time. Now, how--you'd want someone to be real honest, sincere, and dead earnest about this. See? If it was me, I would. And now, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
Now, every one of you just hold this faith, and like a real church, say (as we are), say, "Father God, take the misery from our sister now."
Our heavenly Father, may she come back bringing this piece that's around her neck, knowing she don't have to wear it no more, that it's been finished by Jesus Christ, as the church prays and asks this blessing. Answer these Christians, Lord. They've consecrated their lives to you. In Jesus' Name may she be healed. Amen. Just let it be over. Stop, it won't hurt no more. You'll be all right.
L-180 Brother, it be finished now? Settle it forever.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, grant the healing of our brother. We ask this for the glory of God in Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, my brother.
Be finished from now on.
Lord, this little woman that stands here tonight, let the work of the Lord Jesus be performed in her body, for by His stripes we were healed. We ask for this blessing, in Jesus' Name. Amen. It's finished now...?... believing. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-181 How do you do? You believe Jesus going to make you well tonight? Asthma? My, that's a mean old thing, isn't it? Certainly.
Brother Williams here, Brother, a Christian Business Man, he's--is he... Yeah, had a... Mayo's just give him up with asthma, said he'd never gain any more weight, or anything. He come by up there, been about a--pretty near a year ago, I believe, up at the Tabernacle one night. And I went out and prayed for him, and the Lord made him well. I guess he's gained... He's sit... Said he couldn't gain no more weight, would never be able to gain no more weight. And he's gained thirty, thirty-two pounds.
[A sister testifies of a healing--Ed.] Hear that, honey? This lady, is she here now? Little lady here with... Oh, yes, I see this... It's... You hear that? Now look, Jesus healed that when she was probably smaller than you, little. And she had pneumonia, and everything, just taking it so bad. And look, Jesus loves--He loves you, and He... Look how--how nice she looks (See?), and well. Now, you can be that way too.
Let's pray now. Heavenly Father, laying our hand upon the little girl, we ask that the asthma leave her, and she'll be made well, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen...?... Now, you go, and you're going to get over it, and you'll be well, and testify like that lady did for her little girl.
L-182 How do you do, sister? You believe the Lord Jesus will heal you?
Our heavenly Father, we pray that you'll heal this little girl also. May her testimony be like the sister just said. From coast to coast may she praise God for the goodness that He showed. Amen. Bless you, sister.
How do you do, sister? This is the time for your healing now?
Our heavenly Father, as the lady comes, sincerely believing that this will be the hour of her deliverance, may it be so, Father, as we ask, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Bless you, sister. Let it be over from now on, no more thinking of it.
How do you do, sister?
I know that sounds rude, saying no more thinking of it. But I--I don't mean it in that way. I mean it that just it's a finished work. It's already done...?... all...?...
And you believe that He'll make it all well?
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister and make her well. We lay hands on her, in Jesus' Name, asking for her healing. Amen. Just let it be finished in your mind, settled, and it'd be all right.
L-183 How do you do, son? In your stomach? You believe Jesus will make you well, son? It's your son? You believe that He will do it, sister? I know it. It sounds, well, you know the testimony, what we--the Lord has did in His church in the last days, far beyond what our little brother has at this time. He's God, Who can create. He can, where like...
Look. If a stalk of wheat's coming up, and a clod falls on it and--and defects that wheat, and makes it turn the other way, then the wheat is not growing right. But remove that cause, then the wheat will grow right. See? Why, Satan did something evil here. But now if the prayer of faith can cast him away, then it'll grow right. You believe that, don't you? Now, let us pray for this precious boy here.
Heavenly Father, simple yet powerful, let the power of God heal our little brother. May there be such a change in this boy, that the mother will be so elated over it in the next few hours. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, my brother. Believe Him. God bless you. Mighty sweet boy. God bless you...?... High blood pressure...
L-184 Heavenly Father, our brother confesses of the high blood pressure. I pray that You'll heal him, Lord. May it leave him tonight. May, when he gets his next checkup or whatever it is, the doctors say, "Why, it's--you're back normal again." Down in his heart he'll be thankful, Lord. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
[He asks prayer for his father--Ed.] I'll gladly do it, my brother.
Heavenly Father, his--his father of earth here is ill. He's got a handkerchief here, wants to lay it upon his daddy. O God, I pray that You'll honor the faith of his son, and will heal his father in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, my brother. May God grant every bit, and I believe He will.
L-185 Sister, it's going to be over now, won't it? From right now on, it's going to leave.
Our heavenly Father, as we, Your church, pray for our sister in her condition, may the power of God heal her and make her well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you now, sister. Ask and it shall be given.
How do you do, sister? Is He going to make You well from tonight?
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister, making her well. She comes and says she believes that it will be so. So be it then, Father. I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-186 How do you do, sister? This is the hour of deliverance for you.
Our heavenly Father, these humble people walk across the platform, believing that You will heal their sickness. They've heard so much said, and faith cometh by hearing, hearing testimonies with which we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb in our testimony. I pray that You'll heal our sister, and make her well, through Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister, leave it right there.
Brother, dear, and this is going to be the hour it's going to be over. Is that right?
Our heavenly Father, I bring him to You, with this church, their prayers of all these faithful ministers, and deacons, and elders, and lay members, all... The Holy Spirit in our midst bearing record of His Word, they shall lay hands on the sick, they will recover. You promised it, Father. Now, heal his eyes, and make him well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, my brother. Let it be over from right now on. [Mark 16:18]
L-187 How do you do, sister? You believe that it'll be over from now on?
Our heavenly Father, may it be over for our sister from this night on. May she be healed for the glory of God. Amen. Bless you, sister. Believe now with all your heart. Believe it's over.
How do you do? It's a baby. Oh, my. Oh, my. That's too bad. You're a mighty pretty little girl. Jesus is going to make you well now.
Now, heavenly Father, with my hands upon this little child, feeling down in my heart, "What if it was Sarah, my daughter?"... It's someone's daughter. And I pray, Father, that You'll heal the little girl from this, an allergy. And may these attacks leave her. May she be well, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, you're going to get over it, honey, and be all right. You believe that, sister.
L-188 How do you do, brother? Going to make it over from tonight, is that right?
Father God, I pray that, in Jesus' Name, that you'll heal our brother, make him well. May it be finished right now in his life, everything finished, that he'll have faith, undoubting faith in his heart; he'll be well in Jesus' Name. Amen. Bless you, my brother.
Why, bless your heart. Heavenly Father, his mother, eighty- three years old and suffering with heart and asthma, grant, Lord, that when this little token is laid upon her, may she get well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, brother, and your mother too.
Let it be over from right now on, sister. Just let that be the past. This is the future coming on here.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ heal this, our sister. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. Gone.
How do you do, brother? Going to be over from now on.
Our heavenly Father, I pray for our brother, that You'll heal his body and make him well. May it be over from this hour on, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Bless you, brother.
L-189 Oh, my. Have it prayed over. Why, I'd gladly do that, brother. You believe with me now that she's going to get well.
Our heavenly Father, the lovely lady somewhere that's waiting this handkerchief to be laid upon her, we send it to her for her healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you.
Now, there's a lady setting here that can't get up, and one over here, and a man too. I'm going down to pray for them. Now, you all pray with me, will you? []
[A brother states, "The lump that she had in her breast is gone, and the pain is gone."--Ed.] Isn't that wonderful?
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

God bless you. I sure will. Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister, and make her well, in Jesus Christ's Name. I ask that this will be completely healed for Your glory. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go and be well now. Stand...?...
L-190 See how simple it is? Now, tell me what passed by here to remove that lump, and take the pain away from the woman who couldn't even hear the message? See? Right. She's over there praising God. If a woman that's both deaf, and dumb and blind, can praise God for taking a cancer off of her, surely we who are in health, as we are tonight, could give God praise for it. Don't you think so? Let's just kinda shake each other's hands when we sing.
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

[Brother Branham speaks to someone on the platform and cannot be heard clearly--Ed.]
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, grant that whoever this lays upon, may they be healed for the glory of God. Amen.
Isn't He wonderful? I--I tell you this; I just like this way. I like God; I love Him; He's in all my heart. He's my Saviour.
L-191 Now, tomorrow night, I think the next service is at Tempe, Arizona, with Brother... What's his name? Groomer--Groomer, Brother Groomer up at the Assembly of God is it? Assembly of God at Tempe, Full Gospel. Yes, it's been announced, I think. All right. Now, you love Him real well? Amen. It's wonderful.
Now, I turn the service now to Brother, the pastor...?...
L-192 Somebody, wait--someone to be prayed for? Just a moment. Go ahead. [The brother asks for prayer--Ed.]
Why, I'd gladly do it my precious brother. Now, for his sick wife's been sick for two years... Now, let's just believe.
Father... I know the world might look down upon this and say, "I don't believe that." What about the lady that testified a few minutes ago that had that goiter on her neck up there? What about it? See? These people that's... Little girl here, that's a young woman now. There was that asthma, and everything in her condition. Look what all that we know to be true. See? He'll... God... to his wife too. Let's pray. Lord Jesus, a sick wife. I pray that this cloth laid upon her will be a token of this meeting tonight and the Word of God. And may she be healed for Your glory. Amen. God bless you, brother.
[The brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Bless his heart. Let's pray. Heavenly Father...?... God. I pray that You will grant this thing...?... grant it... Grant this, Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
He did it now. He fulfilled it after thirteen years. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. It's all right, brother. Oh, it's wonderful. Well, see you tomorrow night, most of you. If I--the pastor here, now Brother...

62-0118 - Full Gospel Church, Tempe, AZ (Paragraphs: 102 - 128)
L-103 One night, or one of the breakfasts somewhere... I want to tell you something happened just a few weeks ago. Since losing my mother, and praying, going into the woods, and putting on just insulated underwear to get into the cave in the wintertime, as it zero weather out there and out there for days after day, and night after night, living before God, till He came down and spoke to me. Yes, sir. And sure that I was positive it must be. I got to be sure of what I'm talking about, because I've got souls that believe in me. And I got souls that believe that I'm telling them the truth, that God sent me, and God's obligated to stand behind His Word and back that up. And He'll do it. Yes, sir. If He sends you, He'll vindicate that He sent you. Just exactly. Amen. I believe that, don't you? Amen.
L-104 I--I know He's here right now. Amen. There's just something that's pouring all over me right now. I--I know that we're setting tonight in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You believe it? Amen. I'm going to change my mind. I ain't changed my mind, but God's changed it for me. Amen.
I don't see a person that I know in here, 'less it would happen to be this lady setting right here. This lady there, I believe she was prayed for last night. All that's sick, raise up your hand. All that don't know me, and knows I don't know anything about you, I mean, raise up your hands. All right. Just everywhere, I guess. That's right.
If God, that same God... Amen. Here's a challenge. Looky there, people you don't know, never seen... If you're sick, God knows you're sick. If you're heartbroke, He knows you're heartbroke. If you've sinned, He knows you've sinned. Talk of a miracle... [Ephesians 2:6]
L-105 Now, it takes the power of Almighty God to come down and to prove that He's the same God that always has been, and still be God. If He'll do that at least three times in this building right now, twice or three times as a--as a confirmation... I don't--don't know whether He will or not. But I just--I just see that clock getting nine-thirty. I know a prayer line with that many people would run us up here to about eleven-thirty. And I know Brother Norman's driving all the way down yonder, a hundred and something miles to Tucson, and different ones, and tomorrow night's... I got ten or twelve services yet, maybe fifteen yet to preach. I just--I believe that right now, if you'll believe it with me, that we're in heavenly places... I... Let me ask, and prove to you, that God still is God just as much right here in this building tonight, as He was when He--Abraham talked to Him down there in that body of flesh. [Ephesians 2:6]
L-106 Remember, that flesh... I don't know what it was. They said a "theophany." Ministers try to say it was a theophany. But how does a theophany eat veal chops? No, sir. A theophany doesn't eat. He was a man in a body of flesh, but yet it was God. What was it a sign of? He said, "As it was in the days of Lot and Noah, Lot--so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man," that God would come down into human flesh and make Himself known, just like He did back there. That was a... Remember, that was the last sign that was given before fire fell and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
And this world today, and this nation, and this people has become like a modern Sodom. That's right. And what did He say? "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be--eating, drinking, giving in marriage. As it was in the days of Lot..."
What happened when Lot--in the days of Lot? What taken place? Look, an Angel came down, or an Angels in man form. And this Man, with His--not knowing Abraham, told him about his conditions, and about Sarah and what was going to happen, and all about it. And there they found out then that Abraham was convinced that that was God, and begin to plead for his brethren. Is that right? God promised it. [Matthew 24:37-39], [Luke 17:26, 29-30]
L-107 No matter... You don't have to be a great cathedral; you don't have to be a--a thousands in the campaign. There... "Wherever two or three are gathered I'm in their midst." If God will prove it tonight and discern your thoughts and the... The--the Bible said in Hebrews the 4th chapter, listen close: "The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the sunder of the marrow of the bone (Is that right?) and even a Discerner of the thoughts of the mind." That right?
What is the Word of God? "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us." By His righteous living and His sanctified body, His pure unadulterated Blood... He gave it freely for us unclean sinners. And through that God taken His sacrifice, and sanctified a church that He might send back His Holy Spirit to continue the works that Jesus did. "The works that I do shall you do also." Do you believe that? [Matthew 18:20], [Hebrews 4:12], [John 1:1, 12], [John 14:12]
L-108 Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the virgin-born Son of God? Do you believe that His--His holy Blood was not by man? That we know that the blood cell comes from the male sex, and this way it was God alone Who created a Blood and brought forth the Son Christ Jesus. And He was the Son of Jehovah God. God dwelled in Him. And then, when He gave His Life a ransom on the tree, and He washed the sinner that will believe on Him, and has taken Him, and a propitiation for our sins has been made, and has washed us by the water of the Word and has cleansed us... And now we become sanctified, not our goodness, but His mercy, that the Holy Spirit might continue the work to the church down through the age, to declare Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen. [Hebrews 10:22], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-109 That went over three things, then: yesterday, today, and forever, three rows of the church. Amen. Let God call from all three rows then. Will you believe it? Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, only You alone can do this. But that this people might know, Lord, that the hour is at hand... We may not live till morning. We don't know about that, but we have to meet You. We're sure of that. For man must first die, and after this the judgment. We got to meet God somewhere.
And Father God, I have taught tonight that You are still the same God. And the people, Lord, I trust that You will make yourself so real this a-way, Father. They've heard preaching. We've got some of the finest ministers, I believe, Father, that there is in the world lives along in this country, and real holy, dedicated men to the service of God in these fine churches throughout these--this country here. I believe that. They are my brethren, and I come, Lord, among them even as a stranger one day; and they received me, and they've taken me in, and they--they love me.
And--and yet, many times that I have to scold and say things. See them sometimes going along with some organization, denominations getting them off of the beaten path, then I scold them. And still they're just as sweet and love me. Then I know that they're Your servants, Father, and they know that I don't do that to be nasty. Lord, You'd never deal with a person like that. Now, Father, to know that it--the way back is through holiness, and through sanctification of the Spirit, and the consecration of lives, let the people...
L-110 There may be strangers here tonight. There may be Presbyterians, Methodist, Catholic, a--a group with us tonight. There may be those who do not believe. And then, Father, just to preach the Word, they have a right to go away, maybe, and say, "My pastor teaches it different." "My priest says different." But, Lord, when they know that the Bible... all denominations know that Hebrews 13:8 said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." Now, You, Lord, that... A little woman touched Your garment one day pressing through a crowd, and You turned around, said, "Who touched Me?" and everybody denied it. But that great power of God that was in You, the Fullness of God... You looked around on the audience till You found the little woman that had the blood issue. And when You told her of it, her blood issue stanched. It stopped. You're the same God.
I pray God, tonight, that You'll sanctify these believers in here that's sick. At least one, or one out of each row, or more, Lord, across, back, in the back, standing outside, wherever it may be, have somebody will see beyond a shadow of doubt that this is the truth. The Holy Spirit is right, and the Bible is right, and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I ask this blessing in the Name of Jesus Christ, and for His glory. Amen. [Hebrews 13:8], [Luke 8:43-45, 50], [Mark 5:25, 29-30]
L-111 Now, to this little waiting audience, I want you to pray just a moment in your hearts, and I want you to look this a-way. I want you to believe with all your heart that God is in the building. Now, He's in Spirit. We all know that God is a [Congregation says, "Spirit"--Ed.], and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Now, what is the Truth? Christ, the Word. The Word is Truth. The Spirit is the Holy Spirit. The Word is the Truth, and the Holy Spirit gets ahold of the Word of promise and brings it to pass. See? "If ye abide in Me, My Word's in you," any promise in there is yours then. See? "If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you," then it isn't you; it's the Word of promise that's doing it. See it? I hope you do, children. Bless your heart. [John 4:23], [John 15:7]
L-112 One of these days we're going to have our last sermon down here. Do you know that? And we're going to move up. And you just say, "Father God, Brother Branham knows nothing about me." Maybe you don't know even know me. Any... It don't matter where you are, just somewhere in the building. See? Just say, "Father God, he knows nothing about me. But let him speak to me, and tell me what my trouble is, or something like that, and I'll--I'll believe You. I'll believe You, 'cause the Word's then I know is flesh, with he and I together, with a contact with God the Holy Spirit is here. Let him do..."
L-113 That lady with her hands laying on her lap, like that, looked up and said, "Yes," just then as she nodded her head. She believed it. You said just the right thing.
There's a woman one time, Syrophenician woman. She was a Gentile. She came to the Lord Jesus, and she said, "Lord, Thou Son of David, have mercy on my daughter." Now, He was no Son of David to her. She was a Gentile. See? So He went on like He never noticed her, and she cried after Him.
And finally He turned around and said, "It's not meet for Me to take the children's bread and give it to dogs." Oh, would that have made some of us so-called Christians really go up about it--call us a dog. She never. She knew that was truth.
She said, "That's truth, Lord, but the children--but the dogs eat the scraps under their master's table."
He said, "For this saying... Because you've said it..."
The high blood pressure you've got and heart trouble, if you'll believe it with all your heart, it'll leave you. Will you accept it? See? That was your trouble, wasn't it? You believe. I never seen the woman in my life. She's a stranger. [Mark 10:48], [Matthew 9:27], [Matthew 15:27-28]
L-114 Here, let's see another one. Right over from her, a little woman with a green-looking dress on. If God doesn't help that woman she's going to have to be operated on for a tumor. If that's right, raise up your hand, lady. I never seen her in my life, but she has a tumor. The weakness and sadness of her heart... If you'll believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, shall perform that operation and take it away from you without a operation of a natural man's hand, you can have what you ask for.
Are you convinced? Do you believe? Somebody else in the building, pray, believe with all your heart. Here's a little lady setting right here praying. She's got a red checkered-looking jacket on. She's sick and weak. She's just got up from pneumonia. That is right. You believe that Jesus Christ will heal you, lady? If you do, raise your hand way up high, and say, "I accept it."
Setting right next to her, the man there with the back trouble, you believe that He'll make you well, sir? Then raise up your hand, say, "I accept it."
You believe? Are you convinced? Then be concerned.
L-115 Way back towards the back, a little gray-headed woman setting back there with a little scarf around her neck, she's got arthritis in her hands. She's been praying a long time for that to be healed. You believe that God will heal you, lady? Setting right there, right straight down here, you believe it, that God will heal the arthritis? You can have what you've asked for, if you'll believe it.
The man next to you there, with prostate trouble, if you'll believe it with all your heart, you can be healed. You believe it, sir? You was trying to get her to believe it, and you couldn't make her see it. But God healed you of the prostate trouble when He passed her by. Now, you received your healing. God bless you. It's over; it's gone.
L-116 There you are. Do you believe? Are you convinced? Then let's be concerned. Are the rest of you concerned? How many's concerned in here? Is there a sinner present? Are you concerned about your destination? Before we pray for the sick, are you concerned about your destination? If you are concerned about your destination, why not walk up here and receive Christ when you're right into His Presence here at the platform. Come up here. Just come up. Any persons that's--that's concerned and knows that they're not right with God, I'm asking you tonight to come right up here to the altar, and stand here for prayer. Inside or out, no matter where you are, walk up here. God bless you, lady; that's the way to do it. Is there someone else concerned about where you're going? If you're not sure that you're right, and you're concerned, come... Are you convinced that it's Christ? Are you convinced that--that me, a man, could not do those things? Are you convinced that God promised to do it in the last days? That's God's Word. He convi--are you convinced of it?
I seen something else happen just then. Praise be to God. They'll find it out. All right. Now. Praise God. That's wonderful. Amen. If you... Oh.
L-117 Are you convinced? Are you... Do you really believe with all your heart? Somebody here that's not sure whether you're right with God, or not, won't you come stand here for a word of prayer just a moment? Come right on up.
Now, if you're... Are you not convinced that you're positive right? Some of you women that still claims the Holy Ghost, and wearing short hair: you mean to tell me, with all this preaching, you're not yet convinced when the Bible said what it did about woman with short hair? Huh? And wear and act... Some of you men that still smokes and carries on, some of you women that wear these clothes, and God said it's an abomination to Him?
You say, "The flesh don't make any difference." Then why did God raise the flesh of Christ up? Why do we supposed to live holy if it don't mean nothing? Sure, it'll come again in the resurrection. Right.
L-118 You believe this to be the Spirit of God, then It's condemning you. That's right. And how are you going to be condemned? The guilty of the least is guilty of the whole. You know to do better.
Someone said... As I made a remark last night, someone said to me, "Brother Branham, why don't you leave off them women? Leave off them men; quit doing that." Said, "You're... People thinks you're a prophet."
I said, "I'm no prophet."
He said, "People claim you to be though. Why don't you teach them how to receive spiritual gifts?"
I said, "How can I teach them algebra when they don't even know their ABC's? They don't have common decency enough to clean themselves up and act like Christians. How you going to tell them spiritual things about heavenly things?" That's right.
Let the Pentecostal church straighten itself up, get right with God, and I'll prove to you that the Holy Ghost will come right in. Why, this... The church will be so full of the power of the Holy Ghost there can't be one member do one sin. The Holy Ghost will call it right out, like Ananias and Sapphira. Right. But you can't do it when you won't even take your kindergarten training. Certainly not. [John 2:10]
L-119 Come on up to the altar like these women have. Say, "You mean there's only two women in this bunch?" Remember, it's on your lap, and it's on your hands, and you'll never wash it off. Let us bow our heads. Come forward, sister. As we believe now on Him as we pray... You standing for salvation too, sonny? Bless your heart, son. Stand right there.
Now, as we bow our head, they're bringing some other lady that maybe can't walk, or something, coming up to accept salvation for herself. Now, we're going to let... That's all right, just let her stand right there. That's all right, sis. You don't have to walk to do it. He'll come right to the seat where you are. Let us... She just wants to make...
Now, if a woman that can hardly walk--and they--wiggling around, is convinced that the thing is right, and ready to come and repent for what she's done that's wrong, what about you women that--and men too--that can stand on your feet, and walk good? They'll rise in the day of judgment.
Just because we wear the name Pentecost, that don't mean anything. You've got to be borned again. When you're borned again you walk in Bible light. You do what the Bible said. Amen. Let us pray now.
L-120 Heavenly Father, Your Presence is here, and, oh, how bold it makes us talk when Your Presence is here, because we know that it's not us that's speaking then; It's the Holy Spirit. And, O Father, how it hurts sometimes to hear your--your own voice say things that you would never say at all. But then, how could anyone doubt it being the Holy Spirit, after they see Him do the works that He did when He was here in the body of the Lord Jesus, and left us the promise that He would do the same works through us, His servants?
And now, Father, we're grateful for Him because He come to reprove the world of sin. Sin is unbelief. Those who say that it cannot be done, yet it proves that it is done. And on the scientific record today, we know that You have proven Yourself to be with us, by many infallible proofs. [John 14:12]
L-121 Here stands these people standing around the altar tonight, after making this call and preaching this message of being convinced and then concerned. They realize that their life has been shallow, and they--they haven't been able to do the things that they--they wanted to do. And they realized that no fault laid in You, but they realized the fault laid in themselves. So they've come tonight, Lord, to confess they're wrongs.
Some of these little women with their hair bobbed, standing up here, like they did last night, knowing that that's the truth. The Bible said so. It's a dishonorable thing. Isn't it a common thing for a woman to pray with her hair as her covering, with her covering cut off? She dishonors her head. How that that's Christian teaching, and the great teacher that taught us that, Paul, said in Galatians 1:8, "If a angel from heaven comes preaching any other thing else than that what I've already taught, let him be accursed." We know that it's the truth. [I Corinthians 11:6, 15], [Galatians 1:8-9]
L-122 Father, these precious ministers calling that out hour after hour, hour after hour, the congregation still staggering on, how their hearts long to see their church all filled with the Holy Spirit, and like godly men and women setting there, and the Spirit so powerful in the place, till every sin in the church be called out, great wonders and signs take place like it did in the early days.
And Father, then we go from place to place giving our witness with our brethren. And they see the Holy Spirit moving through different operations and know that it is God. Then they stand condemned, and said... Lord, some men's sins goes before them; some follows. They're confessing theirs tonight, Lord, that it'll go before them. I pray that You help them, each one of them, Lord. And now, in consecrating their hearts to Thee, they give You their hearts, their lives for service. What more can they do, Lord?
L-123 Now, may the Holy Spirit who brought conviction by, by His Word and by His Presence to confirm His Word, to make It positive the truth, may He give to them that sanctifying portion that will give them the desire of their heart, in order to serve You. Grant it, Lord.
One precious soul there said that the enemy was... She was just trying to get saved and get right, and the enemy kept making her say bad words against God, or bad thoughts against Him. I pray, Father, now as Your servant, I rebuke that devil. Go off of that woman. Leave her alone. May God of heaven fill her with the Holy Spirit. And, Satan, you can't bind her any longer. Turn her loose; let her go. In the Name of Jesus Christ, this church, the holy Church of God, prays in one accord that that devil shall never return to her again. May she go now in the peace of God through Jesus Christ's Name. We consecrate this to You, Father, for your glory. Amen.
L-124 Now, without one shadow of doubt in your hearts and minds, now just upon the basis that God made the promise, and you've come to consecrate your lives, and you believe with all your heart that standing at this altar tonight, telling God that you're sorry for what you have done, that you will live a different life from this on, do you believe God hears your prayer, and you'll be able to do it? Raise up your hand to Him, say, "I accept You, my Lord." Amen.
God bless you. That's good. Now, you can go to your seats and know it's all over. I believe it. You believe it, everybody in there?
L-125 Now, how many of you out there is sick, and that didn't get--that the Holy Spirit never called? I seen four or five. It's already... It's kinda gone from me now, that discernment. But I seen that somebody back in here, or, and then back in the back standing back there... But I don't remember what it was, that Light was over them. I seen what taken place.
But the Holy Ghost is here, friends. You believe it with all your heart? Now, how many here has got the baptism of the Spirit? Raise up your hands. All right. The Bible said, "These signs will follow them that believe." Will you lay your hands on each other, let me pray for you from the platform here? So, it's ten o'clock now, five minutes to ten.
Has the next service been announced? Where'd you... [Mark 16:16]
L-126 Yes, honey. Sure. In Jesus' Name, may he go and be healed of this asthma, and may it never bother him again. Amen. Bless your heart. It's going to leave you, and you're going to be a good strong, healthy man.
Almighty God, we are Your children by faith in Christ Jesus. We are members of the body of Christ by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are sojourners here on earth, pilgrims, knowing that heaven is our home and this is not our abode here. So we look to things that are above.
Now, we believe that we're in heavenly places in Christ. Let the power of Almighty God settle over this building, and come into every heart.
Satan, we adjure thee by Jesus Christ, the living God, that you leave this people. Come out of them, Satan, and go from them, that they could be made well through the Name of Jesus Christ. [I Chronicles 29:15]
L-127 How many believes it? Raise... How many's convinced? How many's concerned? Raise your hand; say, "I am concerned; I am convinced that this is the truth; that I am now convinced that by His stripes I'm healed. I'm now convinced that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is right. I'm now convinced that Jesus Christ is in our midst."
What did John say? "There's One standing among you--One standing among you Who you know not." I'll have to change that part of it tonight, and say there's one standing among you who you see not. That's the Holy Spirit. He is the One (Amen.) that makes every promise true.
Do you believe it with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind? Rise up to your feet and accept it then, as your healing, as your salvation, whatever you may be. [I Peter 2:24], [John 1:26]
L-128 Remember the next service tomorrow night is at Brother Outlaw's church, Brother Outlaw down in Phoenix there, tomorrow night. Let us raise our hands now and sing this song to God. Now, I don't know whether can start it or not: "I love Him, I love Him because He first loved me." All together:
I love Him, I love Him
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

Now, you that come and follow the services, tomorrow night it's at Brother Outlaw's church. It's called, "The Name of Jesus Church" down in Phoenix at... You got, yes, brother... Yes, Brother Groomer here will announce it.
All right. The Lord bless you. Till I see you tomorrow night, God be with you.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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