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Prayer Line 62-10
62-pl-10, Prayer Line 62-10, 65 min

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62-0708 - Municipal Auditorium, Grass Valley, CA (Paragraphs: 83 - 97)
L-84 And the brother give the cards out, he was so slow. I called him "Mañana," in Mexico it means "tomorrow." He was always so late. He come, got me at nine o'clock. And I got over there.
And Billy said, "That woman's got that dead baby out there, daddy. And I... We can't hold her." And said, "Mañana's done give out all the cards." Said, "I--I can't get her in that prayer line without a card, it'd cause some of the rest of them..."
I said, "Well..." I said, "Brother Moore..." How many knows Brother Jack Moore? Many of you up here. I said, "Brother Moore, go pray for the baby. She wouldn't know me anyhow." They let me down a wall on the ladder to the platform. I said, "She wouldn't know me," there at the big ring.
L-85 Brother Espinosa, you know him here on the west coast? Brother Espinosa, any of you know Brother Espinosa, the Mexican? Yeah, certainly. Sure. He was standing right there interpreting for me.
And I started. I said, "As I was saying, 'Faith is the substance of things...'" And I looked, and standing right before me was the little Mexican baby. It didn't have teeth. It was laughing. And I looked around, and I seen Brother Moore going to pray for the--the lady. She would run under those ushers' legs, upset them, climb up over their shoulders with this dead baby wrapped in a blanket. So I seen that; I said, "Wait a minute, Brother Moore. Tell the ushers to break away and let the lady come up." I didn't know it was the baby; I just saw... I put my hand upon the wet blanket. [Hebrews 11:1]
L-86 She run up, first, and she grabbed out one of those beads, and begin to hollering, "Padre (Father, you know)."
And I said, "Don't do that."
So I just prayed for the baby; I said, "Lord Jesus, I seen a vision of a little baby. I don't know whether it's that one." I said, "I lay my hands upon this wet blanket." And it begin kicking and screaming. It come to life.
I said, "Brother Espinosa, chase that down. Don't--don't say it until the doctor signs the statement that the baby died."
He chased it down. It died that morning at nine o'clock; and it's eleven o'clock that night, come to life. Then the papers come out and everything.
Then they give me an interview of the Catholic church, and they asked me if they thought their saints could do the same thing. I said, "If they're living."
He said, "Well, they can't be a saint till they're dead."
I said, "Well, find that in the Scripture for me."
L-87 So He still lives; He's still here. Pray now. Just touch the border of His garment. Let me give you a Scripture now. He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I claim that He's the High Priest right here. He's the invisible High Priest, can only do or intercede for you when you confess that He has done it. See? Now, you touch Him. Touch any of us, would make no difference. But touch Him and He'll work through His Spirit. See? I believe that I have His Spirit. You touch and see if it's right or not. Touch Him. Just pray.
In the balcony, some of you people in the balcony think 'cause you're that far back. You're not out of reach of Him. He's everywhere, omnipresent. Do you believe that? Omniscient, you believe that? Knows everything, ever present, omnipotent, all-powerful, infinite (Hallelujah.), that's my God.
L-88 Here's an elderly lady setting right on the end; she'd been praying there for a few minutes. I thought I seen It standing by her. She got trouble with her head. Believe. That's right, raise up your hand. It's left you now. Your faith healed you.
Now, you want to question her? What was it? She never touched me. Look how far she is from me. But the Eye that seen, said, "I seen you when you were under the fig tree," He still lives today. That's a super Sign. He's still here. Just believe.
There's a lady setting back right here. She's weeping. She's praying. She's suffering with a nervous stomach. She'd just believe with all of her heart, God will heal her. Don't miss it, sister. Mrs. Snowden, have faith. I hate to have to call her name, but... We're strangers to one another; I never seen the woman in my life. Was them your conditions, and so forth, all was said? Wave your hand back and forth if that's right. If we are strangers one to another, and I don't know you, wave your hands again.
L-89 Now, what is it? Just to be like our Lord Jesus, on earth I just long to be like Him. Don't you want to be like that?
Somebody over here. There's a woman keeps; it... Oh, it's here: eye trouble. Miss Craig, I don't know you, but you're setting there praying for. If we're strangers, wave your hand back and forth, this way, so the people will see.
You're near the Kingdom now. Just have faith and believe.
Little lady setting here, so marvelous to her; she shook her head, looking around, not... She didn't doubt it. She--that believes it. And because you have believed, look on me and believe me. You're praying for a boy (That's right.), a mental case. You believe? Don't you doubt; he'll come home.
The lady right behind her, young woman suffering with complications, weak back, nervousness, Mrs. Patchett. Believe with all your heart, Mrs. Patchett. I'm a stranger to you, but that's true. If that's true, wave your hand. It's left you now. There's a dark shadow over you, and it's been gone.
L-90 What about the balcony? Somebody believe? You believe it, that He's the same?
I see a woman; she don't even realize she's got that faith. It's a hidden faith, don't even confess it. She's suffering with a headache, setting here looking at me, right up here. A Mrs. Singer, surprised you, didn't it? Your headache's going to leave you now. Now, you tell your critics to answer that.
You believing? Let's just sing once more to Him,
To--to be like Jesus,... Jesus...
Lord, that's my desire, just to humble ourselves. Look at these people, these women, these men, many of them this afternoon, across this road, and around, same faith that that little woman had years ago, the same Jesus representing Himself, the super Sign in the last days, as it was the last days for Israel then.
... ask to be like Him.
L-91 He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." You believe that? How many of you love your pastors? Raise up your hand. Sure, you do. I love them too. They're men of God. I know they suffer themselves. I--I know they're pastors. God knows all about it. See, they're willing to give themselves.
Let me show you. That man with his handkerchief to his face just then, he's been suffering trouble with his nose, comes back and forth, goes on. That's right. He knows all your troubles. There ain't a thing but what He knows.
I challenge the unbeliever. If you think it's wrong, come here and do the same thing. [Mark 16:17]
L-92 I know what's wrong with that woman setting there. I can't call her; 'cause if she'd just have more faith, that hip would get all right. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. Sure.
This woman setting in that chair there, that cot. I know her trouble, but what good does it do to call her? See, I'd say there... You say, "Sure, look, she's crippled." How about these people that don't look crippled? There's the miracle.
That woman with the arthritis laying there, takes faith: why did you doubt, sister? Why didn't you keep on believing? You once believed it. You let somebody talk to you. Now, you know that's right. I pray that your faith will never fail no more.
You try to hide yourself right now, and see if you can do it. I can call three critics in here by the name, right now too. But it'd hurt some feelings.
L-93 Oh, we--we're not playing church. This is God: not me; Him. His Presence is here. You believe it? Now, while His Spirit's here, anoint me, if you believe it to be God, I want to stand up these prayer cards, and pray for you. You come through here, and you don't--don't come to me. If you're coming to me, you're going to lose. You come, when you come by here, like you're coming under the cross.
I'm going to ask these godly pastors to stand here with me. I'm going to stand with them at the judgment bar. They may not be able to have discernment; that's just given, you know. But they are men of God, saved as well as I'm saved, called to their ministry. There's five gifts in the ministerial body; first is apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists. That's God's predestinated... "God hath set in the church, gifts." Brethren, will you stand with me?
L-94 Let that section, all that's got prayer cards, stand out in the aisle; stand up. Let this middle section that's got prayer cards, stand up. Let the first section come across this way.
Is there a way to bring them? Or, shall we come down front? [Someone on the platform speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Now, well, I can't. I--I want them to come. I... Let's see. Maybe we'd better get down there. Can you set this microphone down there? I like to get down with the people anyhow...?... Thank you, brother.
I see your baby. You have your request. Come on, brethren.
L-95 Here's a boy laying, dying now, just there resting on this old cot. Let's pray.
Heavenly Father, have compassion on this group. Don't let that die. Save his life. Grant it. We're claiming it right now. Don't let him die in that condition, Lord. May the blessing of Jesus Christ flow down to him. Grant it, Lord. He's struggling hard for his breath. Let the mercies of God sweep over the boy. May he be saved, healed, and made well for the Kingdom of God's sake, Father. We the church of the living God do believe it now, and accept it in Jesus' Name.
L-96 All right, brethren. I'm going to ask my brethren to stand on each side.
How many of you people is interested in these sick people, raise your hand. Let us pray one for another.
Brethren, if you all stand over to their right and left side...?... of the line. Right over the other side of the microphone. How's that? Now, these, and now as these people come, now... []
If there's any more real believing pastors that will come and stand with us, come. You're invited and ordained.
In Jesus' Name. God, in the Name of Jesus...
Some of you ministers wants to come up now and stand with us?
In Jesus' Name. Amen. Poor old brother, come here and I'll bless you...?...
Our heavenly Father, I lay my hands on him...?... faith. In Jesus' Name, grant it.
L-97 God, through Jesus' Name, grant it. In the Name of Jesus Christ. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. In the Name of Jesus Christ. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, grant it, Father.
Now, go believing, every one. In Jesus' Name. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, grant it. Laying my hands on our sister, in the Name of Jesus. Grant it, O God, through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Come, my brother. Believe Him now with all your heart. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I lay my hands upon the mother and upon the child also.
Come, my brother. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Come, sister...?... In the Name of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ's Name. In Jesus Christ's Name, I pray. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Come, brother, in Jesus' Name. Believe it, sister, now with all that's in you. In the Name of Jesus. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
[Brother Branham and the ministers continue praying for all the people in the prayer line.]

62-0712 - Open Bible Standard Church, Spokane, WA (Paragraphs: 90 - 117)
L-91 Now, each one of you in here, there's not a person in my--my knowing that's here that I know, unless this is Brother Evans' boy, setting right here. I believe that's Ronnie Evans. Is that right, Ronnie? All right. That's the only person that I see in the building that I--I really know, outside of Brother Borders, the manager, and my son, wherever he went, pastor here. The rest of you are strangers.
Now, I see about ninety percent of you were sick. Now, up in the balcony too, it don't matter where you are, if you're sick up there, don't have a prayer card, raise up your hand, say, "I'm sick." All right. You believe up there. Now, remember. While he's lining them up, let me give you another Scripture. I want you to put these Scriptures down and remember them.
Now, the minister brethren, and out in here, how many knows this, that the Bible said that Jesus is a High Priest, right now, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities? How many knows that's the truth? Well, if He is the same High Priest that He was yesterday, He'd act the same way today that He did yesterday. Is that right? You believe that? Raise up your hand.
L-92 Now, I'm going to ask, if you will, if you'll not move around now for a few minutes. Just set reverently for a few moments. Don't move at all. And, folks, keep your children as close to you as you can now, because we're not dealing... We're not playing church. And many times... How many knows these goes from one to another. You've seen it happen. Yes, sir, many times. People just set right in their seats and crumple over, paralyzed. Seen them drop dead right in the, right on the, right at the platform. That's right. We're not playing church.
You must be reverent. Now, this is sacred. Now, the Bible said that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And It says that He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Everybody witnesses that that's the truth. Now, how would you know that you touched Him? You... He'd act the same way He did when He was here. Well, how did He act? Let me give you an example, 'cause I'm making you, trying to get you to believe that He is the same. He hasn't changed. The Bible... My Scripture is that He's the same. [Hebrews 4:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-93 Now, when that... in the... There was a woman, say she didn't have a prayer card. But she wanted to get in to... She believed He was a holy man, a prophet. And she said, "If I can only touch the border of His garment, I'll be made well." You know the story? And she twisted through the crowd until she touched Him. Now, she ne... He never felt it physically, you know, because the Palestinian garment hangs loose. It's got an underneath garment also. But He--He never felt it physically. Because Peter rebuked Him, when He said, "Who touched Me?"
And Peter said, "Lord, why..." Rebuked Him, said, "The whole crowd's touching You."
He said, "But I perceive that I've gotten weak. Virtue's gone from Me." And He looked all around. See, He'd been touched with a different kind of touch. And He turned around, He looked over the audience, until He found the little woman that touched Him. And He told her of her blood issue and said, "Your faith has saved you." Was that Jesus yesterday?
Well, if He's the same today, a High Priest that can be touched by our infirmities, can't He touch you if you'll touch Him? Can't He do the same work? [Mark 6:56], [Luke 8:44-48]
L-94 Now, the... Now, remember. He might use my voice. If it is, I'm just like this microphone. It's a mute without something speaking into it. That's right. I don't know you. But He knows you. So you might touch me. It wouldn't do a bit of good. You touch the pastors, it wouldn't do a bit of good. They're men just like I am. But you touch Him once, watch what happens. Now, you don't have to be here. You don't have to be on the platform. Just--just believe.
L-95 Now, this is a picture of where I was speaking tonight in Saint John, 4th chapter, if you want to read it when you get home. Here's a man and a woman. I don't know the woman, never seen her in my life. She's a total stranger to me. Awhile ago they gave out some prayer cards, and she hap--she got a hold of one. The boy comes up here before you all, mixes them prayer cards up so he don't know which one he's giving which. So he just hands them out to you, whatever you want. And she happened... And I call them from anywhere.
Maybe tomorrow night, I might start at sixty-five, or forty-five, or twenty-five, or--or ninety and come backwards. You know that. You've been in the meetings. So it just happened to be tonight. [John 4:1-30]
L-96 I'm seeing that clock get around there. I don't want to hold you. But this woman just happened to get to where I started, number 1. I guess you're the woman, are you? You're the--you're the person? All right. We are strangers to one another. We don't know each other. This is our first time meeting. Here's a little panoramic. Here's a man and a woman, meeting for the first time, like Jesus and that woman at the well. Two people, never met before, and here we stand.
Now, if I said to the woman, "The Lord sent me to pray for the sick. I'm going to lay my hands upon you." It might not be sickness she's here for. Maybe it's domestic trouble; maybe it's financial trouble. Maybe it's something else. Maybe she's not even a Christian. I don't know.
But if He can tell her what has been, and then tell her what will be, surely she could believe what will be if He can tell what has been. Is that right? How many believe that now? All right. Now, if anybody thinks there's something wrong with it, that you have a better program, better idea, you're welcome to come here and take my place. If you don't, then keep still about it. See?
L-97 Notice. Now, here it is. I have just preached the Word that Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and proved by the Scripture that He lives today in His church, and He's coming. And the last sign that He give to the Jews, Samaritan, and now to the Gentiles... We've had... Jews had four thousand years to believe a prophet come in, in its major condition, as the church went on.
Gentiles has had two thousand years of churchanity. And now on--coming on down to speaking in tongues, and Divine healing; and now right to the end time where the great Messiah in the fullness of His Spirit, moving, not just in one person, in the whole church, flowing. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-98 Now, no matter how much I believe, this woman's got to believe too.
And now, you out there that won't be in the prayer line, you look towards God and say, "God, that little old fellow standing up there don't know me, knows nothing about me. But I'm in--I'm in a serious condition. Let me touch Your garment, and You speak back through him and tell me something." Try it. See if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't try it; believe it. Anybody can try it. We don't try Christ; we just take Him and believe Him. He don't come by trial. Now, if the Holy Spirit will reveal... I've got to speak to her a minute.
L-99 Now, look here. I'm in Spokane. Why did I come to Spokane? We even had trouble getting here, had to swap meetings with another country. I was supposed to be here later than this, but had to swap it around. But still, and we... I think they couldn't get a building, had to come take the brother's church; and these other brothers, wonderful, coming in, and cooperating with the brother here. That's sweet, lovely. That's--that's the way I want to see the church get.
Here we are, standing here like this. And here I am. Why? God sent me here. I felt to come here. I don't care how much battle I have to have, He said come here; and here I am. Not because I didn't have no other place to go. Ask the manager. We've got a book of invitations, world around, hundreds of them. But I just felt to come here. Why? I don't know. Maybe He's going to break a revival. Maybe you're receiving your last message. I don't know. I can't tell you. But He sent me here; I don't know why. Here I am.
Jesus went up to Samaria. Why? He didn't know. A woman come out. He just got to talking to her. Then He found her trouble. And she run and told everybody, "That's the Messiah."
L-100 Now, lady, if the Holy Spirit would reveal to me something you're here for, or something you've done, or--or whatever it is, you know I don't know you. And--and if He'd reveal it, you'd know it'd have to come from some spiritual power. It'd have to come... You know that, don't you, brethren? It'd have to come to the sister. Then it'd have to come through a spiritual power. Do you believe that, out there?
Then it depends on what you think it is. The Pharisees said, "He's Beelzebub."
But the believers said, "It's the Messiah." They were Scriptural people who believe the Scripture.
L-101 Now, I'm just going to talk to the woman, and please keep seated. Now, don't move because... You say, "Brother Branham, you're stalling for something." Certainly. Did they have the picture of that Angel up here? There it is in Washington D. C., and so forth, the only supernatural Being was ever scientifically proven, same Pillar of Fire that I told you was with Israel. When It was made flesh... we see what It did in flesh.
Now, if that's the same Pillar of Fire, It'll manifest Itself the same way. It's the same life. You put the life of a grape in a pumpkin vine, it would bear grapes. Certainly it would. It's the life in it that bears the fruit. Christ said, "I am the Vine; ye are the branches." He's ascended on high and sent His Life back. His Life bears record.
Now, if that be... I'm waiting for that anointing. And if it doesn't come, I'll just lay hands on the woman, pray for her, and go on. I don't know. I can't say. It's stalling, or I'm stalling, waiting for it. That's exactly right. [John 15:5]
L-102 What's the matter with everybody? What's the matter? Can't you believe? Have faith, friends. The Scripture laying here before you, and a person walk up here, and dare before an audience of people to take God's Word, and challenge the whole world with it? Believe. Have faith. Amen.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under the control of the Holy Spirit which has me anointed. Now, have faith. Look here just a moment, as Peter and John said, "Look on us." I'm trusting for you. I don't know. You're just standing here, a woman. But if the Holy Spirit will reveal something to me that's in your life, you'll know whether it's the truth or not.
Now, I'm talking to you individually. That's the reason I have someone up here, just to get a contact. The Spirit gets me anointed, and then I--I can start to the audience, or wherever it's at, to see wherever He will lead me then.
Now, I'm just speaking to you to find out, just see what He would tell me. I don't know. That'd be up to Him to say. But I'm sure He will do it. Yes, sir. The lady goes from me, moving away. She could witness right now there's a feeling around her like a real sweet, humble feeling, 'cause the light settles right over the woman. And the woman is suffering with a throat trouble. That's right. That's right, lady. You believe?
L-103 Why is it variable, every time, somebody will think "He guessed that?" I got a good notion to call on who did it. Don't do it. You believe. I never guessed that to that woman. She knows I couldn't do that. How could it be perfect, and be...
Here just... She seems to be a lovely person. Let me talk to her just a moment. Now, ever what He told you, I wouldn't know. It's on tape. See? I'm somewhere else. It's like another dimension. It's a vision. You see? Yes. It's a... It's throat. You got throat trouble, and you're bothered with nervousness. You seem to be extremely nervous.
Well, you just have complications; many things are bothering you: get real weary in the late of a evening, tired, wore out, your work done. That is right.
Another thing, there's somebody else that you're interested in, you're praying for. I see a man appear. It's--it must--it must be your husband. It's in the same place. The man's here now. You believe I can tell you what's the trouble with your husband? Would you believe me to be His servant? Your husband suffers with a heart trouble. He also is nervous. And--and you've brought somebody from a... It's your sister. You brought her from a--a nursing home. She's setting right here. That's right, crippled.
You believe? Now, is He the same yesterday, today, and forever? Then what does that bring? Christ here with us. Do you believe with all your heart? Then go and receive what you've asked for. Don't doubt. You can have what you've asked for, and God be with you.
L-104 Now, don't move around. Set real still, set still, set still. Reverent... See, each one of you is a spirit, and when you move I can just--you can just tell it. It's moving. There's something wrong. See? Just be real reverent, quiet.
This is the lady. The--the Angel of the Light that I watch, It appeared over in here somewhere, right in here. Be real reverent. Now, just keep praying. Now, if I look down and say, "Well, that person that's laying on a cot is crippled, or got arthritis. It's going to..." You'd say, "Sure. Look at it. Sure it is. You can see that."
But here this person looks perfectly normal. What's wrong with her? There's the thing. Now, look this way just a moment, lady. We're strangers to one another, our first time meeting. The great Holy Spirit is here. You believe that? You feel it. Isn't that a sweet feeling? See, it just feels... Knowing you're a Christian, to see the welcome into that Spirit, just look like it He just acts like that. said it's a real sweet, humble feeling. It's such a wonderful thing to be a Christian.
L-105 Now, if the Lord Jesus will just tell me something about you, or what you're standing here for, what you want from Him, you'd believe it if He could tell you what--what it was about.
Now, if I could heal you, I would do it. But I can't. You see? If He was standing here with this suit on that He gave me, He couldn't heal you, because your healing's already purchased. He would make you know that It was Him, and how He would do it, by He proving Himself the same yesterday, today, and forever, just what I preached about. The audience... I believe we all believe that. Yes.
Now, you just believe. You're suffering with a hernia. That is right. It's true. Then you've got something wrong with your right side. You have pain that hits and goes all the way down your right side plumb into your feet. That's right, isn't it? Do you believe that that's Christ that you're anointed by now? Accept Him as your Healer, a finished work. It'll all leave you, and you'll never have it no more if you'll believe it. God bless you. God bless you, my sister.
L-106 I do not heal. I... If He was standing here, He could not heal. How many knows that? He's already done it. See, He just let's you know that He's here. He's risen from the dead. That's the only thing He could do: make Himself known that He's still Messiah.
How do you do? I suppose we're strangers to one another. I've never seen you in my life, and we're just standing here for the first time, a man and a woman meeting.
There's a man keeps coming before me; see, it's somebody praying. You just keep praying; that's all right. That's right. You just touch Him. I just ask you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to believe what I told to be the truth. For I have told the truth, and you know that's right. It's out of the Word. And if I've told the truth, God's obligated to His own Word. See? He's not obligated to me; He's obligated to His Word. See? And I'm just speaking His Word.
L-107 Now, not knowing you, but if the Lord Jesus would tell me something about you, or something that you've done, or something you ought not have done, or some you--trouble that you've got, and maybe it's financial, domestic, I don't know. But if He will just explain it, you'll know that it has to be some kind of a power. It'll have to be the Word of God, because It's a discerner of the thoughts of the heart. That's right. You believe that God sent this in the last days, and It's Christ testifying of His soon coming? If you believe that, then God surely will grant your request.
You have a rupture, two of them. That's right. You have something else wrong, which is a bladder trouble. That is right, isn't it? You believe He knows who you are? Mrs. Peterson. That's who you are. Now, go believing and...?... no more. Have faith. Don't doubt. Do you believe? Just have faith in God. Don't doubt. Don't doubt.
L-108 We are strangers to each other, but the Lord Jesus knows us both. And do you think that He could do something, or tell me something about you that would help you? Would you believe it?
Now, you realize the condition it's got me in right now. I'm just shaking all over. You say, "Why, Brother Branham? Why would you do that?"
Well, if one little woman, touching the border of the garment of Jesus, made the Son of God weak, what do you think it would do to me, a sinner, saved by faith? Here's... The only way I could do even one is because He said, "The works that I do shall you do also. More than this shall you do."
King James says "greater," but it's not interpreted right. The right translation is "more." Who could do any greater? He healed the sick; He raised the dead; He stopped nature. He done everything there was to be done. See? You just do more of it, because He'd be divided amongst His church: "more than this." [John 14:12]
L-109 Now, here's a little lady much younger than I. Don't know her, never met her. We're strangers to each other. But the Holy Spirit knows us both. And if the Holy Spirit will reveal to me something like that, will it make the whole audience believe? Everybody?
Here's my hand. Here's the Bible. I don't know the woman. See? And there she stands. She might've been in a meeting somewhere. Was you ever in one of my meetings before? Never been in a meeting even before. She's just standing here. We're perfectly strange to one another.
All right. May the Holy Spirit grant your request, sister. Yes. The lady suffers with a rectal trouble. She has colitis, which has caused this. You've had a lot of trouble in your life, haven't you? I see you going to a hospital. No. One, two, three, four, five, six times, operations. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Believe with all your heart, and it's all over. You believe it?
L-110 Come by here. Lay hands...?... You believe God can heal heart trouble? All right. Go ahead, off the platform.
Do you believe? Here, raising up your hands, you believe He heals that prostate trouble you got, make you well? All right, if you believe it, you can have it also. Just have faith.
How do you do, lady? You believe He heals arthritis? Well, just keep on walking then, and He will make you well, just... He will make it well, if you'll believe it.
What about you, lady? Would you like to get over that stomach trouble and be well? Keep on walking, saying, "Thank You, Lord. I--I receive it."
L-111 If you can believe. What is... All things are possible to them that believe. You believe? What if I didn't say a thing to you, just laid hands on you. Would you believe it? You believe you'd get well? Come here. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed. That's one that didn't want to see anything. See? She just believed that whatever it was, it was all right.
Come. lady. What if I didn't say nothing to you. Would you believe the same thing? Well, if you do, the female trouble... I done told you, so go ahead. That lady's trouble...?... it'll go and leave you, and you'll be all right, if you'll just believe with all your heart. Believe.
You believe with all your heart? Go eat your supper and say, "Thank the Lord for healing me." Amen. God bless you, sir. Just have faith. Don't doubt. Just believe with all of your heart.
Come, lady. You've had a nervous stomach for a long time. You've had a lot of trouble with it. It's all over now. You believe it? All right, go say, "Thank You, Lord."
L-112 How many believes out there? With all of your heart? You believe that He is the Son of God? The same yesterday, today, and forever? You believe it? Start walking off the platform then, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
There's something's got me anointed, isn't it? I lay hands upon you, saying, "Praise the Lord."
Come... anointing. Come. You believe? Have faith. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, go be made whole. Believe.
Come. If I don't say nothing to you, you'd believe anyhow? Well, you're nervous. Well, you're... You've had nervousness for a long time. Really, one thing's that change, that menopause that's got you all upset. You get real gloomy spells, and you... Everybody's saying, "Get next to yourself," but you can't. There's something scaring you. But it's gone now. It'll stay gone. See? Just believe it with all your heart. Go and believe with all your heart.
L-113 You believe? Somebody out there in the audience believe. Oh. You believe? "Sir, we would see Jesus." You know it can't be me. Well, Who do you think It is? What about this little Mexican woman, setting here, suffering with dizzy spells? That's right. Do you believe? Who'd you touch? You touched the High Priest. You never touched me; you're too far from me. All right, your dizzy spells has left you. Amen. Amen. Ask her if that's right. See? Just have faith in God. Believe God.
What about you, laying there on the stretcher? Yes, you. You believe with all of your heart? You pointed your finger. You believe me to be God's prophet or His servant? I'll say it that way. That stumbles people. You believe it? If... I can't heal you, sir. But God can. If you lay there, you're going to die. Doctors can't do you no good. One thing, you got a stomach trouble, got arthritis in your back. But no one can heal that but God. But if you'll believe God, and act upon the Word, you can raise up, take your bed, and go home.
What about you in the next stretcher, over there? Do you believe? There he goes. Praise God. You see him straighten out? There he goes. Let's give God praise. Amen. Do you believe Him? Amen. Isn't He the same yesterday, today, and forever? I can't heal. I can't make well. Christ can.
L-114 What you scared about? When I said a few minutes ago about that woman being nervous, you turned me plumb around. You're scared. There's nothing's going to happen to you. You'll be all right. You believe that? How could you pull the faith of God? Who'd you touch to let know it was nervousness bothering you?
You believe God? You believe Him, take Him at His Word? You believe me to be His prophet? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up out of that stretcher, and go home, and forget about it. You believe it? Come out. Get up. Take up that which you have, go home. Be made well. Have faith in God.
You believe? If she'd only believe... You was praying. There's a Light over you. If you believe, you'll get over that polio and be made well. Return to the mission field. Don't doubt it.
L-115 You believe Him? What about you over there? Back trouble, bladder trouble, complications, all taking... Nothing will do you any good. Christ's the only One can heal you. Is that right? Why don't you believe Him? You believe me to be His prophet? Would you take my word as His, to tell you He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? How can He stand here and tell you all about yourself, without being you have some contact with Him? Why don't you believe Him, rise up, take your bed, and go home, get well? If you'll accept it, then come out of the cot. Believe the Lord Jesus Christ. You have faith, believe.
This little lady setting here in this wheelchair, I can't heal you. But if you'll believe with all of your heart, that diabetes will leave you, and you'll go home and be well. Have faith in God. Believe it. Get out, go home. Be made well.
What about you laying there, suffering with bleeding in the throat, everything. You believe with all your heart? If you believe with all your heart... Everything's wrong with you, but why don't you raise up, and come out of that bed, come out of that cot? In the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up. Amen. There they are.
L-116 Everyone that believes, do you believe it? Sirs, We Would See Jesus. Do you believe it? Put your hands on one another then, right quick. Put your hands over on one another, every believer. Here's the wheelchairs emptied, the cots. Put your hands on one another and pray.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may Satan lose his power amongst these people when he can see the cripples, the arthritis, the twisted-up can come forth and be made well. Grant, Lord, that they'll believe it. In Jesus' Name may Satan leave them. Amen.
L-117 Every one that believes on Him, accepts Him now as your healer, stand up on your feet in the Name of Jesus Christ and be made well. Amen. There you are. Every one of them up.
Let's sing praises to Him. Raise up your hands and give Him praise. Sirs, We Would See Jesus. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never fails. He's the Son of God eternal, and He can never fail. Believe on Him with all your heart. Be made well. Get up and go home.

62-0713 - Open Bible Standard Church, Spokane, WA (Paragraphs: 97 - 107)
L-98 Some few days ago wife and I, 'fore we come out here, went to a supermarket. We found a woman had a dress on. Meda said, "Isn't that strange, that lady?" She said, "Billy, I want to ask you." Said, "I know some of them women. They sing in choirs here in these denominational churches." Said, "Why is it our people..."
I said, "Honey. Look, look. We are not of the world. See? When I go to Germany, Germany has its way of doing. I go to Finland, it has its way of doing. I go to other nations, they have their way." And I said, "America, it has its way."
But I said... She said, "Well, aren't we Americans?"
I said, "No, honey. We're not Americans; we're Christians. We're living here, certainly. As a nation, this is ours." But I said, "We're from above. Then our women must act like up there. We must conduct ourselves like up there. That's the reason we don't act like the people of the world. We're different."
L-99 We should be, friends. We should be different. You know that. I don't mean to hurt you, and I don't mean to hurt your feelings. I mean to only be honest as a servant of Christ.
You can't pull punches. You can't be a--a public puppet, and then be a servant of God. You've got to be either honest with God, or--or sell your birthrights to--to people. And mine's not for sale, and I know yours is not neither.
So let's preach the Word, believe the Word, stand on the Word, live by the Word (That's right.), and be real Christians.
L-100 The Holy Spirit's here. Do you believe that? How many of you has got prayer cards? Raise your hands. It's too late to have a prayer line. You without prayer cards that's sick, needing something, raise your hands, without prayer cards? Have faith. Now, you believe.
Now, looky here. Now, if I happen to call somebody that's got a prayer card, I want you to tell me so, 'cause you'll get in the prayer line. These without prayer cards won't. I want your reverence just two minutes, three minutes. All I could say would mean nothing. One Word from Him would mean more than all I could say in a million years: one Word from Him.
Now, do you believe what I'm preaching is the truth, about men back to the Bible, back to God, and the Word is made flesh in us, dwelt among us here, and the church is shaping Itself and receiving now Its last sign?
We've had miracles and signs, and speaking in tongues, and on up through, on up through. But you remember, the Bible said, the prophets said, "There will be a day that won't be called day nor night. But in the evening time it shall be light." How many knows that Scripture? Sure. All right. Watch. [Zechariah 14:15]
L-101 Civilization has come from the east and followed the sun west. Is that right? It's at the west coast now. If it makes another move, it's back east again. I'd like to preach on that: When east and west meets. Notice.
The s-u-n dawns in the east, and it travels across the horizon, and sets in the west. The same sun that rises in the east sets in the west. Is that right?
Now, the prophet said there'll be a day that couldn't be called day nor night. It's a dismal day, foggy day. We've had a day of that. Man's knowed enough to join church, accept Christ as Saviour, and to join a denomination. That's just as much light as he had.
But remember, it's evening time now. Civilization's on the west coast, and the same Son, S-o-n, that shone in the east at the beginning is now shining in the west at the end: Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever. See? It shall be light in the evening time: Christ coming out, perfecting His church.
L-102 How many knows there's a difference between the appearing of Christ and the coming of Christ? It's two different words. Now's the appearing, the coming will soon be. He's appearing in the midst of us, doing the works that He once did, in His church. Now, you're a part of that church, and by grace you believe. I am a member of that church.
Now, I'm not a preacher. You know I'm not. I have not the education to do it. Sometimes I feel reluctant standing here by men of God, who's called to that office. There are apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists. Not all are apostles, not all are prophets, not all are teachers, not all evangelists. I'm standing here...
But my ministry is a different ministry from a pastor or teacher. I'm--I'm not. And if I say things wrong, brethren, forgive me. I don't mean it. But this is my ministry (See?) to declare Him, that He's here. [I Peter 1:7], [I Timothy 6:14], [II Timothy 1:10], [Colossians 3:4], [I Corinthians 15:23], [I Thessalonians 2:19], [I Corinthians 1:7]
L-103 Now, some of you here... As a gift of the Holy Spirit, it's just something... I can't make myself relax. It's just like pulling into a gear. But when He does it, then every spirit is subject. And I watch, and I can only tell what I see. And any Bible reader knows that that's exactly what's promised, and did come in Christ, and promised in the last days, and all we've said about it. And oh, my, I've got five hundred and something tapes on different sermons on it (See?), just touching the edge of it here. But it's true.
No matter where you are, believe, and let Him speak. And if I speak, I can say wrong, 'cause I'm a man. But if God comes around, and confirms what I've said, then that's truth.
God said, "If there be a prophet among you, and if he says--what he says comes to pass, then you hear it," 'cause the Word of the Lord came to the prophets. And if there... And if it doesn't come to pass, then don't believe it.
Now, if I come here and say, "Now, I'm going to heal you," then I've lied right there, because...
You're... Every one of you are sick. Whatever it is, or sinners, or whatever you are, you're already forgiven. You're already healed. If Jesus was standing here with this suit on that He gave me, He could not heal you or save you. He's already done it. How many knows that's the truth? At Calvary the price was paid. You just believe. [Deuteronomy 18:18-19]
L-104 Somebody... Now, let's call out, kind of in sections. Somebody over in this way without a prayer card, just pray, say, "Lord God, I can't believe that that man stand there and tell me something wrong. I've read the Bible, and I know what he's saying's the truth. It's so hard for me to receive it, Lord. But honestly, I believe it. I--I believe. And help me now."
"And he says that You're a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, and I have infirmities." Or someone, "I'm... My husband setting here, my wife..."
I noticed last night, when a husband would get up off the cot, the wife would run to him, the wife get off the husband... See him out in the yard there praising God. How sweet it was (See, see?), praying for someone.
Say, "I'm praying, Lord God. Help me to know. Help me. Let me touch Your garment. Then if that man... That man don't know me, and I don't know him. If he speaks back, and tells me, like You did in them days, told the people, then I know that You're living. It ain't that preacher; it's You."
Now, please, just for two or three minutes be quiet and pray. Set still; don't move. Just pray.
L-105 Now, there's a woman; she's... You can raise your head, if you wish. And if you'll look, look standing right here, right inside this little hallway, see that yellow, amber-looking Light circling around? It's right over a woman. There He is, right through the door. Now, It's coming near her, near her. She's realized. She was praying. It's coming near.
The woman surely this time can recognize that something's going on. She's praying for a loved one, a relative that has cancer, also a mother, and the mother's got heart trouble. She realizes now the Holy Spirit's near her. She's not even from here. She's not even an American; she's a Canadian. Have you a prayer card? You do not. We're perfectly strange. Is that right? But you was standing there praying, and all at once something real sweet begins to happen, like something coming over you. Is that right? And what was said true? Raise up your hand, if all that's true. Now, go question the woman.
Now, sister, it's left from around you. I trust that you have your request. Whatever it was, God grant it to you.
Now, I want to ask you something. How... Just figure it out. There's a perfect miracle. There's a woman. I have never seen her in my life; she's never seen me. We're strangers. And here the Holy Spirit comes down, and she touches Jesus Christ. And by a Divine gift, standing there, or setting there praying, and it comes right around and reveals to her just exactly. There it... She's thirty or forty feet from me. She couldn't touch me, she touched Him.
L-106 Somebody this a way believe. Without a prayer card... You without a prayer card, raise your hand so I'll... You that haven't got a prayer card, raise your hands. Some of you in these stretchers here, or something, raise your hand. All right.
Let's look at this man here. You don't have a prayer card, sir? You're a stranger to me. I do not know you. What do you think about what I've preached about? You believe Christ the Son of God? You believe He is? Now, you being a man that I've never met before in my life... But do you believe that--that when Jesus was here on earth, He (The Bible said that the Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, and even a discerner of the thoughts of the heart.) could perceive what's wrong?
If the Holy Spirit can tell me something about you (You're just a man that set down there.), and can tell me something about you--what you're wanting, what's wrong with you, something you've done or something like that--you'd know it'd have to come from a power somewhere, wouldn't it? Would you believe it to be Christ? You would. Would you accept it that way? You must or die, because you're shadowed to death. It's a cancer.
But if you'll believe with all your heart, with all that's in you, because you can't live... You can't return. The doctor can do you no good now. You're past that. But if you'll believe God with all your heart, you can get well. Do you believe it? You do? Then rise up from your bed. Don't doubt in your heart. And don't doubt it at all. Go home; take your bed and go home. Jesus Christ will make you well, if you'll believe it. God bless you.
L-107 What was it? You have a prayer card there? Well, you'll be in the prayer line then. What about you? Have you got a prayer card? You believe me to be His prophet? You do? I don't know you, but you're... What's the matter? You're all broke down, like a nervous breakdown, complications. Everything's wrong with you. Isn't that right? And truly, right now you feel fine. It's the Holy Spirit over you. Do you believe me to be His prophet? Will you obey me as His prophet? Then stand out of that stretcher on your feet in the Name of Jesus Christ, and go home, and be well.
Wait, I want to ask you something. You don't have a prayer card, do you? You don't need it. You're well. You can go home now and rejoice.
How many of you believe with all your heart? Then, everybody believes stand up on your feet and accept your healing. Stand up in the Name of Jesus Christ and believe that you're healed. I commit you to God for your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. May God grant it for you. Amen. All right...

62-0714 - Open Bible Standard Church, Spokane, WA (Paragraphs: 118 - 131)
L-119 You see, I'm trying to tell you, friend, this hasn't been... There's no record of it. Ask any Bible reader, ask any--any historian. There's never been a record of this being done in the Christian church since the death of the apostles, nowhere in history.
But here it is in the evening time. It's the Gentile's time now. God promised it. Can't you see It's the Scripture? Now, believe. Look on me. Believe with all your heart, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He sent me as a messenger to you. And I have not said my own words; I've said His Words. I do not believe my words; I believe His Words. If my thought is contrary to His Words, my thought is wrong.
And if His Word's abiding in here, and the promise that He said, "The works that I do shall you also..." And the Bible said that the Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword and a discerner of the thoughts of the heart. You believe. [John 14:12], [Hebrews 4:12]
L-120 How many saw the picture of that Angel, that Light? I guess you've heard the story. The manager and them's told you about it. It's not two foot from where I'm standing right now. There's no uncertain sound about that. It's the truth.
I can't heal. Nobody can heal. There's not a doctor can heal. There's no doctor will tell you he can. Medicine don't heal. It's only an aid. Mayo Brothers said, "We do not profess to be healers. We only profess to assist nature." There's one Healer; that's God."
The doctor can set your arm, but who heals it? Who creates the cells? A doctor can pull a tooth, but who heals the socket it come from? A doctor can take a growth off of you, but who heals the place? take a rib out, but who heals the hole where it come from? God's the only Healer. He's the Creator, and it takes a Creator to do it. They cannot multiply cells. That's only God. Just have faith.
L-121 Someone without a prayer card now, that won't be in the line. Just believe. There's a lady setting right over here, kind of a middle-aged woman, elderly, wearing a pink dress. She's bothered with a bronchial cough. If she'll believe with all of her heart, the cough will leave her. You believe it, will accept it? Raise up your hand, and then say, "I accept it." God bless you. I never saw the woman in my life.
Can't you see that Light hanging over the woman there yet? Now, here It moves, comes up here. Be reverent. Be reverent, please. Don't move. See, each one of you is a spirit. And when that anointing comes on, when you move... See, It--It's--It's subject to every spirit. See? How many knows the Bible said the subject of the prophet is subject... Be real reverent. Hold still. It left me.
L-122 It's a man that's bothered with heart trouble. Mr. Bailey, if you'll believe with all your heart, God will make you well. Accept it? All right, sir. Stand up on your feet and accept it, and your heart trouble will leave you. There he is. I don't know the man. I've never seen him in my life. We're total strangers. But that man was setting there praying then for the Lord Jesus to touch his body. Is that right, Brother Bailey? Believe with all your heart now, and it'll be gone.
Here, just a minute. Here's another man appearing, somebody praying. It's a man with a stomach trouble. Mr. Cooper, believe with all your heart. Your stomach trouble has left you, sir. It's been a nervous stomach bothering you for a long time. It's gone now. I don't know the man. I've never seen him in my life. Ask him and find out. You know him? All right. Is that what's the trouble, and whatever It said is the truth? That's your pastor. Believe. Don't doubt.
L-123 Man setting here looking at me got trouble with his eyes, trouble with his legs. He's a stranger to me from British Columbia, Canada. If he will believe with all of his heart, it'll all leave him. If you want to believe, all right, God will grant it to you.
Little woman setting over here praying, got a stomach trouble. She's got something like thyroid of the stomach. I'm a stranger to the woman. It's a swelling, water in the glands. I think they call it thyroid of the stomach. I don't know you, lady. You seem to be a believer. Are we strangers to one another? You believe me to be God's prophet? Look at me then. You're not from here. You're from Idaho. That's right. Your name is Mrs. Smith. Return back home. The thing will leave you, if you'll only believe it in the Name of Jesus Christ. You believe it?
L-124 Listen, audience. One day there was a little shepherd sent out by his father to herd sheep. A lion come in and got a sheep and took it out. He didn't have very much to go after it, but he had faith in God. He took a little slingshot and he went out and got that sheep, and he brought it back, because his father needed that sheep.
I'm just a small shepherd. The Father sent me up here. Cancers, and diseases, afflictions caught His sheep. I ain't got very much to come after you; I got prayer and faith, but I'm coming after you. I want to bring you back tonight to the shady green pastures of good health. I'm coming for you now in prayer. Are you going to believe me? Lay your hands over on one another then. [Mark 16:17]
L-125 There's no uncertain sound. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Up here too, there's a lot of sickness up here. I've held you back. I've held you back, 'cause you're ministers and singers. You're not... Don't think I don't know what you're doing. Put your hands on one another. Don't you doubt. Every believer, don't pray for yourself, pray for the man you've got your hands on. He's praying for you. Pray the way you'd pray. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." There's no uncertainty about it. That's a certain sound. [Mark 16:17]
L-126 Heavenly Father, little David of old, he knowed the father loved them sheep, and he was responsible for them, though he had to take his stick, and push them back into line, and sometimes bruise them up a little. But they were the father's sheep. God, one day a lion come in and got one, and he went after it. You was with him and brought him back. God, sickness, diseases, affliction has come in, and got some of these little lambs, and he's taking them out to kill them. I'm coming to You tonight, Lord, got them laying their hands on one another, the certain sign that God said would follow the believers. They raised their hands they were believers, and we're coming to bring them back.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, turn them loose. Let them go. In Jesus Christ's Name, I command the devil of unbelief to depart from this building.
L-127 Keep your hands on one another. The prayer of faith shall save the sick. God shall raise them up. Hold your hands on one another; keep praying; keep shut in with God. It'll be all right. Oh, shut in with God, no uncertain sound. That voice that's telling you, that voice that's talking to you is God. It's no uncertain sound. You Pentecostal people ought to know that voice of the Holy Ghost. It's no uncertain sound. That's His virtue coming into you. Believe it. Have faith in God. Don't you doubt it. Don't doubt it. Break that spell of unbelief from around you. Let the Holy Ghost take possession.
Lord, these handkerchiefs, in Jesus' Name anoint them for the sick and the afflicted. [Mark 16:17]
L-128 While you have your hands on one another, if there is one here that never believed before, that wants to confess his faith tonight in God's Son in the Presence of the Holy Ghost, just... I won't ask you to come to the altar. Stand to your feet. Just raise up to your feet, saying, "I want to confess my faith tonight. It was very weak, but now I'm strengthened. I believe Him with all my heart." Stand up to your feet, anybody that wants to make that confession and say, "I used to not believe, but now I am a believer." God bless... if there's any of you... some of you standing up there... God bless you, sir. God bless you, sir. God bless you, sir.
Someone else stand, say, "I stand as a testimony." Oh, how you'll want Him to stand for you on that day. "He that will bear record of Me..." God bless you. Somebody else stand to your feet, say, "I... now my faith is strengthened." God bless you. "Now, my faith is strengthened." God bless you. Raise to your feet, and say, "I now believe. I want everybody to know that I believe that I'm right now in the Presence of Jesus Christ. I've seen His Word made manifest. I believe we're in the last days. I'm standing here as a witness. I want Him to be good to me, and take all away from me that's unlike Him, and make me wholly His."
God bless you, sir. Another, another. [Mark 16:17]
L-129 Come on, raise up, men, women. How many of you people confess that, "I've been wrong. I want to take God now." God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. Now, preachers, all standing.
God bless you. Up here, anywhere you want to be, up in the balcony, stand to your feet and say, "I now believe. I now accept it. I've been a little skeptical, but now I believe."
There's no uncertain sound. Christ saves sinners. Christ died for that purpose. Stand up. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, you, oh, the whole group, many are standing. God bless you. Another? Keep standing. "I believe. I believe. I now accept It. Without any shadow of doubt, I now believe in the Son of God. I now believe that we're living in the last days. I now believe that I'm in the Presence of Jesus Christ. I now believe that His Word is being confirmed. I believe It. I accept It." Stand up. Anyone else?
L-130 Heavenly Father, I pray the prayer for them with all my heart. I give them to You. They're trophies of the message. They're trophies of Your visitation, being here tonight, seeing You walk among us doing works that never has been done since the foundation of the world until these last days. Here they are. They're Your children.
I commend them to You, Lord. You give them to us, and we give them to You. In the Name of Jesus Christ watch over them and raise them up at the last day. I may never be able to shake their hands on this earth. But when the battle is over, and the last trumpet has sounded, and the dead has raisen from the grave, and the live has been caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air, then may I have fellowship with Jesus Christ and them around the throne and through the Eternal ages that is to come. Grant it, Lord. They are Yours in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-131 All that wants to welcome them into the fellowship of Jesus Christ, stand up on your feet around them and shake their hand. Stand right up by them, and shake their hand, say, "Welcome, brother. Welcome, sister. Welcome, into the Kingdom of God." Amen. Amen. Wonderful. That's good. Praise be to God.
Find some good church now, be baptized, and call upon the Lord for the Holy Ghost. Now, let's all raise our hands to God and sing, "I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me."
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

You feel good? Say, "Amen." You feel like all scoured out in the Presence of the Holy Ghost here? Now, while we sing it again, let's shake hands with somebody at your side, each side, front of you, and back of you, as we sing it again now.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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